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Day6; Call me, beep me (if you wanna reach me) Ch. IV

Tumblr: Ch I / Ch. II / Ch.III (I recommend reading these or you probably won’t understand what’s going on)

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sweg squad


jaethelame: guys im here i see him

jaethelame: where u all at we’re losing him

wonFail: ?????

jaethelame: fuck
jaethelame: wrong chat

wonFail: whats going on
wonFail: guys
wonFail: ?????

wonFail: guys

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OT5; something like good communication; PG-13

that group chat aesthetic with no real plot

also tw for like discussions of mental illness nd whatnot

✨Minho✨: I can literally hear every word of Jonghyun begging them to go harder :x
taem: maybe dont be in the bedroom right next to the one theyre fucking in then

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(Andy Biersack Imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}

“Why do you keep looking away from me?” Asked your boyfriend Andy chuckling and struggling a little with making you look back at him. You kept shaking your head giggling and not looking back at him, your bangs covering your oh so red face.
You were spending time with him after he was away on tour for so long, this night seemed like a dream to you since you were kind of getting used to only seeing his face through skype, or just hearing his sexy deep voice through the phone.
Seeing his face and hearing his sweet voice in person was just all so unreal, and you had also almost forgotten how much he made you blush, and how much embarassed you got to show him your hot red cheeks. “(Y/N), come on look at me.” he begged.
“Noooo, I look so weird when I blush!” you yelled covering your face with your hands this time.
Andy leaned away for a moment smiling at how adorable you were being. He just took a look at you for a second, “Youre not gonna uncover your tomato face anytime soon are you?”
You just shook your head as a response, your hands not leaving your face for one second, even through he was pretty much not fighting you anymore.

Andy crossed his sexy tatted arms above his chest, “(Y/N), babe, how long have we’ve been together?”
“Two years.” you mumbled.
“Exactly, Ive seen you blushing a thousand times what makes right now any different?”
“Well you havent seen me in a long time.”
“Im sorry what was that?” he asked pretending like if he didnt hear you.
“You havent seen me in a long time.” you mumbled a little louder.
“Im sorry honey I cant hear you.” he tells you, his lips beginning to smirk as you finally put your hands down.
“I said you havent seen me…ahhh!!” you screamed laughing as Andy grabbed you by the waist, pulling you with all his might on his lap, his huge hands and slender fingers tickling your rib cage. Causing you to laugh out loud, your face turning redder than ever the harder you cracked up.
“Andy!! Stop!!” you shouted laughing.
He laughed as well and stopped as soon as it looked like you couldnt breathe.
You ended up laying on top of him since both of you fell to the floor from so much laughing.
You lifted up your head, your hair waterfalling on the side of your head touching the shiny hard wood floor, your pretty eyes looking right into your boyfriend’s icy blue eyes.

Staring into those eyes of his was like staring straight into heaven with their magnificent sky blue color. You could stare at them forever if you wanted to, your glossed lips lifted up, soon your shiny white teeth were showing as you were grinning on him.
Soon he grinned the same way, your elbows feeling his chest pump up two times out of laughter, “What is it?”
“That was a dirty trick Biersack.” you reply.
“Maybe so but it worked didnt it? finally seeing that beautiful blushing face of yours again.” he softly muttered, his fingers running through your soft hair moving it away from your perfect face.
You bit your bottom lip and nodded agreeing, “Wanna kiss me?” he whispered.
You nodded once more and leaned down, your lips upon his, mingling and sliding off each other so sweetly and passionately, the feel of his lips touching yours was like you walking on air, it was the most greatest and loving feeling in the world to you. Your teeth gently biting his soft and squishy bottom lip as you leaned away from him, pulling it until it escaped and bounced back to him.
“I was hoping you would do that.” he whispered, you smiled and pecked his lips once more, you then happen to glance out the window and gasped seeing how dark the sky was, “Aw man what time is it?” you wondered, grabbing your cell phone and checking the time. It was passed midnight, and you needed to be home or else your neighborhood would get dangerous to walk in.

“Shit, Its almost two in the morning I have to go.” you say standing up from Andy.
He stood up as well and grabbed your hand, “Dont worry babe, I’ll take you home.” he assured you, but you shook your head at his offer, “No honey you need to rest you must be super tired.”
“Its alright honestly, its no problem at all, besides I sure as hell dont want you walking home.” he tells you.
It took you a minute to think about it, but if you knew your man, he would not take no for an answer, “Okay then lets go.”
Moments later, the two of you arrived at your house, he walked you all the way to your front porch, and now the two of you were standing in front of your door, “Thanks for walking me home babe.”
“No problem, I’ll see you tomorrow?”
“Most definately.” you assure him.
A white smile formed on his face again, “Good, because I really missed you (Y/N).”
“I really missed you too Andy.” You leaned up and even tip toed since was pretty tall next to you and kissed his lips sweetly and softly.
You felt his hands gently cuff your face as he deepend the kiss a little, he treated your lips like if they were the most delicate lips on earth. And it caused you to blush again.
The two of you leaned away after a little while of kissing and smiled deepy at each other, “(Y/N)…I…I…”
You became a little confused at first, but then you realized what he was about to say, your heart started beating really fast and your eyes began to widen as you were becomming shocked.

