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Who could ever love me?

Summary - You’re never born hating yourself. You are taught to despise yourself by others and its something that follows you as you grow older. So the moment the man you’ve fallen in love with tells you he feels the same way you don’t believe him because how could anyone love you? 
Is he able to change your mind?
Words -  2,250
Pairing - Bucky X Reader
Warnings - Angst at the start, a somewhat fluffy ending (what is fluff? I sure as hell don’t know mwhaha) Self-hate and childhood bullying. 
A/N - Okay so every example given in this fic is something that I have experienced first hand. I ended up writing this at 3am when I couldn’t sleep and I felt like shit so here you go hahaha. Leave my stupid face some feedback, I love hearing from you all.

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Self-hate has always been a fickle thing with you. Berating yourself until your eyes are burning and your cheeks are rubbed raw from the constant wiping. Refusing to look at your reflection no matter what because the second your eyes fall on your face the world is torn from beneath your feet with whispered jokes and harsh giggles from every direction. Sobbing in changing rooms with armfuls of clothes – none of which look remotely attractive on you – trying so hard to hold yourself together because your friends are waiting outside for you.

Self-hate is never something that you’re born with, it’s something imprinted on your flesh like a brand on cattle. Its burned into the deepest parts of your mind whilst you’re growing up. Starting with the way that your class mates purposely exclude you from group games at playtime. Or the way that you were always last to be picked for a team game because no one wants you. It starts when people whisper barley audible jokes about the way you look when you walk past them in the hall, or on the street.

It carries on was you get older and move through the years, with the way that groups of teenage boys dare their friends to ask you out as a joke and laugh when you think there serious, they laugh at the hopeful glee which fills your eyes because someone likes you right? It continues when you sit and eat you lunch alone because no one wants to associate themselves with you, or been seen near you for that matter.

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Whiskey and Rose Perfume

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Genre: Angst, fluff

Rating: PG

Characters: JayxYou

You were getting ready to go watch Jay perform at a club here in Hongdae. It had been awhile since he’d performed locally and you were as giddy as a young child. You hadn’t seen him perform in so long that you’d almost forgotten how he sounded live, so you were in no way going to pass up this rare opportunity. Jay always figured you didn’t want to see him live while he was in town because you had never brought it up in conversation with him, but the truth is, you wanted to surprise him. It was a secret that you were going so you didn’t tell anyone that could possibly be able to tell Jay. You liked surprising him and he absolutely loved when you surprised him. It seemed to make him happy, so why not?

You put on something simple: just a plain black tee and a pair of faded blue jeans with a messy bun to go along and a pair of old gray boots. He thought you looked your most beautiful when you didn’t dress up anyway, and truth be told, you didn’t want a bunch of drunk, horny guys hitting on you and trying to get laid while you were there to see your boyfriend.

You hurriedly got ready putting on a light pink eye shadow, one layer of black mascara, and a soft lip balm. Considering you had a little time to kill before you had to leave, you contemplated posting a photo on twitter or Instagram but decided against it not wanting to risk getting caught trying to surprise him.

You slipped out the door of your’s and Jay’s apartment while trying to put your boots on, making sure the door clicked so you knew it was securely locked.

You were already shaking with nerves as you pulled up to the club, smiling broadly and shaking your head in your hands trying to hopefully calm the violently fluttering butterflies within your stomach. You gave your cash to the cab driver and stepped out of the car.

Walking into the club, you handed your ticket to the bouncer outside and stepped inside the already crowded room. Of course the first thing you did was make your way over to the bar to order a drink because you knew that your nerves would control you for the rest of the night if you didn’t. Jay had already started performing with some others from AOMG, which was intentional. You didn’t want him to see you before the show. You wanted to enjoy the show and not have him worry about you while he was working.

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RFA + Sae-Sae and V headcanon reacting to a deaf MC? You don't have to do it if it's too hard!


  • Zen noticed that there some things were a bit off in your typing
  • Sometimes you would miss an article or two in a sentence
  • It wasn’t your fault though
  • In sign language, there were no articles
  • Another thing that confused him was that you never answered his calls
  • But you always responded to his texts??
  • What was up with that?
  • He just figured you didn’t like talking to people over the phone
  • One time he asked you about it over private chat and you told him that you were deaf
  • And boi was he shook
  • Not because he was put off by it
  • Nothing like that could make him not want to talk to you
  • But he had never met a deaf person before
  • And he didn’t want you to feel bad if you couldn’t really talk face to face
  • So, he tried his best to learn sign language to talk to you
  • He was a little clumsy at first
  • With practice, though, he was able to get out a few full sentences
  • Bless YouTube TBH
  • So, the first time you met in person he was able to say a few things to you in sign language for the first time
  • As soon as he said to you in sign language, “Hello, (MC).” he couldn’t even get though “Nice to meet you.” before you gasped and hugged him
  • You were about to cry; your eyes were tearing up
  • It was just so nice of him to do that for you
  • You didn’t expect anyone, especially someone as busy as him, to even think of doing something like that all just to make things easier for you
  • Thinking you wouldn’t be able to talk to him you brought a pad of paper and a pen to talk
  • And, while you did have to use that a lot, your heart melted because of his effort to be able to talk to you in your language
  • You two would hang out at each other’s houses every so often and you would help him learn more
  • Sometimes he would make blunders and you would have to correct his hands
  • You could see that every time you did that it would make him blush ever so slightly
  • He had no idea how much your heart was racing
  • One time you tried to tell him to change his facial expression
  • He didn’t understand you
  • So you carefully adjusted the corners of his mouth until they formed a smile
  • Once you did that, his smile dropped almost immediately and you tried to adjust it again but he caught your hands in his
  • Looking at him with a confused expression you tried to ask him what was wrong but he cut you off
  • Looking into your eyes he signed, “Can I kiss you?”
  • Perfectly might I add
  • You were at a loss for words and all you could do was nod your head
  • Almost instantly he responded, crashing his lips into yours and embracing you
  • Every time your lips parted you took in breaths that were almost immediately taken away again
  • When the kiss ended, you grabbed a paper and wrote on it, “How long have you been practicing that for?” to which he responded,
  • Longer than you know.”


  • Yoosung was over the moon that he had someone new to talk to
  • Someone who wouldn’t tease him endlessly like everyone else
  • You talked so often that it would get to be 3AM and he would realize he had an 8AM class in a few hours, so he would have to say good night
  • He would probably have to pour a red bull or two into his coffee in the morning
  • After talking for a few months, you two had started to talk about meeting up
  • It’s not that you didn’t want to
  • You absolutely did!
  • But you didn’t know how he would react when he found out that you couldn’t talk
  • Or more importantly, that you couldn’t hear
  • The thought that maybe he wouldn’t want to talk anymore when he found out made your stomach churn
  • Never did you even consider that he might be that sort of person
  • But there was always that tiny thought in the back of your mind
  • Sometimes, people just changed once they were faced with a challenge
  • Yoosung also just seemed so excited to meet you in person
  • You didn’t want to be the one to burst his bubble
  • Like an elephant in the room, it had to be addressed, though
  • You could only imagine how he would feel if you two met up and he was completely clueless to everything that was going on
  • Having experienced that enough in your own lifetime, you couldn’t do that to him
  • That’s why you learned to read lips, after all
  • You were tired of not knowing what was happening in the world around you
  • The next time you talked, you resolved that you would talk about it with him
  • It turns out, that time would only be a few hours away
  • You were nervous out of your mind
  • It almost felt like you could barely breathe
  • How would he react?
  • When he texted you, you let him go on about his day
  • How school turned out, the newest item how got in his favorite game, what he ate for breakfast and lunch, the works
  • Then, he brought up meeting in person again, wanting to plan it out better, see what you could do and where you guys wanted to go
  • Hesitatingly, you said that you had to tell him something
  • It took him a few minutes to text back, but he inquired with a little concern; you could tell from his choice of words
  • Better late than never, you thought, typing out what should’ve been said a long time ago
  • “I’m deaf.” You wrote to him
  • He texted back immediately, “Why didn’t you tell me?”
  • Was he mad? Did he think you didn’t trust him? Did he not want to talk any more?
  • You started to type out a long-winded apology but he wrote again before you could send it
  • “All this time I’ve been looking for a movie to go see but now I know I need to find one with subtitles for you~” He said with his signature smiling emote
  • You tried as you might, but you couldn’t help letting the laugh you were trying to suppress bubble from your chest, even if you didn’t know how it sounded
  • When the time came to meet up, you arrived with a notebook tucked under your arm and a pen tucked in your ponytail
  • You looked around for Yoosung and it took a while, but eventually you found him with his nose stuck in a book
  • A textbook to be precise
  • A textbook on sign language



