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Love is a Magic All its Own

Otherwise known as: The evolution of kitchen witch!Bitty

The first time it happens, nobody even knows.


“Mama?” a small toddler replies from his mat on the floor as he pushes a car around the printed road.

“Dickey, did you touch the cookies we baked?”


“Did you touch the plate the cookies were on?”


“Well, all the cookies we made are gone and cookies don’t just up and walk on their lonesome, so do you know where they went?”

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anonymous asked:

how did you make that animatic??? o.O and how long did it take?? it looks so cool!

(the animation)

I drew the background/most of the assets in around 3-5 hours. the animation that was frame by frame probably took a solid 3-4 hours mostly because I tried a couple of techniques before settling on rotoscoping jun’s walk. converting this all to AE and still learning the program took a good 3 hours, but it’s a long shot so it was worth all of this. 

It didn’t feel long to do because nothing was busy work, really

I started with the main composition, drawing everything in photoshop and then getting ready for after effects.  

I used the kitchen to frame everything and figure out what I needed to draw extra of, because really the canvas looks like this:

there’s a lot of overlap/hidden parts, these parts will move more in the panning motion so stuff like the table in the front needs to be completely made.

each bit is on its own layer so it can move at different rates when putting it into AE. The really bright red bits are for masks so I don’t forget, the red on the stove is for their reflections, and the red on the TV is for green screening the news later (need to put it into premiere… lol).

I also did some rotoscoping and animation in photoshop to be carried over.

bai’s head is a couple of drawn heads turning off and on. I added a bit of give to them too.

jun’s walking is a rotoscope (drawn ontop of video) of myself walking.

again! each bit is on its own layer, and it basically turns off and on as the animation goes on. this also applies for their reflections!

now for the after effects bit:

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Shou Headcanons with a side of Angst

okokok, i wasnt going to do any angst hcs until i finished m series, but…… that anon brought it on. this is dedicated to u dear

  • His house is always very very messy
    • his stuff is laying all over the place; the kitchen counters are covered in half finshed drawings, there’s pencil crayons randomly in ever corner of every room, jackets socks and shirt are everywhere
      • its not because he cant be bothered to clean, he just hates it when its clean
      • the house doesnt looked ‘lived in’ when its tidy and it bothers him so much
  • his mother doesnt want anything to do with psychic powers and supernatural stuff, distancing herself from it
    • this unfortunately included distancing herself from Shou
      • she does call as often as she can, makes sure to always visit. but his powers are a part of Shou. He can’t just turn them off and forget about them like she wishes he could
  • once went on an exorcism trip with Reigen and Mob
    • mob wouldnt stop going on about how it was Reigen’s way of teaching him how to use/control his powers and Shou wanted to see if it was anything like how his dad made him train
      • shou would claim he was bored, but really he wanted to see if it was anything like how his father would make him train his powers
    • “so what else do you guys do? just exorcising ghosts? Why was it so quick? are we going to do more training after this, or no? I mean, shouldn’t training be a whole day kind of thing?…. we’re going for supper now? holy shit we get to eat?? Okay okay, but, what about punishment? What kind of stuff do you have to do if you take too long, Mob?”
  • one time, a bit after he started sneaking into the Office to sleep on Reigen’s couch, he accidentally called Reigen ‘dad’
    • as soon as he said it, he froze in place. Hiss face went white, eyes wide. He was shaking so bad, breathing heavy
    • he wouldn’t stop staring at the floor, was unresponsive for ten minutes at the least
      • when he came to, there was a blanket over his shoulders, a glass of chocolate milk (that Reigen had specially for mob) in his hands. Reigen was nowhere to be seen
    • after that he didnt sleep on reigen’s couch or show up at the office for about a week. it was never mentioned again afterwards
  • Shou’s parents split up when he was fairly young, but even before then his mother was very depressed
    • Shou thought that this was somehow his doing.
      • the divorce basically cemented that idea in his mind. He though that he was the reason his parents didn’t want to be together anymore
    • he somewhat grew out of this ideology, but still blames himself for how his mother views psychics
  • after his father gets locked away in jail, Shou instead is the one that avoids contact with his mother
    • he still thinks that he was the reason for her being depressed, so he limits how much he talks to her to avoid making her fearful/uncomfortable. Afterall, she was afraid of the supernatural, so of course she’d be afraid of Shou, right?
clumsy me // credence barebone

Request from @kkxnie:


Well… since its Christmas soon… :))))))

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(^ this is how Credence would be if he wasn’t abused :((((( )

clumsy me // credence barebone

Deck the Halls came on the radio, and the tiny apartment flooded with the merry, frustratingly catchy tune. The kitchen burst out with a delighted squeal, and from where you stood you caught a glimpse of Credence leaping in joy, his apron flying as his mixing of dough got more enthusiastic.

“I love this song!” he exclaimed, and as the first of the carol lyrics started, you laughed, watching Credence sing along, drumming the spatula against the edge of the aluminium bowl to the beat of the song.

