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Day 2 - Purring

Something was rumbling in her ear. 

Marinette woke slowly, the soft rumble reeling her out of a pleasant dream and the unmistakable vibration of her pillow steadily grounding her in reality. But even when she blinked open her eyes it still took a moment to place the sound. At first she thought it was her phone. 

But then she remembered what had been happening before she fell asleep.

Root beer floats on the balcony. Video games until well past two in the morning. Giggling at a comic book on her bed until no, that was definitely the last thing she remembered. As if in response to this, she became aware of a glossy page plastered to her cheek. Sitting up, she peeled the comic book off and tossed it aside, afraid to look behind her at the other side of her bed. Because if he’d simply left, then what was that suspiciously purr-like sound? Man, they’d fallen asleep on accident again, hadn’t they?

In the darkness Marinette peeked over her shoulder at him, then immediately sqeaked in terror when she saw his bare arm and wrenched her pillow up to press it over her eyes. 

He isn’t transformed. Oh my god, he detransformed in his sleep! 

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✧ Happy Birthday Prompto! 10/25 ✧

Anon Requested

Follow Forever.
I’ve never actually done this, it just never crossed my mind, but a very nice Anon requested to see who inspires me, so I’m going to try my best. 

Also, it is VERY VERY long.  [Seriously, VERY VERY long.]
You can use ctrl-f to find yourself…maybe? ;-;
I could’ve just added everyone’s names but I wanted to write a little on each one, or most everyone.
Sorry if I didn’t write about you, but you’re still great in my book guys.
All of you. <3 <3 <3

[I only wrote because I am seriously never doing this again, lol, so once and only time here]
IF IF IF IF I forgot you, I am beyond sorry. Just let me know or something. I’m tired. It’s midnight, and I just wrote all of this and did I mention I’m tired? 

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scoundrels-in-love  asked:

16. for Mileven and/or something from 1., 10., 17. or 19. for Kali x Steve, pretty pretty please?

17. height difference kisses where one person has to bend down and the other is on their tippy toes 

Steve is pretty sure that about ninety percent of Kali’s pent-up anger comes from the fact that she basically is the height of those dwarfs in the dipshits’ board games, and she’s trying to compensate. Not that he would say that out loud, mind you. She would kill him, and he quite enjoys living. (It also doesn’t help that she loses about two inches when she kicks off the combat boots, but. Oh well.)

And while Steve does find her height particularly adorable and – okay, it’s hot. It’s absolutely fucking hot to see this tiny piece of a woman taking over so much space and squaring her shoulders and having basically everyone look at her when she enters the room. Steve never really understood the word presence until he met her. She’s something else entirely and he’s very, very into that. Ridiculously so.

Which. Okay. Still doesn’t make kissing her any easy though. She literally fucking climbed him the first time they kissed, her legs around his hips and his hand in her hair and his tongue in her mouth. Which, okay, maybe that was a spur-of-the-moment thing after weeks of sexual tension but. Still. It made things a little bit on the easy side. Just like kissing in bed does, or how she sits in his lap and steals the breath away from him and. Breathe, Steve.

He does love how she’s the exact right height so he can lean with one arm on her head. Mostly because it’s fucking hilarious how upset she gets every time. Then again, one day she’ll snap and kill him, but Steve has decided long ago there are worst ways to die. So he keeps doing it and she keeps glaring and sometimes she even sends a nightmarish image or two his way to make him stop.

“You’re too small,” he tells her between two kisses, bending over so he can reach her lips. She’s on her tiptoes, which makes it all the more ridiculous. How can anyone so fierce be so tiny?

“Shut up.” She nips his bottom him, smirks at his hiss of pain. Damn but she’ll be the end of him, all bite and fire and anger. Such a sharp contrast to the softness of her waist and the warmth of her lips and how she whimpers at the back of her throat when he runs a hand into her hair.

She’ll break his back soon, but that’s a price he’s willing to pay.

anonymous asked:

can you pretty pretty please write more of that oq amnesia au that you wrote? I would love to read about her and Robin

Thank you so much for the prompt! I hope you’ll like it! :)

You can read the first part here -

Happy Easter everyone! 🐣


Robin has never thought he would find himself in this certain place on Easter night ever again. But here he is, walking around the empty and quiet town where years ago he met the woman of his dreams, the one and only who stole his heart.

But that woman is not his anymore. She’s the past now.

Maybe it’s one of the reasons why he came here, to say goodbye to all the memories and her (No, he came here for quite the different reason:  to recall as many memories of her as he can).

He curses himself quietly when he remembers their last meeting. From the day she appeared on his doorway, they spent a few months together, traveling around the places they’ve visited before in hopes that it will wake her memory and she’ll remember something, anything.

