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Too lazy to slap on the official translation text from the physical copy I’m reading to this screenshot, but I like how Goku is watching and openly admiring Gohan here


Hood Mills Family in 5x01

125/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

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well, what are your top five media that portray the jesus story correctly then? (sorry, i just really respect your opinion! :P)

…you guys are really not getting how impossibly high my standards are for this.

#none     #the answer is none     #there are too many moving parts you need a jesus who is human and warm but also impossible; untouchable; divine     #you need disciples who are /people/ not naive sheep or ignoramus interlocuters–give them histories and families and reasons and personaliti     #have a real sense of camraderie among the disciples; an atmosphere of excitement and radicalism that comes from following a prophet     #don’t have jesus in love with mary magdalene     #don’t have jesus in love with judas     #don’t have any one disciple be privileged over the others     #historical accuracy is a must     #female disciples are a must     #be respectful of the story but don’t buy into its propaganda     #(it doesn’t have to be The Greatest Story Ever Told but if you’re trying to make it about Shocking The Christins!!! like     #I don’t even care at that point)     #I’m not particularly picky about which gospel(s) it’s based off of     #I have favorite stories of course but     #that’s not as important as nailing all the characters and the dynamic and what jesus is like     #I’d prefer a kind of…magical realism to it?     #like     #have angels and satan and demons and stuff wandering around as just…the imaginal landscape of this world     #did I mention historical accuracy? because historical accuracy     #these jewish communities and their interactions with the romans and other ethnic/religious groups of the period     #don’t make anyone a bad guy     #no one is a bad guy in jesus’ story it’s literally just a lot of people making bad decisions because they’re angry or afraid or weak     #no one’s evil     #not the jewish priests not pilate not judas     #I want a lot of jesus talking to people–having to be pulled away by the disciples who are like “we promised we’d be at so-and-so’s house f     #for dinner stop healing lepers we have to go”     #I want jesus to laugh a lot     #I want jesus to look at the people who follow him like they’re his reason for breathing     #no story is ever going to make me happy /never/    


happy 4th birthday princess estelle silvia ewa mary! (february 23, 2012)


( ´ ▽ ` ) GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYONE!!! i’m drawing up a few posts for the day, but HEY since it’s such a wonderful saturday, tell me how everybody’s doing today!!! tell me anything!! do you have any favorite memes?? are you guys into the tumblr zodiac posts??? bc those are so much fun!!! i spent an obscene amount of time talking about sora and roxas’s liverpepper childhood with one of my best pals, and MAN IS IT GIVING ME TONS OF IDEAS THAT I’LL TRY AND TURN INTO POSTS!!!!!! we’ve figured out for sure that the twins call leon squall sometimes too, especially when they were little!! anyway, HAVE A WONDERFUL SATURDAY!! LET’S TALK A LITTLE!!