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Charlie McAvoy - One Cocky S.O.B

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Request: “  a) your writing is really good and i really appreciate you b) would you pretty please be able to write about charlie mcavoy where he’s all cocky and confident after a win and its really hot and shit thanks so much!! “

a) thank you so much i appreciate you too b) of course, here you go my love.

Warnings: foul language. This one is also pretty short, which I apologize for. Had a lot of stuff going on when writing this, couldn’t quite focus enough.

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Under the Gloves

“Papa, what do you like about mom?” The lavender haired boy tagged along beside his father, both dripping with sweat as the doors to the gravity chamber closed behind them.

His father scoffed, eyes narrowing as he kept his stare straight ahead, “That’s an odd question.”

“Not really,” Trunks flexed his shoulders, wincing slightly. He was definitely going to be sore in the morning, “I mean, you guys are always arguing and stuff. Usually that means you don’t like each other.”

“You have a lot to learn about females.” Vegeta opened the door to the kitchen as Trunks practically ran him over; he could appreciate his sons ravenous appetite.

After the two of them raided the fridge, practically all of its contents laid out on the the kitchen island. Trunks through a large bite managed to say, “I mean, you guys never even hug in public. I’m not even sure you sleep in the same room all the time.”

With a roll of his eyes, Vegeta finally turned ever so slightly in his chair, “Your questions are irritating. Relationships aren’t always about mushy, useless displays of affection. If your mother and I didn’t want to be together, We wouldn’t-”

“You’ve got mustard on your glove.” Trunks interrupted, pointing with the chicken leg he was holding.

“Damnit,” Vegeta growled, dropping his steak to begin peeling off his gloves.

Trunks continued to gnaw on his lunch, mulling over his fathers words as he watched him carefully peel off the now stained gloves from his large hands. He’d always wondered about his parents relationship. Gotens parents at least seemed to like one another. His parents were like oil and water, flammable and volatile; but they’d been together awhile so there must be something to it…

The son of Vegeta nearly dropped his lunch when he saw the gold band on his fathers now exposed ring finger.

Vegeta tossed the gloves off to the side of the island and picked his fork back up. He finally noticed Trunks’s obvious stare and smirked, “I only wear it under my gloves. Don’t want to lose it. Sometimes relationships are the things you don’t see.” He finished quietly and went back to eating his steak, “And don’t tell your mother.”

Trunks smiled and happily picked up his chicken.

Be My ♥ Color

a/n: be more chill x soulmate au. :o if you wanna be tagged in the series letmeknow.kbyethanx. (schedule tba Wednesday!) 
summary: Jeremy Heere never knew he missed something until he realized he was living a world not only devoid of colors but of a soulmate. After a terrible incident he’s found himself chasing after colors he wants; and realizing there are some colors he needs as well.
warning: Pot/Marijuana mentioned; surprise cliffhanger
w/c: 3066

sincerely tagging: @guns-and-squips (betabae); @mishaisakitten @fandomgeek34 @theunidentifiedfangirl @gayrhodians @ka-rin7204 @nekothecatblog @binxi1031 @spilling-tea @loststardraws @green–llama @walkingcontadiction @purpledays9 @bouquetofllamas @hacks-the-trash @spoiledbuni

01.← Piranha Pot Plant ™ →.02

“Michael.” Jeremy blinked, watching his best friend silently pick at his chili fries. He had been this way since they got out of school. Jeremy would admit signing Michael up with him was probably not the best thought out plan. “Michael…you can’t ignore me forever” Jeremy pushed, tilting his head down as his friend sported his grumpiest look. His red hood flicked up and headphones over his ears as he picked at his food. Jeremy kept staring with wide doe-like eyes until Michael finally met his gaze. “Are you going to talk to me?”

Michael prolonged the look, his face was disinterested while he popped a fry in his mouth and chewed slowly.

“Look, drama club isn’t that lame,” he assured him with a smile. “I panicked. I … I don’t know how to talk to Christine I figure if you were with me … I dunno…I can do anything when you’re with me.” Michael was his player 2 after all. Jeremy waited to see if his best friend was being worn down but he kept eating his fries. “Michael, I know you’re not actually listening to anything.” He pointed accusingly at Michael’s white off-brand headphones.

