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Reader x Kol Mikaelson



Imagine: You had just been transformed into a vampire and commited your first kill, which induced you to turn off your emotions in order to help you cope. Yet, being so close to the Mikaelson family, they would not allow you to stay that way for long. However, despite how hard they try, the only one who manages to break down your walls is Kol Mikaelson.

Warnings: lights descriptions of torture, mostly fluff and swearing. no biggie. 

Word Count: 2503

I fell onto the cold, hard ground, finally realising what I had done. Blood was spilt across my face and my body, proving it was not just some twisted dream fabricated by my mind to punish me for becoming a vampire; no, I had actually killed all those people. Their limp forms were scattered throughout the dark room, their necks broken due to my brutally. A growing pain took over me, leading to a strangled, loud gasp to crawl out of my lips. The guilt was too much for me to overcome it so easily.

“Y/N?” A deep, somehow soft too, male voice cut through the devastating silence. “What happened here?”

“I murdered them.” I managed to blurt out, tears already streaming down my warm, red cheeks. “I was angry, scared, hungry. I-I couldn’t control myself, Kol. I just couldn’t.”

“Oh baby.” He whispered in a soothing tone, one I did not deserve. “I hate to see you like that! It was a mistake. You’re new, it happens.”

“No, no, no. I ripped these people from their lives. I shouldn't… I can’t!”

“Y/N, listen to me!” My eyes were screwed shut, yet, the salty teardrops kept descending, reaching my bottom lip. “Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

“Turn it off.” Someone else said, coming from behind Kol. “You don’t have to suffer because of this. Just turn it off.”

“Are you insane, mate?” The tall, brown haired man yelled, obviously mad at the proposition. “She’s not going to do this!”

Damon smirked, tilting his head slightly, whilst graciously leaning against a covered with scarlet blood wall. Although it was a entirely crazy idea, my Salvatore friend had a point. Turning my emotions off could be really helpful, for it would rule out of the game all distractions. It would help me develop as a vampire. Plus, if I experience even one more ounce of this crushing pain I have inside now, I would surely break.  

For one second I felt everything rushing through me, every bit of feeling, like pure energy was flowing inside my veins, and then it was over. I did not feel a thing. Not guilt, not sadness. Absolutely nothing. Solely void was left behind.

“Y/N, please tell me you didn't…”

A bright, wide smile curled my lips, revealing there was nothing that the mighty Mikaelson could do, except enjoy this new side of me.

“I did, honey bunch.” I winked at him, getting back on my own feet. “Now, if you excuse me, I have a few business to solve.”

“You’re not going anywhere.” Kol stated, grasping my wrist and forcing me to stay where I was. “And Damon, you better disappear before I have the chance to rip your heart out.”

Those words said, it took less than a split  second for the plain white room to get suddenly crowded. Stefan and Elena went to Damon’s side, gently clutching his arms, assuring he would stay in place; yet, they did not come alone, for Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah rapidly approached their reckless sibling as well. I sighed, starting to get utterly bored from this whole situation.

Klaus cleared his throat, moving one step ahead and shooting a fierce look towards the Salvatores. He was obviously not happy to be seeing this horrific scene.

“Alright, who is going to explain what has happened here​?”

“Why was Kol threatening Damon?” The brown haired doppelgänger quizzed, quirking an eyebrow. “I thought we had decided to call a truce. For Y/N’s sake.”

“He pushed Y/N into turning off her emotions.” The younger Mikaelson brother said, narrowing his eyes and still keeping me under his tight grip. However, even though this dialogue was annoying as hell, I could not care less about what was on the verge of happening. “Is it enough or you fellas need me to find another reason to be mad at the glorious Damon Salvatore?”

“You mean she…” Rebekah’s voice died out before she finished her sentence and her sibling replied with a weak nod. Man, those people were simply pathetic! “Let’s go home, then. We need to get Y/N back as soon as possible.”

Ultimately, I pushed Kol’s hand away from my upper arm and went to the centre of the room, staring each person standing in there. They had quickly formed a circle around me, perhaps thinking they could avoid my escape. Fools.

I chuckled, sustaining their strong glances at me and crossing my arms on my chest.

“Uh, if I may have a say on my own life, I don’t want to turn back on. I’m actually feeling pretty good the way I am.”

“I’m sorry, love, but you have no idea what you want right now.”

“Out of everyone, Klaus, I really thought you would appreciate this new version of me.” Licking my lips, I walked smoothly to where the Hybrid was whilst hearing everyone’s breathing hitch on their respective throats. “I was obviously wrong.”

“No, darling, you were wrong to get closer enough for me to this.”

Then Klaus, piecing his blue eyes on my own, got hold of my neck, his hands soft on the skin he grasped; sharing one last look, he swiftly twisted it, killing me where I stood. Yet, even though darkness engulfed me pretty quickly, I still formed one last thought: the blond Hybrid was totally right.

The room I woke up to was bright. And amazingly beautiful. Like it belong to a king. Or a queen. Its walls had a miscellaneous set of colours while the expensive furniture was perfectly positioned, like it had been made to that exact spot. The whole thing was simply perfect. However, whatever amazingness I should have been caught into, it was broken the second I realised I was chained up. Urgh, why couldn’t they just let me go? This is so boring!

“She’s awake.” Rebekah muttered, swinging the tall white doors open. “Hello, Y/N.”

“Oh, hello, munchkin.” An ironic smirk lied carelessly on my lips. “Such a nice day, isn’t it?”

“I definitely hate turned off Y/N.” She rolled her eyes, annoyed, yet, I could still see sadness playing on her gorgeous traits. “Come on. I want to try it first.”

“Poor Rebekah, always trying to save the ones she loves.” I said, staring at her emotionlessly. It was odd, though, for the memories of our friendship were still fresh in my mind.  I was not able to care, though. “Don’t you get tired?”

The blonde soaked a small blade in a transparent, thin liquid, right before she dug it into me. I could sense the stinging pain, yet, it was not enough. I smiled faintly at her failed attempt to flip the switch back on.

“Try harder, Bekah!” It was teasing. Oldest trick in the world to get people mad. The ones who cared, anyway. “Come on! Fight for me.”

“God, you are such a spoilt brat!” The original snarled, burying the knife deep within my flesh. “Why don’t you obey, for once, the elders?”

“Enough, sister.” Klaus put his hand on her shoulder, stopping her to go any further. “Let me handle it. I might have a better chance.”

“Uh, I feel so especial! The mighty Hybrid caring for me.” A maniac smile changed my traits, giving it a crazy gleam, as he took his sister’s place, removing the blade afterwards. “Well, I should, shouldn’t I? I don’t. I feel nothing. Or does boredom count?”

“Look at me, Y/N.” I raised my chin, defying him by fixating my eyesight on his. “Now pay attention: you are loved. By everyone in this family. We would risk everything for you. Do anything. You’re a Mikaelson just as much as I am. Why don’t you try for us? Me, Rebekah, Elijah, Kol…”

“Really, Niklaus? That’s the trick you are using? Trying to make me feel like I belong?”

“You do belong, Y/N.” He stroke my cheek, his slim fingers tracing my cheekbones. “You are family. Come back to your family.”

“Nah, I don’t think that’ll break me.”

Klaus allowed a tired exhale to slip, shaking his head. I could bet he thought this was going to be easy: just appeal to her loyalty towards her family and she’ll be right back on track. Not exactly, Nik. I bit my bottom lip to avoid a sneer laugh. .

“Don’t make it so difficult, sweetheart.”

“I wouldn’t if you just let me go.”

“You see, darling, that’s not happening. You either flip back on or flip back on. There’s no other possibility.”

“Now what is it? Rage? Or is it pity? Doesn’t matter. It won’t do the trick, Niklaus.”

My last remark had done it for the Hybrid, because the anger within his irises announced what he was going to do next: snap my neck. For the second time. It must be my lucky day.

Simply marvellous!

“Are you awake now, love?” Someone questioned, tenderly massaging my arms, bringing me to a rather spinning reality. I blinked quickly, adjusting to the new found darkness. “Are you okay?”

“I am fine. Perfectly fine.” My voice sounded hoarse, probably due to the hours I spent “asleep”.”I imagined you would be their last resource. The reckless Mikaelson. My boyfriend, or is it ex? I don’t quite know.”

“Oh dear, it’s going to take a lot more than a humanity switch off for you to get rid of me.” He chuckled, bitterly. “I didn’t come here to convince you that this is wrong. I’m afraid you already are aware of it.”

“Then what?” I whispered, fighting against the tiredness. It was getting harder and harder to not feel anything. The emotions were scraping the walls of my head, crawling back to where they belonged. Nevertheless, I would not allow them to surface it. No. Never. “What do you want, mighty Mikaelson? Torture me some more? See if you, out of everyone, can make me flip back on?”  

“Nah, I just want to talk to you.”

“Care to be more specific, sweetheart?”

“I want to tell you a story.” He clarified in a smooth tone, his lips dangerously close to mine. His mint scented breath fanning all over my face, making me want to kiss him, to taste that mouth. Urgh. “About a relationship I had in the past.”

“Oh, I see. You do want to bore to death.”

“Quit being a brat and listen!”

“Fine.” A soft sigh escaped as I nodded, agreeing. “Go on.”

“Before I met you, I was madly in love with this girl called Davina Claire. Damn,  she was perfect! In every way.” Kol paused, swallowing thickly; perhaps he was struggling with the memories of his old ex girlfriend. “However, when she brought me back to life, it came with a price. I was cursed with an unbearable thirst. I tried to resist! It was worthless, for in the end, she died by my hand. And, God, it hurt like hell! I mean, I had lost the only thing that had ever made me feel something. I killed the only person that had ever touched my soul.”

“Is this supposed to be touching?”

“Oh come on, I’m not finished.”

“Proceed, then. At least it keeps me distracted from this knife buried in my skin.”

“I beg your pardon.” The brown haired Mikaelson smiled, gently, and pulled the blade off, winning a relieved gasp from me. Klaus must have put in back on to keep my blood flowing. “Now, as I was saying, I had lost everything. My magic. My Davina. Then I was bitten by Marcel and put into a slumber.”

“Didn’t you ever live? All your stories end with you in boxes.” The statement slipped and I widened my eyes, surprised. I did not care, why should I be asking stuff?

“I blame Nik for that, but you are right. My life kind of sucked and with Davina gone, it all became pointless again. That was when you, my tiny witty human, showed up.”

“I’m not tiny. Nor witty. Not even human.”

He laughed, clearly amused.  

“Yes, you’re still tiny and witty. For me anyway. And I love you. So much.”

“Can’t do anything about it.” I shrugged clumsily, still restrained by the chains soaked in vervain. “This is ridiculous, don’t you see? All of you? I won’t get my feelings back.”

Kol, suddenly, cupped my cheeks, his eyes filled with everything mine lacked. It was hard to sustain the intimate exchange of looks, for tears began to well up on that chocolate sea. If I kept staring, I knew I was not going to be able to resist any longer.

“I don’t want to lose you too, Y/N. You’re the only good thing in my life right now and I can’t afford it. I won’t let you destroy yourself because of a reckless mistake. Because I wasn’t around to teach you.”

I chewed my bottom lip, finally caving in and feeling the energy of my emotions flooding back in. All of it. Pain, guilt, rage, love. Love! I had hurt so many people I loved! How dared I say so many hurtful things to them?

Salty teardrops fell down my cheeks with the realisation of the evil I had performed in the time I spent off. No one should forgive me for what I did or said. I was not worthy of it. A cry rumbled in my chest as I absorbed, bit by bit, the enormous acheness from my previous actions.