  • He never really suspected anything leading to you not being able to hear
  • He just figured you were busy as well, articles missing and all
  • Never putting much thought into it, when you asked him to video call instead of voice call, he wondered why
  • Complying anyways, he understood when you didn’t start to talk
  • Instead you held up a paper that had a few words written on it
  • The paper read “Hello Jumin~^^ I need to tell you something.”
  • You flipped the paper to show another. “I’m deaf.
  • It took a lot to shock him however
  • And we already know that he’s learned many languages to get by during his business ventures
  • So why not sign language, too?
  • That being said, he didn’t know much, just enough for simple introductions and most of his vocabulary was business related
  • When you moved in to his penthouse, you noticed that there were mirrors in almost every room
  • You never questioned it
  • Just thinking it was a rich person thing, you brushed it off as such
  • But Jumin actually did that for you
  • He knew very well that to tell that someone was coming towards you when you were turned around that most people relied on their sense of sound
  • But knowing you didn’t have that, he understood how he might end up scaring you unintentionally more often than not
  • Most people would think that Jumin is cold and unfeeling, but the opposite is true
  • You noticed how much his sign language had improved between the first time you used video chat and the first time you met in person
  • When you asked about it, he told you that he took classes and studied on his own
  • He just wanted you to feel comfortable with him
  • He wanted to be able to communicate with him in the language you knew best
  • Some people would criticize him for having a girlfriend who was ‘handicapped’ and he tried his best to shield you from that
  • Even though, sometimes, it didn’t go all that well
  • Especially at parties
  • You saw the looks you got from others
  • Like the mere thought of one of the most powerful men being with someone that was deaf was ridiculous
  • Having rough knowledge of reading lips you caught words here and there
  • Words like “not good enough”, “he’s crazy” and “stupid”
  • When you told him everything you’d seen he’d pull you in close and then sign to you one of the first things you told him how to say, “I love you
  • He would go on to say that the opposite of what they had said was true
  • He was in fact not good enough for you
  • You had such a pure heart and such good intentions
  • Plus, Elizabeth the 3rd loved you so you had to be a good person


  • He already knew you were deaf, having already done a background check on you
  • What you didn’t know is that this boy was fluent, or as fluent as a hearing person without knowledge of the Deaf community could be, in sign language
  • He used it with Saeran when he was too anxious or overwhelmed to talk
  • When their mom would abuse and speak cruelly to Saeran and Saeyoung, reducing them to nothing
  • Saeran would get so shocked and scared that he wouldn’t be able to talk
  • Plus, gave them a way to talk without their mother yelling at them to be quiet
  • So, when you met for the first time he signed to you his reason for being there, to protect you while the bomb situation was taken care of
  • But that’s it
  • You were surprised that he knew sign language but he never really signed to you unless it was something vital for you to know
  • That didn’t mean that he didn’t voice his true feelings for you aloud when he knew that you couldn’t read his lips either
  • He felt bad that he was kinda using your deafness to his advantage
  • But it was a way for him to vent his frustrations to no one and you didn’t have to concern yourself with them
  • Once the elephant in the room, known as Saeyoung’s feelings for you, was addressed, things were a lot more easygoing between you guys
  • He realized that he could go days without speaking a word aloud since everyone at home spoke sign language
  • Not that Saeran minded
  • It was easier for him to voice his feelings in sign language since it was pretty much his prime way of talking since he was young
  • And he enjoyed hearing the absence of Saeyoung’s voice even more
  • Something that really surprised Saeyoung was how much you loved music
  • You had almost a sixth sense for what style of music was playing, provided you could feel the vibration
  • You listened to a lot of music with a heavy bass mostly
  • Which meant that there was a lot of heavy rap music playing in the house
  • Not that Saeyoung minded
  • He actually found it pretty hilarious
  • You were so sweet and innocent looking
  • But at home you were constantly blaring heavy metal and rap music
  • Being the only member of the RFA that was as fluent in sign language as you were, he was pretty much your interpreter
  • Sometimes he would speak verbally to everyone else in the group but sign silently when it came to addressing and talking to you
  • He had to be reminded on several occasions that he wasn’t speaking orally
  • This lead to the rest of the RFA members picking up sign language
  • Of course, they weren’t as able to learn it due to their busy lives and work but they tried and made the effort to do so
  • And that’s all that mattered to you
  • He would totally use sign language to talk trash about people that they passed on the street or in the store
  • Mostly judging their sense of style or something along those lines
  • He would also tell the corniest jokes and puns, some of which didn’t translate the easiest
  • But that was besides the fact.
  • You often ended up being easily scared by him because he would forget that you couldn’t hear him walk up.
  • That lead to several mirrors being installed
  • As well as devices to help you see when someone was ringing the doorbell, calling the phone, and things of that nature
  • You really appreciated his gesture and his actions
  • But he would never truly know how much
  • You never wanted him to go this all out for you, but that didn’t mean that it wasn’t nice to have
  • It sure made your life a lot easier being able to visually see things that were usually heard

V (Spoiler Free! Don’t worry bbys I gotchu)

  • Seven had told him you were deaf
  • And he knew that it was going to be hard to talk to you
  • Considering, ya know,
  • He couldn’t see
  • But that didn’t mean he didn’t try
  • You wouldn’t believe how hard this precious boy tried
  • He had never gotten surgery because he believed that he shouldn’t be allowed to move on from Rika
  • That the blindness was what he deserved for what he did
  • My poor bby no you didn’t do anything wrong ;0;
  • But you kept encouraging him through text messages that he wasn’t in the wrong
  • Text-to-Speech was a blessing for him
  • And that Rika had problems that she didn’t want to help
  • You promised him that he couldn’t have done anything to prevent it
  • Rika was simply just beyond help
  • And she didn’t accept any help to begin with
  • So, within time, he moved on
  • If not for his own benefit, for you
  • Because he couldn’t stand not being able to see you and talk to you
  • He vowed that he would learn your language as soon as he could
  • Jumin actually picked you up once V was already in surgery
  • And you waited for him to be cleared to visit
  • He waited until you were there to be able to take off his bandages
  • You were the first thing he wanted to see
  • Jumin felt a little betrayed but whatever
  • And when he saw you for the first time he was speechless
  • And he tried to talk to you before he realized you couldn’t hear him
  • You could read lips moderately well, so you understood most of what he was saying but he had to look to Jumin for help on this one
  • So he served as your interpreter using his limited knowledge of sign language that he used for business
  • From then on, though, he tried his best to learn sign language for you
  • Even just something here and there, a sign or a word or anything
  • He tried his best because he knew that his doing that would help you
  • Because he couldn’t help Rika when she needed it
  • Eventually he was pretty fluent
  • Sometimes, though, he would forget that you couldn’t hear him when he was walking around the house
  • So he would think you were ignoring him
  • And this pure boy would panic wondering what he did wrong
  • And then it would hit him
  • He loved to take photos of you when you least expected it
  • Especially because it had been so long since he was able to properly photograph
  • Well
  • Anything
  • So he would often catch you when you were staring off into space
  • Or even when you were talking to him
  • Sometimes he would catch you signing to yourself because
  • hey,
  • Deaf people talk to themselves too
  • And he wanted to capture every minute of it