Michael pouted grumpily between chews, “You don’t know that.”

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BTS reaction : finding you sleeping in their bed

 (situation: dating for 2 weeks only )


First, he would appreciate you. He would sit next to you and just stare. But then… we would probably paint all over your face and take a lot of photos. 

He would not believe that you’re really sleeping.
So he decide to check if you are sleeping for real, but gets to close …. (shy shy mochi) He can’t resist but laugh realising how beautiful u are and how lucky he is to have u.

he is incredibly loud, but not this time. He smiles brightly has always and lies next you, bringing you into his arms reaaaaally slowly, putting it’s best effort not to wake you up.

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He sits on the floor next to you and smiles (like an idiot because he is so fucking in love with u) but suddenly you open your eyes and he gets shy not knowing what to say or what to do.
You : What?
Suga: N…Nothing, don’t get me wrong I was just checking if you where alive… 

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He would not find you just cute but sexy asf. The ideia of you sleeping in his bed made him think about something else… He tries to control and stop thinking about it. For now he simply lies on the bed with you but if for some reason you wake up he will sugest something more. 


(First,he would be shocked, then he would start laughing like he always does).
He sees here the perfect opportunity for a surprise. He would prepare a romantic dinner with all your favorite dishes.

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He would feel complely lost. He would not know what to do, he would be divided in : pretending that nothing is happening and go to the kitchen break some stuff to wake you up or do what he really wants …. keep staring at you.
(he can’t take the eyes off you no matter how hard he tries)

Catch Me (Day 2)

Summary: In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,300

I cannot thank you enough for editing this @avengerstories

Day 1

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“Well that was interesting,” Clint comments, referencing the bird documentary the two of you just watched.

You smile and nod, lacking the heart to tell him that you fell asleep twenty minutes into the film and woke up right when the credits started rolling. In your defense, there is only so much information your brain can retain about hawks, the mating season, and their diet.

“So what should we do now?”

“Eat,” you respond immediately. “Definitely eat.”

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Based on the one word prompt “Cake” sent in by @rainyclodstoday (ty!!).  I seriously considered writing a fic based on the Melanie Martinez song but decided, “NO! NO ANGST. ONLY FLUFF,” and I ended up with this. I hope you enjoy :)

Summary: There are few problems chocolate and a considerate boyfriend can’t fix. Even if it’s the middle of the night.

Word Count: 1259

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Nico had always enjoyed solitude. No matter how happy he was or how many people there were in his life that he cared about, alone time had always been important to him. Will apologized sometimes for always being so busy but Nico didn’t mind all that much. Will made an effort to spend as much time with Nico as possible despite the fact that he was working his ass off to become a doctor, and Nico appreciated that. They had fallen into a rhythm in their relationship that they were both happy with.

Nico regularly got plenty of time to himself in their apartment while Will was at school and interning. The longest of these times was Monday nights, when Will had to stay out until 10pm, which meant it was usually the most productive time for Nico.

Nico would get the bulk of his own schoolwork done and usually managed to clean a bit of their apartment before burrowing in their bed and reading or watching some TV. One Monday, Nico found himself so engrossed in a history documentary that he barely registered the door opening from across the apartment.

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Not necessarily Kink™, but all that's in my mind rn is Yuri in the US for some competition and he gets overly invested in Chopped, so once he gets back he's determined to cook and bake. Otabek thinks it's adorable and 8/8 would go on motorcycle grocery trips for ingredients. One day of the week is now set aside for kitchen day which usually ends up with either really good food or stuff that got burnt because they were making out on the couch

I actually gasped in the middle of my lecture?? That is a Sign to stop posting on the blog for now but fheuhgurgh this is SO ADORABLE I can’t help myself

Living for Supportive Boyfriend Beka who goes to get his boyf groceries and helps him cook (or eats his nasty food and tells him it’s lovely)

Hi Please Help...

hi guys! so me and my roommate @freshginseng live in an apartment built in the 1970s, so its pretty old and a lot of stuff is pretty run down.

 there was a wasp in our kitchen, and it landed on a window. so naturally, my roommate swatted at it to kill it, like any person would do, and it broke the entire fucking window. 