“I’m so s-sorry, my love.” Those words came out mingled, stuttered, strangled. I closed my eyes, avoiding the silky, reassuring look I got from my boyfriend when I voiced a coward apology. What good have I done to have someone so sweet to look after me like him? “The pain… It took over me. Made me do things. I thought I was going to break!”

“Hush, sweetheart.” His warm digits silenced me, resting against my mouth delicately. “First let me get you out of these chains.”

“How can you trust me, Kol?”

“We’ve been together for a while now and I got to know your eyes, those sweet Y/E/C eyes, very well. I know when you’re lying.” He broke the iron that held me up, which lead to a clumsily stumble, for I was unable to stand on my feet properly. The brown eyed Mikaelson picked me up, carefully placing me on his toned arms as if I weighed nothing. “Thank you for coming back to me. I don’t what I’d do without you.”

“Oh, Kol.” A goofy sigh slipped. “I will always come back to you.”



Afterwards, a smirk still enlightening his traits, he stole a kiss from my lips. It was just a peck, yet, it made me feel warmer. Of course my guilt, self loathing, hate, the whole package, remained, nonetheless Kol managed to shake it all off, forcing me to concentrate on the present and, for now, that was all I needed.

Ed Sheeran sentence starters
  • "I saw a shooting star and thought of you."
  • "You were lying next to me, I looked across and fell in love."
  • "If you wanna put this on me, that’s fine, I never blamed you for anything at all."
  • "The world looks better through your eyes."
  • "It's only been one night of love and maybe that is not enough."
  • "If I fall for you, would you fall too?"
  • "It's not a homeless life for me, it's just I'm home less than I'd like to be."
  • "I haven't slept for the past week, two hours ain't enough for me."
  • "I'm drunk off last nights whisky and coke."
  • "You can stay with me forever or you could stay with me for now."
  • "Outside the day is up and calling, but I don't have to be so, please go back to sleep."
  • "Never been better since all the therapy."
  • "And you know, if I let you go, I'll still keep you safe."
  • "You are the one I fall asleep with but never wake up to."
  • "The worst things in life come free to us."
  • "I wanna be drunk when I wake up on the right side of the wrong bed."
  • "What didn't kill me, it never made me stronger at all."
  • "I know I'll never hold you like I used to."
  • "I'll be drunk again to feel a little love."
  • "I know you'll never love me like you used to."
  • "I found your hair band on my bedroom floor, the only evidence that you've been here before."
  • "I don't drink like everybody else, I do it to forget things about myself."
  • "There's no chance that we'll work it out."
  • "I said that's fine, but you're the only one that knows I lied."
  • "Everybody said we'd be together forever."
  • "Everything's great and everything's sure, but you live in your halls and I live in a tour bus."
  • "Pain is only relevant if it still hurts."
  • "If I was gonna go somewhere, I'd be there by now."
  • "I should ink my skin with your name."
  • "I should run you a hot bath and fill it up with bubbles."
  • "You should never cut your hair 'cause I love the way you flick it off your shoulder."
  • "You will never know just how beautiful you are to me."
  • "Maybe you're hoping for a fairy tale, too."
  • "This is the start of something beautiful."
  • "And it's dark in a cold December, but I've got you to keep me warm."
  • "I'm out of touch, I'm out of love."
  • "I think I love you better now."
  • "Playing a different show every night in front of a new crowd."
  • "Let me sing and do my thing and move to greener pastures."
  • "You need me, man, I don’t need you."
  • "Never be anything but a singer-songwriter, yeah."
  • "People think that I’m bound to blow up."
  • "I haven’t got a house, plus I live on a couch."
  • "They say I’m up and coming like I'm fucking in an elevator."
  • "Settle down with me, and I'll be your safety, you'll be my lady."
  • "I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet."
  • "Give me love like her, 'cause lately I've been waking up alone."
  • "All I want is the taste that your lips allow."
  • "Give me love like never before, 'cause lately I've been craving more."
  • "It's been a while but I still feel the same... maybe I should let you go."
  • "Another love that's gone to waste."
  • "If I kissed you, will your mouth read this truth?"
  • "Darling, how I miss you."
  • "You made me scream, but then I made you cry."
  • "Maybe you should learn to love her like the way you wanna be loved."
  • "I never told her that I liked the way she dances slightly out of time and pretends she knows the words to a song she's never heard."
  • "You’re not her, though I try to see you differently."
  • "I will try to find another one who suited me as well as her."
  • "We never even tried, we never even talked, we never even thought in the long run."
  • "Whenever it was painful, whenever I was away, I’d miss you."
  • "I didn't mean to break your heart."
  • "Everybody falls apart sometimes."
  • "I know you've found another one, but won't you just hold me tonight."
  • "They don't know we don't speak anymore."
  • "I will stop trying to fall in love again... it never works out anyway."
  • "But I am not anything like I was."
  • "I don't wanna lose a lover and friend in one night if that's alright."
  • "I shouldn't have fucked with your mind and your life too many times."
  • "I never meant to sleep around, I was just lonely."
  • "When I see my future, it is with you."
  • "We're not friends, nor have we ever been."
  • "If they find out, will it all go wrong?"
  • "We're not friends, we could be anything."
  • "Friends don't treat me like you do."
  • "Tell me that you turned down the man who asked for your hand 'cause you're waiting for me."
  • "I know, you're gonna be away a while, but I've got no plans at all to leave."
  • "Just promise me, you'll never leave again."
  • "Just promise me, you'll always be a friend."
  • "Everything changes, but we'll be strangers if we see this through."
  • "I've been sat with you for most of the night, ignoring everybody here."
  • "Don't you worry if I disappear."
  • "I'm not really looking for another mistake."
  • "I was never looking for a friend."
  • "Maybe you could swing by my room around ten, baby, bring a lemon and a bottle of gin."
  • "Baby, if you wanted me then you should've just said."
  • "Maybe we'll go together and just figure it out."
  • "Trust and respect is what we do this for."
  • "You didn't need to take him to bed that's all."
  • "I never saw him as a threat until you disappeared with him to have sex of course."
  • "It's not like we were both on tour, we were staying on the same fucking hotel floor."
  • "I wasn't looking for a promise or commitment, but it was never just fun and I thought you were different."
  • "This is not the way you realize what you wanted."
  • "It's a bit too much, too late if I'm honest."
  • "Getting high as two kites when we needed to breathe."
  • "I'd disappear, you'd call me selfish, I understand but I can't help it."
  • "So we can either deal with the pain and wait to get on a plane."
  • "You should go, 'cause I ain't ever coming home."
  • "I've been livin' on the road, but then again you should know."
  • "You won't ever be alone... wait for me to come home."
  • "Loving can heal, loving can mend your soul."
  • "When I'm away, I will remember how you kissed me."
  • "How'd I get so faded?"
  • "I feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream."
  • "I've been looking for a lover, thought I'd find her in a bottle."
  • "I'll be feeling this tomorrow."
  • "You look so wonderful in your dress, I love your hair like that."
  • "We are surrounded by all of these lies and people who talk too much."
  • "You got the kind of look in your eyes as if no one knows anything but us."
  • "All that you are is all that I'll ever need."
  • "Just don’t expect me back this evening."
  • "I love him from my skin to my bones but I don’t wanna live in his home."
  • "I was raised to keep quiet."
  • "I don't wanna hate you."
  • "I kind of knew you liked the dude from private school."
  • "I knew he had his eyes on you."
  • "He's not the right guy for you."
  • "Don't hate me 'cause I write the truth."
  • "I would never lie to you but it was never fine to lose you."
  • "I'm just disgusted with the skeletons you sleep with in your closet."
  • "Fact is you're mad at me because I backtrack so casually."
  • "You're practically my family, if we married then I'll guess you'd have to be."
  • "Tragically our love just lost the will to live, but would I kill to give it one more shot? I think not."
  • "I don't love you, baby, I don't need you... I don't want you anymore."
  • "I'm not cut out for life on the road 'cause I didn't know I'd miss you this much."
  • "I guess I'm not the man that you need."
  • "Ever since you went to uni, I've been sofa surfing with a rucksack full of less cash and I guess that could get bad."
  • "When I broke the industry, that's when I broke your heart."
  • "I was supposed to chart and celebrate, but good things are over fast."
  • "I tend to turn you off and switch on my professional features, then I turn the music off and all I'm left with is to pick up my personal pieces."
  • "Success is nothing if you have no one left to share it with."
  • "I know you have a day job, but mine is 24/7."
  • "I still love you and I need you by my side if I could."
  • "The irony is if my career and music didn't exist, in 6 years, you'd probably be my wife with a kid."
  • "I'll die from a thrill, go down in history as just a wasted talent."
  • "Eventually I'll be fine, I know that it was never meant to be."
  • "These things happen for a reason and you can't change shit."
  • "Take my apology, I'm sorry for the honesty, but I had to get this off my chest."
  • "I will be loving you 'til we're 70."
  • "People fall in love in mysterious ways."
  • "I fall in love with you every single day."
  • "For four years I never had a place to stay."
  • "At 16 years old, I moved out of my home."
  • "I tattooed the lyrics onto my arm."
  • "I'll hold ya and you'll think of him."
  • "I'll never trust you again, you can just be a friend."
  • "If we should die tonight, then we should all die together."
BVB Feiertagsmagazin w/ Erik Durm - English translation
  • Nobby: Here he is! I'm very happy you've found your way to me once again, Erik. So far you haven't won a "Goal or No Goal" game against me, that's why I'm especially happy you're here today and I hope it stays that way. Are you confident?
  • Erik: Yeah, it didn't work out the last two times but I think it's finally time that I kick your ass.
  • Nobby: I'm excited! (laughs) Have you analysed the match against Benfica, yet?
  • Erik: Yeah, we talked about it in the hotel. Obviously, we were all sad about the result. I think our approach and way of playing was very good. I think Benfica only had one shot on goal, that one header, and otherwise we didn't give them any chances. Still sucks to lose 1:0 but we're confident that we'll be able to turn things around at home in front of our fans and proceed to the quarter finals.
  • Nobby: Have you ever experienced such a match? Being so dominant?
  • Erik: I don't think so, I mean I've only been here for 3 1/2 - 4 years and I haven't experienced something like it in that way. We were clearly the dominant team, we created many chances, even top-class ones, but yeah, sometimes the ball just doesn't want to get in. Sometimes there are matches like that. Nevertheless we have created a lot of chances, which was very important for us, for the team, and like I said we'll turn things around at home.
  • Nobby: You played badly in Darmstadt and lost, you played excellently in Lisbon and lost. Which face will we see on Saturday?
  • Erik: Well, I hope the one we showed in Lisbon only this time we of course want to get 3 points, we want to win. It's important for us to continue our home run and yeah, we feel good. Of course Darmstadt was a slip-up. Unfortunately, sometimes there are such games where nothing works out and the opponents surpass themselves and that was the case in Darmstadt. But it's still our own fault as well. But I think in Lisbon we showed a reaction and I think we'll be at the top of our game against Wolfsburg. We had 4 days to take a break and...
  • Nobby: And the spirit/mood/morale is good?
  • Erik: Well, yeah after Darmstadt we all were dejected, Lisbon as well, but looking at how we played I think we can look forward to Saturday with confidence.
  • Nobby: That's what you have to keep in mind and if you play like that on Saturday we won't lose.
  • Erik: Definitely!
  • Nobby: You're up against Wolfsburg. You usually say you don't look at how the opponent is doing. But we should and have to do that: they have won 2 of their last 4 games and lost the other 2. How do you rate/judge the team at the moment?
  • Erik: It's difficult to say something about Wolfsburg. They definitely have improved during the second half of the season, they have played good games, sometimes it's a bit of a surprise/lucky bag but to be honest, I haven't watched a lot of Wolfsburg matches. I'd rather focus on our team so I think if we follow through like we want to and if we play like on Tuesday against Lisbon we will win and we don't have to talk a lot about the others, just about us and then things will work out.
  • Nobby: Erik, you're free of injuries, you're a regular in the starting XI. Apart from the two losses how much do you enjoy your current situation?
  • Erik: Of course I enjoy it a lot. It's important for every player to be free of injuries and get playing time. I get that at the moment so I'm very happy but as I said my health is currently still my main focus.
  • Nobby: (touches Erik's knee) Is everything alright?
  • Erik: Yes, everything's ok. (both laugh) And yeah our manager is satisfied with our current performance as well and of course I'm always very self-critical. Especially after Darmstadt I was very self-critical and wasn't satisfied with myself but nevertheless I'm fit, I'm healthy and I'm happy about every minute I get.
  • Nobby: Currently, you're playing in midfield as a winger. You played the same position in the U23. Do you feel comfortable there?
  • Erik: Well, the midfield postion is mainly an offensive part, I'm still also playing in the back five in the defense. We always shift around a bit which works pretty well. Obviously, Schmelle and I always have to run a lot but I think we both know how to do that. That's why this position fits us well and yeah, being involved at the front is always fun...
  • Nobby: You were a striker originally, weren't you?
  • Erik: I was originally playing as a 9 so not that much on the wings but-
  • Nobby: You know how to score goals
  • Erik: One can hardly imagine, yeah. (both laugh) I had some inhibitions when I played for the Dortmund amateurs, didn't quite work out with scoring but after that I've become a defender pretty quickly, thanks to Kloppo, but it's still a lot of fun to be able to make a difference in the offense.
  • Nobby: The Süd will be empty. That will be a weird picture for all of us, for you as well?
  • Erik: Yes definitely! I mean, the atmosphere here in our stadium is always awesome. The süd being behind us is quite impressive. Especially when we play at home they encourage us and spur us on immensely. Yeah... it's such a shame that the Süd won't be there on Saturday.
  • Nobby: When you score a goal you'll still celebrate toward the Süd...
  • Erik: Yes! (both laugh) Yeah, if I score a goal, which for me doesn't happen that often, I'll still celebrate of course.

