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Hospital Starters
  • [ Requested by Anon about a week ago. Warnings for blood, suicidal thoughts, and medical stuff. Thanks! : ]
  • "Hey, you're awake!"
  • "Where am I?"
  • "You hit your head. There was so much blood that I got scared."
  • "Don't try to get up. You're safe here."
  • "I hate this place..."
  • "How could you do this to yourself?"
  • "The world didn't give me a choice, and now, I'm suffering even more!"
  • "You really came..."
  • "I told you I would be here when you woke up."
  • "How many tests did they do on you?"
  • "If I wasn't drugged up, I could tell you the names of every test they do in this place."
  • "When are they going to let you leave?"
  • "They said that I'll be here for a few days. Maybe a week."
  • "What happened to you? You have so many things sticking out of you."
  • "That's what happens when you're dying."
  • "It's probably time to change those bandages..."
  • "You aren't in pain, are you?"
  • "You were in an accident. You almost didn't make it."
  • "That would explain why I feel terrible."
  • "I thought you were dead..."
  • "I'm not dead, am I?"
  • "I didn't know it was this bad..."
  • "I may not live much longer..."
  • "I'm dying..."
  • "You can't die! There has to be something they can do!"
  • "I'm too far gone for any surgery to fix me."
  • "I want you to know that I'll miss you most."
  • "Don't say that! I don't like it when you talk like this..."
  • "I just want it to happen so I don't have to think about it all the time."
  • "I wanted to say goodbye to you one more time."
  • "If you don't get some sleep, I'm going to hit this button and tell a nurse you're bothering me."
  • "Don't abuse that call button!"
  • "You know that button only works every five seconds, right?"
  • "Maybe if I push it hard enough, more will come out."
  • "I get to come home today."
  • "Did you fill out the release forms yet?"
  • "They hooked me up with a bunch of prescriptions. I'm gonna be high as a kite."
Zodiac Signs + Meeting New People
  • Aries: show them you're cool, they'll be cool with you
  • Taurus: might be selective at first, depending on the situation or atmosphere
  • Gemini: sees no problem in conversation, as long as you're not a douchebag
  • Cancer: they have to feel like you want to talk and stuff, then they will
  • Leo: pretty good at meeting new peeps, you have to have a certain vibe though
  • Virgo: the other person may have to take the initiative but it's all good once things start flowing
  • Libra: they don't care, i mean they do a little *silently judging*
  • Scorpio: don't be overly obnoxious or intrusive and things will go just fine
  • Sagittarius: can mix and mingle with anyone...well almost anyone
  • Capricorn: they may first look at you like "why are you talking to me" but that's just their inner voice
  • Aquarius: read statement above
  • Pisces: may act shy or smile a lot...but that's how the initial phase with Pisces go

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what are your fav long (over 50k) larry fics ? x

As a general FYI, my fic rec actually allows you to sort fics by length, which means you can find fics that are longer than 50K. I tried to pick all my absolute favorites and include them here, but there may be some I missed, so if you’re looking for more long fic content, def try sorting them on my full rec list.

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All The Love



“Y'hairs wet.”

You huff out a quiet “sorry” and start to scoot away but the grip of his arm around you only tightens. “No. S'okay. Just a little cold.” His feet brush against yours. “Toes are cold too.”

You close your eyes and let out a breath, wiggling the tiniest bit closer. “Yeah well. It’s cold in here.”

“Did you want me to turn the fan off?”

“No. Just keep holding me.”

He laughs quietly, kissing the back of your neck. “Okay. Want me to warm you up?”


“Need your big strong man to keep y'warm at night, hm?”

If your eyes were open, you’d roll them. You only sigh. “Harry I can just get another blanket and scoot away.”

“Noo,” he pouts, tightening his grip and tangling his feet with yours. “I wanna stay right here.”

“Then quiet down.”

He laughs again, the warmth of his breath hitting your neck as he presses another kiss into it. “Mkay. Goodnight then.”


It’s only a matter of minutes before his voice breaks through the silence. “Love?”

You sigh. “YES Harry?”

“Don’t mean to be annoying I just… m'really proud of you.” Your ears seem to perk up at this, and your eyes open, though you don’t attempt to turn around. He only continues. “Mean it. I love you. I know y'arent so happy right now but you’re strong. You’re pushing through it and I love that about you. And I love loving you. And being able to be close to you like this when we sleep. Even if your toes are freezing.”

You giggle, and he presses another kiss to your neck. “M'serious though. Things are gonna work out, mm? Just keep going. And know that m'always gonna be right here at the end of every day.” With another kiss and an almost whisper of “I love you,” he gives you a soft squeeze around your midsection.

You sigh, reaching down to interlace your fingers with his and stroke your thumb along the back of his hand. “I love you too, cheeseball. You’re so sappy”

He lets out an offended little squeak and you giggle, squeezing his hand. “Really though. Thank you.”

You lay there in the silence, soaking up the love before he presses his nose affectionately to your neck. You can hear the smile in his voice. “Now we can sleep.”

You giggle. “Alright. Ill see you in the morning.”

He lets out a little hum. “What do you want for breakfast? Waffles?”

“Can you make waffles?”

“F'course I can.” He sounds almost offended and you giggle.

“GOOD. Then waffles.”

