it's also 2 am i should probably go to bed

illyrianrhys  asked:

Prosecco, reading and cats?? Sounds like rather decent night! Hope all is well and happy new year Leslie! (Should probably go to sleep cos its like 2:50 here but I am too, sat here buzzed off the bloomin bottle of prosecco i had myself earlier listening to Lana Del Rey in bed.) hope you feel better soon <3

It is a good night, all things told. Also, prosecco and Lana in bed is such a MoodTM. I hope you have a good New Year as well, Sian! Go to bed! <3

I always lose a handful of followers when I do an ask meme/answer a lot of asks, which is like, your loss, because I am hilarious and have a v charming personality, and I’m sorry your missing out