knopeitsluna  asked:

For the prompts, “Sweet dreams.” -ughfitz

Hey Racquel! Apologies for taking so long, but I hope you enjoy! 

And just an FYI, this fic is not connected to my previous fic of FS in space. In that last one, they’re prisoners, but in this one, it’s a more relaxed environment. 

#81 - Sweet dreams. (Want one? Pick from this list.) 


“I was wondering if you wanted to…try something different.”

Fitz moved his hand from behind his head to press his eyes shut, frustration clearly seeping through him after his previous near sleepless night. “Jemma, you can sleep in your own bunk. I won’t be offended.”

“No, that’s not what I mean.” She sat up on her side of the bed, pulling the blanket with her as a chill ran through her limbs, the unfamiliar living quarters making it difficult to relax. But even if she would never be completely comfortable in this new space, she hoped she could assist in his level of comfort. Turning her head, she reached out the pull at the edge of his t-shirt sleeve. “Maybe if we…hold each other before we fall asleep, it might help you stay asleep longer.”

They were lucky Jemma was even allowed to join Fitz in his bunk in the first place. They weren’t prisoners, technically, but they still didn’t have much of an idea who they were working for in the middle of outer space. After being thrown into this new life only hours after defeating AIDA, the team had little time to recover or adjust – especially Fitz. And with Jemma so concerned with his well-being, she didn’t really know where they stood in their relationship. 

She knew he was doing well considering what he went through in the Framework – he was eating, as well as working in the lab with her a few hours each day. But the physical side of their relationship was all but non-existent. There were small touches here and there, and Jemma didn’t want to push him too fast, so she maintained a safe distance. Still, he allowed her to sleep next to him a few inches away, which was a good thing since she seemed to be the only person to calm him when his dark memories of another life returned to him in the middle of the night. And these days, his nightmares were like clockwork.

Unfortunately, without access to proper medication, he thought there was little he could do to assist in his sleeping habits. But Jemma thought otherwise. He seemed to always sleep more soundly when they were curled up together at the center of his small cot, their limbs intertwined and them alternating sleeping against each other’s chests. Granted, they only ended up in this position after Jemma helped pull him out of a nightmare, often needing to pin his arms at his sides to keep him from injuring himself. She never asked about these haunting images that never ceased to consume him, figuring he would tell her eventually. But he never did. And when they woke each morning, untangling their limbs awkwardly before going their separate ways to prepare for the day, he was always quiet, the few hours of sleep he did receive not nearly enough to lift his spirits.

Currently thinking over her proposition, Jemma didn’t want to seem too forward, but the idea of sleeping in each other’s arms at the beginning rather than the middle of the night didn’t seem like the worst idea in the world.

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Upcoming Valentines Day RFA Party
  • Devlyn: Good morning~ I see that everyone is on the messenger today. Well almost everyone.
  • Jumin: Morning? It's already half past noon.
  • 707: That's probably her version of morning, like how mine's 1:00am. Get it? One in the morning? LOLOL
  • Jumin: ...
  • Yoosung: Good afternoon Devlyn! Have you eaten?
  • Devlyn: Hi Yoosung! No I have not, just woken up after all.
  • Yoosung: Aww, you've got to eat properly!
  • Devlyn: I'll try!
  • Jumin: She's totally ignoring us...
  • 707: Shelikeshotasafterall.
  • Yoosung: ?
  • Devlyn: I can read that.
  • Yoosung: What? What's that supposed to mean? I'm not a little boy!
  • 707: Woops, I forgot to convert it to hacker language LOL. Btw, why is Zen silent?
  • Yoosung: Oh he said he was going to the bathroom earlier, I think he left his phone on the table or something.
  • Jumin: Probably due to the trauma of dropping his phone into the toilet bowl after Seven posted the cat photo.
  • 707: God that was GOLD.
  • Devlyn: Anyways, Lady Jaehee contacted Nana and I about an upcoming Valentines Day RFA event. Looks like V had decided we're ready for another party. Nana is a lil busy now so I'm tasked to ask the members about their thoughts and ideas.
  • Jumin: Lady Jaehee...
  • 707: Well she looks up to Jaehee after all. Funny how she respects Jaehee more than you though, Jumin, her employer LOL
  • Devlyn: I'll respect him more once he cuts Lady Jaehee some slack.
  • 707: LOLOLOL
  • Jumin: ... She has plenty of slacks. She wears them to work once in a while.
  • Devlyn: ... Can I hit you? Might be worth loosing my job over it.
  • Yoosung: What??? I don't get itttt. But urgh Valentines Day... worse than Christmas..
  • 707: I can almost hear Zen groaning together with Yoosung lol
  • Devlyn: We need ideas, so far it's still a blank sheet.
  • Yoosung: When Rika was around, she sacrificed her Valentines Day with V to hold a party as well. How about one that concentrates on helping those who lost their loved ones?
  • Devlyn: That sounds like a great idea!
  • 707: How about one where you get to date a cat?! Elly will be the queen of the party!
  • Jumin: I agree with this idea.
  • 707: Something like this perhaps! Feline lonely? Meet your purr-fect match!
  • ZEN: NO!!!!
  • Jumin: Oh hello Zen, we were just discussing about Valentines Day with cats for our upcoming party.
  • Yoosung: Zen's back from the bathroom!
  • ZEN: NO. NO. NO. NO. and NO. Not a combo for the worst day for singles and allergies! Gosh even thinking about it is making my nose itch!
  • Jumin: You've been avoiding cats for too long, you should try to overcome it.
  • ZEN: NO. Can't we have a match making event instead?! Oh, but then no one will find their match because everyone will be busy looking at me <3
  • Jumin: And what if you end up getting matched with me?
  • Devlyn: Oh! *v* That's a good idea.
  • 707: Yeah the guests seem to be very excited each time Jumin and Zen are squabbling. Hard love between a demon and an angel they said LOL
  • ZEN: WHAT NO, They were excited to see me, not us together.
  • Jumin: I'm pretty sure the excitement got more intense when you came over with a red face.
  • Yoosung: Well I think it's good that everyone is happy about how the RFA members are so close to each other.
  • 707: LOL Yoosung you're so pure.
  • Yoosung: Whattt? Don't treat me like a child!
  • Devlyn: Well this is getting no where... Let's get some ideas from the guests instead shall we?
  • Yoosung: Good idea! That way the guests would feel more involved as well!
  • Jumin: I have no objections to that, would be nice if they all agreed on cats though.
  • ZEN: Jumin cut the cat crap out! AHCHOOO!
  • 707: LOL you didn't have to type that out.
  • Devlyn: I'll report to Nana and Lady Jaehee then. One of us will update the blog with a post for further information! I'll take my leave now, time for a nap.
  • Yoosung: Remember to eat well!
  • Jumin: Sleep again..?
  • 707: The Sloth has spoken.
  • Zen: It's good to have lots of beauty sleep if you want to be as beautiful as I.
  • Devlyn: Alright I will, good bye! ^^
  • Jumin: She ignored us again.
  • *Devlyn logs off*

anonymous asked:

Oh hell I screwed up and didn't pay attention sorry ;A; ANYWAY, so I'd like to request Yoosung reacting to MC playing with her pet snake(s) because I'm replaying his route rn~ BOOP THE SNOOT. //the snake anon

SNEKY IT’S OKAY!! it’s all good here in the hood. and my flower child…..i love his route so much jeez……((PS YOOSUNG KNOWS ABOUT RIKA IN THIS BECAUSE FUCK JUST TELL HIM HE!! DESERVES!!! TO!!! KNOW!!!) ps this is so short and im sorry but its because i have school starting tomorrow and i need to go to bed okay

boop the snoot omfg

i hope you enjoy, m’dear~~!

“MC! I’m home!” Yoosung’s voice echoed through your shared apartment, letting you know he was home from classes for the day. It was about four o’ clock in the afternoon, and you’d gotten off work at about three. You, of course, were upstairs, playing with your new pets you’d gotten today.

“Yoosung! Hey! I’ve got something I’d like to show you! C’mere!” You chirped happily to your boyfriend, eagerly awaiting his arrival. You knew he loved animals, but you weren’t sure how he felt about-

“Snakes? M-MC, you got snakes? You got three snakes? Jesus!” Yoosung almost screeched. You kinda deflated when he said that with the I-really-don’t-like-this tone, but laughed because he screamed like a girl.

This boy was too cute for you.

“I did indeed!” You laughed even more because of the small snakes tickling you with their tongues. A smaller Kenyan Sand Boa wrapped its tiny body around your left hand, while a Corn Snake was wrapped around your right arm. In a glass enclosure behind you sat a huge Ball Python in all of its glory, inspecting Yoosung as he entered your room.

“Well, MC, snakes sometimes spook me a little bit and I-”

“Oh!! I’m sorry, Yoosung, really I am!” You worriedly looked to your boyfriend, and he did look a little shaken up. “But Yoo, if you want to be a vet, you may have to take care of a snake. You probably need to overcome your fear, baby.”

You did have a point, Yoosung thought.

“I guess you’re right. Do they have names?” Although skeptical about your new friends, he did want to get over his fear. Plus, he wanted to support you with your love for snakes.

“This one is The Kracken-” you said, referring to the smallest one, the Kenyan Sand Boa. Yoosung snickered a little at that. “-this is Monty Python-” you gestured to the Ball Python. “-and this? You’ll be pissed.”

“Just say it, you dork.”