“Right.” He kisses the back of your head. “Waffles.”

“With blueberry syrup?”


“And bacon?”


“And whipped cream that I can eat off of all four of your nipples?”

He smirks. “Don’t push it.”

You giggle, squeezing his hand again. “Goodnight, Harry.”

“Goodnight, love.”

We Weren’t Invited

Fluffy? @scxrchy - Some fluffy Dean for ya, dear. Little bit of language and a tad bit of angst.

“This is so stupid,” You sighed, looking over at Dean and rolling your eyes. “Why are we here? We need to leave. We weren’t invited.”

“True,” He sighed, “But I’m scanning the room and I’m pretty sure the groom is a demon.”

You shook your head, “I think you’re just bored. Sam is at the bunker having a freakin’ lazy day and I’m stuck here at this stupid wedding with you because you think this guy is a demon. What a lame excuse.”


“You heard me,” You crossed your arms over your chest. “You dragged me here because you’re bored.”

“I’m not bored,” He shook his head and sighed as the couple in front of us turned around and told us to hush it. “I just…” You looked at him expectantly. “I wish we could have this.”

For a moment, you tried to read him. Was he saying he wanted to get married? Or was he saying he just wanted a normal life? Either way, it was impossible and you weren’t big on commitment.

“’We’ meaning you and me? Or the three of us as a whole?”

“You tell me.”

You sighed, “Dean, you know how I feel about marriage. And us having a normal life,” Looking down at your hands, you knew there was a look of disappointment on his face. “It’s just never gonna happen.”

If looks could kill, you had just been stabbed in the chest at least five times. Dean huffed and started walking out of the church and you followed right behind him quietly so you wouldn’t disturb the ceremony. When you got outside, he was almost jogging toward the Impala parked on the street and you sighed with frustration. 

“Dean, stop!” You were surprised when he started walking toward you aggressively and you started backing away. “You know that’s not what I meant.”

“I know what you meant,” He had tears in his eyes. “Why don’t you want this for us?”

“I do!” You screamed. “I have wanted this since we started dating, but its not in the cards for us and you know it. I may not want to get married, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I love you with every fiber of my being and I wish we could just stop and settle down and have hundreds of kids running around, but it won’t happen. Not until after our hunters’ funerals. And even then its a long shot, Dean.”

He knew you were right, but it didn’t stop him from walking away. Again.

“Dean Winchester, don’t walk away from me. You are so goddamn stubborn,” You were crying now as you ran toward the Impala. “You are acting like a three-year-old.”

“And you’re giving up,” He said quietly, as he fumbled with his keys. As he started the car, you stayed put outside the driver’s door and looked over the top of the Impala at the happy couple walking out of the church. You did want that, you always have. But you were scared to commit, because you could die tomorrow. And three more times after that. Before you knew it, Dean was slowly driving off as he waited for some kids to cross the street. You sighed to yourself and knew you had to save this somehow. So you picked up an empty soda can that was lying on the ground next to you and bit your lip in nervousness as you threw it at the car, cussing yourself as he put the car in park and jumped out, glaring at you. “What the fuck, Y/N!”

“I wanna marry you!”

“There are plenty of other ways to get my attention than throwing a…” He stopped and looked down at you, causing you to smile weakly as the realization dawned on him. “What?”

“You heard me,” You mumbled, folding your arms and looking off to the side. It was your turn to be stubborn.

He smiled, but then quickly regained his composure, “I never asked you to marry me.”

“You are such an asshole,” You groaned, then pulled him down quickly, crashing your lips to his. “You’re gonna marry me whether you like it or not.”

“Yeah,” He said in-between kisses. “But the next time you throw something at my car we’re getting a divorce.”

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I work at the happiest place on earth, and there are a lot of times where guests can be very grateful for what you do. And almost every single guest ASKS me "May I hug you?" and usually I say "Of course!" because I was asked. Who doesn't ask? Men. Older men do not ask. One man stuck his hand out for a handshake, and when I shook his hand, he brought my hand to his mouth and kissed it for several seconds. DON'T DO THAT?! I don't want your mouth on my hand, I have no idea where it's been. Gross!!

And that’s when I break out the hand sanitizer and use it in plain view of the guest. And if your managers are anything like the ones I had a DAK and WOD you won’t get into trouble for it.


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Hello, yes, hi, I recently found your art and account and I love what you do. I'm turning 14 in April and I've asked for a drawing pad, but I have no idea how to use one as of yet. Have you got any tips or anything? Because I've wanted to try digital art for a while and your art makes me want to even more lmao. Thanks! - B.A.


(I’m not sure what kind of comp you’re going to be using, so I’ll list for both.)

FIRST: Drawing Programs; the free and the great.