“Deck the halls with boughs of holly ~” he sang his heart out, tapping the spatula. “Fa la la la la la la la!”

You snickered. “I didn’t think you would like carols,” you commented, tiptoeing on the already-rather-high stool as you struggled to reach the higher parts of your Christmas tree, one Newt had so kindly offered, to hang the last bits of the ornaments, distributed by Tina and Queenie. 

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voltron-assemble  asked:

Lance gets very upset when Keith eats dairy (because obviously he's lactose intolerant according to everybody) so Keith sometimes gets up in the middle of the night to stuff his face with ice cream and mac&cheese. But Lance can't sleep without Keith anymore, so he wakes up and walks into the kitchen to find Keith scrambling to hide all of the food. Lance decides he'll have a talk with Coran about keeping dairy in a locked safe.

lance: honestly keith why do you even eat so much dairy??? how is it not kicking your ass??

keith: it is, lance. but have u ever had mac and cheese? its worth it. i love mac and cheese and dying. its the best of both worlds


lance: why are you like this…


Here’s the lot for Oak Alcove in Newcrest (it will also be part of my full save for Newlyn Hills). It’s a fairly small house but there’s a basement which is decked out for a geeky, slightly spoiled teen. It’s all CC-free but I did use stuff from quite a few of the EPs/GPs/SPs. Additional pics can be found in my Oak Alcove tag.

  • Lot size: 20x15
  • Cost: §113,155
  • Lot Location: “Oak Alcove” in Newcrest
  • Required Packs: Get to Work, Get Together, Outdoor Retreat, Spa Day, Dine Out, Perfect Patio, Cool Kitchen, Spooky Stuff (just for some deco), Movie Hangout, Romantic Garden, Backyard Stuff, Kids Room, one of the “reward” lamps
  • To install, download the ZIP file from the link below. Extract the folder and copy its contents (there should be 8 files total) into your My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray folder. 

DOWNLOAD ZIP file (SimFileShare)

**If you don’t want to install it using the Tray files, you can also find it in the Gallery under #jenba and Origin ID silrosse


draco’s boggart hc

inspired by this post!! it’d be super cool if u guys checked out this post first and like/reblog it and all that good stuff (pls go check it out its much better than mine) :)

(hmm its only a hc right now but I might turn it into a ficlet in the future when I can actually write. stay tuned)

*edit: this turned into a ficlet with batshit organization im so sorry

*edit 2!! here is part two!! (only in the sense that they’re both boggart hcs. they’re not related in any sense. well. i guess they could be. pls check it out and give me some love xx)