“This is Rika!” You laugh, holding up your Corn Snake. Yoosung looks pissed, and you know you’ve screwed it up big time. You prepare for the chewing out of a lifetime-

But he just laughs.

And laughs.

And laughs, until he falls down laughing.

“Yoosung? Are you alright?”

“Y-yeah babe, I’m fine,” he says in between breaths, “I just didn’t think you’d be that bold. But that’s okay, because it makes me just appreciate your sense of humor more.”

You blush deeply, and sit down on the floor with him.

“Do you wanna hold one?”

“After that, hell yes I do.”

Hot for Teacher

For bellafarella
Mickey hires a tutor to help Yevgeny with his school work not realizing he’d be getting a crush on his son’s tutor.

It’s when Yevgeny turns 8 that Mickey decides to get him a tutor. He was struggling a little in reading comprehension according to his teachers and Mickey really didn’t want to have his son be held back. He couldn’t exactly afford a “professional” tutor so he figured he’d go through the college nearby. They were supposed to be cheap anyways since it was students learning about teaching kids or some shit.

Lucky for him Mickey found this place that offered free tutoring and was run by an internship program. He called them up on one of his days off and they told him they’d bring someone by to talk to him (and his child) about the program. He set up a meeting the following Friday.

Before the meeting he sat his son down to explain to him he’d be getting some extra learning and that there wasn’t anything wrong with that. Fortunately Yevgeny loved books and reading he just wasn’t on the level of the other kids, yet.

“When are they coming?” Yevgeny asks.

“Should be here soon,” Mickey answers.

“Is it a girl or a boy?”

“Uhh I’m not sure. They didn’t really say.  Guess we’ll find out.” Mickey says.

“Hmm. I hope she’s pretty.” Yevgengy says excitedly.

Mickey laughs.

A half hour later there’s a knocking at the door. Yevgengy jumps up from his place on the couch and runs over to the door to answer it. Mickey hates when he does that because you never know who could be at the door.

He yells at Yevgeny as he makes his way to the door to answer it before his son can. “Hey, hey we don’t do that. Let me get it.”

He pulls the door open to reveal a gorgeous, tall redhead.

“Heyyyyyy ooh…” Mickey says once he sees the tutor in front of him.

“Hi,” the man answers. “I’m Ian.”

“Awww man. It’s a guy.” Yevgengy says. “Guess this one’s for you, Pa.” He walks from the door and back to the couch.

Mickey blushes immediately.

“He’s just…he doesn’t mean that. He’s just…” Mickey awkwardly tries to defend Yevgeny’s word. “Fucking kids.” He mumbles to himself.

Ian apparently hears and chuckles.

“Uh ha come in,” Mickey says opening the door wider and moving out of Ian’s way.


Ian walks through and Mickey is behind him. He sees his son sitting on the couch, eyes glued to the tv in front of him.

Mickey reaches for the remote to turn it off earning a sad look from his son.

“Remember what I explained earlier?”

“Yes, Dad.”

Mickey raises his eyebrows and Yevgeny huffs getting up from his spot to sit at the table. Mickey take a seat next to his son and Ian sits across from them

Ian explains the curriculum they’ll be doing and what a typical tutor session would be like.

“It’ll mostly be one on one but there will be some times where you should join,” Ian says. “If that’s okay with you.”

“Yeah of course.” Mickey nods, hearing everything the redhead says despite how hard it might be to pay attention. With eyes like that anyone can get lost in them.

“Good.” Ian smiles at Yevgeny and then looks back at Mickey. “I’d like to start on some things today if you want?”

“Can we?” Yevgeny excitedly asks.

Mickey laughs and shakes his head in amusement. “Sure, kid.” Mickey gets up from his seat. “I’ll just be in your room fixing that bookshelf that mysteriously broke.” Mickey grins at his son.

“I told ya. It just fell.”

“Course it did. Wasn’t like you were climbing on it or anything.”

Yevgeny shrugs as his dad ruffles his hair.

Mickey leaves to work on the bookshelf as Yevgeny and his tutor get to working. Mickey finishes and puts back Yevgeny’s books and beanie babies on his shelf. He comes out wiping his hands as Yevgeny runs to him.

“Look Dad! I got a Lollipop cause I did so good.”

“That’s awesome!” Mickey says enthusiastically. He looks back at Ian grinning and putting his stuff away.

“You did really well today, buddy.” Ian says to Yevgeny. “Especially for your first day.”

“So how does this work out?” Mickey asks walking back over to Ian.

“Well,” Ian says scratching his nose. “If you like me enough to continue with me I can schedule you.”

Like you enough? Mickey thinks. I don’t think anyone has a problem with that.

“You like him don’t you, Dad?”

Mickey chuckles at the irony.

“I like him! He’s funny! He does voices for the characters and he says he’d teach me how to.” Yevgengy excitedly explains.

Mickey laughs. “Alright, alright.” He looks up at Ian. “Count us in.”

Ian beams. “Okay good. Umm well I’d like to come around 3 times a week if that’ s alright?”

“Yeah sounds good.”

“Umm just whatever time is best for you. I’m pretty much always available.”

“Alright well I’ll have to check times with work but…I…can I call you when I know or something?”

“Oh right.” Ian rummages through his stuff. “Here. My number and my email just in case.”

“Thanks,” Mickey holds up the paper. “Here I’ll walk you to the door.”

Ian smiles at Mickey and waves by to Yevgeny. “Bye Yev.”

“Bye Ian!”

“Wait,” Mickey stops. “Ian? Ian Gallagher.”

Mickey says a little too loud, out of shock maybe.

“Uhm yup.”

“Like Lip’s brother?”

Ian tries his best not to roll his eyes. “Yeah. Lip’s brother.”

“Always hated that asshole” Mickey says. Ian laughs, mood light again.

“Shit you uh…you lived right down the street right?”

“Yeah few blocks.”

“Jesus,” Mickey says scratching that back of his head. He laughs awkwardly. “No offense but I thought they’d be sending some yuppie prick.”


“Yeah. So fucking glad they didn’t”

Ian grins. “Me too.” He walks out the door.

“I’ll uh. I’ll call you!” Mickey calls out holding up the paper.

Ian nods and walks to the direction of the L.

Mickey closes the door and turns to Yevgeny behind him.

“Who’s an asshole?’ Yevgeny asks.

Mickey laughs and puts his hand on his sons back, steering him away from the door. “Don’t worry about it. Come on let’s get dinner ready.”

Ian comes by 3 times a week on various days according to Mickey’s work schedule. He’s really good with Yevgengy, who apparently told Ian to call him Yevy upon first talk.

On a particular day it’s raining pretty hard and the tutoring session was nearing end.

“Fuck it’s really pouring out there huh?” Mickey asks.

Ian looks out the window and makes a miserable face. “Yeah. Gonna be fun walking through that.”

Mickey bites his lip. “Why don’t you stay?” He asks.


“Stay for dinner. The rain will slow by the time we’re finished I’m sure.”

“I uhh. I mean thanks for the offer but…”

“Aw please!” Yevgeny exclaims. “Please, please, please, please?”

Ian looks from Mickey and the jumpy Yevgeny. “Uhh…sure.” He laughs. “Why not?”

“Yay!” Yevgeny claps.

Mickey grins glad he had an excuse to offer to make dinner which he’s wanted to do since their first meeting. Ian and Mickey (and Yevgeny) talk back and forth as Mickey gets dinner ready. At one point Ian walks to the kitchen and asks if he could help with anything. He stands so close to Mickey, Mickey thinks he could hear his heart beating.

“Uh nah. I got it.” Mickey answers. “Thanks though.”

“No problem.” Ian says walking back to the table.

Dinner was a simple spaghetti and meatballs but it was the best meal Ian had in weeks. He licks his lips of tomato sauce and Mickey can’t help but think who he’d kill to be able to touch those lips.

As soon as dinner is done Yevgeny brings his plate to the sink and puts it in. He then runs over to the couch and turns on the TV.

“Not so loud, bud!’ Mickey calls out.

Yevgeny turns down the music with a groan.

Ian and Mickey stay at the table talking about southside shit, their life now (school for Ian, a perfectly legal car garage for Mickey), and what they want for their future…well what Ian wants Mickey never really thought about it. Both boys share some sort of darkness in their past that neither mentions. It’s too soon to anyways, neither wants to push the other away.

It’s late by the time Ian leaves. He apologizes but Mickey brushes it off. “It was nice.” He says. “I don’t usually have people over.”

“Why not?” Ian asks.

Mickey shrugs. “Shit gets complicated.”

Ian nods.

The next few months they make a habit of at least one of the days Ian staying over for dinner. Yevgeny loved it and well…Mickey did too. The more time Ian spends there the more buddy-buddy him and Mickey become and even flirty sometimes.

Months later when Ian offers to help Mickey tells him to get his “lazy ass over here and stir the pot.” And he does.

Mickey’s making a sauce when Ian decides to taste it. “Mmm shit Mickey this is fucking good.” He says.

“Hey, hey don’t put your dirty mouth on there. I don’t know where it’s been.”

Ian grins. “No but I know where you want it to be.”

Mickey blushes but twists his mouth shut and shakes his head. Couse he had to fall in…like with an idiot.

Yevgeny was in his room playing so luckily he didn’t hear the flirtations between his tutor and his dad, not that he didn’t know it happened.

One day Yevgeny has had enough. “Why dontcha just ask him out already?” He says to his dad with his kidlike frustration.

Mickey looks at his son surprised “What are you talking about?”

“Ian! My tutor! Ask him out.”

“Look Yev-“

“You’re always flirting and touching each other. You think I don’t see but I do see. It’s annoying so just get it over with and ask him to eat somewhere.”

“I don’t think you-“

“Do it, Dad! Or I will for you.”

Well that’d be fucking embarrassing. “Alright alright. Jesus. We don’t see him till Monday so…”

Yevgeny shakes his head. “You got his number don’t you?”

Mickey sighs. “Yes.”

“Then call him. I don’t want to hear you awkwardly asking him out in person when I’m here. That’s just uncomfortable for everyone.”

Jesus this kid is getting cheeky in his young age.

“Fine.” Mickey goes to his bedroom with his phone to call Ian. Damn straight it was awkward but at least Ian says yes.

“So?” Yevgeny asks when Mickey exits the room.

“We’re on for Saturday.”

Yevgen grins. “Good. See told you.”

“Yeah, yeah.” He sits down with his son to watch the new episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Their date goes smoothly which is saying something since Mickey was shaking most of the time. They make their way back to Mickey’s apartment and Mickey walks to the kitchen as Ian notices how quiet it is.

“Where’s Yevgeny tonight?”

“Oh he’s staying at Mandy’s.”

“For the night?”

“Yup. He loves staying there. Figured I’d give him a treat since he’s the one that talked me into-“

Mickey doesn’t finish his sentence as Ian’s lips are on his, kissing him, messily as Mickey doesn’t react right away. He finally realizes what’s happening and puts his beer down carefully. He grabs the back of Ian’s head and runs his hand through Ian’s bright red hair. They moan in their kisses and their tongues roam with each other’s like they’ve already been doing this for years. Mickey’s moves his hand down Ian’s face so his thumb is on Ian’s cheek, massaging it. Ian grabs Mickey from the back pulling him in closer.

They pull away at some point to catch their breath.

“Shit.” Mickey lets out. Ian laughs and Mickey’s at his mouth again.

Mickey hops himself up on the counter and starts to take of his pants as Ian unbuckles his. He watches as Ian pulls his shirt over his head. He admires the sight of Ian shirtless before Ian reaches for Mickey’s shirt.