-Firealpaca: Lightweight drawing program. I draw Recovery using this! It’s easy on the RAM if you have a weak comp/are paranoid about yours like I am, it is mainly for basic comic making, and has all the basic brushes you need (pen/pencil/airbrush/symmetry/etc). You can add your own brushes as well but they’re p basic settings. Has basic Animation/Gif making as well using Onion Mode! Layout is a piece of cake. Please note that If you leave it open for a week it’ll crash on you, even if you haven’t anything on it at the moment, and sometimes the brush sensitivity just stops working so you just have to close and then open it again. (Also I have no idea how to update it aside from deleting it completely and just downloading the new version from scratch, so thats a thing.) Mac/Windows

-MedibangPaint: This is basically FireAlpaca But Better. Has tons of screen tones, brush patterns, and tools. I don’t use it much because I’m used to FA’s layout and get confused with the the placement of tools in here, so if you can I highly suggest just going with this first. Also has basic animation/gif making! Has storage for the website as well, and you can upload more preset brushes. It’s v anime. This program has waaay more in terms of basically everything, so it just takes more RAM. NBD, you don’t have to have every brush downloaded from the storage ^u^. Mac/Windows

-Clip Studio Paint: Okay this one isn’t free, it’s a pricey one, HOWEVER once a year they take the price way fuckin down by at least 75%. Sign up for the email list and it’ll let you know when that precious day comes. It’s how I got it @u@, around christmastime? This program is basically MedibangPaint On Steroids. I do all of my digital-yet-tradition-style-painting on here! The brushes all have some neat af settings to play with, you can make your own brushes, has tons of screen tones, pre-made panels, and settings. You can save projects as basically anything you need, is a hardy program that almost never crashes, and It’ll take a nice chunk of space on your comp depending on how much memory you have but hey, its worth it. It’s much more complex layout-wise than the other two here, but you get used to it after playing around and watching tutorials haha.

-Mischief: It’s a 25$ app, has like four brushes and five layers only but is vector-based with an endless canvas. Not really worth having unless you like the vector thing. UP TO YOU. I spent forever with this one doing all that homestuck stuff, so it’s not really bad so much as it is a basic bitch. Mac

-MyPaint: I used this a bunch when I still did digital art on my windows laptop before I upgraded to a Mac. It’s easy on the comp and has plenty of brushes and settings. You can also get brush packages if you don’t feel like you have enough that comes with the program! Also has endless canvas; pretty sure you can just select an area and then export as is. I barely remember the rest but It’s pretty great. Windows/MacPorts(which I hate)

-GIMP: I hate this thing. I cannot figure it out for the life of me. It’s got loads of shit though, can handle layers, has plenty of brushes, and can do basic animation/gifs if you ever figure it out. Windows/mac

I’ve heard good things from paint tool SAI and Krita as well, but have never used them myself.

***You can always pay through the nose/use a student discount for the photoshop series and pay that shit monthly, those fuckers have literally everything, but I am a cheap college kid making minimum wage with a car payment; I’d rather just pay once/not at all.

TABLETS: treat that shit like a newborn babe 24/7

-I have literally only ever owned a Wacom Intuos4. It has lasted me six years, and at least five moves across many miles. I broke one of the cord ports the day I opened it by holding it wrong, have one left, and now treat it like it’s going to die if the cord moves badly. Please be aware that if you break both ports, you better either sodder it back together yourself or upgrade to smth else because it costs about as much as the tablet itself was bought at to be fixed. Good news, though, it comes with at least six extra pen nibs, has programable buttons on the side (that I have never bothered to use) and a scroll bar in case you’re too lazy to use the keyboard (…I don’t really use that either unless I’m just scrolling through tumblr LMFAO).

-I would die for a Cintiq.

HOT TIPS: its useful.

-most of the programs listed use the same keyboard shortcuts. MEMORIZE THEM. It’s pretty easy, since you’ll use em a lot. [cntrl/cmmd+T] lets you resize what you just drew on that layer, and [cntrl/cmmd+z] is undo. I use those the most, for obvious reasons.

-vector-based programs are pretty great because when you resize an image it looks prefect. You can’t do that with a program that isn’t, so I just resize the base roughdraft and draw the lineart again on the layer above so I don’t get weird JPEG quality lines.

-You can use a ruler with your tablet, just slap it on and go, but honestly most programs have settings for that. just use those.

-You can also trace stuff on your tablet, so long as the paper isn’t too thick. I just scan/take a photo and then open it up in the program, though. much easier.

-SAVE CONSTANTLY. Art programs like to crash on you, even when they’re hardy and you have a good comp. make it a habit to quick save your work.

-Use a desk and have good posture. You’ll be able to draw a hell of a lot longer if you do. I personally keep fucking up my knees by sitting on my legs as I work out of habit, and don’t actually have a desk chair. Keep your screen at eye level and at a fair distance to prevent eyestrain and also neck-strain haha

-Chances are you won’t be used to the tablet right away. Most places you buy from say it’ll take a couple of months to get used to how weird it is to draw while not looking at your own hand, so don’t be frustrated If your drawings look a bit off at first.

-if you draw at least one thing every day, by the end of the year you’ll have improved exponentially. I literally made this blog to make myself draw once a day.

-don’t be afraid to check out speedpaints and tutorials. It’s always good to get more familiar with the program you’re using and new techniques previously unconsidered.

-get familiar with clipping layers. They are insanely useful; you clip one layer to the one below and then when you draw it only shows up on the drawing of that layer below. Shit is a godsend if you’re bad at coloring in the lines/lazy. The bucket tool is also really useful, and you can adjust the expansion by pixel so you don’t miss anything between the lines.

-experiment with your brushes, shit be fun af

-warmup your wrists before and after drawing. prevent swollen veins and such. dont want hand pain/numbness, its reaaaaally bad.