  • It’s 5th year and after curfew; Harry’s flicking through the Marauder’s Map to check for any teachers around while he makes his way back from the kitchens to the common room. He catches a glimpse of Draco Malfoy’s name on the 4th floor.
  • What the fuck is Malfoy doing on the fourth floor?
  • And Harry being Harry, he abandons his quest back to the Gryffindor Tower and tails after Malfoy.
  • By the time Harry gets to where he is, they’re both in an unused corridor. A really unused corridor (so unused that Harry’s only been here once in his 5 years at Hogwarts, and that was the first week of first year when he and Ron got lost on their way to Transfiguration). Dust is piled on any possible surface and cobwebs are in every crook of the walls.
  • Harry stays about a few meters behind Malfoy under his cloak and watches him go around trying to open the doors (Merlin knows why, but Harry intends to find out). He figures they’re all locked with particularly strong spells because none of the unlocking charms they’ve learned are working—until they reach the final door of the corridor (a storage closet, probably, but that still didn’t explain what Malfoy was doing here).
  • They both hear the click of the age-old lock opening and Malfoy mutters, Thank Merlin, to himself and stiffens immediately. He starts to slowly back up until he’s in the middle of the corridor.
  • Someone comes out of the doorway and Harry realizes that it’s Malfoy
  • Wait, two Malfoys? But that’s not Lucius. Is this Dark Magic? What the hell is Malfoy up to?
  • The second Malfoy (shirtless, Harry’s mind adds) doesn’t look like the one Harry’s been trailing. He’s a lot taller, for one thing, and a lot bonier (from what Harry knows from post-Quidditch showers, not that he was watching, anyways). His hair looks dead and flat and comes past his shoulders. His skin, from what he can tell from the dim lights, is paler than Malfoy’s (Harry didn’t realize this was possible); it looks gray and transparent. His eyes are sunken and dark circles droop beneath them. The Clone also bears the Dark Mark; Harry knows the real Malfoy doesn’t.
  • Clone Malfoy strides up to the real one and starts to tell him about how many mudbloods and blood traitors he’s killed and tortured, all the kids in his year that died at the hands of the Death Eaters. The Clone starts talking about Voldemort’s victory and how the times are changing; his reign is bringing upon a new world. Harry barely catches a whisper from the Clone about how Harry downright despised him until the Dark Lord killed him once and for all.
  • Malfoy chokes on air at one point and starts to breathe erratically, short, sharp, and heavy. He’s sobbing and his face is blotchy red and a mess of tears. He’s on his knees trying to breathe, his hands clawing at his throat. The Clone taunts on.
  • Harry finally snaps out his paralysis and realizes, Jesus fuck, Malfoy’s having a panic attack. It hits close to home; he’s been dealing with them for a while now, especially this year. 
  • Harry throws off his cloak and throws a silencing charm at the Clone, and then quickly realizes that it’s a boggart. He banishes it with a Riddikulus! and runs over to Draco.
  • Harry pries Malfoy’s hands from his throat, wipes the tears from his face, and holds his face, looking into his eyes. They’re terrified, and his pupils are dilated, hiding most of the gray.
  • “Shh, it’s ok Malfoy. ‘s just a boggart. We faced them third year, remember? Come on, breathe with me.” and Harry counts slowly and does breathing exercises with him.
  • Harry awkwardly (I mean, they were archenemy up a few minutes ago) holds Draco in his arms on the floor. He’s calmed down a lot, and is crying into the crook of his neck. Harry has one hand at the base of Draco’s neck, lightly petting and caressing. The other is rubbing up and down Draco’s back while he whispers soothing things.
  • “It’s ok. I’m here and alive. And I don’t hate you, Draco. I really don’t.” Surprisingly, Harry finds this true. Maybe it was the unintentional intimacy they just shared.
  • And when did Malfoy become Draco?
  • They sit there for a while. Neither say a word, and they don’t know how much time has passed. Draco’s no longer crying, but they’re still holding each other.
  • “Er, so what was your boggart?” Draco doesn’t say anything. Harry was probably dumb for asking to begin with. Who’d want to share their biggest fear with their nemesis?
  • “The littlest Death Eater. The Death Eater’s son. Voldemort’s inner circle.” Draco closes his eyes and takes a shaky breath. “It’s who I’m destined to be.”
  • Fuck.
  • And then Harry realizes that Draco isn’t so different as he is. They’re just players of the game, thrust into a situation they didn’t ask for. He doesn’t say anything.
  • Harry realizes that he has a half-melted piece of chocolate from the kitchens and hands it to Draco. He stares for a second and splits the piece in half and gives half of it to Harry, popping the other piece in his mouth.
  • A little confused, but Harry eats it anyway. Draco looks over and smirks. He reaches his thumb over to Harry’s mouth and wipes off a bit of melted chocolate and sucks it off.
  • Harry’s face flushes red.

extra! Harry was so insistent on following Malfoy around 6th year because of their secret relationship( 1) they were kissing and having sex in secret (obv) and 2) he was super worried for Draco because he was rly stressed about something but wouldnt tell Harry what)

Road trip

Prompt: An interesting road trip with Sam, Steve and Bucky in which you end up squeezed in the back of the beetle with Buck.
Warnings: Sexual tension(?) oh and like a little swearing here and there.
Pairings: Bucky x reader

Originally posted by vivalaplutoh


“Why do we have to go again?” You asked as you helped fit all the stuff in the beetle’s small truck.

“We need to meet up with Tony” answered Steve who was by your side.

“It’s hours long!” You complained.

“It’s not like we can just take a plane and go, (Y/N). You know it” He answered.

You breathed out annoyed and followed Steve inside for the rest of the stuff.

Sam and Bucky were already downstairs waiting in the sofa. You sat down. “Alright guys, time to go, if there’s anything else you want to take its now or never” Steve said. You saw Him going for stuff in the kitchen and realised, Sam was also going.

“Shutgun” you shouted and he turned to you with a challenging look before starting to run towards the car.

You cursed under your breath before following him and starting a race to the car.

You managed to get next to him and you both stuffed yourselves in the front seat, neither of you willing to leave.

Eventually Steve arrived and rolled his eyes at the two of you.

“You do know you both will have to get off so that Buck can get to the back seat right” he stated.

You frowned but stayed in your place.

“I called shotgun first” you stated.

“I’m a better Shutgun” he defended.

“Steve” you complained.

“Steve” he complained as well.

Done with the both of you he started “both of you out of the car” you were reluctant “Now” he stated with seriousness.

You both got off looking to your feat like punished children.

“Right, so, (Y/N) you’re smaller than Sam, and there’s not much space on the back. I think you should go there”

You gasped “But I called Shutgun…” You started but where interrupted.

“Plus, Sam is way better at giving directions” he said then.

You frowned. He was right. “Whatever” you stated.

Bucky got on the car first, the you did and Sam closed the seat to get on himself. You had your arms closed and looked annoyed.

The trip started and you arrived to the gas station, Steve went down to pay and get some snacks.

“Sam, could you move the sit up?” You asked.

He thought about it for a second. He could say no, and annoy you, or he could say yes and and annoy Buck. “Sure (Y/N)” he said before moving the seat just a bit.

Buck gasped and Sam just held his laugh a little.