Ian gets himself ready as Mickey waits. Ian grabs Mickey’s legs and hoists them on his shoulders. He puts two of his fingers in his mouth and slicks them with spit. He waits for a nod from Mickey before he puts his fingers into Mickey’s hole stretching it. He licks his lips as he hears Mickey moan softly. Ian pulls out of Mickey and replaces his fingers with his dick, hearing Mickey gasp in pleasure.

They go at it slow at first and then Ian picks up pace per Mickey’s request. They finish seconds from each other both left breathless.

They go at it another 2 times that night and Ian falls asleep with his arms wrapped tightly around Mickey.

Eventually Ian’s tutoring sessions lessen as Yevgeny stats getting the hang of it but that doesn’t mean Ian’s visits are less frequent. He always make excuses to come saying he forgot they weren’t scheduled or something but Mickey knows. They spend the day together instead. They go on so many dates Yevgeny decides Mickey should start calling Ian his boyfriend. So he does.

Ian’s a good tutor but an even better boyfriend. He helps Yevgeny whenever he can and plays soldiers with him. He cooks sometimes, though to be honest it was probably best if Mickey cooked, he cleans. He’s the first fucking person to actually treat Mickey well and fuck if Mickey didn’t want to cry at just that idea.

fibro!tsuna and coping of pain
  • tsuna: i have.. fibro,,
  • tsuna: basically Pain
  • therapist: i'm very sorry to hear that.
  • therapist: let's try meditation. it will help you block out the sensation of pain.
  • tsuna: will it let me blacklist my entire body
  • ...
  • hand: *blocked*
  • foot: *blocked*
  • 3 sq in piece of skin on right thigh: *blocked*
  • tsuna: you're all blocked
  • tsuna: none of you are free from sin.
  • tsuna: or pain.
  • reborn: too bad real life doesn't work that way
  • tsuna: you're blocked too.
  • ...
  • tsuna: *leg starts spasming*
  • tsuna: excuse me teacher my leg is dying i need to take a walk
  • teacher: ..shouldn't you usually rest if your leg is, um. dying?
  • tsuna, already packing up: look buddy i don't know what kind of Normal World you live in but in My world when My limbs start dying i Take A Walk
  • tsuna: bye
  • gokudera: *leaves with him. makes 'i'm watching you' gesture at teacher.*
  • yamamoto: *haha water triiiibe*
  • teacher:
  • teacher: they're not coming back are they
  • teacher: it's barely noon,,
  • ...
  • tsuna: let's play a game!
  • tsuna: it's called 'guess my pain levels'
  • tsuna: pick any number from 1-100
  • gokudera: juudaime that's kind of a, uh.. dark game to play
  • tsuna: nonsense, it distracts me from eternal death
  • yamamoto: i love guessing games!
  • yamamoto: 87
  • tsuna:
  • tsuna:
  • tsuna:
  • gokudera: you sonnuva- I DIDN'T GET A TURN I WAS GONNA GUESS THAT
  • yamamoto: haha! luckyyyyy
  • yamamoto: what do those numbers stand for anyway?
  • tsuna: how many specific points of my body are currently vying for my attention by telling me they're each undergoing the slowest most painful form of necrosis ever known to mankind
  • gokudera: oxidation?
  • tsuna: oxi-wha--
  • tsuna: i hate you all
  • ...
  • tsuna: okay but tell me
  • tsuna: how exactly does that possession thing work
  • mukuro: why are you.. asking...
  • lancia: don't remember much of it. i think it makes you black out the entire time.
  • tsuna: sounds convenient
  • tusna: i have Chronic Pain And Fatigue though.
  • lancia: ..he won't feel it? probably.
  • tsuna: alright. here's the thing.
  • tsuna: my attendance is horrible
  • tsuna: mukuro i need you to go to school for me for a few days
  • tsuna: also please adhere to this very strict sleep schedule or i s2g if you overwork my body i will find a way to transfer all the accumulated pain onto your body
  • mukuro: do i get a choice in this?
  • tsuna: are you throwing away your Get Out Of Jail Free For A Few Days card?
  • mukuro: you drive a hard bargain, vongola
  • lancia: i can't believe it
  • lancia: you've given him conflicting emotions
  • lancia: truly you are a miracle worker, sawada tsunayoshi
  • tsuna: the only miracle i wanna work is on me
  • ...
  • mukuro, in tsuna's body: kufufufu...
  • tsuna, in their mind: Stop Laughing
  • mukuro: what
  • mukuro: you're supposed to be asleep!
  • mukuro: my possession should be suppressing your conscious mind!
  • tsuna: if i can wake up from feeling like i've taken a hammer to the better part of my sternum, i can wake up from you being a creepy dick in my body
  • tsuna: Cease And Desist
  • ...
  • mukuro, in tsuna's body: yamamoto-kun, how does my hair look?
  • yamamoto: *squints for a heckuva long time*
  • yamamoto: ..looks the same to me, haha. did you do something new to it?
  • mukuro: just a small addition.. is it not noticeable? i thought it was quite clever.
  • yamamoto: ???
  • mukuro: *tries to indicate the pineapple tuft hidden among tsuna's already tufty hair*
  • yamamoto: i don't see anything??
  • mukuro:
  • mukuro: what a waste of effort.
  • ...
  • mukuro, in his own mind: get out
  • tsuna, in mukuro's body: no
  • tsuna: it's cold and wet and i am restful
  • tsuna: i have slept so much. not a single headache.
  • tsuna: kinda hard to breathe but i'm not too surprised by that
  • mukuro: the week is over and so is our deal
  • mukuro: i pranced around in your body, freaked some people out, made gokudera question his sanity
  • mukuro: your bully may have a crush on my laugh
  • tsuna: ?? which one
  • mukuro: the loud one with the sword
  • tsuna: that's a little disturbing. i'll try not to laugh like you then.
  • mukuro:
  • tsuna: *whining* five more minuuutteesss
  • ...
  • tsuna: aaannnnddd now we're back to pain. pain, pain, pain. 24/7 pain. i didn't miss you. i mean, i kinda did. it's really numb without you. felt weird.
  • tsuna: kinda like i wasn't really there
  • reborn:
  • tsuna: well, it was good while it lasted
  • reborn: maybe warn me next time before i shoot mukuro dead and you with him
  • tsuna: wow that's a little drastic just because i let a known criminal who tried to kill me walk around in my body for a week.
  • reborn: your self-preservation instincts can be really ludicrously terrible sometimes you know
  • tsuna: look me in the eyes and tell me you've never wanted to be free of your own body before
  • reborn:
  • reborn: shut up and go back to sleep
Q&A with Jay Park
  • Request: Can we have a Q/A with Jay as the bf. You are a singer as well, so basically you met at a concert :) and now you were friends before becoming a couple.. And it was SsamD who pushed both of you to confess that you like each other haha full of teasing pls
  • I hope you like it : )
  • ---
  • After watching Simon’s Q&A with his girlfriend, Jay wants to do one with you. Both of you are always busy due to hectic schedules - Jay with his label and you with your singing career. Luckily for both of you, Jay has found some time between his work and you were in Seoul for a press tour for your new album. So Jay asked you to come into the studio to do the Q&A with him along with Simon who will be asking the questions and doing the filming.
  • Jay: Simon, you can’t ask any other questions except the ones on the cards ok?
  • Simon: I know, I know. I've done this before so I should I know better than you, Park Jae-Beom. Ok, I'm ready. Action!
  • Jay: Aiight. Hello everyone, My name is Jay Park and I'm here today with my lovely girlfriend aka [Y/N].
  • You: Hi!
  • Jay: Just a hi, babe? No I'm here with my sexy boyfriend? I'm just messing with you babe so we're going to a Q&A today just like the one with Simon.
  • Simon: They like to copy me. Anyway the first question is where did you two go on your first date?
  • You: First date? I think we were both in your hometown, Seattle. Jay asked me to go this local Mexican place. The food there was amazing!
  • Jay: Yeah, we went to Luna Azul. Shout out to them. Go check them if you're in the area. We didn't do much after hey?
  • You: No, we didn't. It was raining that night so we went back to your house.
  • Jay: Damn right, we went back to my house. I pressed her buttons that night hehe
  • You: What buttons? I think you meant your PS4 controller babe because we played games that night as well.
  • Jay: As well...
  • Simon: Ayyyy TMI. Save those stories to the end.
  • Jay: Whatever man. Read out the next question.
  • Simon: What are your thoughts the first time meeting each other?
  • You: We met at Justin Bieber's concert. We were both in same VIP room.
  • Simon: What did you think of him?
  • You: I thought he was a very cold person at first because he wasn't really talking to anyone besides his crew. But also, very imitating.
  • Jay: Imitating? Who, me?
  • You: You're right. Jay is like a very enthusiastic.. puppy. He may look like a cold person but once you start talking to him, he's very funny and sarcastic.
  • Simon: What about you, Jay? What did you think of [Y/N]?
  • Jay: I noticed her well before we all got settled in the room. I thought, wow this girl has a very pretty smile and also that ass!
  • You smack Jay on his chest.
  • Jay: I'm sorry baby. Seriously, her smile lit up the room. I was very hesitant to talk to her because I thought she already had a boyfriend. I mean, someone that good looking wouldn't be single.
  • Simon: And ahem who told you to go and talk to her first? Before the Biebs would ask her to go to his after party.
  • Jay: It was you, Simon. He purposely pushed me into her. But in seriousness, I'm thankful for that. Otherwise I wouldn't be as happy as I am today.
  • Simon: Aww too cute, Park Jae-Beom. You better mention me during your wedding. So what is the most romantic thing that he/she has done?
  • You: The time when Jay flew out to Taipei to surprise me on my birthday. I didn't know but when I left Seoul to go to Taipei, Jay was on the next flight out. But he didn't show up until my concert the next night. He surprised me on stage. I kind of hate him for that because I cried and it ruined my makeup.
  • Jay: Do you know how hard it was knowing we were in the same hotel and having to avoid you?
  • You: What was hard, Jay?
  • Jay: I can't say it because Simon is here.
  • Simon: I'm sure I know what I mean Jay. You don't need to speak in codes.
  • Jay: Anyway, I think the most romantic thing [Y/N] has ever done to me, well actually she usually does it when I have a shit day. [Y/N] always prepares a bath for me. You know, with those cool bath bombs and candles.
  • Simon: You in a bath tub? That's an odd picture. Ok, what are each other’s worst or annoying habits?
  • You: Jay's tongue!
  • Jay: My tongue?
  • You: You're always sticking your tongue out. It's so annoying when I want to take a proper picture. Like your tongue should stay inside of your mouth baby.
  • Jay: That's not what you wanted or said last night.
  • You smack Jay across the chest again.
  • Jay: Haha. And you have the bad habit of taking my jackets and caps. To make things worse, she would pack them into her bags when she leaves. It's fucking winter right now and all I've been doing is wearing layers.
  • You: Good. Wearing layers would make it look like your arms are big and muscly.
  • Jay: Hey!
  • Simon: Alright love birds. Next question what is your ideal date night?
  • You: I prefer staying in you know, just a home cooked dinner and Netflix is fine. Plus I get to show Jay how to cook.
  • Jay: Yeah. Given our crazy schedules, it is always nice to wind down and relax.
  • Simon: That's nice. We're nearly at the end of this, are there any weird fantasies/kinks that you have or into?
  • Jay: I've seen shit going around saying that I have a daddy kink..?
  • You: Ha!
  • Simon: Does he, [Y/N]?
  • You look at Jay.
  • Jay: Fo real tho, I don't.
  • You: He actually doesn't but when he's annoying, I use that against him which makes it worse sometimes and he would pun-
  • Jay: Aye baby don't give away too much.
  • You: Oops, sorry...
  • Jay: Also, I'm just going to straight out tell them this. I like seeing [Y/N] strip.
  • Your face was blushing and you could feel your cheeks burning up.
  • Simon: Okay, last question do you two have any funny, embarrassing sex stories?
  • You: There are many, right Jay? I remember the one with your song. I'll tell it. We usually listen to music when we um do it and there was this time when one of Jay's songs was playing. What was it again?
  • Jay: It was Do What We Do.
  • You: That's right. So apparently, the track was like the first recording Jay made and at the end, you could hear Simon and Gray talking. They were having an argument of what's better - dumplings or ramen. It was so weird hearing them because I thought they were in the same room as us. So awkward and I couldn't stop laughing afterwards.
  • Jay: Yeah and that was the last time we ever have songs playing in the background.
  • Simon: Aha, sorry guys. Okay that's all the questions, now say goodbye to your fans.
  • You: Thanks for watching this and I hope to do another one soon. Mwah!
  • Jay: Thank you and please go support my baby. Her new album has just dropped, go listen and buy it now! Peace! AOMG! Argh!
This Story Reveals The Fault In Traditional Heteronormative Marriages
  • Wife: What's the matter, dear? Don't you like the tasty fancy dinner I cooked tonight.
  • Husband: I do. It's delicious.
  • Wife: That look on your face doesn't say "it's delicious." Tell me what's the matter.
  • Husband: I'm getting tired of fancy dinners. You're an amazing cook, but sometimes I just want to try some a little more, y'know *makes some hand motion*, plain.
  • Wife: I could make burgers tomorrow night, if you'd like.
  • Husband: No, your burgers are too fancy.
  • Wife: There's hamburger helper and pizza rolls.
  • Husband: Hamburger helper and pizza rolls are too ethnic. I want something that's really basic and milquetoast.
  • Wife: I could make you toast with milk.
  • Husband: Honey, you just don't get it. I'm winding down for the night now. Dinner was wonderful. *smooches wife*
  • Wife: *rubs the smooch once husband is out of sight* He didn't like my cooking. No one dislikes my cooking.
  • *the next day at the supermarket*
  • Wife: Basic... milquetoast. What could he possibly want? Ah, this might do it. *picks up a plain white box labeled "edible product"*
  • Wife: Edible product, hmm. *turns product around* Edible product meets minimum nutritional guidelines. Do not consume edible product if you suffer from depression, have any blood diseases, or untreated migraines. Consult a doctor before eating edible product if you are pregnant. Edible product contains artificial paste flavoring... is this a joke?
  • Wife: *examines product closely* Eh, it does seem about as basic as can be.
  • Wife: *tosses product in shopping cart*
  • *that night at the dinner table*
  • Husband: So what do you have for me tonight, honey?
  • Wife: *slams product on table* Edible product.
  • Husband: What is it?
  • Wife: It says right on the box. It's an edible product.
  • Husband: What type of product?
  • Wife: Edible.
  • Husband: And the flavor?
  • Wife: Paste.
  • Husband: Any specific specific flavor?
  • Wife: It's paste flavored.
  • Husband: You couldn't make crab rangoon?
  • Wife: You said you wanted something basic! So I bought something basic! You do no cooking or household work, so I want to hear no complaints!
  • Husband: Alright, calm down.
  • Wife: *pours plain white cubes of product into a plain white bowl* Eat up. *grins smugly*
  • Husband: *eats a cube* Mmm.
  • Husband: *eats another cube* Mhmmm. *stuffs mouth with cubes* These are actually pretty good. You can really taste the paste flavoring. Is it natural?
  • Wife: No, it's artific- wait, are you fucking with me right now? Don't tell you actually enjoy that garbage.
  • Husband: It's delicious! Absolutely DELCUSH!
  • Wife: Delcush?
  • Husband: It's the most amazing food I've ever tasted.
  • Wife: Stop playing around!
  • Husband: Oh, sorry, honey. I mean your food is "amazing", but this is just AMAZING. You have to get more. Anyway, I'm winding down for the night now, honey. *smooches* See you in the morning.
  • Wife: *rubs off smooch and tries a cube* BLECH! It tastes like cardboard. Is this what he really wants? Shitty cardboard dinner?
  • *later in bed*
  • Husband: *snoring loudly*
  • Wife: *lies awake in bed, staring at the ceiling*
  • Wife: *internally* What does he like about those awful cubes that he can't get out of my food. They're tasteless. Everything I make is well prepared with love and care, and he likes some cheap cubes. Maybe, I overdo it. No, he asked for crab rangoon tonight. Something has to be up. Is he cheating on me?
  • Wife: He has to be cheating on me. He barely talks to me anymore. Does he even make eye contact anymore. *remembers his return home earlier that day*
  • Husband: *without making eye contact* I'm back honey.
  • Wife: Welcome back, dear. *smooches husband*
  • Husband: *closes eyes*
  • Wife: *zips back to the present* He's definitely been avoiding eye contact with me. Why wouldn't he have his eyes open when he kisses me? When you kiss someone you're supposed to form a connection by staring directly into their eyes. Kissing is more of a visual form of affection than anything. That's why every photo we have hung up on our walls is of us kissing. If we remember every time we've ever kissed, we don't have to waste all of our time kissing because we know that we love each other. Ah... that's it. He wasn't looking at me when he came in because he was looking at a photo of us kissing on the wall. He closed his eyes when actually kissed me because he wanted to visualize us kissing in his mind in addition to actually kissing me. That makes sense, I guess. But, if he was actually kissing me why would he ever have to imagine it when he's actually physically experiencing it in reality. Is it that when he closes his eyes he is transported to another reality where he kisses a different version of me. Maybe I'm just a simulation and this closed eye reality is the real thing. Is he doing this to kiss me twice? Is he double kissing his loving wife through multiple dimensions.
  • Husband: Wife.
  • Wife: Yes, husband. You're awake?
  • Husband: Yes, I can hear everything you're saying. You stopped speaking internally a long time ago.
  • Wife: Oh god. *covers her mouth*
  • Husband: You want to know why I like those tasteless cubes, don't you.
  • Wife: ...Yeah.
  • Husband: It's because they're a blank slate. They don't taste like anything particular so I can project any taste onto them that I want. So, they taste like my favorite food ever.
  • Wife: And that is?
  • Husband: Your food, dear.
  • Wife: Are you joking?
  • Husband: Absolutely not. You make the delicious food ever. Even better than mom's home cooking!
  • Wife: Aww, that's so mushy. You're being a sap.
  • Husband: It's true, though.
  • Wife: I love you. *smooches her husband* Goodnight, dear.
  • Husband: Night, honey. *squeezes his eyes shut*
  • Husband: I'm back, honey!
  • Wife: Welcome home, dear! *smooches husband*
  • Husband: Your smooches taste exactly like crab rangoon. I wonder what you've been cooking.
  • Wife: Tasteless cubes.
  • Husband: What?
  • Wife: You said you wanted something plain. So I cooked tasteless cubes again. Don't close your eyes when you're speaking with me! You know I hate that!
  • Husband: Sorry about that! *opens one eye*
  • Wife: Husband, why is half of your body missing?
  • Husband: Uh... Is that crab rangoon on that plate there?
  • Wife: *holding a steaming plate of crab rangoon* Yes, but half of your body is missing.
  • Husband: Oh, you know me, busy day at work. *blinks eye and disappears momentarily*
  • Wife: I knew this would happen! You're only half the man you used to be! I want a divorce!
  • Husband: Honey, no! I can explain! *opens both of his eyes*
  • Wife: *turns over in bed* Explain what, dear?
  • Husband: I don't even think I know...