it wasn’t even a large window, just a small one, as you can see in the photo. but it was very old, which is probably why it broke so easily.

but its gonna cost us $500. thats right. $500! which basically, we can’t afford! haha! at all! it’s literally more than our monthly rent.

why is it $500? beats me! they said something about it because it was repaired during after hours or something, which is STUPID, because they didn’t tell us there would be a charge or anything for that, and we didn’t even request it be fixed RIGHT THEN?

so anyways, we are in need of help, if anyone can help us. my squarecash is $LyVick, or my PayPal is so if you could help us out in any way, we would greatly appreciate it.

it’s very hard living paycheck to paycheck, and then some unfair bullshit like this is pulled over our heads.

again, any help AT ALL would be so appreciated…..we kind of really don’t know what to do, but we are hoping we can just get this stupid shit paid off.

au where eskild signs himself and isak up to this baking contest and its stupid bc isak cant bake??? but he cant get out of it now. but a day before the contest eskild gets really sick and isaks like “um does this mean we dont have to go tomorrow” and eskilds like “no, u have to, u need to win” bc the winner gets all these kitchen stuff ,and isaks like “but i cant go alone??” and eskilds like “ask someone then, jonasmaybe?” and isak just snorts but then remembers a guy he met at a party and they exchanged numbers then but never talked after the party but he did mention that he loved to bake so. isak texts him asking if he wants to show off his talent in front of ppl and even texts back a thumbs up emoji and isak tells him about the contest. but theres one little thing eskild forgot to mention,and what isak and even have to find out only when they arrive. “its so nice to have a young couple take part in this, i feel like young ppl nowadays dont care about baking” and isaks fake smile freezes on his face and sees even furrow his eyebrows but then his forehead smooths out and he smiles at the person, “baking is like, my favourite thing to do. couldnt really say the same about my boyfriend though” and puts an arm around isaks shoulders laughing along w the person and isak joins with a painful fake laugh and when theyre behind their stove and counter, putting on their aprons, isaks just repeating, “im going to kill eskild” and evens like “isak, its okay. we dont have to do anything, its about baking” except… theres a person with a camera that comes up to them a few times and asks for a cheek kiss to capture (does it w every other couple) and while evens lips and cheeks are very soft, its getting annoying. especially when in the break theres a kissing contest, the most passionate one wins some new kitchen supply and, “dude, ive been searching for that for months!” and no. isaks not doing it. even can probably find it somewhere else. but then even is waving to the ppl, telling them theyre in and while theyre walking over to them, isak is panicking and he’s whisper shouting at even but even doesnt seem to be paying attention to him andthen theyre there and even is suddenly taking isaks face in his hands and theyre kissing and evens tongue is slipping into isaks mouth and alright, isak likes it, its a pretty great kiss and his shoulders did relax so. and he forgets its a show until even is pulling back and ppl are whistling and his cheeks are burning but evens just grinning really wide and its, beautiful. they win that. and isak finds the rest of the baking part really, different, bc now everytime evens arm touches his or evens leaning over him to check if he’s doing smth right, isak feels his heart speed up and licks his bottom lip on purpose when evens looking and he notices evens eyes following his tongue and forgets what he was going to say and isak loves it. theres a moment when isaks tastes smth and its on the corner of his lips and even kisses it off out of nowhere and jst says, “they were looking” and isak doesnt question it. they dont win the contest but theyre in the top 5 so isak thinks its a pretty good place, considering it was mostly even doing everything alone and almost not finishing in time.and when theyre out of the building isak awkwardly says, “well that was fun” and even smirks, “we should do that more often” and isaks like “baking?” and evens like “i mean that was cool but i meant the kissing part” and isak laughs nervously and before thinking twice about it he says “youd have to take me out on a date first” and even raises an eyebrow and nods, and a day later even does take him out and there is more kissing, more than baking this time, and isak loves that bc while even is really good at baking, he’s even better at kissing and after more days with evens kisses, isak thinks his lips are just as sweet as all the cakes even bakes for him

fr tho like…lance and hunk are best friends???

just think about the shenanigans they got up to in the garrison? like clearly hunk was used to lance dragging him out to do wild stuff at night but just

lets think about like??? lance helping hunk cook in the student kitchens? or in their shitty microwave if you don’t think the garrison would have student kitchens idk. and by helping i mean sitting there and like washing the dishes as hunk actually tries to make stuff and they’re joking and having fun and being happy

or think about like staying up all night even though there’s classes the next day just binge watching shitty tv shows until its four am and they’re both so exhausted hunk says something like “….i think that ants are spies from the government” and lance just?? looses it? and starts laughing hysterically until he rolls off the bed and just continues laughing on the floor?