“Thanks” you answered and tried to accommodate yourself again. You saw Buck struggling just as well. You though it over and came up with an idea. “I’ll let you lay your head on my lap so you can sort of lay on the seat for the first half of the trip as long as I can do the same with yours for the second half” you snapped towards him randomly.

He seemed to think it over. He looked at you then at his squeezed legs and then at you again. “Deal” he said handing you his flesh hand to seal the pact. He then proceeded to accommodate himself on your lap.

“Better?” You asked.

“Definitively” he stated.

Then Steve arrived, with snacks.

“I’ve got a Twinkie and oreos. Also, a brownie. Got you two on the back your MTN dews and your dr. Pepper is on the bag as well. I also brought your water (Y/N)”

“I want the brownie” you and Sam said at the same time.

“Oh hell no!” You stated “You got to be Shutgun, that damn brownie is mine!”

Steve shot Sam a look and he gave you the brownie. He then passed you your sodas.

The road started again and you started biting on your brownie. To then feel a finger pocking your arm. You looked down and it was Bucky with a puppy face asking for a bite of YOUR brownie.

You breathed out but he looked so damn adorable there was absolutely no way of denying him a bite. So you lowered it to his moth and he gave it a bite. You then gave one yourself and ended with both of you finishing the brownie together.

As the trip continued.
You ended up finishing his Mtn Dew and he stole sips from your water.

At some point you got bored and started playing with his hair. And that evolved into you braiding it and unbraiding it about a thousand times.

But when the marker finally hit half of the trip you proceeded to change positions. Which left you happy and comfy. But we couldn’t say the same thing for him.

You fell asleep and some point but all he could think was of you being so up his tights, so close to his… And you couldn’t not mumble at your sleep. And those noises weren’t exactly helping. To top
It off you wouldn’t stop moving your head.

He was so concentrated on trying not to think of it he didn’t notice that you had awoken and put on your headphones. Actually dancing to your tunes.

When he did notice he just lowered towards your ear and manages to say “(Y/N), STOP MOVING” in a low voice. You froze in place. Not processing what had happened and thinking you were in danger.

You grabbed your gun and quickly sat on your sit pointing at the front. But there was nothing.

“Wow! Girl. Put that thing down” said Sam trying to calm you down.

“What happened?” Asked Steve pulling to the side of the road to look at you slightly concerned.

“Well as Bucky said -stop moving- in a very low and commanding tone I though we were in danger or something” you stated.

The guys looked At each other with a suspicious look and then turned to see
Buck that was as red as a tomato.
You didn’t see it. You were concerned looking at them.

Then they just proceeded to laugh. You still didn’t know what the hell was going on. They did. They both had made their conclusions way before now that Barnes had a crush on you.

“Guys!” You said annoyed.

“I’m sorry (Y/N) it was just a dare” said Sam covering up for his friend.

Bucky looked at them relived. Steve continued with the trip and you laid on Bucky’s lap again. Which just made a very very torturing end trip for him. Every now and then Sam would turn around a suppress a laugh as he looked at Buck’s expression.

Something Unexpected [Part 2]

The request:  You’re Clint’s younger sister who is first introduced to the Avengers when they battle Ultron and they need to stay at the safe house. You are soon sucked into the world full of heroes and villains when Steve takes an interest in you. [Reader has powers]

Pairing: Steve / Reader

Warnings: Lol just a lot of talking? Seriously didn’t realize how much back and forth stuff was happening in this scene lol. But other than that, swearing like once? But that’s it.

Word Count: 1,293

A/N: Okay, so now I’m kind of just writing more of this because a) I wrote a lot originally b) its fun and c) some of you seemed to like it enough to want more, which is awesome! So I hope y’all enjoy. :)

[Part 1]

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“Ultron took you folks out of play to buy himself time.” You sat next to Nat in the kitchen as Fury spoke. You had hugged him when he finally left the red barn and came inside. He gladly took a cookie from you too. Steve had given you a question glance and you simply whispered secrets.

You watched as Lila, dressed in her pajamas, scampered from the living room and past Steve as Fury spoke. “My contacts all say he’s building something.” She went around the table till she got to Natasha and handed her a drawing of a butterfly. “The amount of vibranium he made off with, I don’t think it’s just one thing.” You smiled as Natasha squeezed Lila’s cheek.

“What about Ultron himself?” Steve asked and your eyes flickered over to him. He was leaning against the door frame in a hoodie, his arms folded to his chest as he looked at Fury.

“Oh, he’s easy to track. He’s everywhere. The guy is multiplying faster than a Catholic rabbit.” You snorted at Fury’s words as he got himself a drink and Steve looked over at you a small smile forming before turning to Fury. “It still doesn’t help us get an angle on any of his plans, though.”

Tony threw the dart, keeping his gaze on the target as he spoke up then. “Is he still going after launch codes?” Your attention moved from him to Fury.

“Yes, he is. But he’s not making any headway.” Was Fury really making himself a sandwich right now?

