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How u li ke,...a bones? Im asking for a Good Friend also Have A Great Soil thank youw

those have nutrients on or around them usually that are good to collect. congrats on your soil and congrats also on this very good url. asbestos jean SHORTS babey (its almost winter though you might want to change into some good old, classic, timeless, asbestos jeans. dont know if you are a vertebrate or what but everybodys got to regulate their temperature. thank you.)

ShinAya Things #5

-For their first date, Shin would go searching on Google on how to “make the first date wonderful” the night before.

-he would be so anxious, he drank 5 cans of soda and forgot how to sleep.

-when he decided it’s time to finally sleep he remembed he HADN’t CHoOSE ANY OUTFIT FOr tHEIR FIRST DATE OH MY GOD

-he knocked Momo’s door frantically asking for help.


-Kisaragi Mom was awake by all the ruckus.

-and I won’t tell you what happened next because that will be too explicit.

-the next day Shin ended up with his GAKURAN for their date.

-Ayano was in this beautiful pink summer dress and her hair pulled back in a half-ponytail.

-she was beautiful and Shin felt so small he WANNA GO HOME GOD WHY DID HE CHOOSE GAKURAN.

-but Ayano would be just “Oh! So the setting is like, after school date!? Oh you’re so cute Shintaro!! I should’ve wear my uniform too!”

-and Shin’s like “i love her more.”


Time stopped for a few seconds and all he could feel was a strong wind -or rather, urge- that almost blew his mind away.

I initially thought of “how do I draw an extremely flustered Noiz??” but as you can see in the end I just literally used an explosion background.

Got carried away (゜▽゜;)

Original prompt from otpprompts
Short text by shino-cchi

So this is my shit ass 5 minute collage for my trial commissions post! 

I’ve NEVER taken commissions online like this before and this is my first time making a post or advertising it. I’m in school right now with no time for a job at the moment, so a little extra money would be pretty sweet ya feel.

We can obviously discuss rates and such, as I mentioned, these are trial prices! Although I tried my best to compare them to other artists and edited them to suit my skill level (aka made them cheaper because some people are good enough to charge $60 a drawing WOW goals).

I only featured a few drawings here, although I do chibi stuff as well, crack comics, you name it. I can draw animals, feral or anthro. 

Things I will draw that I note that many people WONT:
-NSFW. I LOVE PORN please pay me to draw you naked people.
(All jokes aside I am comfortable drawing almost ANYTHING NSFW.)
-OC’s! I love OC’s and want to draw yours.
-Furry Art SFW or NSFW.
-Gore/gurro/horror/scary shit

Things I will NOT draw:
-Monkeys lol (I hate them dont ask UNLESS its DBZ related I love DBZ)
-Any sort of shit related kink (omarashi is okay but i cant do shit im sorry)

I will start with 5 slots! Please contact me at if you want to commission me, or have any questions!!!!!