it's also a horrible picture of me


hello my name is jordan or pent and im doing emergency commissions for my leopard gecko

he has very bad mouth rot and refuses to eat, i would add pictures but my phone refuses to take pictures and i wouldnt even know how to add them but the rot is big and you can tell it hurts him a lot

i asked my mom if she could help me, but she refused and wont take him to get proper meds to help him

so ive decided that i will make up the money to help him myself by opening commissions

i can also do short animation loops like thisss it would be about 7$ and one character onlyy

its a horrible sheet, buts its midnight and im extremely tired from having a brakedown about this im sorry about any mistakes

things i will do-

  • gore
  • some furries
  • ocs
  • some fandoms
  • some ships

things i wont do-

  • porn
  • oc x canon

my gmail is and my paypal is

i draw my art on a fucking 3ds and i barely know anything about art and shit so please be aware of that 

please please reblog this if you can i know this post is all over the place but im desperate and really dont want my leopard gecko dying

undertale? in this day and age? its more likely than u think

nah but i was scrolling thru old pictures and stuff and saw that this wasn’t completely horrible so like why not make it digital? also theres a lot of people who followed me for undertale so like check it! i didn’t forget about u guys!

highlights of my trip in cebu

- every time i see a dog i just stop and keep on yelling “DOG DOG !! ILU DOG!! GOD BLESS U”

- whenever i go to my cousins’ house and i see dogs i immediately pet them (one got angry at me and started barking lmao)

- i asked @sebsat-an for some memes and he sent me horrible pictures of markiplier

- this 



- whenever a kid passes by i whisper ‘hey kid,,, want some illegal memes,,’

- also i had a hard time sleeping while i was on the boat bec im scared n weak

- me always asking if theres wifi 

- me always asking for food

thats all ig??? lmao

Beanie Boy - Bughead - Part 15 - Final Part

Part 14

Summary: “You were lonely, homeless, broken. I just gave you a place to stay.” Beanie Boy Jughead and Good Girl Betty are in it together… until romantic feelings for each other bloom between them.

A/n: This is the very last chapter of Beanie Boy! I hope you enjoy! Also, let me know what you thought of how I ended it! <3

Archie’s house was a trashed mess. The couch was upside down, the table overturned and on its side, and the pictures on the walls were either crooked, or on the floor with a shattered frame.

Toilet paper littered the floor and walls.

And what was that horrible smell? It was like wet dog and repugnant trash. The sound of someone sobbing came from the kitchen, which was equally as trashed.

Jughead followed Veronica and Betty into the kitchen, and noticed Archie on the ground with a bottle of alcohol in his hands. Fred was beside him, patting his back.

“So glad you could come. He needs your help,” Fred said.

Jughead crouched on the ground next to his best friend, shoving aside some paper and a crushed can of beer.

“Archie, what did you do to yourself?”

“I got drunk,” he slurred. “I felt so alone.”

Betty sat on her knees beside Jughead.

“I’m sorry Veronica,” he said to the dark-haired girl standing in front of him.

“Archie … ”

Archie pulled the locket out of his pocket and stared at it for a moment. “I bought you this because I loved you.”

Veronica looked away, tears fresh in her eyes.

“I seem to make everything worse for myself,” he said, “all the time.”

Jughead patted his shoulder. “You’ll be okay. Just get up. We’ll put you to bed.”

Archie glanced at Jughead, then turned to Veronica. “I can make things better, Ronnie. Trust me.”

Tears were sliding down her cheeks now, but she didn’t respond.

Jughead and Betty helped lift him off the ground. Veronica stayed behind with Fred.

As Jughead and Betty brought a very drunk, very emotional Archie up the stairs to his bedroom, they listened to him cry about Veronica.

As soon as Archie was tucked in, Betty knelt beside his bed and hummed to him.

Jughead only heard her sing once, and at that time he was mesmerized by her voice. And this time too, he was very mesmerized by her voice. It was like a beautiful medley. The natural sound of her voice was the kind of sound that, despite being soft, harmonized with the silence in the room.

When she finished, Archie was asleep. Jughead and Betty headed back downstairs and said good bye to Fred and Veronica.