Build A Boyfriend - Jongup

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“You are immature, childish, and care for no one but yourself! I don’t know how I’ve dealt with you for so long, your a wreak of a person. Good luck finding someone to deal with your crazy ass!” Your boyfriend screams as he shoved his suitcase into his truck.

“Please, Don’t leave me! I can change! Please just give me one more chance.” You begged him. Your face was covered in tears and running mascara. Your eyes burned from crying so much and it paired with a raw throat. 

You grabbed his arm but he yanked it away. He turned to you with a glare. “I’m going to stay with friends. I’ll be back in a week, Be gone when I get back, understand?”

“Y-yes. I do.”

“Good.” He said. He god in his car and slammed the door. He turned it on and sped away. You watched the truck disappear down the road and it only made you sob harder. He was your everything and you ruined it by just being you.

It’d been three days since your, now ex, boyfriend left to his friends house to escape from you. You called a friend of yours who was selling her home and made a deal with her and her soon to be husband. You were surprised they agreed on such short notice but you weren’t complaining.

You were going to be at at your ex’s for one more night to make sure you had everything you owned packed and ready to go. It sucked, but there was nothing you could do about it. He wouldn’t answer your texts or calls. It drove you insane knowing he looked at his phone but straight up ignored it as long as it came from your number.

You gave up and decided to text your friend instead to ask about the house a bit more. All you knew was it was a two bedroom, 2 and a half bath place with a decent sized kitchen. You didn’t understand why they would want to leave that place. It sounded like the perfect home for a soon to be married couple that planned on a baby. 


‘Hey (Y/n)! What’s up?’

‘You got everything out of the house right?’

‘Yes we did. There is one thing there but its a present for you.’

“Oh. You didn’t have to do that. But anyways I’ll be moving my stuff in tomorrow so I just wanted to make sure it was clear.’

‘It’s the least I could do for my long time friend.’

You changed out of your clothes into pajamas and crawled into the covers on your chair. It was the only furniture you owned in the house and the only thing you’d be taking to the new place besides a mattress. You felt your chest tighten when you tried to hold back the tears that tried to escape. You knew you would be crying yourself asleep again tonight.

You had all of your things packed into a moving truck. The man driving it was super nice and agreed to take you to the place since you didn’t have a car. He told you he’d help get everything out of the back but that’s the most he could do because he was scheduled to help out another person move. You thanked him for even doing that.

He brought you to the place and got some stuff out from the back into the yard. You were thankful it hadn’t rained the night before. You began moving everything in but stopped dead in your tracks when a boy stood in the center of your living room. He just stood smiling at you, not a creepy smile but a welcome home kind of smile, but given the circumstances it did creep you out a little bit.

“Uhm…Hello. Who are you?”

“Hello (Y/n), I’m glad you’re finally home. I’m Jongup, your boyfriend.”

You took a surprised step back and looked at him with confusion. He just kept smiling like what he said was normal. “Uh no. No you are not.”

“Let me explain it to you. I am Moon Jongup. I was made just for you to be your boyfriend. I have been told that a friend of yours was the one who did it instead of you.”

“Made for me? You kidding me right?”

“No. You can even call your..Friend it was? And ask them!” He was practically pleading you and it was kinda sad. You caved and called her.

“Yeah at first I thought it was a bunch of bull too but then he showed up and well… that.”

You hung up and looked at him in disbelief. He forced a smile at you and twirled his thumbs. You sighed and looked at the ground. “I’m sorry Jongup, I’m not ready for another boyfriend. I just got out of a relationship and need time. Please understand that.”

