it's almost 5 am dont ask


Time stopped for a few seconds and all he could feel was a strong wind -or rather, urge- that almost blew his mind away.

I initially thought of “how do I draw an extremely flustered Noiz??” but as you can see in the end I just literally used an explosion background.

Got carried away (゜▽゜;)

Original prompt from otpprompts
Short text by shino-cchi

So this is my shit ass 5 minute collage for my trial commissions post! 

I’ve NEVER taken commissions online like this before and this is my first time making a post or advertising it. I’m in school right now with no time for a job at the moment, so a little extra money would be pretty sweet ya feel.

We can obviously discuss rates and such, as I mentioned, these are trial prices! Although I tried my best to compare them to other artists and edited them to suit my skill level (aka made them cheaper because some people are good enough to charge $60 a drawing WOW goals).

I only featured a few drawings here, although I do chibi stuff as well, crack comics, you name it. I can draw animals, feral or anthro. 

Things I will draw that I note that many people WONT:
-NSFW. I LOVE PORN please pay me to draw you naked people.
(All jokes aside I am comfortable drawing almost ANYTHING NSFW.)
-OC’s! I love OC’s and want to draw yours.
-Furry Art SFW or NSFW.
-Gore/gurro/horror/scary shit

Things I will NOT draw:
-Monkeys lol (I hate them dont ask UNLESS its DBZ related I love DBZ)
-Any sort of shit related kink (omarashi is okay but i cant do shit im sorry)

I will start with 5 slots! Please contact me at if you want to commission me, or have any questions!!!!!