it's almost 3am sigh

sigh guys its almost 3am here and i cant sleep because i keep thinking of my total crush on my pastor (so ironic i know lol). Hes literally my ideal type guys. Like he has an amazing singing voice, hes korean and my religion, hes so sweet and caring, hes funny, hes cute and tall, hes so put together, hes smart and is genuinely interested in what i have to say. Hes so perfect guys but the problem is he lives in california and i live in canada. Hes also older than me by about 5 years and i think he just sees me as a little sister. It seriously makes me so sad that i can never ever try to attempt anything because long distance is the worst and we havent even known each other that long yet. It just frustrates and saddens me that this seemingly ideal guy is so close yet so far. Anyways thats my rant. Goodnight yall