“I do, but I am not leaving. I will stay with you as a friend until you are ready. And when you are I will make sure you never get hurt again.”

You smiled at him and felt a tear go down your face. You could stop the river that came down your cheeks. You let out a surprised gasp when Jongup came up and hugged you. “It’s okay (Y/n), Don’t cry I’m here for you.”

You knew you weren’t ready but this assured you, that when you were, he was going to be exactly what you needed and wanted. You barley knew him and already he felt like home.

You Are A Waitress At The Diner of A Haunted Truck Stop

You are a waitress at the diner of a haunted truck stop. Your stop has been featured in more than one top list of haunted truck stops across the nation. You take a sort of small town pride in it. Your diner even has a bulletin board dedicated to the haunting, newspaper articles and write-up explanations, like a mini haunting museum. There’s even a picture of you from when you were younger and into that sort of thing. People sometimes see it and give you a double take. “Is that you?” They ask. Time changes a lot. Its certainly dulled your interest in such things but you will still boast pridefully if they bring it up.

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A thing to think about: remember how in the extra content Bee had a heart attack and andrew was like shook over it ? What about her bf and gf?? Wymack coaxing her to the gym like "I need someone to spot me while I lift weights ;)," and while shes there hes like "try this exercise bike, it's new, what do you think?" and Abby low key replacing everything in all 3 of their kitchens with fat free and low sodium stuff and trying new healthy recipes,, bc they love her and don't want to lose her

okay, but look, Bee knows exactly what they’re doing and is torn between being touched and mourning the candy that Abby’s subtly (it is not subtle, not at all, but don’t tell Abby that) sneaking away. 

at least they let her keep the hot chocolate, which was in fact the result of Abby nervously ranting to Wymack abt Bee eating healthier food and Wymack convincing her to not even try taking away hot chocolate. Abby glares at the hot chocolate every time, though (that is a lie, she tries to glare but ends up just smiling sorta fondly at Bee because they are all s o f t for each other).

and there’s just Wymack … Wymack is trying to get her to exercise and Bee only goes along with it bc she knows that she really scared them. but, like, Bee is the sort of person that is out of breath after running for two secs and can’t do even like one pushup. sometimes Abby goes along just to laugh (also to exercise bc exercise is important and Abby is a Healthy Person) bc Bee hates it so much, despite going somewhat willingly.

The Boy Named Yoongi (Part 3)

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Pairing: Yoongi X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Length: 1,681 words

Summary: Valentine’s day is coming up and you had no interest in that but that was only until you realized you still liked your middle school crush; the boy who harshly rejected you.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

When you wake up the next morning Yoongi is still by your side. Somehow during the night his arm ended up around your waist. You stare into his face and when you see his face twitch awake, you pretend to be asleep. He jumps a little when he sees you and then quickly leaves the room.

You wait for about 15 minutes to go by before getting out of bed too. The warmth of where Yoongi was gone and it made you feel lonely. You go to the bathroom and wash up and walk straight to the kitchen where Yoongi was.

“What are you doing, Yoongi?”

“I’m making pancakes for breakfast. You like them right? You used to eat my mom’s pancakes all the time.” He flips a pancake.

“I’m surprised you remembered that.”

“Its not weird for a genius like me to remember simple stuff like that.”

You giggle a little as his confidence. He actually sounded proud that he remembered that. Then you realize something.

“Wait. I thought you didn’t know how to cook.”

“I can cook. I just don’t like cooking.”

“Oh… So I didn’t need to bring you dinner last night.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Do you need any help?” You change the subject to forget about what happened.

“I’m just about done. Can you just set the table?”

“Sure.” You grab some forks and knives and walk to the cupboard to get some cups. They were a just a little too tall for you to reach so you tiptoe. Your fingertips can just barely touch it.

“If you couldn’t reach it you should’ve just told me Y/N.” He comes just from behind and reaches up and easily grab two cups. You could feel his breath on your ear as his fingers brush past yours. “Here.” He hands them to you and goes back to cooking.

He walks to the dining table with two plates of hot pancakes and sets one in front of you along with a bottle of syrup.

“You liked it with syrup right?” He proudly recalls.

