it's also actually tae i think

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Okay so I've been seeing all around that Hoseok got no lines, I would like to prove you all wrong by telling you that he sings the entire chorus part, with kook, jiminnie jin n tae, he's a constant singer in the background. If you really pay attention you'll hear his voice singing as a background echo effect. Also you can check any lyric website they've all put hobi as the singer of the chorus, if you don't believe me go check!! He has possible the most lines in the song even if it's lowkey

I actually made a post about that earlier, i know that lmao. But i think why ppl are saying that its bc u need to listen to it veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery closely to hear him since hes in the background. Its not like we could hear his voice directly, its rlly rlly hidden that why some ppl were disappointed. But aaayyy

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!!!! yes omg i feel like jimin would call his followers things like angels, princes and princesses, or even “hello my fellow mochis” hehehe i think its sO CUTE GDI and also tae will call his followers bae bc they rhyme and he’s rly a sweetheart okay like???? kim taehyung is so precious

also jk will obviously call his followers baby if he ever were a youtuber (overwatch reactions and slaying as widowmaker,,, cheats and hacks bc He Can and Nochu is the Man is this game)

((actually if hyung line were in it too i think yoongs will just be those ghost voices where he’s always faceless and giving reviews with his super attractive voice and rly manly hands??? diy tutorials and music rec oh my god…..

and hoseok will be a dance tutorial guy with dem vlogs and music recs too!!! all the jams and bops and he calls his followers stars and clouds and cute things like that bc he’s their sun,,, not to be emo but he shines so bright

and moving on seokjin will be those 5min snacks food hacks and How not to Burn my apartment down: 10 dishes to Impress and are still simple to make and obviously he has millions of followers duh bc we all gotta kno how to stay alive at home and prove we r good cooks and his followers are likely to be some pun about cooking or sonething corny like darlings or beautiful lmao

nams would be that vlogger with #kimdaily and his fashion statements like dude his aesthetics are A+++ with his followers called sweethearts bc soft and wow also book freakin reviews bc his voice is mellow and also he goes real deep and it strikes a chord somehow))

I Love You- BTS(Taehyung/V)

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Request: “Could I request a scenario with tae from BTS where you absentmindedly say I love you for the first time when you think he’s asleep but he’s not actually asleep? Thank youu ^-^”

~Yes, you can. Thank you for requesting. This blog is nearing its first thousand followers and I want to do something special so if you have any ideas of what would make you happy for this special occasion, please submit them. (also we are still looking for admins)~

How could you be so lucky? You get to spend your time with this goofy, loving, simply gorgeous man. Taehyung was a great boyfriend, a little too good for you in your mind. But, he couldn’t love you more. This relationship of thirteen wonderful months has had many great experiences involved, but there was one that had you hesitating to act upon. 

To you, saying I love you was embarrassing. You were so frightened and nervous to show your true dependency and admiration towards Taehyung. You can’t help but think it makes you look weak. At this point in your relationship, it is understood that you love one another. Why say it? Every moment you two spent together is evident that there is love between the two of you. But, Taehyung could not help wondering why  you hadn’t said those three simple words and neither could you. It was during one of these times that Taehyung caught you off guard and asked a big question: “Why don’t we move in together?”

You spent time picking out the right apartment and decor, but you finally did it. You found your home with Tae and today you were going to move in.

“Y/N!” shouted a familiar voice from the outside of your door. You chuckled and got up to greet your boyfriend’s smiling face. 

“Tae, you know where the key is. You don’t have to shout my name at the top of you lungs, you idio-” You opened the door and found that Taehyung was not alone. He had Jimin and Jungkook with him. You started blushing furiously, as you were wearing sweatpants and a hoodie with the words “Dad Bod” printed on the front in giant font. “Let me guess, they are here to help?” you asked gently.

Taehyung laughed at your reaction and nodded his head. You could see Jimin and Jungkook stifling a laugh as well. 

“Stop snickering and grab some boxes, you two.” You said this with a sarcastic tone, causing Taehyung to playfully slap your butt and say something along the lines of ‘that’s my girl’. You scoffed and did the same to him. When you were finally done unpacking for the day, the two of you decided to watch a movie and cuddle on the couch that you assembled by yourself. 

“Agh! Y/n, this is a total chick flick!” Taehyung groaned.

“Don’t act like I haven’t seen you watching it when I spend the night,” you retorted.

After a good while, you started to notice a puddle being created on your thigh and sniffling behind your ear.

“Taehyung! You are not seriously crying at this are you?!” You burst out laughing as he pushed you off of his lap with a pout. “Whatever, I’m going to go get snacks.” You walk into the kitchen and hear faint chuckling. With a roll of your eyes you walk out of the kitchen and come back in with your food. 

When you reenter the room, you come across Taehyung’s sleeping figure on the couch. You sit down, admiring the peaceful beauty before you.

“God, I love you, Tae.” You chuckle.

With a jolt you are grasped by the seemingly sleeping man showering you with little pecks and tickles. 

“I knew it! Y/n loves me! Y/n loves me!” He screeched.

You can’t help but laugh and say “Of course I love you. What are you, stupid? I thought it was obvious.” 

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Top 3 BTS ships?

Would it be cheating to just say Yoonminseok and all its iterations? Because that’s my actual answer. But I feel like I talk about yoonminseok/yoonseok/jihope/yoonmin enough that other ships I enjoy get drowned out so I’ll just talk about my top three NON yoonminseok ships.

Starting with vhope. Honestly can vhope just be all three of these? I love them so much for purely sinful reasons. I like that Hobi lets Tae be the soft pliant puppy that Tae seems to desperately want to be. They have this playful push and pull between them and it drives me crazy while also giving me life. I know a lot of people think Tae is Jimin’s puppy, and maybe to an extent sure, but…it’s different with Hobi. And I love that. (Also the hair pulling okay bye don’t look at me.)

And then Taegi! My first Bangtan ship! And still a favorite! I blame @d-boyz. Somehow Tae gets away with a lot around Yoongs. But also Yoongs is kind of Tae’s translator? Like okay the Daegu connection sure yes but sometimes it seems like Yoongi understands Tae’s oddities a bit better than the others. He doesn’t get as frustrated with him. He just kind of…knows. And Tae knows how to pull this softness out of Yoongi that maybe the others kinda don’t.

Finally sunshine line! This totally counts, shhh. Sunshine line because…I mean. Look at them.

….Aaaaaaand I just realized my top 3 non-yoonminseok ships all involve Tae…and they still involve yoonminseok. FML. Whatever, whatever, this is fine.