  • He didn’t care that you were deaf
  • Not in an, “I’m rude and I don’t care” kind of way
  • In a way that he didn’t see you any differently because of it.
  • And due to his past, he already knew sign language
  • In most cases, he actually preferred to talk to you in sign language
  • It felt like talking could just be a bit too much effort sometimes so he didn’t mind
  • More often than not, it was quiet in the house
  • Which was a blessing to Saeran’s ears
  • Everyone spoke sign language so no one really needed to talk
  • Unless Vanderwood was there
  • But he didn’t really care much either way
  • Sometimes he would be having a bad day and one of you would ask him what was wrong and he would be so frustrated because sometimes it was just everything and nothing at once
  • And the only way he could fully express himself was in sign language
  • One day, he realized he loved you and how thankful he was to you
  • So one day when there was no one but you two home
  • Which was rare since Saeyoung never freaking leaves the house
  • He went to his room and practiced telling you in sign and verbally.
  • He wanted you to know just how much you meant to him
  • But it wasn’t a cheesy ‘you saw him the whole time’ kind of thing
  • When the time came down to it he wasn’t able to say it
  • And he seemed off
  • You saw how mad he was at himself but it was so hard to figure out why
  • So he excused himself, fuming
  • You felt bad for doing so but you followed him
  • Mostly because you were concerned for him
  • What could’ve caused him to be this mad?
  • You saw that he went into another room and just ranted aloud to himself signing ever few words or so
  • You guessed it became instinct or second nature for him at this point
  • And thanks to that, and small instances when you could see his face, though from odd angles, you got the gist of what he was saying
  • Though just barely
  • So you approached him, placing one hand on his shoulder
  • “Do you really feel like that?” You asked him
  • His first instinct was to deny that he had said anything at all
  • But he knew it would’ve hurt you and that was the last thing he wanted to do
  • So he replied with a simple ‘yes’
  • You could tell he was shutting down
  • Well, the “I” was right next to the “U” so I made that mistake once
  • Do with that information what you will
  • So you forced him to look you in the eyes as you signed to him
  • “I do too. I love you so much. You have no idea”

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For the writing prompt, 28 with andreil please

I…… hope this is the right prompt. I’m pretty sure this is highkey OOC but a sleep-deprived writer tends to make bad decisions.

28. “That’s almost exactly the opposite of what I meant.”


“Watch the cats while I’m gone,” Neil had said. “Be safe. I’ll be back in a few hours.” Andrew could take care of cats. They’re cats, so there’s very little they could really do. Andrew’s pretty sure that Neil’s worrying a bit too much. He knows how to take care of cats—not that they really need much nurturing—but as always, he insists on telling him to watch them every time he goes out.

This time, Neil is going out to meet Allison, who is in town for a visit or something like that. Though the relationship between the original Foxes improved with Neil’s efforts, there’s still a certain antagonism between Andrew and Allison. There will always be that small rift, especially considering how long she had called him “monster” with no care for what that had meant, so Andrew opted out of joining him. Neil hadn’t even tried asking in the first place though, knowing he wouldn’t want to, and if he did feel the need to come along, he would have said so.

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RFA + V & Saeran reacts to MC having a dark sense of humour.

RFA +V & Saeran react to MC having a dark sense of humour.


• He was actually kinda worried
• “MC? What do you mean you want to fall out the window?!”
• “Nothing, it’s just a joke, don’t worry about it Yoosungie.”
• Your self deprecation only increased by the comparisons to Rika
• You start to joke about getting green contacts and dying your hair blonde
• It was actually really bad
• He didn’t even seem to get it which only made it worse
• Even the other members had caught on
• “Urm Yoosung, maybe you should stop calling MC Rika, I don’t think it’s healthy.” Zen was a concerned older bro
• He’s now super confused.
• “I thought they were jokes?”
• Just doesn’t get it.
• At all….
Also kinda sad.
• In his text messages he was bombarded by the entire RFA, telling him to get his act together
• And he did
• The day of the party came and you two met
• Blown away
• And then you pull this one liner.
• “Wow, I’m glad I stayed alive for this.”
• His jaw is on the damn floor and just stares
• “You can’t just say something like that MC! Of course you’re staying alive, I want to be with you and I can’t do that if you’re not here!”
• His words caught up with him and he’s **d.e.a.d**
• “Aww thank you.”
• Let’s just say you were very happy with the outcome of that evening.


• He’s instantly concerned
• Legit before you can even type he’s policing the words
• “Hey Jagi. How are you? I hope you ate already, can’t have my love starving to death.”
• Literally a model boyfriend and you’re shook.
• Although sometimes it slips in.
• “Yeah! Although being beside someone as pretty as you might just make me want to drown myself since I can’t compare.”
• Doesn’t know whether to call that a compliment or not.  
• “Uh thank you, but I don’t think you should do that.”
• You tell him that you just find those things funny
• And he’s just like …
• He soon finds out that the self deprecation comes from insecurity
• So as soon as you meet you’re hit with the highly promiscuous line
• “You’re MC right? You look absolutely beautiful, but you would look more stunning if you were beneath me.”
Que the winking and the blushing. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
• Obviously the humour never fully went away, but you did tone it down.
• But he never took you to rooftops every again after you did this
• “Hey wouldn’t it be fun if I just jumped off this rooftop? Adrenaline rush much?”


• Obviously there’s the red flag when you entered the chatroom
• And then there’s your humour
• When the fucking bomb was introduced your first reaction was to say
• “Lmao I hope it blows up right now.”
• Bruh
• “MC are you ok?”
• “Just dandy, tell seven I’m leaving the apartment. This’ll be fun.”
• You then proceed to walk to the door, and as you’re about to touch it your phone blares with your ringtone
• “Jaehee, why’re you calling? Not that I mind of course.”
• “Don’t go near the door! You don’t know what could trigger the explosion!” The panic was a shock since she was always so composed.
• “Erm sure, any reason why?”
• “… You said you were going to walk out.”
• The awkwardness is mindboggling
• Once the bomb is diffused, the party came up incredibly quickly
• She looking fine
• “MC? You’re not hurt are you?”
• You’re obviously confused
• She then pulls out her phone and shows a message you’d written
• “Cool, I guess I’ll go and fuck myself with a knife.”
• Pffftttttt
• Legit, you can’t even talk without laughing
• “Why would I want to shove a knife there? I’m crazy but not that crazy.”