—basically if your hands hurt stop for the day.

-PNGS are for internet, JPEGS are for printing/fucking with quality (cough hack homestuck)

-resolution doesn’t have to be much more than 350 dpi if its just going to be on a webpage. Maximize that shit if you’re going to be printing, though. Especially if you put stuff on redbubble.

-DeviantArt has this thing called where you can dump art, keep it in perfect quality and just share it with certain people with a link instead of all of the website. Great for storing commission pieces, its the only reason I have DA in the first place.

-you get a different audience depending on what site you use for posting art, so keep that in mind for the kind of feedback you want.

-after awhile of drawing using a tablet, you may lose patience/forget that in traditional art there isn’t an undo button lmfao It’s cool; you don’t have to choose one over the other or anything.

-Honestly you can work around almost anything. You just invent new ways and techniques for yourself and you’ll do just fine.

Aaaaand that’s all I got for today! Thanks for sticking around <3

manageable witch-things to do (almost) every day:

  • check your grimoire/book of shadows: you don’t have to necessarily add anything to it, but go through it. if yours is physical, run your hands over its pages. press your intentions for it with the tips of your fingers. if you have a digital copy, like i do, you can still press your intentions into it; it just may not be as literal as with a physical copy. just take a moment to appreciate all the work you’ve put into this thing that is entirely yours.
  • make a list of all the things you want to research. you don’t have to go ahead and research them. just keep a running list of things you may want to include in your grimoire or book of shadows at some point. my list includes adding a section on my god, angels, and saints, as well as fleshing out my correspondence tables and creating a section for prayers.
  • make a list of all the things you want to add to your witchcraft collection. this could be things that you want to buy, things you want to find, whatever. this could be tools you want to incorporate into your practice, that tarot deck you’ve been eyeing, plant clippings - whatever. make your witchy wish list and tuck it somewhere safe, but somewhere you’ll remember to check. 
  • make a list of your goals. where do you want to be in your practice? what do you want to achieve? what is the point you’re trying to reach? i like to set big goals and tiny goals and tiny goals that feel big. a tiny goal that felt big to me: writing my first spell. another goal could be making sigils on a regular basis. it could be adding something to your grimoire or book of shadows each week. give yourself tiny goals that work their way up to your bigger goals. 
  • do something to honor your god(s). light a candle, say a prayer, whatever. it doesn’t have to be big or elaborate. we don’t always have the energy for those types of things and that’s okay! 
  • do something kind for yourself. every list i ever write is going to include this. when you don’t have the energy for anything else, do something kind for yourself. take that bath. lay in that bed. take a nap. you can start again tomorrow, it’s okay. and if you still don’t have the energy tomorrow, don’t get down on yourself. you matter, you’re worth it. 

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I am a complete beginner. I have a lot of ideas, and I finally started writing but I am absolutely terrible. I try to read more and look up tips to improve, but it feels so overwhelming, and almost impossible. I know it's not an overnight process, but I am getting so impatient because I usually learn quickly when it comes to my other hobbies like art and calligraphy. Do you know how to make writing less overwhelming? :/ I am getting so frustrated

 Hello, I can see how that would be frustrating. There are several things you can try, but what works the best for one person, may not work the best for another, so try multiple things until you get the results you want.

1. Change your mindset from “I have to be the best ever at this” to “I want to have fun doing this.” When I first started writing, I was absolutely bad. There were comma errors everywhere, way too many adverbs and my characters were sad. Literally. One of my characters cried AT LEAST once a chapter. But to this day, I had the most fun I’d ever had writing that story I was working on because it was my first work I was hardcore sitting down to write and I had zero expectations of myself. Worry less about being the next Stephen King or whoever, and worry more about enjoying yourself.

2. Get some writer friends. There are other writers out there. Writers tend to be quiet, so you may have to hunt for them. OR you could let me take a moment to shamelessly promote the WTT Discord server! There are quite a few people who talk over there everyday and they’re all very diverse and pretty cool people. From what I’ve seen, everyone is very welcoming too, eager to meet more writers. People are making friends, helping each other and providing encouragement as well as reading/editing each other’s works. In my experience, having a support network with people who understand the struggle and also enjoy writing themselves, can help, so definitely check it out if you haven’t.  I also host workshops over there occasionally.

3. Write fanfiction. It’s a low stress way to begin writing. You’re working with other people’s characters and worlds so there’s less work as far as coming up with your own characters and worlds from scratch. You can focus on simply writing and developing those characters, which is one of the hardest parts, in my opinion.

4. Regardless of how you go about it, writing is what is going to help you get better. Your writing is always going to improve. There is no skill cap. Even published authors are always learning and improving as they write more. Find someone to edit/read for you and provide feedback. Practice is what’s going to make you better. You can google and read every tip there is, but a purely theoretical knowledge of how to write will do nothing for you if you don’t actually put it into practice.

I hope this was helpful, and feel free to ask anymore questions you have. I wish you the best of luck on your writing journey and remember to have fun with it.


