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hey, guys! i’m back again, with another masterpost (!!!) it’s my fifth one this month bc its one of my new year’s resolutions to make a masterpost for each week of the month! hopefully this helps u guys!!!

some tips //

  • using an extension/app/website to block distracting sites is a lifesaver
  • i use the blocksite extension on chrome
  • u can also use forest to block ur sites + time ur studying
  • pomodoro is one of my personal favorites bc it’s 25 minutes of work (which is a pretty short time, so u can concentrate better) + 5 minutes of a break (to refresh urself!!!)
  • remember not to get too caught up in these, bc too many sites + apps are just a waste of time, and u’ll end up studying even less
  • everything in moderation!!!

resources //

wow, that was a long post, and now my eyes hurt from staring at the screen. but hopefully this is useful to someone!!! also, shoutout to @studyquill bc her tags and navigation is so organized and easy to use; when i was researching for other studyblr masterposts on apps and websites, i ended up reblogging a bunch from her tag!!! hugs, mel.


Must be almost episode time if its time for my PSA.  

I’m back to business as usual.  I just needed to repeat my normal PSA as I’ve picked up a few new followers over the last week or so.

Monday we can watch for our final Peek, these usually come via an exclusive on one of the entertainment sites.  We also have our eye out for the Press Release for 19.  But sadly I have no plans to go out today and me setting foot outside my house seems to be their favorite trigger.  

On an average week I field 50-125 asks depending on spoilers and the episode itself.  This is a big job that can be exhausting and I do  my best to answer each and every one of them in a timely manner.  But know I do put a lot of effort into the responses.  If they require research, me to rewatch a scene, or run things by the CTT I do.  Some literally take me hours. 

However, I just request a few things before sending one in.

  • Check my blog to see if I already answered it.  
  • Check out my post episode meta to see if your question is addressed there.
    • Post episode Metas go up Tuesday nights after I see the episode.
  • I am unable to take fic prompts at this time.
  • Do not send me rants, hate, or unpopular opinion on a character or arc.  I will not respond.  I don’t want to be used to post something negative on anon.  I also have no ability to control what the writers have written.  
  • I have a tendency to miss seeing when I am tagged in posts, if there is something you want me to see, send an ask. 
  • My theories are my own.  I don’t expect anyone to agree with them and its okay if you don’t.   My theories also tend to evolve as the arc progresses and we get spoilers or events of canon.   
    • Please don’t take offense if I’m not on board with another theory that is out there.
    • We all watch the show differently and have a different takes and opinions on the show, arc, and characters.  We all have our favorites.  Its okay if I have a different take on things.  Doesn’t make me right or wrong.   Just a different perspective.
  • Please be patient with me as I work through them.  

I love answering your asks and coming up with theories and metas and won’t be stopping anytime soon!

emwolfilie  asked:

I adore your blog and love using your site as a reference when I talk about the paranormal and unexplained with my grandfather. At our next family gathering, I'm helping him make a tumblr so he can follow you. He and I enjoy your combination of old mysteries and new. It's refreshing and terrifying. Thanks also for adding Devil's Pass onto the movie list. It's my favorite found footage film. Thanks so much for all that you post and do. Much love.

This is so adorable!!
Thank you! We hope you and your grandfather enjoy many more of our posts to come <3