• The day he invited you over to his penthouse, you spent most of your time just sitting near the glass.
• “What causes you to favour that spot MC?”
• You just shrugged and looked out before grinning
• “Because I want to know if I would survive the fall.”
• His face didn’t show it but he was like…..
Why you so sad MC!? “ψ(`∇´)ψ
• “Are you ok?”
• “Yeah, I’m fine. How about you?”
• “Just fine.”
• Side eyes her for the rest of the day
• He’s actually very understanding
• -Even though he understands none of it-
• “That’s nice MC.”
• His response to 99% of all the jokes be like
• Does get a little bit like eh when the suicidal jokes up a bit
• “Come now. You’re a radiating beauty that will ascend from the earth with me. No need to belittle yourself with such crude hopes.”
• That was actually hella smooth
• You do start to tone down on the dark humour after he gave you a hard look after you said something about wanting one of the guards to taze you to death.
• Not that they would ever, they’re fucking sweethearts


• He was being a little dick wad
• A huge fucking bastard NGL
• “Stop bothering me damn it. Can’t you understand such simple commands?”
• Of course your defense mechanism is to just shrug it off and make quiet joking jabs at both him and yourself.
• “K then. Mr. IWon'tLetYouLeaveThisFuckingApartmentButIAlsoWon'tSpeakToYouBecauseI'mTrash.”
• The side eye was real.
• You returned the side eye hours later when he still refused to let you leave, but also wouldn’t comply with anything.
• “For fucks sake Seven you’re getting on my damn nerves. Eat something with me you damn imbecilic child.”
• He had the fucking audacity to knock the plate from your hands, sending everything to the floor
• Fucking shocked as shit.
• -Duh!-
• “Alright, I guess I’ll go and swallow some razor blades by myself then, seeing as though you couldn’t care less.”
• You walk to the bathroom and he panics
• “Fuck, I guess no one really does care. Maybe this’ll help me.” It was a whisper and he still heard it
• Legit tackles you to the floor and you’re like ’…’
• He was so shaken up from that that he took every joke seriously before loosening up


• The first time he witnessed your humour was in the infamous 3am chatroom.
• You were running on fumes and you thought you were texting someone else
• “Lmao bitch fuck that. Someone kill me I want to fall into hell already, I hate this life.”
• It was tamer than what you usually said to your friend but then again not to V
• “MC, are you OK?”
• You were instantly energized upon reading that and you actually want to ground to swallow you up
• “Uh, yeah I’m fine.”
• It turned kind of awkward but you turned it around with a Lil Flirt™
• “Hey V, how’s your photography going? I heard you’re quite the master with the lens. Although I doubt they could compare to the fine being that you are.”
• He high key went red AF
• “Oh, thank you MC.”
• But it didn’t take away from the tiny doubt in his mind about your joke
• A few days later you were at the party and you’d convinced V to go.
• You were at the food table when you hit the table corner.
• “Ah shit, if only that hit my heart instead.”
• “That wouldn’t be the best case scenario MC.”
• “Ah, looking as beautiful as ever V. I might go blind from your beauty.”
• You’re such a suave little fuck omg
• “It seems as though your beauty has already beat me to it.”
• …… This guy


• “Maybe if I was dead this wouldn’t have happened.”
• You laughed straight afterwards and he’s baffled.
• Sure his humour is almost the same as yours
• But you crack jokes like that on the daily and he’s just kinda low key concerned.
• “What is wrong with you?”
• “Nothing, I just wish I got stabbed so I wouldn’t be here.”
• “Okay?”
• You were over at the bunker and you were watching a horror film together.
• The cliché began and blood was spraying like a water fountain and guess what you did
• Laugh like crazy
That’s a righta boi
• Saeran’s looking at you like you’re off your rocker
• “What the fuck? They literally just got burned with acid and you’re laughing?”
• It takes him a while to understand but sometimes he takes part
• Of course you tone it down by a lot while he’s in therapy
• He loves it when you make jokes about Saeyoung though
• -Oh look, there’s a Dr.Pepper stain. If only it was blood instead.-
• That earns a look from Saeyoung and stiffled giggles from Saeran
• Over all, he doesn’t mind but you don’t go too over board.

{Peter and the Kittens}

{ A thing brought to you by my cat who never learned she is no longer a baby: }

Peter finding some abandoned kittens too young to be away from mom, he can’t leave those babies and takes them home to find they still need milk.
Think of Peter holding each squirming little squeaker and giving them tiny bottles of milk at all hours, being so overly worried when one of them falls over, carrying them everywhere in a blanket/babyholding thing and being so protecting over the fuzzy little jellybeans.

And they are Peters babies, not just anyone can touch his little preciouses. There are very few people he trusts enough to watch them at all.
(like when he goes to the bathroom for 0.03 seconds they still need to be watched) Kurt is one of them though, because Kurt absolutely loves them and Peter figures he might be ok since he’s part cat.
Whenever he is away from them at all he gets so nervous and anxious with a million bad scenarios happening to his babies he speeds back to check in seconds.

But Peter is the cutest little mama, he reads to the kittens, brushes them, pampers those little fluffers and its just so sweet you can’t help but aww and coo when you see him go past, and Peter’s had the biggest crush on you since he saw you but those kittens take all his attention, he hasn’t noticed you smitten stares until he looks up from feeding one kitten to see another wandering across the rug almost 3 feet away, he is so proud for getting that far BUT STAY WITH THE GROUP

And he sees a hand come down and gently tickle under the kittens chin making it mew and then someone crouch down, he’s ready to go full on Mom Mood on the one by his tiny child until he looks up a little, his face flushes red, his tongue is now tied so he can’t speak and he drops the milk bottle (earning protests from the hungry kit) when he sees its you petting the small kitten who is now trying to paw your fingers in battle then two more of the kittens see the new person and start wobbling your way (Peter almost feels offended when he notices)

You look up at him smiling “Hi Peter” well Peter, he can’t talk but stutters out a hi, only choking on his words twice.
 You ask if you could give it a try while gesturing to the other milk bottles next to his feet, he speedily nods and hands you one of the bottles and carefully sets an unfed baby in your palm.

After that Peter somehow always finds himself and his kittens around you, and when he has to do something you’re the one who gets to look after the kittens.
He even worries slightly less! now the kittens have 2 moms, and a kitty Kurt to raise them (you convince Peter its alright to let some of his friends pet the babies, they do need interaction with others. he is wary but doesn’t think its so bad with the little runt of the litter is trying to chew on Warren’s wing.)
(and tough guy Warren who ‘doesn’t like cats’ definitely had tears of joy in his eyes when one of the kittens climbed on his knee)

After feeding the kittens one time though, probably helping peter at 3am feeding, once the kittens are all finally fed all of them full bellied and tired are curled on you and Peter, only for you to look down and see Peter is also snuggled into your side snoring quietly while latched onto your arm, you smile and kiss his forehead lightly, careful not to wake him before dozing off yourself.

Peter starts to get a little worried when the kittens are growing up though, you only hung around him to help out with the babies right? why else would you…
while the kittens, at a teen like size now are playing with a pile of toys he ‘borrowed’ he gets lost in thought, he doesn’t want you to leave.
Maybe he can find more kittens somewhere? he doesn’t realize you sat down on the floor next to him until you laced your fingers with his watching your fuzzy children play you notice Peter isn’t at his normal happiness and get concerned asking him what’s wrong.
He’s sad and doesn’t put up much resistance before telling you “now that they’re big you’re going to stop coming by us, right?” you look at him confused, how could you ever do that? f

Figuring now is as good a chance as any and bundling your nerves you lean forward till your nose touches his, one hand touching his hair lightly and watching his eyes to make sure he isn’t bothered (very shocked right now but certainly not bothered by your closeness) “Y'know….I kind of helped raise them too, even though you’re their mommy of course. But I’m kind of a parent too, right?” Peter nods slowly “Well Peter, we certainly can’t break up a family now can we?” he shakes his head just the slightest without breaking eye contact, intently awaiting your every move.

Peter’s breath hitches when you tilt your head and slowly press your lips to his, when he hesitantly kisses back you smile. pulling back you wrap your arm around him “So Peter, you’re their mommy of course it’s your call.” you smile down at the kitty chewing on Peter’s shoelace “are we a family?” Peter swears he’s never smiled so much “Y-yeah! of course, I mean they can’t just lose their other parent right? they would be devastated and chew all ufo my socks again” he says, shooting the little brown cat a playful glare.
You pull Peter closer against you and kiss the top of his head, sighing contently with Peter’s head rested on your shoulder, both of you watching your fluffy kids.

Who knew some kittens would get Peter the love of his life and you the same?