After 200+ hours of playing  Breath of the Wild, I have finished my adventure. Here are my thoughts. (Spoilers)

So, almost two months after its release, I have officially completed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and oh boy, do I have a lot to say about this game. I’m a little hesitant to call this a review, I guess, because it’s not organized too well or intent on giving a score or anything silly like that. But considering my love for this series and acknowledging this game as a huge departure from what many have grown used to, its got my head spinning with a whole bunch of thoughts that I just feel like dumping somewhere. This is mostly an art blog, it feels a little weird sticking this here but I honestly don’t know where else I’d put it. I’ll try to organize my brain and keep things as short as possible, but for the most part I’m just gonna jump in.

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I don’t like him, May! (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Can you do one where the reader has a bit of a girly chat (like counseling) with Aunt May and with Auny May’s prompting discovers that she has a crush on her best friend Peter, even though she tries to deny it? And with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker please :) by @agentcarter24601

Your mom had always been May Parker’s friend, so you had known Peter since you two were little. You spent a lot of time together when your mother and his aunt had coffee together, and you had grown up together. That had made you pretty close as friends, and you loved spending time together.
This time, you were waiting for him on his couch. He was out doing Spiderman stuff, and May had let you in so you wouldn’t have to wait for him outside.
‘’So, [Y/N], how has school been going?’’ May asked you, sitting next to you on the couch.
‘’Great, actually. I’m getting better grades than expected’’ you answered, smiling at her.
‘’And there are any boys that have caught your attention?’’ she asked, attempting to wink at you. You blushed and shook your head furiously.
‘’No’’ you said, trying to hide your blush with your hair. It was hard enough having a crush on Peter and having to hide it, but having his aunt knowing it would be horrible.
‘’Really? You are telling me a pretty girl like you has no boy liking her? And that you like nobody?’’ she asked, laughing a little. You shook your head again, still looking down. ‘’What about that guy from your class, the one you went on a date with last month? Mark, I think. Peter told me about it’’ she said.
‘’He did?’’ you asked, sounding more hopeful than you should have. If he talked about it to May, there must have been a reason, right? ‘’No, I do not like him. He was pretty… stupid, I guess. Only talked about cars and girl in our grade and thought he was a charmer’’ you said.
‘’And the boy that asked you out last week? Peter told me as well’’ May said, smiling at you.
‘’I don’t really know him that well, so I turned him down… Why did Peter tell you?’’ you asked, trying not to sound too interested.
‘’Well, that boy tells me everything that happens with you -almost as if he was in love with you’’ she said, making you blush. She realized and opened her eyes, a smile making its way onto her lips. ‘’You like him, don’t you?’’
‘’Me? Who?’’ you said, trying to sound oblivious, but obviously not doing it right.
‘’Oh my God, you like Peter! I remember telling your mother how you two would end up together when you were kids! I can see the future!’’
‘’I don’t like him, May! We are just friends!’’ you shouted, trying not to raise your voice but failing. You could feel your cheeks getting redder, and you just wanted to hide under your bed.
‘’Oh my God, sweetheart, I’m sure Peter likes you too. He talks about you nonstop -it’s insane. You should tell him’’ May told you, holding your hands.
‘’There’s no way I’m telling him. I don’t want to ruin our friendship’’ you whispered, looking down. You had had a crush on him for more than a year, but you had never built up the courage to tell him -he was your best friend, and you didn’t want that ruined. ‘’I’m-I’m gonna wait for him in his room’’ you said before leaving the living room, not giving May a chance to answer.
Just as you walked into his room and closed the door, you heard a sound coming from the ceiling. Looking up, you saw Peter stuck to the ceiling, caught in the middle of escaping.
‘’Peter!’’ you shouted, scared. You hadn’t expected to see him there, and he had startled you. ‘’Did you-did you hear the conversation?’’ you asked, knowing he had better senses than normal people. You could feel your hands getting sweaty -you were nervous, scared that he could have heard you admitting your feelings towards him. 
‘’I, eh, no? Maybe, I guess?’’ Peter said, trying not to look at you.
‘’Can you please get off of the ceiling? My neck hurts from looking up’’ you said, trying not to sound nervous.
‘’Oh, yes, sorry’’ he softly said before throwing himself directly onto his bed. He got up, looking at you. ‘’I-I mean… Maybe I did hear it? Would you be too mad if I had?’’
‘’Peter Parker, I’m so gonna kill you’’ you said, and as you were approaching him to give him a smack, he put his lips onto yours, holding your face in his hands. It was a small kiss, but it gave you feelings you didn’t know existed.
‘’I like you too, you know’’ he said just as you pulled apart, smiling a little.
You smiled back at him, and just as you were about to answer, the door opened, showing May.
‘’[Y/N], have you talked to Pe -oh, Peter, you are here! I didn’t see you come in! Wait, are you… Have you two… Oh my God, you kissed! I knew it!’’ May said before closing the door.
Turning to look back at Peter, you saw him flustered, ashamed that his aunt had interrupted your moment.
‘’Do you want to go to the movies?’’ he asked, his voice unsure, a little smile on his lips.
You laughed and nodded, hugging him. You left his house together, hand in hand, May carefully looking at you two from behind the kitchen counter and taking a cheeky picture of you both, sending it to your mother with a quick ‘I told you so’.

