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Jesse, you don’t have to listen to me all the time. It’s your own damn life. But if there’s anything I want you to actually take to heart, it’s this:
Find someone who is the lyrics to your music and the music to your lyrics.
Got that mijo?

Band AU. It’s honestly my favorite AU that I have going on with this lovely.

It has become extensive story wise and I do not have the confidence to summarize it well enough to do it justice. oTL

But some context for these two: Hanzo and McCree are in a rag tag rock band and get to know one another during the band’s tour. Hanzo is the bassist and McCree is lead vocalist who also plays guitar. Hanzo is excellent at writing lyrics and McCree excels at composing songs. They learn more about each other, help each other through their fears and the ghosts of their pasts, connect through music and lyrics, flirt while they play billiards, cheesy lyrics and implied confessions happen on stage, twooter drama, lots of antics in trailers, and more. 

Bottom line, we love this AU and it’s very dear to us!




So I finally broke down and actually read the flat dreams fanfic (I know I’m like a year late don’t judge me ok) and I really wanted to draw some scenes from it! Scene is from here of @pengychan‘s fanfic (and more fanart to come soon!!) 

kagome + cooking + family
I really, really enjoyed this scene from the first movie! It’s so cute watching Kagome cook! And I LOVE the whole familial interaction, especialy when she deters her Grandpa’s hands away from the food haha ♥ Bet she is the cutest housewife in the whole village *cough cough*.

I lowkey kind of dont like the “use pen all the time!!” argument bc while it DOES help alot w making urself feel more sure about your strokes, it can be a real fuckin struggle if youre like me. Like I use pencil bc i can erase, of course, but im scared of pens bc i have such an unsteady hand; its terrible lmao i like clean, crisp lines but i simply CANT do that with pens.

Those penmanship videos?? The speeddrawing videos with perfect slow lines?? I cant do that; my hands get all shaky and the lines come out too wobbly. So i have to do quick strokes to make anything look decent. Bt that means if I do that with pen, theres a 95% chance that the lines will overlap and get messy n wobbly, its ugly™. Pencil makes it look nicer bc i can erase those 15 extra, unnecessary lines i keep accidentally making

I dunno what the point of this was, just that my hands are shaky, not all artistic advice works for everyone, and dont feel bad if some of the professional art tips just Dont work with you.


🎈🎂 3…2..1… and make a WISH! 🎈🎂

thank you thank you thank you so much to my friends and mutuals that happily sent over their sims to help celebrate Luna’s 25th birthday! i thank you guys for trusting me enough to have your beautiful sims in my game. it was so fun, and i loved seeing them all interact (during the small moments i didnt pose them all LOL) and i appreciate every single one of you for making my experience in this simblr community a great and fun one. you guys are absolutely amazing and i’m very happy to have met you all. truly! 

i hope to do some more of these kinda things in the future. but for now, this is it! Luna’s celebration is over and she welcomed her 25th year with a bang, thanks to your amazing sims: LOOOOOOOVE YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSSSS

Charlotte @catssimblr
Sabrina and Nolan @homesicksims
Emery @charmedsims
Peaches and Dil @pixeltrashcan
Laney @something-wicked-sims
Layla and Aiden @stillgotme
Zina and Austin @neutralsupply
Haleigh @peonysimmer
Kerry @recklessims
Leah @katheryan
Penelope @peculiar-simmies 
Nora @beaute-sims 
Evan @phantom-sims
Mathis and Leslie @simsxbayxworld
Hae-Ju @kanashii-sims
Mischa @vamprocillin 
Leelo @barleycoffee
Remilynn @kaileysimmie 

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How do you feel about people reblogging there own posts to get more notes? I don't like it.

honestly why does that matter if they want to reblog their own stuff for more notes or for whatever reason they have??? ppl can do whatever they want???…its their own blog??? it takes a millisecond to scroll past it…or….if you dont like it anon then dont follow them. it’s as simple as that. i just hope you’re not going around to everyone and complaining to them? im not saying you’re not allowed to feel this way but in the end just remember its that persons blog so theyre free to do whatevs they want :)


she did it folks. i’m done with college. ✨🙏🏻💖💫🎉

this is my senior project,a photo documentary series i started during the 2016 election. it’s been up in a gallery for a couple weeks and last night was our senior show reception! it’s been a time but here’s to new photo adventures

Did someone say film noir/detective au?!

The discord was chatting and the idea of an SOA film noir au was brought up and, me being the absolute sucker for gritty detective stuff that i am, had to contribute.Kate is the no nonsense PI and Keith is her laid-back crime fighting partner who likes to break her concentration while she works (but is excellent at his job)

bonus doodle

i love this au too much

so guess who keeps forgetting she has a tumblr blog

(you can find me @missgamgee on goodreads, instagram & twitter these days)

Do not fear us young Master. 

  HELLO  EVERYONE  .  sorry  i’ve  been  absent.  school  work  has  picked  up  and  i  began  going  out  with  my  friends  more so  now  that  my  relationship  has  changed  with  my  boyfriend.  we’ve  broken  up  this  past  week  &  we’re  trying  to  adjust  to  new  life  &  how  we’re  gonna  work  out  the  rest  of  this  contract  with  us  living  together  n’  all.  so  my  mind’s  been  in  another  place  lately.  however  i  am  posting   drafts  i  had  stored  away.  but  i  wanna  say  helloo to  the  new  followers  and  welcome :)


This is prolly my last set of doodles for awhile. I got alot of work to be done. 

Its far from prefect but, this is based on a joke that AU Were- Gascoigne needs a cone when hes a beast. Djura is more then happy to apply his beast-taming skills here. 

I blame @veitstanz  @sticksandsharks  and @raven-blood-13  for encouraging me. 

( This had another ending but thats for another time. It was abit more feelsy. )