And then? They walked to Jughead’s trailer together.

After school, every day for three weeks now, Jughead and Betty met up at Pop’s. Today, something different was about to happen.

Betty sat beside Jughead when she arrived one Tuesday afternoon, and shared some good news. “Polly is moving back in with Mom.”

“What about the twins?” Jughead asked.

“They’re gonna live with my mother too.”

She tightened her ponytail, then slid her hand into his.

“That’s great news,” Jughead said, “I’m happy for them.”

“I am too,” Betty bit her lip. It was sexy as hell. “and Mom’s going to be remarrying someone.”

Jughead grinned, “so is my dad.”

“Do you think our parents are getting married to each other?”

Jughead chuckled, “I hope not.”

“Oh come on, it’d be cute!”

Jughead squeezed her hand with a smile. She glanced over at him, and returned his grin with her own.

“Anything new with you?”

“Jelly Bean is visiting this weekend.” Jughead said, his grin growing wider, “for the first time in forever.”

“That’s great news!” Betty replied, “that’ll be fun! I want to meet her.”

“You will.” Jughead said.

It was silent between them for a moment. His mind was screaming at him, as per usual. He’d been itching to say I love you for a while now.

So today … he gave in to that desire. “Betty?”

She turned to face him, her pony tail swishing as she did so.

“Yes, Juggie?”

“I … ” his heart was racing, his mind barely keeping up.

“You what?” her curiosity wasn’t helping.

He swallowed against his dry throat, and she smiled, encouraging him.

“I love you.”

Okay guys, let’s play a game! It’s going to sound like a horrible game, but stick with me here.

How much did I weigh in this picture?

Bonus questions: What size is that dress? What size are those shoes?

I’m American, so you might want to get some converters out.

There’s a point to this, I promise. Just leave replies with how much you think I weigh.

Edit: I’m 5′4″, if that helps.


I was tagged by the sweetie bby @study-ksj to post some random selfies!! ~  thank you very much for tagging me honey!! ♥♥ *huugs*

Ahh, Sorry for posting only one, it’s just that I loved the hairstyle of my hair and i thought this photo was a little better than the others heheh I’m horrible taking selfies hahah so yeah it’s me! *runs away*

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Recently I commented on @omweekend ‘ s Instagram post asking them a question. I’ve always really liked their clothes. Unfortunately for me they don’t make sizes that aren’t super tiny. Lots of stores do this but lately omighty has been on this big feminism kick. 

Most of the new clothes they have feature awesome feminist messages. I hadn’t checked their site in a while and I thought that since they had seemingly started to embrace equality and feminism, maybe that meant that they’d started making sizes that would fit someone who isn’t tiny. I looked on their website and sure enough the sizes were still the same.

 I was confused. Here they are promoting a movement (feminism) that is supposed to support and include all women And is supposed to promote body positivity for all bodies.Their shirts literally say shit about being equal and accepted Yet they somehow are unable (/unwilling) to make sizes that fit people who aren’t tiny (they have a shirt that literally says “curvy girls” on the front of it for Christs sake).  

So I got frustrated a few days ago and commented on one of their photos (keep in mind they get hundreds of comments on their posts). In a non mean or confrontational way I asked why their shirts promoted inclusivity  but their actual business didn’t seem to. I also asked genuinely if they had plans to make some extended sizes because I really did want to buy a lot of things they sell! Apparently they don’t want people who look like me wearing their clothes. They also don’t want these kinds of things being brought up on their thread because I was promptly blocked. 

It is abundantly clear to me now that there is absolutely no greater meaning behind these shirts. To omighty, the messages on these shirts’ only meaning is the money they make off of them. The actual principles mean nothing to the company. They are profiting off of a message that they don’t care about. They are actually using opposite principles to sell their clothes It seems to me that #omighty kind of just ascribes to the taylor swift/Lena Dunham exclusive feminism club which pretty much just turns the “feminism” label into a marketing tactic. A label to seem cool and edgy. beyond that, its nothing to them.  because of things like this it is losing its meaning. 