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I've never seen this discussed, but I was thinking about how the Winter Soldier is a legend and a ghost, always concealed. Yet they sent him after the Starks unmasked. I guess they knew Howard would recognize him and they wanted that, but it still seems a weird thing to do. With Steve it's obvious, they knew it gave WS the advantage because Cap didn't want to kill him, but the Starks hardly seemed a threat. Sure it was psychological, but what was the point if they die fast? Got meta?

Okay, so, I really need to organize my meta. Because I swear I’ve read at least one meta post that talks about the mask and the inconsistency of its use throughout the movies. But I have almost forty pages of meta on my blog and I can’t seem to find it. I may not have reblogged it, in which case I fear it’s lost to the depths of Tumblr. (Can anyone help with this?)

For lack of resources to point you to, anon, let me ramble a bit and see if anything comes out of it.

From a storytelling standpoint, the mask is primarily for us, the viewers, so that we can have a dramatic identity reveal in Winter Soldier.

Or, really, I should say the mask is primarily for Steve because I think pretty much everyone in the audience knew the Winter Soldier was Bucky all along. Losing the mask simply confirmed it. However, the audience wants to see Steve have the revelation for himself, the moment of recognition. (And to this day that moment remains one of my favorite scenes in the entirety of the MCU. It was beautifully staged, and perfectly acted. Chris Evans emoted so much fear/hope/disbelief in one whispered, “Bucky?” and then Sebastian Stan contrasted that painfully with his flat reply, “Who the hell is Bucky?” I could go on about that exchange for ages.)

After that, the mask isn’t really needed. It served its purpose for the dramatic reveal and the story kind of… forgets it. 

Wouldn’t it have been great to have Steve in Civil War realize, “Oh! That guy who bombed the UN? He isn’t wearing a mask and Bucky definitely knew to wear a mask to hide his identity when he was dismantling governments and destroying world order, so that’s probably not him.” 

Give your old pal some credit, Steve. Sheesh. He was a professional sniper and knew how to be sneaky even before Hydra caught him. There’s a reason you haven’t been able to find him for the last two years. 

But I digress. 

Ostensibly the reason Bucky doesn’t have the mask for Civil War is again for the sake of storytelling. We need Howard to recognize him and say his name and for the Winter Soldier to look straight into the security feed so there’s no doubt whatsoever that James Buchanan Barnes, Steve Rogers’ best friend, killed Tony’s parents. That makes it possible for Tony to react immediately, without having to pause to question whether or not it’s actually Bucky (it thus prevents Tony from thinking things through and reacting with a clearer head). It serves the heat of the storytelling more than it serves a common sense, fully developed backstory for the use of the mask. 

I mean, we could say that Howard’s death is the inciting incident that makes the mask necessary. The Winter Soldier was both recognized and caught on camera on the night of December 16, 1991. It was apparently a big enough deal that detailed Hydra records led Zemo to seek out that specific tape, sight unseen, knowing without a doubt the rift it would cause between Steve and Tony. 

I wonder how much trouble the Winter Soldier’s handlers had to go through to get that security tape into their hands? (Because please imagine them freaking out about Peggy Carter finding out Bucky was still alive and a brainwashed captive of Hydra. She may have been getting on in years, but I have no doubt Hydra operatives were still actively terrified of her. She was there when Steve vowed revenge for Bucky. Steve died to avenge Bucky. There’s no way she wouldn’t take it personally if she found out Bucky was still alive. Same goes for the rest of the Howling Commandos.)

That being said, it seems kind of silly for Hydra to make that realization so late into the game. Even petty thieves know well enough to obscure their identities. 

So, we could say Howard’s death is the inciting incident, but it doesn’t make much sense if it was. Because that leaves about forty-odd years where the Winter Soldier was operating without a mask. And the chance he’d be recognized by former friends and family was a lot higher earlier on in his “career.”

At one point in the past—there’s no way to know if it was before or after Howard’s death—the Winter Soldier was photographed with his mask on. In Winter Solider, computer-incarnated Zola shuffles through a series of historical images, including this one. 

It’s hard to tell for sure, but the Winter Soldier seems to be wearing the mask here. Of course, the irony is that the arm and the star make him 100% identifiable. The difference being the arm identifies him as a weapon and an agent of Hydra, not as a person with a name and a history of his own. It doesn’t particularly matter if anyone sees the arm and, in fact, adds to the chilling mythos of the ghost story. Regular men don’t have metal arms. Monsters without faces have metal arms.

The mask obscures Bucky’s identity and it dehumanizes him. (It’s also an inverse of Captain America’s helmet, which I think is simply brilliant costuming.) Not only does it serve a practical purpose in keeping anyone from knowing who he is, it furthers Hydra’s subtle fear tactics by making the arm the Winter Solider’s identifying mark. Hydra had every reason to want to use the mask from the very beginning. 

If we try to make sense of the use of the mask in the context of the marvel universe, without breaking the fourth wall, and setting aside its presence (or lack thereof) as an obvious function of targeted storytelling goals, I think we’re only left with two options: Either Hydra deliberately sent the Winter Soldier after the Starks without a mask, or Bucky took the mask off himself. 