“I cracked the Pentagon’s firewall in high school on a dare.” Tony finally turned his attention to Fury. Your eyebrows rose in interest but when you shared a look with Clint you both smiled and shook your head keeping quiet.

“Well, I contacted our friend at the Nexus about that.” Fury didn’t even look up at Tony and again your eyebrows rose in interest.

“Nexus?” Steve questioned and you turned back to him. He didn’t know what Nexus was? But then you remembered he was still new to this kind of stuff.

“It’s the world Internet hub in Oslo.” Banner explained, “Every byte of data flows through there.”

“Fastest access on Earth.” You informed and Steve’s eyes flickered to you as you offered him a mysterious smile.

“So, what did they say?” Clint asked and you turned to see he was twirling a dart in his hands making you roll his eyes.

“He’s fixated on the missiles. But the codes are constantly being changed.” Fury informed, everyone was looking at him but he was looking over at Clint and Tony.

“By whom?” and just as Tony spoke three darts zoomed past his head hitting the bullseye. Your smirk grew as Tony gave Clint a look, Clint smiled at you before shrugging at Tony.

“Parties unknown.” Even though Fury didn’t show it, you knew he was just as amused as you were.

“Do we have an ally?” Natasha had her hands clasped on the wooden table and you could see her looking hopefully to Fury.

“Ultron’s got an enemy. That’s not the same thing. Still, I’d pay folding money to know who it is.” You slightly felt overwhelmed from all this back and forth. So much information you started to feel like you were part of the team about to fight this robot instead of just listening in on the conversation.

“I might need to visit Oslo. Find our unknown.” Tony made his way closer to us but stopped at the archway.

“Well, this is good times, boss, but I was kind of hoping when I saw you, you’d have more than that.” Natasha’s words seems to have no affect to Fury who was holding a cup in one hand and bread in the other.

“I do. I have you.” He gesture to everyone in the kitchen and again, you felt like you were apart of the team that was ‘you’. “Back in the day, I had eyes everywhere. Ears, everywhere else. You kids had all the tech you could dream up. Here we all are, back on Earth, with nothing but our wit and our will to save the world. Ultron says the Avengers are the only thing between him and his mission. And whether or not he admits it, his mission is global destruction. All this, laid in a grave.” There was silence for just a second as you all shared a look with one another. “So stand. Outwit the platinum bastard.” Fury had moved from the kitchen counter to where you sat and took the seat next to you.

“Steve doesn’t like that kind of talk.” You could hear the teasing in Natasha’s voice and you looked over at Steve with a smile dancing on your lips.

“You know what, Romanoff?” He had his own smile as as he rose his eyebrows at Nat. You watched as they shared a smile but Fury quickly diminished the playful banter by turning back to the subject at hand.

“So, what does he want?” Steve was serious again as he looked at Fury to answer him.

“To become better. Better than us. He keeps building bodies.”

“Person bodies.” Tony corrected and Bruce walked closer to Natasha, his eyes downcast to Lila’s drawing. “The human form is inefficient. Biologically speaking, we’re out moded. But he keeps coming back to it.”

“When you two programmed him to protect the human race, you amazingly failed.” You spoke up giving Tony a little smile but then turned to Bruce with a little frown when he spoke.

“They don’t need to be protected. They need to evolve.” The silence for a second seemed deafening as he finally looked up at everyone. “Ultron’s going to evolve.” You were genuinely confused now and Fury set his cup down on the table as you leaned forward slightly to look at Banner.

“How?” You asked and it seemed to dawn on Banner.

“Has anyone been in contact with Helen Cho?” His eyes met Tony’s before looking around and you felt the air shift.

“I’ll take Natasha and Clint.” Steve was suited up putting his shield on his back as Tony walked closer looking at his watch.

“Alright. Strictly recon. I’ll hit the Nexus. I’ll join you as soon as I can.” Both of the boys moved closer to the front door but stopped as they continued to talk.

“If Ultron’s really building a body-” Steve said but Tony finished his sentence.

“He’ll be more powerful than any of us. Maybe all of us. An android designed by a robot.”

“You know, I really miss the days when the weirdest thing science ever created was me.” Even though it was a serious matter you could hear the slight joking tone in Steve’s voice as he spoke. That’s when Fury came down the hall.

“I’ll drop Banner off at the tower. You mind if I borrow Ms.Hill?” Fury shrugged on his jacket before looking over at Tony.

“She’s all yours. Apparently.” That had Fury turning back but Tony continued, “what are you going to do?”

“I don’t know. Something dramatic, I hope.” Fury gave them a ghost of a smile before turning to you. “Would you like a ride home?” Steve and Tony turned to you then.

“Wait, you don’t live here?” Tony asked and his face scrunched up in confusion.

“No, I got my own place.” You said with a shrug but before you could speak to answer Fury, Steve spoke up.

“Fury I don’t think she’ll need a ride home.” Now it was your turn to scrunch your face up in confusion.

“What?” You questioned and Steve hooked his thumbs in his belt loops giving you his own mysterious smile.