How I got here

A few days ago I was working on this image from Canada Cliffs in Acadia National Park, and caught myself wondering if it was really that good.  I was questioning if it was worth sharing.  I did post it, and realized after the fact that my past self, the version of me from 2013 who was standing in a field in the dark, attempting to photograph the big dipper, and wondering if i was doing anything right, would be excitedly asking how i did that.  It changed my perspective in a way i definitley needed.  

Could I do it better?  I hope so, and I will probably go back and shoot from this location again.   I already have ideas for different techniques to try here.

Has someone else already done it better?  Maybe, but it doesnt mean i cant do it too.

Would Kyle from 2013 look at it and get excited and be inspired to learn how to do it?  Hell yeah he would, because I think its comparable to photographers I admired and learned from, and am still impressed by.

So lets go on a little adventure through time, starting in December 2013 on a frozen pond in Colchester, Vermont.   I couldnt feel my feet or fingers, but holy crap those specks on the back screen are stars! So it was fine.  Toes aren’t that important.

March 2014, and I got an intervalometer and and learned how to stack images to make startrails.   It was also super cold this night at the edge of Lake Champlain in Milton, Vermont.

May 2014, and its milky way season in the northern hemisphere again, if you go out at 3am.   If i remember correctly, I slept about 3 hours before going out and shooting through sunrise, and then went straight to work (and transformed into a zombie). My co-workers were not impressed.  I thought this image was super amazing.

October 2014, and lightpainting and combining images with different exposure times come into play.  AM Foster covered Bridge in Cabot, Vermont. Yes, the same Cabot as the cheese.

March 2015, and Ive entered the realm of composites, and learn about the joys of photoshop layer masking.

June 2015, and ive upgraded my equipment from a Nikon d70s to a d7000 (which is till my primary camera) and my maximum ISO has tripled, allowing me to capture more detail in the night sky.  I had essentially reached a point in my skill level that my old equipment was starting to hold me back.

Jan 2016.  Startrails, multiple exposures, masking, blending, essentially refining my process and practing.  (and learning from the past and dressing properly for winter at night in the northeast.  I could feel all my fingers and toes that night.  Height of land in Rangely, Maine.

June 2016.  I’ve made it to Acadia!  OMG Im actually shooting from Sand Beach!  First full arch milky way panorama!  just trust me that this is HARD and took a really long time to shoot and merge because there are over 30 images there.

October 2016  Maybe one of my best pieces so far?  Again, multiple exposures, lots of images, lots of masking and blending. Almost giving up several times, starting over at least 3 times. 10 hours of work is probably a low estimate on this one.  I explained my process here, which is essentially the same work flow as how I do the majority of my images now, and a workflow that took years to practice and develop.

And finaly, 2 weeks ago, July 2017  From the southern coast of Mount Desert Island in Down East Maine

Art is hard. It takes a lot of practice and repetition, and most importantly, time and patience.  It’s not going to happen overnight, but the image you manage to create will gradually get closer to the image you’re imagining, as the the best you can do gets better. Sometimes you just have to compare yourself to your previous best to see any change.

Looking at your art and seeing flaws isnt always a negative thing, but a way to find things to practice more, so your next personal best will hopefully be better.

Never stop learning.

1. “Oh my God. You’re in love with her.”

A/N: Okay folks, here’s the first one. I’m doing a one-shot a day (they might be like every couple days though because ya know, life. It’s based off this list ova here. Quite frankly, this one is complete shit and writers block is a thing i fucking hate but whatever hope you enjoy xx

“Beca, just fucking say it.” Jesse practically spat at her.

“Say what?”

“Don’t play dumb. You know what I mean.”

“Jess, I don’t love Chloe.”

“I’m not an idiot! Becs we haven’t had sex in weeks, you can’t stop smiling at your phone, and you’re constantly dropping plans whenever she’s brought up.”


“Look, I’m not mad. I get it, it’s whatever- I’ll get over it. But for god’s sake just go fucking tell her.” and with that he walked out of her room and slammed the door.


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missgrantscheerleader  asked:

Supercat canon divergence. Cat Grant barista Au. Please and spanx.

You and @reginalovesemma are in so much trouble. Again.

Originally posted by chopchopmissgrant

On AO3 if you prefer. 

Kara has idle daydreams about when she’ll hear from Cat. She envisions personalized stationery all the way from the Orient Express, or a knowing postcard from Paris. In darker hours, those 3am-can’t-sleep-for-missing-her hours, Kara worries the first communication she’ll have from Cat is a scream, or  a stutter in her heartbeat. 

Instead, it’s a messengered note written on a napkin from a Bulletproof Coffee store. Cat couldn’t find the time to open her email, or the money to buy actual writing paper, but she took the time to scribble an address and FedEx the damn thing to Kara’s office at CatCo. So almost exactly the level of drama Kara has been pining for these past few months. It isn’t even signed, relying on Kara to recognise that impatient handwriting with its tight loops and jagged lines.

Since there’s no detail, Kara doesn’t waste time or money on the façade of looking up the nearest airport and booking commercial flights. She looks, just in case, but the number of changes suggest Cat is truly in the middle of nowhere, USA. If there’s a spa resort there, it’s so exclusive that the internet doesn’t contain so much as a whisper of its existence. 

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Originally posted by malecsbiscuit

Words: 1247
A/N: I would like to apologise for me taking so long, im just way to lazy to start on imagines, but when i first get started… yeah. love you xx

You kicked the demon in the stomach before rolling onto the concrete, taking the seraph sword you dropped a minute ago, jumping up to put the sword right into the demon. As you saw it disappear, you heard another scream. Before you could react the sword in your hand was gone. The demon had knocked it out of your hand, which meant you no longer had a weapon. You tried to kick the demon but missed and instead it grabbed your leg pulling you towards it.

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anonymous asked:

RFA reaction to Mc who sleep walks and disappears in the middle of the night and then found some place strange?? :'D

Sure! I hope you don’t mind that I added Saeran to this, I had an idea and had to write it. Some of these got long oopsies o.o. Hope this is to your liking anon! Let me know if you want anything changed, I’ll gladly change it!

-mod Sarin


  • He woke up to noises in the hallway
  • When he realized you weren’t in bed next to him, he just assumed you got up to use the bathroom and closed his eyes again
  • Until he heard the washer go on
  • Mc what the hell are you doing its 2am
  • He got up to investigate and found you in the laundry room, throwing random articles of clothing in the washer
  • “Mc? Why are you doing the laundry at 2am?”
  • No response
  • “Mc?” nothing
  • Ah she’s sleepwalking that’s ador-wait no that’s my lolol underwear mc no!
  • Is at your side and slipping the underwear from your hands in a heartbeat, in the process waking you
  • Lets just say he locked the door when you slept together from then on lol


  • He gets up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom
  • Kinda just stumbling through the dark apartment, not turning lights on he didn’t wana wake you
  • Turns the light on, shuts the door, and gets ready to go when he hears a little noise from the bathtub
  • Whatthefuck jumin did you leave a cat in here i stg
  • Slowly peeks around the curtain and almost screeches
  • There you are, sprawled out on your back in a painful looking position, lips parted slightly and small snores escaping
  • How did he not notice your foot dangling out from underneath the curtain???
  • He manages to lift you out of the bathtub without waking you and carries you back to your bed
  • Goes back to the bathroom and uses it checks the shower and goes back to bed, holding you in a vise grip so you can’t escape
  • Asks you why tf you were in the bathtub, and makes sure it never happens again (bathroom is locked from then on at night lolol)