Bucky’s not really giving us any clues here, so…

Reasons Hydra might want to unmask the Winter Soldier, knowing he’d be recognized: 1.) To throw Howard off, just in case he was armed. The man built weapons for a living. It’s not unreasonable to assume he might be armed with something that could kill a super soldier. But if that super soldier was a former friend and ally? He might be less likely to defend himself and less likely to attack, thus giving the Winter Soldier room to maneuver. 2.) Sheer pettiness. Wanting to gloat. Letting Howard know with his dying breath that Hydra was still alive and well and that his obsessive work on duplicating the super soldier serum wasn’t going to create another Captain America, but something much worse. 

Reasons Bucky might have taken the mask off: Depending on how long he was out of cryo, his memories could have been coming back. Some part of him could have remembered the name of his target and he might have wanted to be identified—either to be saved or punished. But the programming was still enough in control that he couldn’t stop himself from completing the mission. 

Those are my best guesses, at least. I doubt Marvel’s creative team has given it much thought (though I would be delighted to be proven wrong in subsequent films). Does anyone out there remember any other meta posts about Bucky’s mask? Or have anything more to contribute for this anon? Please reply or reblog with your own thoughts/theories/headcanons! :)

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First may I say I've been following Wilde Life for almost 2 years now, and its the only webcomic (aside from k6bd) that I'm embarrassingly obsessed with! As an artist myself, I wanted to ask you if it's alright to use your art to make some icons for a roleplaying blog. The blog isn't Wilde Life related so I would be sure to credit you if you would to allow me to do so! I completely understand if you aren't comfortable with that however!

Hello, thank you! That’s so kind!

I have no problem at all with people using my art for their personal things. As long as you aren’t selling it, I’m A-ok with icons or blog bgs or what have you! :)


Hey everybody its mee, ROACHIE! (No)

Hey It’s me, Bundeggi.

Been a while haha I’ve been just almost offline working on a project that would never end but I feel like  I could use some cash again so I don’t end up on the streets in Vancouver.

So Commission is back!! If you want me to draw you a picture, just hit me up via message or tinyrobothans(at)gmail(dot)com!

If you dont got cash, signal boost would be super dandy.

Thanks y’all!!

PS. The only thing for upgrading to traditional for now is that I may no longer  do screen tones depends on availability of materials. However I can do ink wash or simple colors with markers!

Also please provide full reference of your OC! 

Slots available

1. Narplebutts- finished!





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Hellow. This may be a pretty dumb question but I wanted to know if you know what Christines have used a significantly darker wig or an almost black wig and if you have some photos of them. Its a pretty random request but I'm curious. I also saw a photo of a Christine with a very light blonde wig. Do you know who that is? I hope you can answer. Thanks!!

Most of the really dark Christine wigs come from the World Tour, or productions that imitated the World Tour wigs (e.g. Russia). While not actually black, it’s a very dark brown that can look black in certain lights:

Emmi Christensson also had an unusually dark wig in the Stockholm production, which was a bit funny since she previously wore a blonde wig in the London production. I did wonder if it was because she was wearing World Tour costumes and it was thought that color wig best matched its color scheme, even though it was styled like a Broadway wig.

Blonde wigs are fairly uncommon, so determining who was wearing it is merely a matter of listing everyone who has worn a blonde wig. In the replica production, there have only been two, Susan Cuthbert and Emmi Christensson:

Patti Cohenour and others, like Harriet Jones, also had rather light wigs that could look blonde in certain photos, but in reality were more of an auburn shade. Placing them here just in case. (Harriet Jones actually had two wigs, a lighter one and a darker, auburn one; there are pictures of her in both, though I believe she eventually stuck with the darker one.)

Non-replica productions featuring a blonde Christine include the Budapest production, where Linda Kiraly wore a dark blonde wig and Renata Krassy a very light blonde wig:

The Estonian production, where Hanna Liina-Vosa had a blonde wig.

The Romanian production, where Irina Baiant had a blonde wig (with a very modern hairstyle); as the role was double-cast, I assumed her alternate did too, but I don’t think I have any photos of her?

And in the Finnish production, Sofie Asplund and Hanna Liina Vosa (again) are wearing blonde wigs, though they have more of a reddish tint.

NOT a case of Christine wearing a blonde wig: Susanne Elmark (this was for a concert, not the actual production, where she had the normal brown wig) or Scarlett Strallen (never performed in the show and was using her own hair for a concert performance of a Phantom song):

So basically figure out which looked most like the above. If it’s light blonde, and assuming from an actual production, I would place money on it being Emmi Christensson, Renata Krassy, Hanna Liina-Vosa in Estonia, or Irina Baiant.

16 Days of Outlander - Day #9 The Reckoning

For this episode, I’m working from the extended version (mostly because it puts the story in the right order and emphasizes the difficult political position Jamie occupies and navigates so skillfully). 

Favorite Music Moment: celebrating a wedding in the hall. Mrs. Fitz went to a lot of trouble to gather everyone in the hall for an impromptu celebration when the rent gathering party returns to Leoch and the light-hearted music is such a wonderful contrast to the tension between Jamie and Claire who are still having a pretty serious first fight and then the music cuts pretty abruptly as Colum and his disapproval appear on the scene. 

Favorite Costume: Letitia and her furs. This is one of the few times we get to see Letitia standing and so it’s one of the few times we get to see and appreciate the wardrobe of the Chief’s wife (which is damn fine; I’m not one for fur, but if I was living in a drafty castle I wouldn’t mind having that stole/caplet she’s got on). 