But they’ve been left with nothing. Her memories were lost forever.

It was breaking him into pieces to see once the strongest woman he knew this confused. He did everything in his power to help her: told her everything about them, about her. And she appreciated his help, she really did, he could see how thankful she was. Her smile was the best award.

But then one day she announced that it’s time she goes back to Storybrooke to her family (she’s grimaced at the word) and he can come back to his life for there’s no reason to waste any of their time.

That moment Robin’s heart clenched. He couldn’t imagine his life without her, not when he’s had her back. Driven by the thought, he had pulled her closer and kissed her without a second thought. Regina’s pulled away immediately, slapped him and that was the last time he saw her.

He blamed himself for ruining everything way too many times. The first time he was the one who ruined their relationship, and yet again he did that again. He knew she was uncertain and confused, and she certainly wasn’t the woman who falls in love easily.

Now all he has left are shatters of their relationship and on this special evening he decides to remember it all, to hurt himself one last time and then move on (he’ll never move on, five years already proved that).

He finds himself in the town square, the place where ten years ago he’s laid his eyes on the woman who turned his world around for the first time. He sits down on the bench that holds so many dear memories of her and closes his eyes, exhales.

“Would you mind if I sat down?”

He doesn’t know how many minutes pass until he hears the voice of her, but his eyes snap open immediately and he finds her standing there in front of him, nervously playing with her fingers.

She doesn’t wait his answer and sits down. Her body is tensed, she looks nervous and tired, but she still looks as beautiful as always and those dark eyes are wide and shining something he can’t quite catch.

He smiles despite the ache in his chest because she doesn’t remember this place but yet his stories had the effect on her because here she is, after months of not seeing each other they meet in the place where everything’s started.

“I’m sorry,” she’s the first to break the silence between them. Robin turns to look at her, ready to say that there’s no need to apologize when she adds quietly, “My heart took me here on this special evening.” Her voice is guarded, and it’s so Regina – she’s opening up, just a bit, but her walls are still around her.

Robin smiles in response.

“I wanted to apologize for the last time,” she says then, looking down at her hands. “You helped me so much and I-“

“You have nothing to apologize for,” he assures her and his hand lands on hers before he can think of it, and he opens his mouth to apologize but she’s smiling, squeezing his hand. “I shouldn’t have kissed you.”

She nods her head and the silence surrounds them again, but now it’s peaceful, soothing. He holds her hand and his heart is fluttering in his chest, and he wants nothing more than to hug her and hold her for the rest of his life but he remembers that she’s not his Regina, she doesn’t remember what he does.

“I still don’t remember anything,” she tells him quietly after awhile, “but Robin, I can’t stop thinking about you. I try to keep you out of my thoughts but-“ her voice breaks for a moment and she inhales sharply, squeezing his hand “-but  you’re all I see every time I close my eyes. When I met you, I felt alive again. I-“ there are tears shining in her eyes now and he cannot help but cup her face in his hands, and wipe a single tear with his thumb.

All talking stops and then unconsciously she’s leaning over and so is he, and her eyes close just the moment before his lips land on hers. She doesn’t push him away this time. Instead she responds to his kiss, wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him as if her life is depending on him.

He looks straight into her eyes when they pull away and there’s an unspoken agreement between them, one that tells that they’ll give each other a chance.

No words are needed then.

Regina rests her head on his shoulder while Robin wraps his arm around her waist, pulling her to his side, sighing in relief after a long time.

They stay like this until the sunrise and then Regina invites Robin to spend Easter with her and Henry and the smile that spreads across his face is enough to make her chuckle quietly as she leans over and kisses him again.

They are going to be just fine even if she doesn’t get her memories back, Robin thinks as he takes her hand and together they walk to celebrate the most beautiful holiday of the year.


IgNoct Week 2017 - @ignoctweek
Timed Quest: 絆 (Kizuna : Bonds)
Rated: General Audiences

Something wakes Ignis in the middle of the night. He never stopped keeping track of time. It’s how he knows exactly how many years it has been.

He sits up in bed, completely alert despite having only just roused. Tilting his head towards the door, he listens for the sign of the noise that woke him, but Lestallum is quiet save for the buzz of activity from the streets below. The white noise of the city wouldn’t have been enough to disturb him.

His chest feels heavy and it feels like a weight is sitting on his right shoulder. He reaches up and massages the area briefly but nothing alleviates the feeling. Rising from the bed, Ignis searches the room for a sign, but his blindness hinders any visual confirmations.

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Like Ships In The Night (you keep passing me by) (5/?)