It’s ridiculous that a company that makes feminism themed clothing cannot handle one comment asking them about the principles that they claim are important to them. 

It is also curious to me that a company that claims to be for intersectional feminism constantly uses AAVE on their clothing that is mostly being pictured being worn by white models.  

omighty: please go back to making racially appropriative, miley cyrus inspired outfits and underwear covered in pictures of young Justin beiber. You clearly can’t achieve a level of sophistication above that. Click the #omweekend Tag on this post to see more horrible shit they do. DO NOT BUY OMIGHTY

Greatest moments of college this year (so far)...


 - Same elderly bald English professor: “I mean if I’m gonna describe myself to people in a chatroom online I make myself sound like i look like Thor…”

Art History professor rant/yelling: “GENDER ISN’T REeAaLlLL, CHRISTIAN EUROPEANS MADE IT UPPPP!!” 

Middled aged Hawaiian Math professor: *makes joke about marriage being a horrible trap* *class laughs* “WAIT nooo im just kidding guys I promise! my wife is soO beautiful, let me show you a picture, she is the best!!” *puts phone w/ lockscreen of wife on the doc cam* 

Soft spoken nutrition teacher: “So Dairy is a main food group, so drink milk.. *tiny aside whisper* I mean i don’t like milk so i don’t drink it, *continues on in normal voice* but you should its healthy!”


“That gives you a reason to live, just like that human, right?”

As i was re-watching episode 15, i realized that AngraMainyu!Iri was referring to Shirou with that line, which made me realize what a horribly clever parallel the new fate stay night anime has created with this scene in Illya’s flashback. under the cut because this got a little long for a picture post.

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Hello everyone, it is I, Ereribell, posting my first piece of art for this blog. And of course its ereri with puppybrateren’s Mer!Levi… i cant not draw these two constantly. its an obsession now. what have you done to me.

also i based this picture off of this one :3 i thought it was so cute-

This is the first picture ever uploaded to the World Wide Web. 

It features an all-female parody pop band founded by employees at the CERN laboratory. They share their initials with CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. The band’s first song, written founding member and CERN graphic designer Michele de Gennaro, was about her difficult love affair with a CERN physicist:

I gave you a golden ring to show you my love
You went to stick it in a printed circuit
To fix a voltage leak in your collector
You plug my feelings into your detector
You never spend your nights with me
You don’t go out with other girls either
You only love your collider
Your collider.

In 1992, a picture of Les Horribles Cernettes earned its place in the history books. Member Silvano de Gennaro explains:

Back in 1992, after their show at the CERN Hardronic Festival, my colleague Tim Berners-Lee  asked me for a few scanned photos of “the CERN girls” to publish them on some sort of information system he had just invented, called the “World Wide Web”. 

This is also, fittingly, the first picture tweeted from Skunk Bear’s new account @NPRSkunkBear.

anonymous asked:

i'm being kicked in the butt atm by a plethora of mental and eating disorders and therapy hasn't worked for me and i've no access to meds and the only thing that remotely keeps me limping through everyday of school shit and exams is your art. so... this is basically a thank you for your art and the feelings you project into it all that resonate to a super duper level with me & anything that makes me feel just a little bit better helps alot atm. keep on being wonderful & making wonderful things!

man, that is the roughest load of shit I am so sorry you’re having to go through it. I was just trying to do some writing about experiences with eating disorders and even describing what it’s like is making me want to hurl myself at a wall, so a serious fucking well done to you for continuing to exist and get yer school bits done whilst that is happening. I am SO so so a thousand times glad my art is helpful, that’s brilliant to hear and I love being able to share it. Thank you for writin to me and I’m sending hugs and love to you lil bean. Also here’s a picture of a fish with breasts saying ‘why’ because I don’t really know, but I think it’ll probably work out in the end

anonymous asked:

He/Him, emphasizes boobs, dresses like a female prostitute half the time, "but MUH DYSPHORIA DOESN'T HAVE TO EXIST" gross

me actually: is non-binary and knows that pronouns aren’t the same thing as gender, has constant dysphoria surrounding my chest and has to have a binder/big sweatshirt/scarf to cover them when I’m in public unless I’m in costume, has nothing against sex workers and know that wearing things that make me feel cute isn’t shameful and that slut shaming is crummy, and HAS dysphoria, but knows that isn’t a requirement to be trans because it isn’t.