“Yes Andy?….” you softly questioned, itching for him to say what he needed to say.
“I..will see you tomorrow.” he finally spilled.
Your eyes wanted to look down at the floor but you didnt want to show him you were dissapointed, you played it off and nodded faking a smile, “Uh yeah..yeah see ya.” were your last words to him, you placed a sweet peck on his cheek and went inside your house.
You leaned against your door after locking it and looked down on your carpet, your chest slowly rising up and down as you simply took a deep breath and muttered two words
“Oh well.”
The next morning you were on the phone with your best friend Gia, you needed to talk to someone about what happend last night,
“I dont know Gia, I honestly thought he wasnt gonna say I will see you tomorrow, no joke it seemed like he was gonna say.-”
“The L word?” she asked cutting you off.
“Yeah…I was kind of hoping it wouldve been that..” you say looking out your window.
“Well, if he paused for that long then that mustve been what he was gonna say.”
“How do you figure?” you questioned.
“Come on (Y/N), if he was really just gonna say I will see you tomorrow then he wouldve just said it, not hesitate at all get it?”
You gasped realsing, “No way youre right! Aww he mustve gotten nervous.” you cooed.
“Exactly, I mean saying the words I love you is something big, its nothing ordinairy.” says Gia.

“Very true, well, I sure hope he says it today because, I sure am ready to tell him.” your heart began to race right when you said that.
Thats how you knew you were that much in love with Andy. These two years were truly the best ones of your life, and it was about time the two of you expressed it with those three words.
“Okay, tell me if he does girl.”
“I sure will, talk to you later, Im going over to his house right now.” you tell her and hang up your phone.
When you arrived at Andy’s house the two of you were cuddling, but things were a little quiet because you just couldnt get last night out of your mind.
He became a little concerned as he looked down at you, your head was on his chest and he began stroking your cheek. “Babe?”
“Hmm?” you hummed.
“Something wrong? you seem all quiet.” he says.
“Well…kinda.” you answered as you leaned away from him and sat up straight.
“What is it?”
“Andy, about last night, when you said what you said…to be me it didnt seem like thats what you were going to say…I felt like you were gonna say something else, or am I wrong?” you said.
He gazed at your for a moment, his eyes looking at you with so much love, and that look did not go unnoticed by you. His hand reached for yours, he grabbed it and held it very tightly, your fingers lingering with each other, he stared at your hands holding together as he spoke, taking a very deep breath first.
“Youre right…those words were not the ones I wanted to say to you last night.”
“Then what were the words?” you asked.
He continued looking at your hands, you felt his slightly squeezing yours.
“(Y/N), youre perfect.”
“Oh come on..”

“No no no, you are, you truly are, youre perfect inside and out, your personality, your beauty, honestly its what keeps my heart beating.”
You felt so touched by his sweet words,
“From the moment I met you, you had to be mine, and Im so happy that I did make you mine, if I didnt have you in my life who knows how I would be, probably the same as before, but never this happy…”
Your eyes began to get a little teary, Andy always let you know how much you mean to him, and he always made you feel beautiful but never before has he made you feel this great, its like he took his love for to a whole new level.
He finally looked up at you, gazed deeply into your gorgeous eyes, and as he gently wiped away your happy tears with his thumb he said four beautiful words,
“(Y/N), I love you.”
You felt a major adrennaline rush go through your entire body when you heard what he just said, your eyes opened wide, “I love you so much.” he whispered.
“Awww…I love you too Andy…so fucking much!” you tell him as well with a huge smile on your face, you jumped into his arms and the two of you kissed once again but this time even more happiness and love was felt. More than ever before.
You kept telling each other those three sweet words in between lip locking, it was absolutely the most sweetest and beautiful music to your ears. As you leaned away you leaned your forehead against his,
“Please tell me one more time..” you whispered.
“I love you (Y/N).”
You gently pecked his nose and also whispered,
“I love you too Andy.”

(Really loved writing this one :3)


Yeah you’re totally excused to call the majority of the fans transphobics because you as a WRITER on the most social media active show, cant take critics or negativism. Please Marlene, you call yourself and the others writers brave for putting a transgender story line on a teen/adult audience show to bring attention to this matter yet you call people TRANSPHOBICS. TRANSPHOBICS. You know what most of transphobics people would say or do? Let me give an example: “How dare they make an important character transgender? Dont they know that this shows is popular in teens? They shouldn’t watch this nonsense! Transgenders arent people” -You wanna know what your audience said? Okay: “How dare they go with the transgender storyline line AFTER THEY DENIED IT” You know what? You cant call yourself a pro transgender and believe in equal rights and talk about to not label people when yourself and Norman Buckley called us transphobics and “kids”. For the past 3 and a half years we’ve put up with you lies, with your “wait for it” with your “this A story ends in 6A” with your walking after midnight “clues” with your “its no lie” with your “a reveal” with your “one of you has been touch by the one ali fears the most” with your “there are plenty of clues” with your “the transgender story would be to crazy for this show” with your irrelevant characters, and leaving out major ones out, with your “every question will be answered” yet with dont know what the heck happened the night bethanys/alis body was stolen and to later answer MAJOR QUESTIONS in an interview, with your “nothing is a coincidence in rosewood” with your “season of answers” to then later answering the minority of them in one crappy episode which had 4.4 review on imbd, the LOWEST RATING EVER, with your plot holes and with your “you’ll feel bad for A” CRAP. And I was going to mention your “ have some tissues around because you’ll crie your eyes out” but then I remebered I almost needed them when I realized that ive wasted 3 and a half years of my life on this show (no hate on the cast). You call us transphobic, ill call you IRRELEVANT, PLOTPHOBIC AND UNGRATEFUL. Yeah, they’re not as bad as calling someone transphobic, but the reality is that im not that inmature and heartless as you. Peace out IMK & NB. You my still be writers and employed but to me you’ll always be the people that labees us transphobic.