“Yeah. Thanks.”

Both of you ate in silence which was pretty awkward because it’s been awhile since you actually had a normal conversation with him.

“Yoongi, you’ve grown a lot taller, I didn’t even notice.”

“I’m a man, of course I’m going to be taller than you.”

“I just didn’t notice how tall you were because it’s been so long since we spoke and stood next to each other.”

“I’m pretty sure it was you who stopped talking to me. I think in middle school.” He stops eating and looks at you.

“I had good reason to.” You don’t meet his eyes.


“Nothing.” You can’t believe he doesn’t remember that you confessed to him.

“Tell me what happened.”

“I have to do something. I can do the dishes when you finish.” You shove the last piece of the pancake into your mouth and put your plate and cup in the sink.

You go into the room and stare at nothing. You had nothing to do. You just needed to get away from his questioning. It was humiliating how he rejected you and even more so that he forgot.

You look around his room. It had so many things you didn’t know how to use. He had two computers and a large flat screen TV above it, and some musical things you didn’t know the name of. But you did know that it was his studio. He had a few toys of Kumamon. You recognize one particular old one; it was given to him by you.

“How many years has it been since you gave me that?”

You whip your head around. When did Yoongi come in?

“I’m not sure but it’s definitely old. Do you need something?”

“Oh yeah, I need to go out for a bit so I need to change.”

“Oh… Oh! Let me get out of your way then.” You hurry out but run into the corner of the table and double over in pain.

“Y/N! What happened? Are you okay? Do you need to go to the hospital?” He rushes to your side and gently holds you.

“I’m not okay. My hip is dying right now. I have not experienced this pain in so long.” You dramatically call out.

“Haha so funny. Now get out, I need to change. Unless you want to stay and watch.” His smirk makes the hair on the back of your neck stand.

You get up to leave but trip over your feet and almost slam into the door but Yoongi catches you.

“Were you always so clumsy? Maybe it’s better if you just stay in here, I don’t think you make it outside my room alive at this rate.” He places his hands on your shoulders and seat you at his desk. “Just don’t turn around while I change.”

“Why would I?” You blush and close your eyes even though if they were open you wouldn’t see anything anyway. You open your eyes just a little bit and stare at the computer and almost scream when you realize you could see his reflection from his computer monitor. His skin is so milky white, and smooth, you want to look away but you couldn’t.

“Are you looking at me through my computer screen?” He pulls a sweater over his head.

“What?! No! Why would I?” You close your eyes again, trying to play it off as if you really weren’t looking.

“I’m done so you can open your eyes now. I’ll be back in an hour or two. Are you going to be fine on your own?”

“Yeah. Have fun.”

“If you’re bored, you can listen to music.”

“Okay.” And with that he left.

You were looking around his room again when your phone begins to ring causing you to jump. It was your best friend, probably wants to hang out or something.

“Y/N? Let’s try out that burger place that just opened. My boyfriend went without me so now I have no one to go with.”

“Where should we meet?”

“Meet at the burger place. I’ll text you the address.”

You get dressed and head out. When you see your friend, she runs up to you and hugs you like she hasn’t seen you in months.

“Let’s go in now! I just saw Yoongi go in so we get to feed our stomachs with delicious burgers and feed our eyes with Yoongi.” She pulls you in very suddenly but you were quite excited yourself.

“Let’s sit over here, Yoongi shouldn’t be able to see us.” Her eyes widen and she rubs them, “Is he on a blind date? Why? If he’s taken then how are you going to make him love you!”

You pinch her arm, “Stop! He and I don’t have anything going on. He doesn’t even remember that I confessed…” You explain what happened and why you’re staying at his house. You might have left out details like you peeking at him while he changed.

“Oh my god Y/N! This is the best for you to make him like you.”

“No it’s not. I don’t like him anymore.”

“Oh look! The girls are here.”

Three pretty girls sit across from Yoongi and his two friends. They’re all smiley and you can tell one of them already has her eyes set on Yoongi. You didn’t like Yoongi but it did make you upset thinking about him liking someone. That was probably your petty side talking, saying something like ‘if I can’t have Yoongi then you can’t’ - just some nonsense.