  • You fell asleep at her place after a girls night
  • So she covered you up with a spare blanket and stuck a pillow under your head before heading off to bed herself so sweet mama baehee
  • She woke up a few hours later, in need of a glass of water
  • She did not expect you to be sitting at the table, slicing an apple by the faint light from above the sink
  • “Mc? Are you hungry? It’s, uh, 3am but I can make you something if you need.”
  • “I’m good,” you responded, then started muttering gibberish before setting the knife down and stumbling out of the room
  • “Mc? You didn’t touch your apple!” no response. When she checks, you are fast asleep on the couch again. Weird
  • She just puts the poorly sliced apple in the fridge wrapped in a baggie, gets her water, and goes to sleep
  • In the morning she questions you about it, and freaks out when you have no memory of doing that
  • “Shoot, I must have been sleepwalking again! I thought I was done with that! I’m sorry Jaehee!”
  • “No, mc don’t apologize! I’m glad you told me, and I’m glad you didn’t get hurt last night.”
  • From then on, when you spend the night, she checks up on you during the night to make sure you are still in the same spot sleeping


  • He woke up in the middle of the night
  • It wasn’t anywhere near dawn. Why was he awake? And where were you?
  • He got up in search of you, panic starting to fill him as he doesn’t find you right away.
  • He’s about to call security when he hears the soft trill of your voice and follows it to see you facing the large glass windows, cradling something in your arms and humming softly
  • It took him a second to realize you were humming to Elizabeth, who was cradled in your arms like a baby and purring loudly
  • He wanted to take a picture of this precious moment, but didn’t not like he could get a clear one anyways. Instead he walked up to you and took Elizabeth from your arms, circling his arms around you instead
  • “Hm? Jumin? What are you doing? Why are we out here?”
  • “I’m hugging my dear wife. You were just too adorable cradling Elizabeth the 3rd and humming to her, I was starting to feel a bit jealous.”
  • This took you off guard. “What did you just say?”
  • Uh oh did I do something wrong
  • Jumin quickly lets you go, gripping your shoulders lightly. “You were standing, right here, facing the windows and rocking Elizabeth while humming to her. You don’t remember?
  • He’s scared when you shake your head no
  • He has his phone out, ready to call the doctor when you place a hand over his
  • “Jumin! I think I was sleepwalking! That doesn’t need a doctor!” oh
  • Hugs you tight to him, hes so relieved
  • Takes you back to bed and holds you tight as you go back to sleep, thankful you are okay


  • He was working when he decided he wanted to check in on you
  • Nearly dies when he sees you in the kitchen on the CCTV, in the dark, with sunglasses on, bouncing in place and smearing peanut butter on the jelly lid
  • Is she sleepwalking????
  • He decides he can take a break to go out and record you check on you
  • Has his camera on his phone out, and sneaks into the kitchen to not get caught
  • Records as you put jelly on the peanut butter lid and squish the two lids btogether, preparing to take a bite while still bouncing
  • Better step in there seven
  • He stops recording and goes over, gently taking the ‘sandwich’ from your hands and shaking you slightly. “I don’t think you’d want to eat that, mc.”
  • You slowly come to and yelp. “Its so dark! Am I blind?”
  • He chortles and takes off the sunglasses
  • “Oh man, was I sleepwalking?” mhmmm
  • “Yep~! And I have video of it! I think everyone would love to see this!”
  • “SEVEN!!!”


  • He goes into the kitchen and gets the ice cream out
  • He goes for a bowl, opening the cabinet-
  • Holyshitwhatthefuckwasthat
  • You fall out from the top shelf and right on top of him
  • “…I dont know why you were up there but you are in the way of the bowls” pushes you aside and reaches for a bowl
  • Thanks for caring saeran love you too

anonymous asked:

I understand that you're not taking requests right now, but hear me out. Pet/Slave Namjoon. With a collar/choker and everything.

Sub Namjoon was an interesting concept to me, to say the least, so…here we are ;p

ALSO: I tried to add a ‘Read More’ break, but they don’t seem to work correctly for mobile when I’m replying to an ask, soo…sorry for anyone that doesn’t want to see glimpses of sub!joon

Unlocking your front door, you sigh as you step inside, kicking your shoes off on the landing. The grocery bags balanced on your forearm lay proof to your trip to the corner convince store, and you’re sure Namjoon will love you later when he sees all the candy you bought him.

Smiling to yourself you skip into the kitchen, preparing to put the groceries away. However, you only manage to get the essential items into the fridge before desperate whining in the background catches your attention.

Rolling your eyes, you set the remaining bags down on the kitchen floor and grab the hem of your top, pulling it over your head and chucking it onto the couch as you start towards the bedroom. Your pants come next, and you kick them off just outside the cracked open door, fingers wandering to your damp panties, pressing into the sensitive bud of nerves hidden just beneath the fabric.

Breathy curses and pleasurable moans are rolling through the walls and washing over you in waves, and you lick your lips in anticipation. This is going to be fun.

Pushing the door open ever so slowly, you pad into the room, drool pooling in your mouth at the sight of Namjoon. He’s knelt at the foot of your bed, reddened bottom lip caught between his teeth as he attempts not to whine—a cock ring secured around his manhood. You can easily spot the cum leaking down his shaft, begging for a chance to flow free, but you’re not ready to give in to him just yet. It’s only been half an hour since you left him here like this, and you’re sure you can get him begging even more.

Ahhhh~ this pretty dominate boy who is suddenly so submissive under your delicate finger.

“Hey there puppy,” you tease him with a grin, finally revealing you presence to him as you tug on the chain resting against his chest. He immediately gasps and leans forward on his knees. The chain is attached to nipple clamps secured around his sensitive pink buds, and between the chain jiggling in your hand and the tiny vibrator attached to the cock ring, he’s ready to burst at the seams.

“Are you gonna beg me, huh? Look at this,” you say, squatting down and dragging a finger up the underside of his length. Skimming your other hand over his tan shoulders, you loop your finger under the leather of the collar he has on, forcing him to look at you as you lick your cum-covered digit clean.

Namjoon shivers at the sight alone, nostrils flaring.

“Baby…please,” he whispers, voice cracking and eyes pleading. His cock is so painfully hard, he’s about to go insane. “I-I already came, but it hurt. I need…I need—”

“Payback for all of your teasing, babe, aren’t I right?” you grin, burying your hand into his sweaty blond hair. You bend to your knees in front of him and yank his head back, your lips pressing overly-light kisses to every inch of his skin. “All those time you brought me to the edge and then denied me…two can play at this game.”

“Fuck! Please!” Namjoon begs, his second dry orgasm approaching at dangerous speeds, and he thrusts his hips into air, desperate for friction. 30 minutes alone in a room—hands cuffed behind his back, and cock restrained—had granted Namjoon a lot of time to ponder how to get back at you for making him like…this. But, subsequently, thinking about tying you up and shoving his dick down your throat until you choke on it hadn’t helped out his situation.

“Come for me, Namjoon,” you demand, capturing his lips in a fierce kiss, and he screams around your tongue, hips bucking fervently as another dry orgasm rips through him.

“Fuck! FUCK!” he curses, cock throbbing. He’s about to lose his GODDAMN MIND!

“Yes! What fantastic sounds!” you laugh, petting his sweaty hair back and hooking your fingers under his collar yet again. You tug him around so he’s facing the edge of the mattress, his chest heaving as he tiredly watches you step out of your soaking panties.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, you drag his head forward, your fingers spreading your glistening folds.

“Make me come and I’ll return the favor.”

Licking his lips, Adam’s apple bobbing, he eyes your womanhood before diving forward without another second of hesitation. His tongue flicks over your throbbing bud, and you toss your head back, hand thoroughly tangled in his hair and keeping him secured between your thighs.

Already too well acquainted with your body, Namjoon skillfully drags his tongue between your folds, dipping the flexible muscle into your heat before returning to your clit yet again. His strokes are accurate and utterly devastating, distraught moans leaving your mouth as he inches you closer and closer to your orgasm.

At feeling your thighs tighten around his head, breathing picking up and pleas becoming increasingly louder, Namjoon feels another orgasm beginning to build up in him as well. And he knows that he won’t survive another dry one. So, he brings out his A-game, sucking your clit into his mouth and digging his tongue into your sensitive bud even rougher than before.