“You’re coming with me.”

[Part 3]

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My jungle! All the potted plants are great accompaniment for the pretty fish tanks. I think I’m going to move that variegated pathos off the little table and onto the kitchen table, though. It’s awfully dark down there. I need two more large ceramic pots. I ran out. And I’d really like an extra pretty ceramic planter for the ficus, which is my favorite of the new stuff (its on the little table on top of the kitchen table) but I think I probably will just get terra cotta because its cheaper and then it matches everything else. Someday when it’s big maybe it can have its own special planter. 

When things warm up a bit, some of these guys that need higher light will move to either the front or back porch, including that tiny succulent behind the largest fish tank that’s ALREADY starting to etiolate despite my best efforts. But for now, they all get to be beautiful in here.

Sniper headcanon

the inside of snipers room in the base is pretty empty, there is a small bed that doesn’t get used. its more of a ready room/quite space for him to go before he goes to the locker room. its clean and there are a few books and a radio.

however the inside of his camper van is a complete disaster. he knows where everything is but its a mess. hes the only one who lives in it and eveything gets tossed around anyway when he drives it so why clean? its cluttered but its warm and comfortable and homey. there are photos and decorations all over the walls and the amount stuff he can fit is pretty amazing. hes got the bed up top, theres a bench with windows, a fridge, a kitchen, a table that can turn into another bed, a bathroom, lots of storage, a television and a dart board.  hes got all kinds of memories tucked away in there. at first people look at him and think hes homeless but after spending time in his van they always end up wanting one of their own,

Types of MBTI blogs on Tumblr

INFJ-run: the go-to, the solid foundation of mbtiverse. INFJs understand MBTI in its truest essence. they have the innate ability to capture every single unnoticed nuance of each type. Stuff that you think only you do, but actually you are just another cookie cutter ENFJ or whatever. Best blogs to go to to actually learn about MBTI. 

ENTP-run: stereotypes, “mbti as kitchen utensils,” punz galore, lolwtf scenarios… the BEST SHIT

INFP-run: relationships, compatibility, love and support, advice

ISFJ-run: funny in the most endearing way. under their gentle fluff is some witty shit.

INTJ-run: “we are master race, why would you ever choose to be another lowly type.” in-depth analysis of each cognitive function, the nature and nurture of MBTI, how humans work, how the world works, how quantum physics work, how MBTI is quantum physics

INTP-run: tries to analyze like INTJs but gets too lazy after awhile. “stop asking me about compatibility, seriously, please oh god,” jokes and puns

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Marker Mischief// Josh Dun

Requested: Yo a Josh dun imagine where you guys have a daughter and while Josh is asleep and you’re making dinner or something she colors all over him and he get rlly rlly upset and stuff then at the ends its super cute + family cuddles


              You smiled to yourself as you heard your daughter and husband giggling with one another in the living room. From what you had gathered, they were having a relentless pillow/tickle fight. You were putting clean dishes away while getting ready to make supper when you heard your daughter groan.

              “Daddy just a little more, please?” She begged, following Josh into the kitchen. You turned to see a very tired looking Josh smiling at her.

              “Not any more now, I’m too tired to keep being the tickle monster.” He stretched his arms back, walking over to press a loving kiss to your forehead. “I’m going to take a nap, wake me up when supper is ready?” He asked, as you nodded, pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek. “Does tickle monster jr. want to come have a nap too?” Josh offered, only to get a dramatic head shake from your daughter.

              “I will be colouring.” She said, sass dripping from her words as she walked out to the living room once again, while Josh made his way to the bedroom. You simply smiled to yourself as you continued your task at hand, listening to your daughter softly sing as she coloured.

              You were in the middle of cutting up some carrots when your daughter ran into the kitchen, smiling wide. Before you could ask her what she was so happy about, she showed you her arm. Which had colourful scribbles running from the shoulder down to her wrist. You raised an eyebrow as you kneeled down to her level.

              “What did you draw on yourself hun?” You asked, wanting an explanation before you began talking to her about not drawing on herself with marker.

              “It’s daddy’s tattoo!!” She smiled, you knew she adored all the colours that decorated Josh’s arm. You didn’t realize she loved it this much though. “I want to get one just like it when I grow up.” She smiled a toothy smile as you grabbed your phone. Taking a picture of her showing off her work and texting it to Josh.

              We have daddies biggest fan right here! She gave herself a temporary copy of your tattoo <3

              “I’m going to go colour again, I love you mommy!” She yelled over her shoulder, running back to her colours before you could even get a word in. You lovingly rolled your eyes, she was the biggest daddy’s girl on the planet. You continued cutting carrots, and preparing the rest of the meal. Not realizing how quiet it was while you did so. Usually when your daughter was in the living room you could hear her singing, or at least humming to herself as she amused herself. You shrugged it off as nothing, thinking she just went to join Josh for that nap after all. You made your way to the bedroom an hour later, when supper was done and ready to be served. Your previous prediction was right, as you saw your daughter snuggled against Josh’s side as the both of them slept peacefully on top of the blanket. You quickly, and silently grabbed your phone to take a picture of this, using the picture as your lock screen.