anonymous asked:

What's the silliest au idea you decided not to post? Only if you want of course, but you talk about writing stuff only to delete it all the time and im so curious now

The Lads as street magicians with actual magic. They busk on the streets of Los Santos, flashy tricks and slight of hand, enough to draw little crowds and get a couple of dollars from the few generous people in their hellhole city. Enough to distract from the way they’re robbing the less kind-hearted souls blind right before their eyes.

Its a neat trick, hiding their abilities in plain sight, enduring some sneers and shoves and attempts to work them out in return for a tidy profit. They don’t take too much, don’t want to draw too much attention to themselves, can’t risk getting caught out; you never know who’s a big name in this town. Never know who’s armed and dangerous, and the fear of pissing off one gang or another is all too real.

So they don’t make bank but they’re doing ok, they’ve gone from the streets to their own apartment; a shitty one-bedroom hole-in-the-wall but it’s not nothing. They’ve always got enough to eat, they get to play with their powers in broad daylight and they’ve got each other; who could ask for more?

But then, of course, come the Gents. The Gents who all trained their magic through the proper channels, came from families or communities where the existence of their abilities was an open secret, but have gone rogue for their own enrichment, joined up to take the mundane criminal world by storm. So when they walk past a couple of kids performing with real magic they notice, when the kids try to relieve them of their wealth they notice, and the Lads? The lads scatter.

It’s not a response they all agree with, flight over fight will never sit well on Michael or Jeremy, but it’s smarter. It’s what they’d agreed on, in the face of police or gangs or any kind of threat, get out, get safe and regroup. Undignified maybe, but better to keep their powers hidden and live on to fight another day.

But the Gents are no normal civilian adversaries, they have no problem keeping up, so when the Lads find themselves unnaturally corralled and cornered in a secluded alley they have themselves a little showdown anyway. The Gents think its cute at first, little baby sparks with their pretty, harmless powers trying to come up against 3 high level professionals, alright good luck kids. It’s not like the Gents are looking for a fight anyway, are curious more than anything, and waiting for the boys to exhaust themselves should be a piece of cake.  

Except the lads haven’t made it out here on their own for this long without perfecting some mighty strong attacks and repellents, have been practising on each other every day, and the only motivator better than fear for yourself is fear for those you love. They’re vicious, dirty untrained magic, wildly instinctual and impossible to predict, a maelstrom of impenetrable chaos. It’s impressive, unusual and creative and inherently difficult to combat, and hello hello the Gents could absolutely use that kind of edge in their endeavour.

(this is where some actual substance would go but instead i gave up and threw it out..)

Ciel x Lizzy Modern AU

In Elementary school Ciel fell in love with Lizzy. It was an adorable, innocent love. They would do their homework together, play house, and hug, thinking that was a really adult thing to do. 

Then Vincent got a job in another city and the Phantomhives had to move. Ciel tried everything to avoid this. He cried and pled that they wouldn’t have to move but his parents made him anyway. They tried to comfort Ciel about leaving Lizzy. They told him he was still young and a lot of things could happen but Ciel didn’t want anything to happen. He wanted to stay with his beloved Lizzy. Rachel told him he could write her letters to stay in contact and thus, under tears, the two had to say goodbye.

And as it is with long-distance-relationships, it doesn’t usually work. Ciel and Lizzy lost sight of each other but every day without her hurt Ciel’s soul deeply. He turned out to be a rather grumpy teen. He rarely had any friends but the friends he had were good ones. Despite his behaviour he was well popular but he never went out with anyone. This went well until his mother heard of his popularity. One day she asked Ciel why he wouldn’t date anyone. Trying to dodge the question Ciel told her he just wasn’t interested. But being the mom she was Rachel dug deeper. And completely annoyed Ciel told her he didn’t want to date anyone because he hadn’t forgotten about Lizzy yet. For a moment Rachel was speachless. She just barely remembered the little girl her son has had a crush on all those years ago. And then it escalated. She looked at her son and told him to stop holding onto a memory that has passed. She told him to move on. With a good intention, she didn’t know how strong this “little crush” really had been, but for Ciel it was a real blow. His mother had told him his love for Lizzy was lost in time, she had declared his feelings hopeless, and it gotten him hopeless.