The sensation has you crying out, orgasm right on the brink, and after a few more swipes of Namjoon’s tongue you come—breathy moans filling the room. Your chest heaves as he rides you through your orgasm, but as soon as you start to come down from your high Namjoon falls backwards onto his ass, eyes scrunched shut.

“Baby please please please please–!”

“I gotcha~,” you coo, petting his hair back as you lean down and snap the cock ring off. Immediately a guttural moan tears from his throat, his orgasm hitting home without any help from you. Breathing uneven, cum splattering across your hand and his stomach, you bend down and kiss him gently.

“I’ll get a rag,” you say, hurrying out of the room and to the bathroom. When you come back Namjoon has relocated to the bed, nipple clamps, cock ring, and collar all resting on the sheets beside him. Smiling sweetly when he looks at you with exhaustion painting his face, you quickly clean both him and yourself up.

“You good?” you question after throwing the rag in the nearby clothes bin, and Namjoon nods, latching onto your wrist and tugging you onto the bed with him. Immediately he maneuvers you into the little spoon position, his arms wrapping snuggly around your torso, and you don’t mind in the least.

Sighing, Namjoon nuzzles the back of your skull, sleep already finding him, but he makes sure to get out what’s been on his mind all afternoon.

“You’re gonna fucking pay for that later.”

Laughing, you roll your eyes and attempt to find sleep as well.

“We’ll see.”


Title: Roses

Word Count: 2006

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst. Mentions of alcohol. Maybe a swear? ANGST.

Authors Note: I know I’ve been kind of AWOL recently but I’m trying to get back into this, I promise. Listen to the song right here.

Originally posted by imcubo

Despite the late hour, Y/N could not bring herself to go to sleep. Instead, she sat by the fireplace and stared into the flames while trying hard not to think about the too-large, empty bed that was down the hall waiting for her.

I waited all night for you to come home;
I always hated sleeping alone.

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Say You Won’t Let Go

Requested by anonymous

AN: This has been requested twice and I’m so sorry it’s taken this long for me to finally get it written for you guys! I have no idea if this is what you expected, but hopefully everyone likes it!

Peering into his eyes lifted the dark cloud capturing your mind. His breathing was relaxed as he slept soundly next to you. These moments, these were the ones most special to you. The safety brought to you by Shawn was something you’ve never seen before and it had taken some time to reach this point.

Your hand reaches out, combing your fingers through his dark tresses. They fell perfectly around his face. He stirred, but didn’t wake, so you kept going.

Rain hit the window of your apartment, quietly. The serenity of the morning, making you incredibly comfortable. It was early, probably near 6am. The sun still hidden behind the trees. The days were passing too quickly and you weren’t ready to go back to college.

After too long a time spent watching your boyfriend sleep, you decided to make some breakfast. A couple hours have passed and it shouldn’t be long until he woke up too.

Eggs sounded perfect this morning. Breakfast in bed, even better.

You hadn’t heard Shawn wake up or the footsteps he took until arms snuck around your waist. A smile crossed your lips immediately, knowing the only person it could be.

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The moment of sudden clarity when feelings are finally recognized, or are made aware for the first time.

It hit you one late night at the library while you were cramming for and crying over midterms along with the other student zombie population. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary - you were in your regular spot as per usual, inked paper and random notes scattered all around you, the dimming screen of your laptop reflected in your glasses, hair haphazardly pulled back and out of your face. And he was there with you, as per usual, his own laptop illuminating the serious and focused look on his face as he rested his chin on one propped hand while the other worked hard to scroll down his screen on his keyboard. Just two university students, two dormmates, two friends, studying at the library. The only difference between you two? He wasn’t studying - oh, no - you knew from the last time you got up and walked past him that he definitely not studying. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey if you're still open to the pairings thing could you do boyf riends?✨✨


  • proposes - BOTH OF THEM they plan a really romantic date for their anniversary TOGETHER and they both secretly plan to propose to the other there!! jeremy pulls his ring out first and michael IMMEDIATELY starts full on sobbing and then pulls out his ring,, jeremy starts crying even harder than michael and they both just really happily sob while they hold on to each other
  • shops for groceries - a team effort,, if they dont both go shopping then michael will get distracted by free samples and buy a ton of stuff they dont need or jeremy will forget the list and buy all the wrong things
  • kills the spiders -  literally they both flip out every time they see a bug in the house, its almost a routine,, they hide behind furniture, michael throws something at it, the bug scurries away, jeremy screams and hangs onto michael, michael screams and runs them out of the house, they spend a few hours hanging out somewhere, then they finally come home and uneasily pretend theres no bug in the house
  • comes home drunk at 3am - jeremy is the big party guy now and drinking helps calm his nerves,, he usually ends up drinking a little too much and thinkin about past parties and calls michael to pick him up,,, michael spends the whole ride there on call with jeremy who just apologizes A LOT while michael insists he forgave him a long time ago and will be there soon
  • remembers to feed the fish - hkjsadkjhahkj they both assume the other forgot and feed the fish themselves and end up overfeeding it,,, hes so big when they go to flush him,,,,
  • initiates duets - JEREMY hes an absolute sucker for michaels voice and would do anything to hear him sing,, usually it only takes being his singing partner to make him come out of his shell and sing a bit (only ever when theyre alone)
  • falls asleep first - depends on the night,,, michael will stay up late becus of mania and jeremy becus of paranoia,, they usually just cuddle in the dark on their phones or just talking until they both fall asleep eventually  
  • plans spontaneous trips - michael does becus he rly rly likes to impress jeremy with their dates,, he’ll spend weeks planning a nice weekend vacation just to surprise jeremy who is blown away every time and insists michael never needs to be this extravagant but he really really appreciates and loves it anyway
  • wakes the other up at 3am demanding pancakes - jeremy!! he forgets to eat a lot or purposefully doesnt eat and then will wake up starving,, he’ll gently kiss michael awake and very innocently asks for pancakes even tho its 3am and michael always gets up and makes them becus!! hes so worried about his boyf!! if he ever even says ‘im kinda hungry’ michael is on top of it with snacks from a stash he keeps in case jeremy hasnt eaten
  • sends the other unsolicited nudes - again no unsolicited pics and no nudes but jeremy likes to snap michael a lot of silly pics when theyre apart for a while!! when michaels having a particularly bad day and jeremy cant be there for him his snap is blowin up with jeremy in every weird voice changing filter telling him different variations of “hang in there i love you so much!!”
  • brags about knowing karate even though they never made it past yellow belt - michael does and it terrifies jeremy becus he swears michaels gonna piss off the wrong dude w/ this shit and get his ass kicked
  • comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops - JEREMY he loves sweets so so much but the squip wanted him to get in shape so he wasnt allowed to eat his fave treats for months,, hes still fucked up about it obvs and he catches himself staring longingly at baked goods and candy without being able to make himself actually get anything. every time michael notices him doing this tho he buys it for him and talks him into feeling more comfortable eating sweets
  • blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit - jkassjkahhkj sorry ive said both so much but BOTH,,, when one of them does something stupid the other claps sarcastically and the first blows kisses and bows
  • killed the guy (also, which hid the body) - ghajdgjhajhg they are literally that exact scene in bobs burgers,,, jeremy: “oh my god. im gonna kill rich.” michael, half asleep: “wha? you’re gonna kill rich?? alright well the cars gassed up thats good. guess i could homeschool our future kids-” jeremy: ”no michael- i mean on accident.” michael: “oh. gotcha.” jeremy: “good god michael you had all that ready?”  michael: “what? im just trying to be supportive!! (turns over) whatever, good night.”
  • wears the least clothing around the house - the big mood for today is jeremy wearing nothing but boxers and any and all of michaels sweaters while michael snuggles up in jeremys cardigan
  • has icky sentimental moments for no apparent reason - BOTH AGAIN! they love each other so so much!! jeremy loves to remind michael that hes his favorite person and no one in the world means as much to him and michael loves to tell jeremy how he’s always dreamed of being with him and hes so lucky to have him,,, they cry about how much they love each other on an almost daily basis
Countdown Part 1/5

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Genre: Angst, fluff, suggestive themes etc. (not actual smut), soulmate au

Soulmate au: Every one has a timer, counting down to the time when they first meet their soulmate

!Do not repost!