honestly, trying to police peoples gender and presentation is stupid in the first place, but when you come at a non-binary person it’s just like…do you even know what that means?? Non-binary is just someone whos experience of self doesn’t line up with the expected cis existence. There is no wrong way to be non-binary. Also I’ve been doing a lot to try to and experiment with my gender, because nothing has been making me comfortable and I’m confused, and thats okay. What ISN’T okay is not giving people room to try new things to help find themself. Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps when people don’t line up with what you expect them to look like, its because they’re trying something new? I’ve been putting up picture of myself with more of my chest visible to see if I can let people see me like that without having horrible anxiety. Seriously, the hypocrisy that goes with criticising people for their gender presentation and condemning them for experimenting with new things is ridiculous.


Round 2: hustler happy hour

things that happened:

- i told alex missing you felt like a hug from him and it came at just the right moment in my life because i was doing horrible and he smiled and hugged me

-i told jack my name (gillian) and he went “oh like jack and jill! ill never forget it!” and grabbed my hand and HELD it bye

-jack also told me he loved me

-rian talked to me about venues and i told him thanks for putting poppin’ on the setlist because its my favorite song

-when i saw alex again he said “nice to see you again love” and when i saw jack again he went ‘oh i know you! i saw your tattoo!’

-as i was going up to get my picture the manager almost hit me and i screamed and rian hugged me and went “watch out man!” and i cried a lil

best night of my entire life. i love them so much

Lee Pace script reading at Vassar College NY July 31, 2015

Hello everyone! I just arrived home from the play reading of “White Noise, White Light” that Lee Pace did at Vassar College and I must say, the reading was fantastic. All the actors were excellent. It was truly worth the trip.

The theater itself was very small. I was seated with my friend from twitter @DV8abit in the 6th row, towards the left (facing the stage) and my other friends were seated in the 7th row on the far right. We all arrived early and had some time to just hang out. While waiting, I saw Lee in the hall. I said “Hi!” with a smile and he smiled at me and said, “Oh hey! How are you?” then motioned to the door that he needed to get back in there. Sure enough, we were let in a few minutes later and found our seats.

Now one thing this place is not big on is being clear! The website listed 7:30pm as the start time but the lady on the phone told me it starts at 8pm. When I got there, I went to the Shiva theater box office as they told me to do on the phone, but the people hanging signs for the shows happening in the complex told me to go around to the box office in the front, where I met up with my online friends who were sitting in the lobby. They were told you had to wait until 7pm to get your tickets but when we checked again, they told us to go back around to where I was originally! Apparently one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing there. Once in the right place, they gave us the tickets and a playbill. Though I wasn’t looking at the time, it probably did begin at about 7:30pm after a very brief introduction. They didn’t mention anything about photography or video, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

As I’d predicted earlier this week, the actors were all in ordinary clothes and holding the scripts in binders. Lee’s character isn’t in the first act at all, so he sat in a chair and just followed along with the script. When an actor was up, they placed the binder on a stand, like a music stand and there was a microphone at each stand. Sadly, where I was sitting and where Lee was sitting was not great because there was a big microphone obscuring him from view. I saw him perfectly when he was at the podium though. Sadly, my iPad didn’t like the seat I was in either. Surrounding me, everything was very dark and everything on stage was comparatively bright, so you couldn’t make out faces or color properly. Luckily, thanks to @Xenomorph11 on instagram for sharing her excellent photos with me to use for this report.

After act 1 was over, there was a short intermission. Lee was in most of act 2. The play itself is very funny but also serious, too. Its like a tragedy laced with comedy, but then, real life can be like that, too. I have no idea if this play will go on to other theaters, but seeing the reading of it tonight was a privilege with Lee in it.

Lee played a character (ironically enough for me) called Tom. Writing up the plot of the play would be a whole other chapter so for the sake of time, I will skip that for now. Let’s call that Part 2 which I’ll write soon. Maybe Sunday night.

