it's almost christmas right


I know it’s Christmas and I don’t want to be posting this first thing but…

I couldn’t sleep and I go on Twitter and I see this shit.

And I’m really sad now.

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You Are The Only Thing On My Christmas List [Narry]

Summary: Niall’s face splits in two in a wide teasing grin and Harry tries to yank his hand away, spitting, “Unbelievable,” but Niall just laughs, throwing his head back before he folds himself on the table top and traps Harry’s hand under his arms. It’s not the worst fate imaginable.

Or the one where Niall is the only thing Harry really wants for Christmas. [ao3]

“And with that being said,” Harry calls loudly, finishing his scrawl over the blackboard before clapping his hands to shake off the excess chalk dust. “The fact that Mala Ramchandin does not speak is both a form of protest against her father’s abuse as well as a step toward self-dehumanization in the hopes that it will exclude her from societal pressures.”

Harry turns around and, well, he’d had at least half of the class’s attention up to this point, some of them partially interested in what he’d had to say, but now, they’re all completely gone, captivated by something to his left, their right. So Harry turns and, he’s not exactly surprised.

“Right on, Harold, right on.” It’s Niall, one of the school’s new gym teachers and arguably the hottest new bachelor in the building, usurping Harry’s cushy spot as number four on the list where he was sitting pretty under two other gym teachers, a drama teacher, and one of the vice principals. But all of this is according to the chatty cafeteria ladies; Harry, of course, firmly disagrees.

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tailsluigi  asked:

(Christmas RP) Tails: Woooo It's snowing right now, It's almost time for Christmas! / Yuri: *giggles* / Artemis: What is this white stuff?

Alexis: WHOO-HOOOO!!! *runs through the snow and accidentally sprays Tails and Yuri with it*

Daniel: Ah…ah…ACHOO!!! Ugh…I hate the cold.

  • Matt: We got mint chocolates.
  • Pat: It's almost Christmas time, man! Mint chocolates are like a Christmas thing.
  • Matt: Right, it's Jesus- When Jesus died...
  • Pat: He was just spewing mint chocolates out of his stigmata. Just like... You know Catholics are like it's bread and wine, right? No, from the Lord burst forth a torrent of mint chocolate bubbles.
  • Matt: Everyone was just parading around with their hands in the air, like- As if they didn't care, because they were so happy with all the mint chocolate everywhere.