Status: Finished Next


You glanced around anxiously. The gentle afternoon heat contributing to the sweat on your neck. It was a rather busy street.


You breathed in deeply, trying to calm yourself down, occasionally glancing at your palm.


Time is running so slowly all of a sudden.


Wild, incoherent thoughts running through your mind, your breathing quickened as your mind blanked with anxiety. ‘What ifs’ filled your mind.


What if he is not here?


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Sleepless Nights

For Carry On Countdown -Fifth Year

Written from Baz’s pov, basically just pining oops

This is getting ridiculous. It’s 3am. In the past four nights I’ve had less than twenty hours sleep combined. I close my eyes for the millionth time, knowing full well that they’ll have opened again within the the next minute.

It’s not like I’m trying not to sleep -quite the opposite. I just can’t stop thinking. My brain won’t shut up. I’ve been having trouble sleeping for the past few months, but it’s never got this bad before. I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried going for walks once Simon’s fallen asleep, but that only makes me think more and I end up wandering across the whole site, aimlessly, for hours on end and come back no less weary but a hell of a lot colder. I’ve tried listening to classical music through earbuds. I’ve even managed to blag some chamomile tea from the kitchen, but it didn’t help. It just tastes faintly like piss.

Simon rolls over in his sleep and I let out a sigh. How can he sleep so easily? How can he do everything so easily? His whole life is just one big long walk in the park. He doesn’t agonise over homework, he’s in a happy relationship, he hardly even does a thing between getting out of bed and going down to breakfast -just brushes a hand through his hair and he’s good to go.

I’d brush my hand through his hair.

Wait. What. No. It’s 3am. I’m knackered. I don’t know where that came from. I roll over, blushing despite the fact that no one could know I’d thought that. I’m now facing the window. It’s open, of course, and I realise suddenly that I’m absolutely freezing. Bloody Snow and his stupid.. stupid… argh. I don’t even know what I’m trying to think. I get up to close it, a little too quickly, and stumble slightly on my way across. It takes two attempts for it to actually shut, the rotten wood swollen bigger than its frame. I am forceful the second time round, and it slams loudly, the metal catch rattling against the glass. Snow stirs and I worry that I have woken him, before I realise that I don’t actually care. Why shouldn’t he wake up? He left it open to begin with. Stupid. And that stupid hair.

I lay on my back for a while and think about nothing. Well, I probably was thinking about something, but it wasn’t significant. I trace patterns on the sheet instead, my finger joining up creases like those dot-to-dot things I remember doing as a child. Like little constellations, I think. Like Simon’s freckles. The ones on his back are spread out enough to do an actual dot-to-dot. Spread out enough to be actual constellations.

What the fuck? I’m thinking about Simon’s moles. That’s like, the third time I’ve thought about him tonight. Then I try and remember, and I decide it’s probably actually more than three times… Does this count? Does thinking about thinking about Simon count as thinking about Simon? I laugh suddenly and unexpectedly, a sort of choke, and bury my face in my duvet so as not to wake Simon. There we go again, I think. Of course Snow doesn’t wake. He never does. Never has. All these five years of me banging around doing whatever I’ve been doing and he just snuffles through it, only turning occasionally, or flickering his eyelids.

I almost wish he would wake up. Dev tells me about how when he stays with his cousins they don’t really talk much, but they all share a room at night. He says once it passes about 2am, different rules apply. They talk about everything, he says, stuff you would never dream of telling anyone when you’re fully awake. I’ve never had a sleepover that wasn’t with him or Niall, and we did have deep conversations but I don’t think that really counts because we’re already close. I don’t need to be half asleep to talk to him. But then I start thinking. Do I? Do I tell him stuff? Real stuff? I complain about how fucked up my family is and what Snow’s up to, and, sure, when we have sleepovers we talk about stuff. Girls. We’ve talked about girls. Is that what he means? Girls? Because that’s where my problem lies. I’ve spoken to Dev about girls. Girls. Not about boys.

Would I talk to Simon about boys? If we were both tired and we reached the magical 2am and forgot our feuds, would I talk to him? It’s hard to imagine. The forgetting feuds part. I look at him. His head is laying in a pool of moonlight on his pillow and he looks like a hand tailored mannequin. Nobody is this flawless naturally: his skin looks like pearl, his hair like silk, and his features ethereal. ‘Snow.’ It’s suits him, as a name. Fun and childish and exciting, but also.. stunningly beautiful.

What the fuck, Baz. Shut up. Simon Snow isn’t fucking beautiful.

But he is. You can say that. It’s fine to be able to appreciate beauty. Dev is quite good looking.

Now you’re being stupid. Dev is not good looking.

No, Dev is good looking. He’s just not Simon Snow.

My knuckles whiten as my grip on the duvet tightens. I loosen them. It’s just Snow. He’s still sleeping. Fucker.

There is silence again. I imagine shaking him awake. How is it fair that he is so asleep and I am so not? I need it more than him; he doesn’t have to worry about how well he does in lessons because he’s not battling for top against that stupid Bunce friend of his. I imagine shaking him awake and pinning him against the wall. I’m shouting at him, I don’t know what but I’m shouting something. I’m angry and I’m I’m holding Simon Snow against a wall and shouting at him and my spit is flying into his face. I’m furious and he’s not doing anything to stop me. He’s just hanging there limply and letting me do what I’m doing. He’s in my hands. I have control.

And then I stop. I look at his face, scrunched up, little flecks my my saliva mingled with freckles.

I brush them from his cheek with my thumb.

He’s staring at me. His eyes are the most penetrative ice blue I’ve ever seen. I’m staring into his eyes and I’m shivering and my thumb is still on his cheek. And suddenly his eyes are closing. His eyes are closing and his head is tilting and it’s moving towards me. Simon Snow is… going to kiss me?

“M-Bazz..” I jolt my eyes open. Simon fucking Snow is laying in his bed, as asleep as he’s ever been. I glower at him. He murmurs my name again and I nearly throw the lamp at his head.

All. I. Want. Is. To. Go. To. Sleep. You. Stupid. Fucking. Dick.

I roll over determinedly. When I close my eyes again Simon Snow does not have time to kiss me because I am banging his head against the wall. Those stupid fucking eyes flash at me. They look hurt.

Good, I think. And I throw the lamp.


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Its late at night. But hearing your voice gives me a reason to look forward to another beautiful day, another day to see your beautiful face.

pairing: jimin | reader
words: 1.9k
genre: fluff
summary: Jimin wants to talk. Just not with you.
a/n: it was 1 am last night, and i just thought of this idea and i kinda just 

“And I swear, this was by far the most amazing dream I had of her, like the ferris wheel dream was just wow but this one made me fall harder for her,” the animation and exhilaration in his voice was a tad bit thunderous for you at 3 am in the morning.

I mean, I could have just hung up and tell him to fuck off, I need my beauty sleep.

But he didn’t stop. Nothing stops Jimin from his moment to bask in the spotlight and talk for hours because when Jimin got something juicy to say, he will say it there and then. Only that it was just surprising for him to disrupt your night, ringtone piercing through the still silence of your peaceful slumber, to just tell you about his dreams because, really, he doesn’t do that at all.

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