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The Way I Feel Inside

Basement Gerard Fluff

It all started out so simply, dreamily gazing at the boy in your way of the whiteboard. He wasn’t really your type, but something told you there was more beneath the surface.

His name was Gerard. He wasn’t anything special at first, really. He was just another boy in your grade you barely knew. He possessed unkempt dark hair and baggy clothing in an attempt to hide his bit of extra weight, but that didn’t matter one bit.

You slowly began saying hi to him when you saw each other in class and passed in the halls, making small talk whenever you could every now and then.

When you were finally able to sit next to him in class, you couldn’t help but smile and light up inside when you saw his eyes, a wonderful hazel that glimmered in the light. You felt butterflies the first time you saw him smile, his wonderful tiny teeth showing, the apples of his cheeks popping perfectly and the corners of his eyes crinkling. Only that one smile and you could feel butterflies.

Delving deeper into the shy boy’s life, you’d asked for his number one day, and he had blushed profusely but wrote it down with a shaky hand.

Soon you were talking every day, waltzing through the halls together, rushing to class and you visiting his locker at the end of the day, so often that you knew his combination by heart.

Dropping by his locker one afternoon, you beamed up at the boy, watching as he slipped on his denim jacket. It seemed as if his whole body had tensed from your presence.

“Hey, Gee! Everything alright?” You welcomed, toning down your smile.

“Y-yeah, y/n, just…” You watched as he trailed off, taking a deep breath and smiling back at you, “Just some stupid idea, it’s alright.” He finished, his eyes never meeting yours as he sorted through his locker, plucking out the binders he needed.

“Gerard, c'monnnn, I know it’s something, just tell me.” You sighed, innocent y/c eyes pleading as they met his.

“Well…” He started shakily, “I was wondering if maybe you’d like to come to my house tomorrow night? I mean, my whole family will be there, so it won’t be weird and there’s art I wanna show you and I don’t know I just thought it would maybe-”

“Gerard! I’d love to!” You grinned, “just call me with the address and I’ll ask for a ride and stuff. I gotta go!” You laughed lightly, sneaking in a quick hug before running to your bus, a smile plastered on your face, Gerard’s cute little rambles playing over in your head.

The next night you found yourself at the Way’s dinner table, eating takeout pizza- the best kind.

Other than Gerard’s parents interrogation into your life and plans for the future, the dinner went fairly well, Gerard scampering off just before you finished, making sure his room was completely clean before you saw it- like you cared.

“So, has he asked you yet?” Mrs. Way grinned.

“Who, Gerard?” You asked dumbly, watching as she nodded, “Asked what?”

“Y'know, to be your boyfriend.” She replied, seemingly entertained by your cluelessness as you managed to choke out a no, feeling your face grow hot, the woman excusing herself to meet with her husband in some other room, leaving you with Mikey, Gerard’s brother.

“He never shuts up about you.” Mikey informed, seemingly pained by memories of Gerard’s constant chatter about you.

“Ah, well, I didn’t know he liked me like that, to be honest.” You breathed nervously, a small laugh escaping.

“Hey, y/n,” Gerard had appeared in the doorway, now in a different baggy sweatshirt, looking as nervous as ever, “you wanna see my room?” He asked quietly, his voice fairly strained, nearly cracking.

Ignoring this, you smiled and accepted, trailing behind him and looking around in wonder at the darkened basement bedroom, dimly lit, the only bright light hovering above a desk with black and white drawings sprawled out atop its surface.

“So this is where the ever-elusive Gerard lives.” You giggled, eyes scanning every inch of the room as Gerard voiced his worries about the geeky things he collected and his Star Wars sheets.

“Shh, Gee. It’s fine, I love it.” You grinned, turning to meet his gaze before nearly knocking him over in a hug, arms wrapping around him completely, the fresh scent of cologne filling you up with some wonderful, hazy feeling.

“Y/n… Can I show you something?” He breathed, eyes following you, filled to the brim with tension.

“Of course, Gee!”

Walking over to the desk, you examined his sketches more carefully, finding the few pieces of paper to be nothing more than your likeness- the bold lines somehow capturing how you look when you smiled, and even your profile, as if he sketched you in class one day.

Gerard began to ramble on again, almost muttering to himself, “I know they’re not that good, but I don’t- I just wanted to show you, I guess, I don’t blame you if you don’t -”

“They’re perfect.” You whispered softly, your gaze caressing every line on the page, delicate and carefully placed. “I love it so much, Gee.”

Turning around, you enveloped the insecure boy in a warm hug, arms reaching up around his neck as he hesitantly slid his arms around your back.

A few days afterward, you found yourself back at school, Gerard still not finding the nerve to tell you how he felt.

Sneaking off during your study hall, you managed to get the combination to Gerard’s locker correct, taping a sign to the shelf at eye level, satisfied with your clever plan.

That day, you waited at Gerard’s locker as always, feeling your heart race as he turned the dial, rambling on about the day’s math homework when he opened the door and saw the handwritten sign, his jaw going slack and eyes growing wide.


A. Will you go to prom with me?
B. Will you do letter A as my boyfriend?
C. If yes and yes, please kiss me.


“Y-y/n, did you actually do this?” He sputtered in disbelief, seemingly perplexed by the words before him.

In response, you simply nodded, giving a closed smile as you saw his face glow, that wonderful smile breaking out once more beneath the palpable nervousness as you hugged him close, your hands at the back of his neck, his at the small of your back, making you shiver slightly.

“So is that a yes?” You questioned, gazing hopefully into the shining hazel eyes you had come to love so much.

Feeling his lips press to yours for the very first time, you tried to suppress your smile, closing your eyes and reveling in the moment, realizing you had fallen completely in love.

(Translation) Koisuru Henshuusha vol. 1

恋する編集者シリーズ  01 はつ恋。(R18! Proceed only if you’re above 18)

CV. Nakazawa Masatomo

T/N: More like a somewhat-detailed summary rather than a full translation, I guess. As per usual, my Japanese isn’t my first language so don’t hesitate to correct me if I got anything wrong.

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To Lead Fantastic Lives - Chapter Two

I gotta admit that I was overwhelmed by the response that the previous chapter got. I really didn’t expect this story to get more than 10 notes! Anyways, I thank all of you who have decided to give this story a chance. Here’s chapter two, and I would’ve put it up earlier, but I had to take a few days off the internet to study for my engineering exam.

Now that I got the bad stuff out of the way, I’ve decided to update this fic every Saturday, so be on the look out for that!

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Oowada stepped back, a slight frown fixed on his face.

“Wait, so you’ll do it?”

“Did you perceive the nod as something else?”

“No, I-I didn’t. Just…” Oowada trailed off uncomfortably. “Right. Let’s start tomorrow after class. I’ll just give you the address to my house.”


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