              “Hey snuggle bugs, it’s time to wake up. Supper is ready.” You spoke, causing them both to wake up slowly. As Josh sat up you noticed his beard looked a bit fuller? You knew he couldn’t seem to grow hair on certain parts of his jaw that were now filled in with brown? Your confused expression must have set Josh off.

              “What’s wrong, do I have something on my face?” He laughed, making his way to the bathroom to investigate when you nodded. You crawled onto the bed, pulling your daughter into your lap as you waited for Josh to finish investigating the mysterious full beard he had.

              “Y/D/N.” You heard him groan, a slight irritation in his voice. You looked down at your daughter who was burying her face into your neck, whimpering slightly. “What do you call this?” He asked, stepping out and gesturing to the colourful scribbles adoring his non-tattooed arm.

              “I’m sorry! I thought you liked your pretty arm a lot so I wanted the other one to match!” Your daughter cried, hopping down from your lap and running out of the room. Obviously distressed with the irritation she had caused Josh. You merely let out a sigh, deciding to let Josh handle this as you went to fix the bed. Noticing a bright orange stain on one of the lighter parts of the blanket.

              “Oh no.” You groaned to yourself, picking up an uncapped marker off the bed. “I’ll go put this in the wash.” You mumbled to nobody in particular. You couldn’t help but feel your heart break as you walked down the hall, hearing heartbroken sobs coming from your daughter’s room. Rather than letting your motherly side take over, and going in to cuddle your distressed child. You busied yourself with putting stain remover on the comforter, and putting it into the washing machine. Staying out of the situation, and letting her and Josh resolve it on their own terms. Heading back to the kitchen, you put the lids back on the pots; knowing supper would be a little delayed tonight.  You could only be grateful that your daughter didn’t have any permanent markers in her possession. Making your way down the hallway, you paused outside your daughters room; hearing a conversation go on inside.

              “I’m really, really sorry daddy. I thought I would get Uncle Ty and Uncle Mark to stop making fun of your silly beard.” Your daughter whimpered, “And you always talk about how much you like your pretty arm, so I tried making the other one pretty too. I messed up and made you angry though.” Your head rested on the wall as you listened.

              “Uncle Ty and Mark aren’t actually being mean about my beard. I laugh about how it looks silly too. I’ll let you in on a secret, mommy used to all the time when we first started dating.” Josh’s words provoked a small giggle from your daughter as you rolled your eyes. Yes you once teased Josh about his beard, though you absolutely loved how he looked with it. “I’m not mad that you tried making more pretty things on my arms, I just didn’t like not knowing. Next time you want to, ask me first, okay?” You smiled, it warmed your heart to hear how gentle and loving Josh was with your daughter. “Now let’s go eat mommy’s delicious supper before its cold.” As if it were on cue, you made your way back to the kitchen, Josh and your daughter walking in only moments after.

              “Mommy, daddy. Can we have movie cuddles tonight?” Your daughter whispered, after fighting to stab a pea with her fork. You smiled at Josh who smiled right back at you.            

              “Of course we can. I’m personally feeling Finding Nemo.” You shrugged, knowing it was your daughter’s favorite movie. You watched as she ate a little quicker, obviously wanting to start the movie right there and then.


              After everyone was finished eating, and the kitchen was cleaned. You and your daughter laid in the living room together, waiting for Josh to join you guys with the popcorn you both asked for.

              “I’m so excited!” Your daughter bounced up and down in your lap, smiling widely as she did so. No matter how many times she saw this movie, she would always get beyond excited when you all watched it together. You pulled the blanket you were under up to your daughter’s shoulders, holding the one side open as Josh walked in, sitting down with a bowl of popcorn.

              “You hold this.” He handed the bowl to your daughter, who pulled her arms over the blanket to hold it as he sat down beside you. Wrapping an arm around you as he pulled your daughters feet into his lap. “So what movie are we watching again?” He joked, getting a faux angry look from your daughter.

              “Daddy, how could you forget? It’s Finding Nemo. With the cute fishies!” You giggled at her answer as you clicked play, leaning in closer to Josh as your daughter rested her head on your shoulder. You loved your little family, no matter what strange situations you all managed to get into.


Who wanted it? No one! Am I still hyped to upload it? HELL YEAH

Struggled over this for days Threw a simple little mesh edit together for my main boy Dmitri with the beanie, and loved it so much I had to share it. Could you tell I have an obsession with straightening all the hairs?

  • Will probably need Cool Kitchen Stuff for this to work, since that’s where the original mesh came from
  • May have some slight clipping around the ears
  • God damn what a sexy hairdo

This is probably the most complete thing I’ve made so far. Hope you like it!

Download (Simfileshare)

kaosureign  asked:

"Are you really happy now?"