Enchanted Forest AU-Princess Emma does a reverse Cinderella and meets a Captain in a tavern instead of a Prince at a ball. It should have been a one-time thing but fate had other plans and they just keep meeting. Originally a one-shot birthday fic for @spartanguard but now a full on multichapter  Extra thanks to @phiralovesloki for being a stellar and fast beta!

5.2k | T | | AO3 | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

The woods were darker than Emma had expected. Clouds obscured the moon and stars and the trees were little more than shadows against the black. It was the kind of night that called for curling up by a fire, not tromping through the forest looking for an escaped pirate.

There was a pull on her wrist from the black fabric wrapped around it. Emma adjusted her direction, trusting the locator magic to lead her through the darkness. She fingered the rough cotton in the dark. The scarf Hook had used to keep her from calling Elsa’s guards hadn’t been a bad idea but with a locator potion added, it had become Emma’s personal pirate finder. Her father and his knights had clattered off toward the port assuming, as Emma had, that the pirate would commandeer a ship. By the time she had poured out the potion, it was too late to tell them that Captain Hook had fled to the forest and not the sea. Determined not to let him get too far away, Emma had set off at a gallop on a horse only to abandon it when the scarf pulled her into the deep woods.

She didn’t know where Hook was going, only that, once again, he had betrayed her. This time she was going to throw him in the dungeon where he belonged, where her father had wanted him to be from the beginning. Her mistake had been to think that she understood him, that because they had both been hurt by love they were similar. She had thought that his encounter with the Dark One had changed him, made him recognize the futility of his vengeance, made him want to be a part of something. She thought she had sensed it that night in her room and later in the council chamber, but she had been wrong. After Neal and Walsh, she should have known better, but the damn pirate had made her forget herself and forget the lesson she knew all too well–the only people she can trust is her family.

Suddenly the pull on her wrist stopped and Emma paused in confusion. Then she heard the crack of a twig from behind and on instinct, she ducked. The momentum of her attacker took him over her body and to the ground. In a flash, Emma was on top and sliding up to pin his biceps with her knees. She put her full weight forward and he hissed in pain. She grinned in triumph but the smile fell as a sharp pain pierced her thigh. She had forgotten about the hook.

“Ah! What the hell!” She rolled off and away, her right hand going to her thigh and her left pulling her dagger. She hadn’t expected an actual fight, hadn’t believed he would really hurt her despite his escape, but of course she had been wrong.

“Emma? Bloody hell, Emma! Are you hurt?” His shock and remorse made her loosen her hold on her dagger but not on her anger.

“You stabbed me with your hook! Of course I’m hurt,”

There was movement and suddenly he was beside her, his shadowed form becoming something recognizable close-up.

“Where?” Then his hand was on her knee and sliding upward as he probed for her wound. Heat flashed through her and she slapped his hand away. He drew back as if she had slapped his face.

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hi!! hopefully this posts the first time i do it, unlike last time where everyone that was mentioned on here got like 20 notifs LOL if the same thing happens again im going to fling myself to the moon. also my banner is shit sorry

but anyways i thought it would be a good time to post a ff since its valentines day and i can show u my love, my blog turns 2 feb 21, and i passed 2.4k followers what in the world!! thank you ily all

ive only really be active for like a year and a half (i think lmao) but im very much amazed by the amount of people i made friends with omg. i just wanna thank all of you for sticking with me even tho i havent talked to some of you in a while and im sorry for that but i hope you know i still love you lots

also!! if i forgot anyone im so so so sorry!! i follow like 380 blogs so its possible for me to miss a person or two but but please kno that i still love u. i love everyone that is or isnt on here pls remember that

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So hey guys! This is gonna be a quick-edit of my follow forever cause it’s almost December 1st and I really want to hit that timing!! Okay, first things first. I WILL BE CHANGING MY URL DURING THIS CHRISTMAS SEASON TO… MISTLETOSEOK (●´ω`●) So please don’t get confused when you see ’MISTLETOSEOK’ lurking around y'all dash … yeah? :D And well ~ what perfect time to do a FF ! I’m about to change my url and I almost hit my followers milestone! (I didn’t get to do my 200+ followers … so I’m doing an almost 400+ followers) … Either way, AHHH THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I LITERALLY STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM (after being hacked :<) AND WAEH, STILL RECEIVE MUCH LOVE FROM ALL Y'ALL. I really don’t deserve all these kindness I get from you guys.. But I can say, I’m truly blessed to have you guys. :) I love you guys from the bottom of my heart. /huggles/ (✿づ◠‿◠)づ♥ - Kitty
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its officially December 1st, 2015 . Let the Christmas songs begin  ♥

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