“Oh that’s our buzzer, I’ll get the food.” The buzzer snapped you back to attention while your friend excitedly gets the burgers.

“So your name is Yoongi? I’m Soo Mi, nice to meet you.” You can hear her getting ready to flirt with him.

You stare at her as if it would make her stop being interested in Yoongi.

“Y/N stop staring so openly.” Your friend was already eating her fries. When did she even get back? “Heh Y/N, you’re jealous aren’t you? It’s okay, it’s natural to not want your crush to be taken by some girl.” She tosses a fry at you and laughs.

“I’m not jealous!” you take the fry and throw it back at her.

“Whatever you sayyyy” she says it in a sing-song way that you can’t be mad at. “Anyway, Valentine’s day is coming up. I wonder if my boyfriend will get me that teddy bear that I said was cute.” She slurps her smoothie and looks out the window like she was in a music video.

You peek at Yoongi’s table and see that the girl, Soo Mi, was staring at Yoongi with googley eyes. You admit it did make you feel annoyed and maybe, just maybe a little jealous. It also made you feel a little mad at Yoongi for going to a blind date. It’s not like you owned him or had anything going on but it made you upset.

“I have to go now.” Yoongi suddenly gets up and Soo Mi looks like an abandoned puppy.

“Oh oppa. Let’s go together! I also have to run some errands.” She gets up and runs over to Yoongi’s side and casually loops her arm through his.

“Um. Y/N. Your fry, why are you doing that to it?” Your friend looks at you with a worried face.

You look down to see that you had completely smashed up the fry in your hand.

“Nothing.” You quickly say before turning your attention back to Yoongi.

“Hey! Y/N. I didn’t tell you about my plans yet.” Your friend snaps her fingers to get your attention.

“Sshhh.” You hold up a finger to shush her while you look at Yoongi leaves with Soo Mi.

“Are you done eating? Let’s go!” You grab your tray and throw out your trash.

“What? Go where? I didn’t finish my smoothie.” Nana throws out her trash and follows you. “Really Y/N? Not jealous?”

“Fine. I am jealous. I can’t help it if I like him.”

Sorry it took me so long to update this! I’ve been so busy lately so thank you for being patient

On delays, the rest of season one, and being whelmed.

Before I get to the post-proper, this is me offering a cyber high-five to anyone who got the “whelmed” reference!

Hello all!

Alex Brown here! Your friendly, neighborhood co-showrunner. First, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for supporting our show - when we released our first episode nearly a year ago, I figured it would be a fun side project to do with my friends, and that maybe some old college acquaintances who knew us would listen.

I’m over-the-moon ecstatic that I was wrong. Your response to our episodes, our characters, our music (which is the best part, let’s be real), and the humor we try to put in our stage directions is beyond anything I could’ve ever dreamed of. Throughout this past year, we’ve seen spectacular fan art, amazing fan fics, lots of fantastic theories, moodboards that fill my heart with more joy than I can express, and lots of other great things. As someone who’s lived the past six or so years as a frustrated writer who has struggled to get published, it’s been ridiculously fulfilling to see that I’m capable of helping to create something that people can genuinely connect to.

With that said, I want to let you all know where I’m at with a few of our processes, because, for me, the struggle right now is quite real. It’s not really a secret that one of our mini-episodes, Home, was influenced a lot by my own experience with depression. It’s certainly something that Etta has, too - but a lot of what’s in there are things I’ve felt for a long time. And, for me, some of those things still linger. 

I have mechanisms in place to help confront these thoughts. Other than on-going therapy, I like to put a lot on my proverbial plate to keep busy when I’m not in an introspective mood. My day job helps with a lot of that - during the school year I’m often in late-night meetings, or meeting with student groups on the weekend. I was hoping to have a little more free time this summer, but my day job seems determined to keep adding to my growing to-do list.

I’m also stage managing a show this summer, which has been lots of fun (and is totally my jam - I’m a way better stage manager than I am a stage actor, lemme tell ya). But the theater I’m working with is about an hour away on a good day, so there’s a lot of driving involved at the moment.