After the reading finished, the cast took their bows and headed to the back. I wasn’t sure what would happen next. Much of the audience were people over 60 and they filed out as soon as the show was over. I did notice a few Asian girls head towards the direction that Lee went. He reemerged from the back now wearing a black baseball cap. Me and @Dv8abit headed for his direction. It was my hope that she might meet him and get a photo, but there were quite a few people back there and Lee was in a rush. One of the girls I was with, (@Xenomorph11 on instagram) was getting her photo with him. He also signed her original artwork of Thranduil. As they were getting their photo, I aimed my iPad in their direction. My photo wasn’t horrible, but it was really dark there in that corner, so just like in May when I saw him at the internet seminar, the photos wouldn’t be fabulous due to the poor lighting. He did look up and see me and I said jokingly, “Its always too dark when I try to get a picture with you” and he nodded affirmatively and after one more try by one of the girls in the group to get a better shot, he said he had to leave and go meet his parents, (if they were there, I didn’t see them inside. I would have recognized them if I had). He was still surrounded by people and I said, “I brought a crowd” and he actually said “Thank you” with the most sincere look on his face. I waved good bye and we left and he left. So while I never got closer to him that a few feet away, I was happy. It was enough for me to exchange a few words and smiles and while i probably could have muscled my way to the front, I would never do that. I wanted to give the girls who were near him their chance. I’m sure I’ll see him at some event in the future again and I wouldn’t deprive another person of what might be their only chance to meet him. People have done that to me more than once with Chris Hemsworth, even with me standing their in FULL Lady Thor, holding a 10 lb hammer. I would never do that to someone else.

So all in all it was a great night, great show and it was so wonderful to meet some of my online friends for the first time. I had been told that other girls were going to be attending but I didn’t see anyone I knew and nobody came up to me. I do stand out in a crowd, but nobody said, “Hi Lady Loki!”. Anyway, the photos below are mostly from @Xenomorph11 on instagram. The playbill and ticket photo is from @Dv8abit and the photo I took of @Xenomorph11 is the last one.

I will be heading to bed soon and I will be at the Ren Faire both days this weekend. I will try to reply to you guys as soon as I can.

anonymous asked:

louis and his mom blocking briana update accounts is so fascinating to me. we shouldn't be living in this screwed-up reality where "briana update accounts" are a thing that is real, but through clever ingenuity, it's possible to use them as tools to broadcast the truth about babygate's veracity. the 1d boys have had to get so good at fighting back using the very framework of their horrible situation. it makes me so sad that they have to do it, but they are such impressive, smart, strong people.

The update accounts are curious to me.  The Briana ones in particular seem to say the most idiotic things about genetics, sex, reproduction, etc.  

Calling out Briana’s cousin for supposedly sending a picture and wanting it spread around also wasn’t the smartest decision.  The update account claims that it’s to prove how rude Ashley is for violating Briana’s wish of privacy, but how could they have not realized that exposing Ashley would work as evidence to debunk the baby?  It was a stupid move based on their belief and motivations.

We’ve had at least 4 separate Briana update accounts claiming they’ve been blocked by Harry, Louis, Johannah, and that Louis has left their group chats (I was never aware he was in them?).  If those accounts really believe Briana is pregnant with Louis’ child, I can’t see what they would gain from teaming up to lie about getting blocked.  Even if they wanted attention, again, you would think that they would realize it’s going to poke holes in babygate.

I almost feel like the update accounts could be plants.  The more ridiculous the people who believe in the baby act, the less credibility the baby being Louis’ has.  It wouldn’t be a bad move.  Then, if you had control of the accounts, when you were ready to start breaking the paternity story, you could have the update accounts start questioning the baby ahead of time as seeding.  You could also have them start announcing they were blocked to distance Louis from the baby.

It would be a clever move, but I’m not saying that’s what’s going on.  I’ve seen enough people doing completely illogical things against their own interest online that I can believe the update accounts just aren’t thinking any of it through.  It could be either and the update accounts being regular fans is the simpler explanation I suppose.