And so Ciel started dating people. He wouldn’t listen to his dates talking, he didn’t bother to hide his desinterest. When somebody would try to hold his hand he’d rip it loose again. Once they’d try to kiss him he’d forcefully push them away. He was breaking on the inside. Every day he had to force himself to pretend he had passed on a little more. 

His friends got worried for him, asking him why he agreed to go out with everyone if he was only gonna push them away. And Ciel told them it was to please his parents. And that evening Rachel and Vincent Phantomhive received a call from Ciel’s best friend Soma who felt he had to do something to help his friend. And both were shocked, Rachel on the verge of tears. Neither of them had ever wanted for this to happen. They hed never intended to put so much emotional pressure on their beloved son. They immediately went to apologize to Ciel. They hugged him, they would pet his head, tell him everything was going to be alright, and that he shouldn’t have forced himself to do things he didn’t want to do. He didn’t have to date people he didn’t like just to make them happy.

After this Ciel stopped forcing himself. He was a grumpy but other than that emotionally healthy teen. His parents were still a little bit worried that after almost a decade their son was still so dedicated to a childhood crush. But they had seen where to much critizism lead so they decided to just stay by his side and watch over him. They’d ask how he was more often, meddled a little bit more in his life. Ciel, of course, appreciated the love his parents showed him, but he was a teenager and one with a reputiation on top of that. He wouldn’t tell them. Also, they were rather annoying.

Then came the time Ciel went to collage. He therefore moved to a whole different town yet again. Rachel and Vincent were extremely proud, yet torn. After all they had to let their only son leave the nest. Ciel on the other hand was ready for a new challange and he hoped it would be a good one. And in his very first course in collage he encountered a moment that would make his heart stop beating. That very moment when he accidentally happened to run into Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford. Neither of them could believe their eyes but they recognized each other in a heartbeat. Their presence felt so close, so intimate, it was awkward for them both, having such intense feelings for someone they had last seen about a decade ago. Her smile had become a lot more beautiful he felt, and he had, sometime in the last ten years, become one hell of a blushy mess. But they were together and they got to know each other once again.

Vincent and Rachel were fairly surprised when they heard their son was in a relationship with his childhood love again. They were worried they’d both still cling onto the memory of each other. But as they met the young couple in person their doubts disappeared. They didn’t think they had ever seen Ciel act like this before. Not even in his childhood he had a glow like that and for some reason their sweet and slightly awkward interactions were soothing to watch. They were close, not in a corney tennage drama way, but in an adult way, speaking to each other freely, agreeing, disagreeing, being a team. And on the next class reunion, with classmates and friends, Soma was very pleased to be able to announce that Ciel Phantomhive was finally engaged, to the love of his life. 

excerpts from block b’s group chat

aka i got bored in my lecture

Kyung: or when where what how
Minhyuk: of course you would get off listening to your own songs
Kyung: better than watching videos of myself dancing
Minhyuk: wtf it was once

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I'm Fine

Pairing: Syndisparklez

Warnings: I am an inexperienced writer trying to write. Other than that, it is very safe.

Summary: Jordan got stabbed but didn’t want to bother anyone, so he decides to get a whole cake instead. Based off a prompt by @jordansgreenshorts. Enjoy.

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a pint of ice cream

ship: ten/rose
length: 2.5k~
Hi guys!! It has been forever since I’ve written, so please go easy on me! I really hope you enjoy this though :D I got the prompt idea from this list

Dried tears on her cheeks, tissues scattered across the floor, and puffy red eyes.

Rose Tyler was in absolutely no state to answer the knocking at her door.

Whoever they were, they’d knocked once, twice, three times now. She finally picked herself up off the couch and dragged herself to the door, brushing her hand through her hair to make herself look somewhat more presentable.

She thought it could be a neighbor complaining about the noise (she’d been sobbing for hours, but she’d kept it pretty quiet, at least) or maybe Mickey or her mum checking on her (she honestly would prefer the first over the latter).

But when she finally looked through the peephole, it was not at all what she’d expected.

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anonymous asked:

Can we talk about Tony being secretly in love with his best friend for years? (I mean Rhodey, of course) Since MIT, probably. But Rhodes was his only friend, then his best friend, and then his whole life, and Tony didn't want to fuck anything up. But he's bottling up his feelings all the time, and it's not easy. And then, one day, they're probably laying on the couch and Rhodey hugs him and Tony's mind just goes "i love you i love you i love you" but he doesn't realize he's said it out loud. 1/2

And Rhodey’s eyes widen, he moves away a bit, to look at Tony’s face. And Tony gets so pale that Rhodey’s sure that he’s gonna pass out on him. Tony basically has kill bill sirens in his head and he’s panicking, because he might have just fucked up the best friendship he ever had. He suddenly feels so small and so scared. 2/2

alright the, hello, im back, Rhodey would be like ‘omg he’s in love with me too’ and also like ‘shit shit shit he’s gonna fucking faint’ when he sees his white as a sheet face. So first he would grab Tony tightly in case his knees give out, then he would kiss his forehead and hug him, because they can kiss later, now he needs to make sure that Tony knows that he’s loved and would be loved no matter what. He can’t have Tony running away or letting his insecurities win. Is that okay for a part 3?

And now I kinda have a part 4. What if when they hug Rhodey can literally feel Tony’s heart trying to beat out of his chest? 

Anon, this is a beautiful story and I am just going to fill it out a bit, because it’s perfect like it is and I am especially in love with the ‘hug now kiss later’ mentality Rhodey has going because YES. This got over 1.5k so watch out for the cut.

Tony probably fell for Rhodey the first time he said something nice to him, because Tony is a lonely kid and he just latches onto Rhodey. He probably also tried something then, which Rhodey gently refused, because Tony is young and confused and obviously not used to someone being kind to him.

Tony quickly realizes that that is not true, not with how his feelings for Rhodey grow and get stronger every day, but he doesn’t say anything again, and he learns to live with it. Rhodey had rejected him once and it wouldn’t do to destroy the only real friendship he ever had, so he keeps quiet and he gets used to it.

But it doesn’t mean he’s not going to take advantage of his friendship with Rhodey, he squeezes in all the cuddles and hugs and forehead kisses he can get away with, and it’s good, it’s perfect, Tony doesn’t even need more than this.

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When they accidentally say something regrettable/stupid
  • Eren: He would be really a sore loser about it, so he'd be in a super sour mood after the incident. He doesn't really take it well when he's proven wrong or nonsensical, so he might just curse the person out if someone restrains him from using his fists. It would take him a long time to calm down, but at least he will.
  • Armin: He would try to fix things better and reword what he said, but at that point it might be a little futile. Once he realizes that, he'd just apologize and run away. He might have trouble facing other people after that, out of fear that history will repeat itself.
  • Reiner: Before anyone walks a way as a winner while he's the loser, he would try to make the situation a fair/just one when he feels that it's getting a little out of a hand. It's not that he'd manipulate the whole moment, but he would just try to take the side of the other person, as well as his side, and try to make it similar points. Basically, he would try to make everything alright before it gets worse without changing anyone's opinion.
  • Bertholdt: Upon realizing what he just said, he would be totally flustered and try to correct what he meant. However, he'd think that the damage has already been done and just give it up. He would be mentally beating himself up for doing something that's not so smart, even if he says he's alright.
  • Jean: I think he would still fight for his point until the end when he feels that things are getting a little out of control. He would really hate walking away with his tail between his legs, so he would just keep on arguing until he proves the other party wrong. If that doesn't work out, he will swear on everything that he'll get back for it next time.
  • Marco: He wouldn't be too happy about this, but he'll just try his best not to make it a regret and just learn from it. For him, the best way he could walk away from it and keep his pride is to just accept his mistakes and see his regrets as lessons
  • Connie: He would just accept the fact that what he said didn't come out the way he wanted to, but it would be a half-hearted acceptance. He would constantly assure everyone that he's totally fine with it, even if we all know he's not. He'd constantly think about what he could've said or done to save his image... or himself.
  • Levi: The best that he'll be able to do in this situation is just walk away, since he might do something unpredictable if he doesn't. I don't think that he'd be a good sport if someone proves him wrong about something. It would be best for him to have alone time to just clear his head then think about how to handle the aftermath.
  • Erwin: As expected, he wouldn't be pleased with the situation, and himself. There would be a time where he couldn't think of anything but his stupidity and what can he do to fix it, leading him to let go of other things around him. It would take a lot for him to realize that he cannot turn back time and he'd just have to be careful in the future.
  • Mikasa: Not doing or saying the right way are the banes of her existence, so she would most likely walk out because she'd be really embarrassed. She would also keep thinking about it for a few days, and even maybe years after that incident. She would never live that incident down, since she hates looking and feeling dumb.
  • Annie: I don't think she'd be the type of person who would have regrets, since she's pretty good at accepting things. Instead, she would believe that it was bound the happen for a reason that only she knows of. Even if what she said didn't really make sense, she would just play it cool so that it wouldn't get worse.
  • Sasha: She would be super tongue-tied after letting those words go, and wouldn't be able to think about anything else but the embarrassing move she did. Even if she tries to act like it was nothing to her, her constant stuttering and soft voice would tell a different story. In the end, she would really try hard to just let it go even if it's obvious that she can't.
  • Christa: Even if she reacts in a cute way on the outside, -- hands covering her mouth, wide eyes, and all-- she would be ready to murder anyone, including herself, on the inside. She would apologize over and over for her little slip-up, even if the person she's talking to says it's alright over and over again. The only thing she could wish for at that moment is for a whole to open up from underneath her and just suck her in.
  • Ymir: Yes, she made a fool out of herself in front of someone, but she wouldn't really care. In fact, I don't think she would bother to do something about it because what she said is what she meant anyway, just delivered in a weird manner. Pointing it out to her would be useless as well since she would pay it no mind.
  • Hanji: Just to save herself from embarrassment, she would be the first one to laugh or joke around about what she just said. It may leave her conversation partner dumfounded, but that would probably be the only strategy she would be able to think of. Once she gets to come off as playful, she'll say that what she said earlier was a joke and she would reword it to say what she meant.
  • Petra: It would be all red cheeks and nervous giggles once she lets go of those less than intelligent words. She would rather just forget about the whole fiasco instead of thinking about it even more, but the fact that the person she was conversing with might not forget it would give her the chills. She would claim that it's all over and she doesn't think about it, yet it would still be at the back of her mind.
the signs decide to go to the mall (sorry about the length)
  • Leo: aye Pisces lets go to forever 21
  • Scorpio: ooh! let me come with!
  • Gemini: me too!
  • Aries: don't forget about me!
  • Virgo: but Scorpio, we were gonna go to hot topic together!
  • Pisces: alright Leo, as long as we can get ice cream afterwards
  • Scorpio: *stands in the way of people walking, trying to decide whether they should go to forever 21 or hot topic*
  • Taurus: it's ok Virgo, I'll go to hot topic with you
  • Capricorn: *wanders into the sports store with cancer*
  • Sagittarius: *follows capricorn and cancer*
  • Scorpio: *realizes most of their friends have left, tags along with Aquarius and libra to try on hats in the thrift store*
  • (in forever 21)
  • Gemini: guys should I get the oversized sweater or the fitted sweater
  • Leo: neither
  • Pisces: *at the same time as leo* get whatever makes you happy :)
  • Gemini: ...anyway, Aries what do you think?
  • Aries: fitted, definitely
  • Gemini: thanks!
  • Pisces: Leo come with me to buy this hoodie
  • Leo: wtf why ok
  • (meanwhile, Virgo and Taurus are awed by the amount of band tees)
  • Virgo: I need them all
  • Taurus: *gasps*
  • Virgo: what!?
  • Taurus: it's buy one get one half off!
  • Virgo: I'm going to buy everything
  • Taurus: do they have a rapper section
  • (let's see how Capricorn, Cancer, and Sagittarius are doing in the sports store)
  • Sagittarius: lol cancer catch! *throws football as hard as they can at unsuspecting cancer*
  • cancer: what the heck Sagittarius that wasn't funny!
  • Capricorn: you didn't even give cancer time to catch it
  • Sagittarius: whatever, let's go check out the skateboards
  • Cancer: *brushes it off and hesitantly follows Capricorn and Sagittarius to the skateboards*
  • Capricorn: Sagittarius check this out! *rolls through stomach down on a skateboard*
  • Sagittarius: you're so dumb, this is how you do it *gets on skateboard, speeds up, crashes into a display of basketballs*
  • Cancer: I knew coming here wasn't a good idea
  • Capricorn: run!!!
  • (in the thrift store)
  • Libra: Aquarius look at this one *puts on top hat*
  • Aquarius: is that how you pick up the ladies
  • Libra: no it's how I pick you up
  • Aquarius: you wish *puts on fedora* am I cute yet
  • Scorpio: no
  • Aquarius: well Scorpio I didn't ask you
  • Libra: stop don't be mean to Scorpio
  • Scorpio: yeah don't be mean to Scorpio
  • Aquarius: Scorpio is the one who insulted me!
  • Scorpio: I was joking!
  • Aquarius: why are you so mean to me?
  • Libra: both of you shut up!
  • Scorpio: hey is that Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Cancer running our way?
  • Aquarius: what did they do this time?
  • Scorpio: who let Capricorn and Sagittarius go somewhere together?
  • Libra: did everyone forget what happened last time they went somewhere alone together? *shudders*
  • Cancer: Scorpio save me from these two!
  • Aquarius: what happened?
  • Sagittarius: I kind of released about 50 basketballs into the sports store on accident
  • Scorpio: are you kidding me?
  • Sagittarius: on accident!
  • Capricorn: it was an accident, Sagittarius was trying to show off their skateboarding skills and kind of crashed
  • Cancer: that part was kind of funny but what if they catch us?
  • Libra: relax, I'm sure you'll be fine
  • (at the end of the day, the signs meet up back at the food court)
  • Aries: hey, where are Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer?
  • Virgo: How much do any of you wanna bet the reason they're not here is Capricorn and Sagittarius' fault?
  • Pisces: it's definitely their fault
  • Gemini: are they really that bad?
  • Leo: did you forget about the pretzel incident?
  • *all of them shudder*
  • Pisces: wait, Virgo and Taurus why do you both have three Hot Topic bags?
  • Taurus: there was kind of a sale
  • Virgo: and there was kind of a lot of stuff we wanted
  • *they both awkwardly laugh*
  • Aries: you two, I swear...
  • Gemini: hey, is that..?
  • Virgo: oh no
  • Pisces: what did they do this time?
  • Leo: why are they running?
  • Taurus: I'm tired
  • Sagittarius: *out of breath* you'll never guess what happened!
  • Gemini: do we really want to know?
  • Scorpio: we're being chased by mall security!
  • Cancer: I hate all of you for bringing this onto me
  • Leo: what could you have possibly done this time?
  • Capricorn: long story short, Sagittarius knocked over a ton of basketballs and we ran and found Scorpio, Aquarius, and Libra then security found us so we started running again
  • Aquarius: why did I run if I didn't do anything?
  • Libra: I was thinking the same thing
  • Cancer: why didn't I just hang out with Scorpio?
  • Aries: security's coming!
  • Pisces: run!