There are other things I’m trying to balance as well - getting another book written (as that’s been on hold for…about a year now), trying to make sure that my friends stay connected (being scattered around the country makes that a bit harder), trying to just… have some downtime and read a book, or watch The Bachelorette. All of these things are very important to my mental health - and all of these things haven’t been happening nearly as much as they should.

That was a very long-winded explanation of what’s going on with me, but I wanted to share that with you all, because I want you to know that I take this show seriously. It’s pushed me creatively, taught me new skills, made me a better writer, certainly a better actor, and I hope a better friend. I truly adore the community that’s been built around this podcast, and I can’t wait to see what you all think of the rest of season one!

And that’s what the point of this post is, I think. I have most of what I need for episode 11, but what I don’t have right now is a lot of time. As we’ve said lots before, I get individual audio from each actor, have to sift through all of their takes, and piece the puzzle together from there. It can take hours - sometimes, most of the time, it winds up taking days. Which is not a problem if I didn’t have lots of other time consuming obligations tugging me in their direction - but, here we are. I’m writing this note at 1:46 in the morning because I didn’t get back from rehearsal until 11:10 PM, caught up on The Bachelorette, and now have time to craft this note.

So, what I’m getting at is that we have sixteen planned episodes for season one, and we are very close to getting episode 11 out to you. I promise that I’ll try my best to get that done before June, but the show I’m stage managing opens right at the end of the month, so things might be a little hectic.

Once episode 11 goes out, we’re going to take another hiatus to prep the rest of the episodes. This time, I don’t plan to lift the hiatus until the rest of season one is edited and ready to be released. Unfortunately, I don’t have a timeline for you yet - and, seeing as how release dates seem to be a bit flexible when it comes to this show - I think it makes sense not to speculate right now. Once we know when episode 11 is coming out - and when the rest of season one will happen - we’ll let you know. I promise.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to get some admin stuff straightened out so we can start to sell our wonderful merchandise! The response we got to our designs was amazing, and I want to make sure that you all have access to that if you’d like to rep the show somehow! (And props again to Em and Eliza for the rad designs!). Once I get a handle on that, we’ll also launch our Patreon - but I want to make sure we have cool rewards for all of you, because you deserve the best! I don’t want to try to rush into things for the sake of having/doing them anymore - and I think waiting on these things will help us in the long run.

Wow, this note was much longer than I anticipated. Uhhh, so, yeah. We’re still here, and we will continue to make content and tell what we hope is one kick-ass story. It just might take us a while, and that’s 100% on me. I am but one person, and there are but 24 hours in a day. But we’ll get there together, one way or another.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for your support! You’ve made this whole experience into probably the best thing I’ve ever done, and I’m so glad you’re here. 

If you’re going to stay for a while and would like some chocolate fondue, I hear there’s some overflowing in the kitchen.



tieddown-withbattleshipchains  asked:

Hey doll, I hope I can send a request in cause I could really use some distraction. Maybe something with Bucky where you're dating and also share a comfy Little Apartment and one day you come home from work to find him in the kitchen cooking for you. Later then you both cuddle at your Little fireplace where things also get heated and Bucky makes the night all about you and it's just romantic and stuff? I hope this is okay with you <3 Thank you dear.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: Smuuuut

A/N: Oh sweetheart, whatever is going on, I hope this makes it a little better! (I’ve wanted to get it out tonight so you’d be able to read it asap, still hope you enjoy it <3)


“You’re sure no one else can do it?” you pressed the button to the 5th floor in the elevator and leaned your forehead against the cold mirror, closing your eyes for a moment.

“Sorry, babe. With these recent events that are happening all over the country we barely have any doctors in. I need you to come.”

You sighed and went to your apartment door once the elevator doors opened.

“Fine. I’ll be there,” you hung up and switched your phone with your keys.

The second you opened the door your nose was filled with the most delicious smell.

A smile immediately formed on your face and you walked into the kitchen.

The clicking of your heels made Bucky notice that you had come home.

He looked incredibly handsome, as always. He wore a simple white T-Shirt and dark gray sweatpants. You especially loved it when he kept it simple like that.

“Is it my birthday?” you pointed to food that was currently being cocked on the stove.

“No,” he came over to you and took the coat off your shoulders. “Just wanted to surprise you.”

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