Favorite “That’s not in the book” Part: Colum calling out the weasels, one-on-one with Jamie. Because the book is so deeply in Claire’s perspective, she only gets the politicking of Castle Leoch through Jamie (when he cares to share). I love that the show has drawn those lines so strongly and the extended version with Colum and Jamie one-on-one with Colum frustrated but also so proud of Jamie is amazing. He wants to smack his nephew upside the head for getting himself into such a situation (married to a Sassenach, imagine) but Jamie’s tact and his defense of Claire (whom Colum does like/respect in her own right, just not in the position of Jamie’s wife) only further confirms Colum’s belief that Jamie would be the best successor as Chief. 

Favorite Location: Jamie’s “secret” spot. So it might not be as secret as Jamie would like after all but it’s easy to understand why he’s so fond of it. The spot by the river is mesmerizing and calming; the river is loud enough and the trees provide just enough cover that it’s almost possible to forget how close to the Leoch he really is. The vibrancy of the colors in the shot is also just beautiful. 

Favorite Line: “One day, brother, ye’ll talk yer heid off yer shoulders and right onto a pike.” The tension between Colum and Dougal is at its best this episode and though Colum may see the wisdom of Jamie’s suggestion regarding the gold and appeasing Dougal in the short term, he doesn’t have to be happy about doing it. His anger - I believe - is in part due to concern. The reason he doesn’t want Dougal to succeed him is because Dougal has a habit of charging ahead a bit recklessly, especially when he lets his emotions get too involved in things. That’s something that would be dangerous for the entire Clan MacKenzie if Dougal were Chief but it’s something that will always make Dougal a bit dangerous to himself as well. At that moment, Colum might be angry enough to want to have the honors himself but I think he knows - and hopes - Dougal will heed the underlying warning as well. Colum has restraint and they both know the English wouldn’t.

Favorite Minor Character: Ned Gowan. Ned’s a frequent favorite of mine. From the beginning of the episode when he’s advising the men - and reminding Dougal that he cannot participate - in the rescue of Claire at Fort William, he’s in all-out lawyer mode for the entirety of the episode. I love his expression when Angus is telling tall tales about what they did at Fort William and he says, “I’m not hearing this.” And then when they get back to Leoch and it becomes clear his Chief is unhappy with him, he goes into kiss-ass mode immediately. Loved his admonition to Dougal about holding his tongue and Colum’s “It’ll take more than yer approval to get back in my good graces.” Really, Colum, how could you stay mad at Ned Gowan?

Favorite Performance: Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser. I’m starting to get repetitious here but I can’t not pick him for this episode - the look of fear in his eyes when Willie brings news of Claire’s abduction by the Red Coats is enough for me to give it to him. In the introduction to the extended version of the episode, Ron D. Moore explains that they added the voice overs to help convey that this episode was meant to be Jamie’s perspective and they didn’t feel that was clear enough already. I disagree - especially with the original scenes added in (and put back into their original order). Jamie is the connecting thread of the episode and his progression - especially with Claire following the strapping - is fantastically portrayed by Heughan. 

Favorite Scene, Favorite Book-to-Screen Adaptation, Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment: making up. This encompasses so many of my favorites because of how they adapted the scene(s) from the book. I have posted many times about how uncomfortable I am with the aftermath of the strapping and subsequent make-up at Leoch as its presented in the book. The subtle change to the sequence of events that they did for the show makes it one of my favorite scenes in the entire series and truly reinforces their relationship and the fact that they are equal partners in their marriage. They basically removed everything about the scene(s) that I originally found problematic and then topped it off by making it even better because it’s all so beautifully shot and acted and lit and scored and… everything. 

  • Aries: "I dream of a language whose words, like fists, would fracture jaws." -Emil Cioran
  • Taurus: "Ultimately, the universe doesn't care about us. Time doesn't care about us. That's why we have to care about each other." -David Levithan
  • Gemini: "It's a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you're ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any." -Huge Laurie
  • Cancer: "Don't worry about your body. It isn't as small as it once was, but honestly, the world needs more of you." -Clementine von Radics
  • Leo: "I don't want to be a sweetheart. I want to be the fucking love of your life." -Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • Virgo: "I hide my broken heart from the world because let's face it, no one desires something that is broken." -Karen Isabella
  • Libra: "She doesn't know how to love herself. I've offered to do it for her. She's gonna think about it." -Bruce Adler
  • Scorpio: "Stars are not small or gentle. They are writhing and dying and burning. They are not here to be pretty. I am trying to learn from them." -Caitlyn Siehl
  • Sagittarius: "She no longer cared if she had a heart or a hole, she no longer cared if she was whole or hollow, she just wanted to move on with whatever she had become and find life somewhere else." -VaZaki Nada
  • Capricorn: "I deny the fact that when I kill time, time is actually killing me." -Eric Gamalinda
  • Aquarius: "You're not really an adult at all. You're just a tall child holding a beer, having a conversation you don't understand." -Dylan Moran
  • Pisces: "But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?" -Mark Twain

I… may have jumped the gun when @achryathesecond mentioned an atlantis au in a post… but I had two perfectly good background studies laying around from the last time I did an atlantis au. So… I reused them.


I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to do for the au… so both….