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spacedogs.... this is all. (Because the 9th is so far away and there are like three blogs that do spacedog stuff so I just need the feels from them and ugh, please? Give me something spacedogs, pretty please? I'll submit you a present if you do!!)

‘What the fuck!?' 


'You think these fuckin things come for fuckin free, darling?' 


'The tax alone in this city is bleeding me the fuck out!’       

'You’ll get cancer!’  

'We all will. Every day I hear somebody else talking about a new thing some dick is pumping chemicals into.' 


'The air. The water. The ground. The fuckin canned tuna fish. It’s all radioactive. We’re all fucked, darling.’   

'But not you.’   

'Why not me?’  


'Why not me, darling?’  

'Because you’re not going to smoke anymore.’  

'I’m not?' 

'No. I don’t like it.’  

'Well I do.’   

'But it’s not good for you!’  

'Nothing fun ever is.’    

'Why do you do it if it’s bad for you!?’   

You’re really pissing me the fuck off.' 

'But Nige-' 




’…I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t…' 


’…Nigel I didn’t I don’t I didn’t didn’t I didn’t I’m not…’   


’…I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t I…’  

'Sssh, Adam. Adam? I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…just calm down…deep breaths, ok? One….two…three…shit, uh, breathe with me. I’m gonna put my hand on your back. Ok? Ok. Just like that. Now come on. Breathe. You’re red as a fucking tomato. Can you feel my hand on your back?’     

'I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t mean I just-' 

'I know, darling, I know. And I forgive you, alright? But right now I just need you to breathe.’      



'I don’t.' 

'I know. I get it.' 

'Then why did you yell at me?’     

'Because you’re hot as hell when you’re angry.' 

'But I’m not angry.’  

'Of course you are. You want something. You can’t have it. I get it, darling.' 

'You keep saying that but I think you’re lying to me.' 

'You’re really out for blood today, kid.' 

'Get off me.' 


'Stop touching me! I’m going!' 

'Going where, huh?’   

'F-fuck you, Nigel.



'Good thing he’s colder than hell anyway. Left his fucking coat.’    

'What the fuck does he even have in the pockets of this thing?’  

'Christ Adam, where the fuck are you?' 

They were five years old and this wasn’t how it was supposed to happen. Harry Osborn was the embodiment of sophisticated grace. He was born to be.

He didn’t trip. Never.

And he didn’t. Not really. Some assholes - yes he was five and cussed, got a problem with that? - decided to push him down a staircase.

He landed on something soft. Something soft that let out a pained ‘oof’

An incredibly tiny boy was lying under him, looking up at him with wide dark eyes. ‘Are you okay?’ He asked in an equally tiny voice.

‘You ask me if I’m okay?’ Harry frowned in confusion. 'I squashed you.’ He felt the need to point that out, before he struggled up - elegantly, ok? - and offered the boy a hand.

'Thanks.’ The boy flushed a pretty pink color when Harry proceeded to brush him off on all sides. 'Well, you were the one that tripped down the stairs.’

'I didn’t trip!’ The word’s came our harsh and defensive. The boy winced and his eyes widened to their doubled size again. Harry smiled sheepishly and patted his head in apology - he wasn’t good at this, don’t judge him. 'Thanks for standing here, I guess,…’

'Peter. Parker.’ The boy - Peter - mumbled, a bright smile blooming on his face again. 'And no problem.’

'I’m Harry Osborn.’

He was nine years old when he ran away from home. Well, let’s say he had a fight with his dad and fled in a huff. It was dark, raining and cold and he only wanted one place, the warmth of the Parker’s household.

So Harry did something, he promised himself he would never do. He rode the fucking bus - yes, his cussing worsened but only in his mind.

When he finally arrived, he was wet, cold and angry and managed to trip UP the stairs. Up. No kidding.

'Harry.’ Bony arms reached around him and steadied his shoulders, Harry’s face colliding with a hard chest. Better than stony stairs, he supposed. 'Harry, what are you doing here? You’re completely wet.’

'Th-thanks for st-stating th-the ob-obvious, P-pete.’ He stuttered, his teeth clattering violently as he reached out his own arms to wind around his best friend. He felt warm again.

Peter, meanwhile stood frozen, not knowing what to do. Harry has never hugged him before.

‘You’re tiny, Peter.’

'Shut up, Har, I’m a year younger than you.’ The twelve year old blushed, half heartedly slapping the back of his hand against Harry’s chest.

'Nope. You’re just tiny, anyway.’ The Osborn heir grinned. Because his friend was just so squishable, almost a head smaller than him. 'In fact, I bet you are… Woah!’ Having been too preoccupied with watching his friend, he hadn’t noticed the rock in his path and promptly tripped over it. This time really.

Before his face could meet its truly unpleasant fate with the concrete below, he felt a thin, but surprisingly strong arm wrap around his waist, pulling him up again.

Silence followed until: ‘Not a word.’

Harry was 17, lost, frustrated with life and high as fuck. He remembered going out with some nut jobs of his uni, remembered some bimbo brunette hanging off his arm and the white powder. The strong white powder.

And here he was, in some alley, alone and in the dark.

As he tripped over his own feed, only for a second he remembered something else. Someone else. He remembered a tuft of auburn hair. A gentle smile. And incredible warmth.

His vision went black. When he woke up, it was morning and he was lying face down in an alley in fuck knows where.

He fucked up. When did he fuck up so bad?

Harry was back in New York for a week when some fuckards decided to end Oscorp by killing its only heir. His father wasn’t even dead yet and they already wanted him dead.

He thought it was the end. They pushed him. In front of a truck. How fucking unimaginative was that?

He was Harry fucking Osborn. He, at least, deserved an interesting assassination.

He saw the truck coming at him. Closed his eyes. And then suddenly felt a whole new sensation overpowering his body. He was flying. What!? He was flying!

His eyes snapped open and all he saw was New York’s streets passing under him as he was soaring threw the air.

A flash of red and blue caught his eye and he looked up. Spiderman. Spiderman was holding him like a damsel in distress. Fuck.

Before he could struggle and protest loudly - yes, he was that proud, god damn it! -he suddenly felt something, he hadn’t felt in years. Warmth. Parker warmth.

Oh no, oh fuck no! He knew, he fucking knew. ‘Peter…’ His voice wasn’t more than a whisper. And Spiderman? Spiderman let him go with a squeak.

Well, he caught him again but was promptly faced with an ear-full of insults, threaths and finally: ‘We see each other for 3 days in a row in the 5 days I am back and whenever I asked what was new you never thought about telling me that you dress in spandex to save the city, for fuck’a sake, Peter!’

Harry was awakened late at night by a strange noise. He nearly screamed when he suddenly saw the figure standing by his bed. Then he nearly screamed in rage when he noticed who it was. ‘Peter, god damn it, do you want to give me a heart attack?!’ He quickly stumbled - still elegantly, ok? - out of bed and towards his best friend. Just then, did he notice the deep gash on his forehead and the split lip. ‘Pete?’

He quickly reached out when Peter swayed forward, tripping over the carpet, catching him against his chest. ‘Hey, Har.’

'God, you idiot. When did you even get so tall?’ Harry sighed as he pulled him closer, holding him tight. 'Are you alright?’

”m fine.’ He could hear the grin in Peter’s voice. ‘I’m incredibly fine, Har.’

Harry frowned in confusion. ‘Dude, are you high or something?’

'Nope.’ Peter popped the p and leaned back, grinning like a maniac. 'This is the first time you caught me, Har.’ He teased. Before Harry could answer anything - 'Fuck off’ probably - his friend’s exoression turned serious suddenly. 'Will you always catch me, Harry?’

'Pete, what…’

'Because I will.’ He smiled warmly. 'I’ll always catch you.’

Feeling like his head was about to explode in a blushing mess, Harry struggled. ‘Peter, for God’s sake what are you…’

The rest of his words were silenced in the probably best way possible.

Peter’s lips against his own.

So yeah, he supposed, he would catch Peter any time. And he would never let him go.


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