it's also a horrible picture of me


“That gives you a reason to live, just like that human, right?”

As i was re-watching episode 15, i realized that AngraMainyu!Iri was referring to Shirou with that line, which made me realize what a horribly clever parallel the new fate stay night anime has created with this scene in Illya’s flashback. under the cut because this got a little long for a picture post.

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anonymous asked:

I try to take good pictures but they are always so lame and stupid. Any tips for me?

tip 1# stop telling yourself all the pictures you take are lame and stupid. it is good to be self critical but also support yourself. pick up on the good things and drive this forward. dont be so horrible to yourself all the time. if you see your work as bad, push yourself to create better. don’t just sit in a negative well of artistic self hatred (we have all been there tho!) learn to be inspired from your mistakes, its progression.

tip 2# dont expect so much from yourself. we are all learning, we cant just learn to be the next best photographer in a few months, days, years..or even ever, we just need to keep creating and find our own way of doing things. take lots of pictures, take a camera everywhere you go. shoot things that interest you. get yourself out there, be brave, exit the comfort zone.. 

tip 3# be proud of yourself for creating. for pushing for better, for being determined. we all create shit. if you look at my old photos, they look like …terrible, immature etc etc. but thats how we begin thats how we start. we grow on from this. you will too. let your passion flow

undertale? in this day and age? its more likely than u think

nah but i was scrolling thru old pictures and stuff and saw that this wasn’t completely horrible so like why not make it digital? also theres a lot of people who followed me for undertale so like check it! i didn’t forget about u guys!


Murray found a danger noodle skin and when I tried to touch it he lunged forward and ripped it apart to save me. :’)

This is identical to a shedding he found in November. #blessed to have this Long Friend living in my backyard. (We actually have a LOT of corn snakes and black racers, and even find baby corn snakes regularly. I think they’ve somehow learned that they’re safe with us, whereas any of our horrible neighbors would kill them. Also we are a lizard metropolis.)

the most repulsive stuffed animal i think probably in the world is actually one i own, his name is spaceghost and he is a unicorn that i got from a gift shop when i was probably five. i discovered back in 8th grade that i still hadnt thrown him away so, being a destructive, emo middle schooler, i dyed his mane and tail with different color sharpies (which still hasnt faded somehow, but did make it feel like straw),

and also i tried to bleach the rest of his fur, which didnt work but left a very strong bleach smell, mixed with a mildewy stench because this fucker is Old, its fur is so disgusting and mangey it emotionally pains me to touch this guy, but i love his ass and i will probably never get rid of him,

when i move in the next couple weeks and get him out of storage ill take a picture, although i really wish a photo could capture spaceghosts horrible smell and texture