【⚜】 – @kaosureign || In which Yuffie dusts off her ability to be sincere.

The fingers that had almost closed around Lockhart’s stash of coffee, the good stuff, caramel-flavored and all, stopped cold, pads pressed against the metal tin that had certainly seen better days when the ninja didn’t go after it on such a regular basis. As things stood, though, the flimsy container had made its rounds in the cabinets of Seventh Heaven’s kitchen in a bid to keep Yuffie from the stuff and, preferably, on a semi-normal sleeping schedule. In a way of thinking, it was an innocent casualty in a war that the brunette didn’t think needed to be fought, just like her mind was going to become in a minute or two because someone decided that seven in the morning was a good time to begin waxing philosophic. Leave it to Vincent, of course, to make himself a real pain in the behind. And all before she had any caffeine, which, at this point, she may as well give up on because this conversation wasn’t going to end without a bit of agonizing, and who could think about warmth and sweetness while agonizing?

Besides, her Winnie the Pooh themed mug would certainly ruin the effect of her answer, provided she could muster up the willpower to be serious in the first place.

Kisaragi withdrew her hand, not quite awake yet muscles protesting the sudden disturbance in their intent to keep moving with the momentum, opting for a seat on the counter she was precariously balancing on not two seconds prior. Suddenly somber hazel hues found the gunslinger’s form in the doorway, shoulder lightly tilted into the frame, before shifting to the view out the window, a gray and monotonous affair as per the norm, accented by a sky littered with newly built skyscrapers that were reaching for that something elusive beyond the heavy clouds. It was going to rain. It was for certain going to rain.

And was she looking forward to that? Well, technically, she liked the rain, but if there was one thing she didn’t need, it was an atmospheric stage for the ongoing production of Yuffie Attempts to Wax Poetic by Example at Seven in the Bloody Morning. The title was a work in progress, and the brunette was pretty sure it’d eventually change to Yuffie Attempts to Divert the Topic of Conversation. Either way, it’d be a hit. Not with Vinny, of course, but Kisaragi wasn’t in the business of pleasing, and he knew as much.

The girl scrunched up her nose at the thought, wandering attention slowly winding its way back to her companion. It briefly crossed the ninja’s mind to ask what exactly his definition of happiness was, but did it really matter? The inquiry was hers to answer, and she had a feeling that her suppositions matched his none. 

So was she happy?

Relatively speaking, yes. Compared to her childhood, the ninja’s adult years have been much kinder. It helped, of course, that the the effects of the Wutaian War had all but disappeared from the face of her land. People didn’t think of it often anymore, and the buildings that had been damaged and long since repaired have survived to this day in all their splendor. Come to think of it, she hadn’t caught her father pouring over paperwork with a deadened air about him for long enough to forget what those worry lines that used to crease his forehead looked like. This made her happy.

In absolute terms, however, no. Yuffie was far from happy. While satisfied with certain accomplishments, she was unsatisfied with a lot of inevitabilities, the most prominent of which was the coronation that she couldn’t escape in the end, no matter where she ran. Although, to be fair, the crown had very little to do with the cloying sentiment in the back of her mind. The problem remained, as ever, with Staniv, Shake, her father. Time had a way of shifting their lots out of her grasp.

And even her comrades, even Vincent, wouldn’t, in the grand scheme of everything, remain unchanged. Although, in the latter case, that was probably a positive thing. He couldn’t go running back to his coffin every time shit went belly up, no matter how much Kisaragi enjoyed poking fun at his lame vampire status while he stubbornly continued not to sparkle.


The brunette found Valentine’s burgundy gaze and smiled.

But right now, right now, everything was still good. A little dusty, a little shaky, but good.

“I’m content.”

And maybe, the truth in those words was a tad more revealing than Yuffie intended it to be, because her smile stretched into a grin moments later, a definite precursor for trouble.  

“But y’know, Vinster, I’d be ecstatic if you made me coffee.”

Late Nights {OGOC ft. N.M}


‘Can you do an imagine where your sitting on the couch with Nate and the guys, your watching ahs and the guys keep asking if your scared yet knowing your immune to scary stuff trying to piss u off sorry if that’s complicated thanks!’

A/N: okay so I was rushed while writing this so its not that great but here you are babes Ps. It’s short 😁

“Y/N sit down” Nate says his hand extended for yours. “I’m coming” I yell from the kitchen where I’d made popcorn for all us; Nate, JJ, Gilinsky, Sam, Swazz, and I.

It was already 10:00 pm and we decided to watch American Horror Story, aka my favorite TV show. I was always a sucker for the horror genre.

I walk into the living room of Nate, Sam and I’s shared apartment with a couple bowls of popcorn. I put them on the coffee table for whoever wanted them. I lay down on top of Nate and snuggle into his chest as his large hangs caress my hip and lower back.

Me being the addict I am have already seen all the seasons and re-watched them numerously. In result nothing came as a surprise. We we’re watching Coven, one of my favorites.

As I became more interested I find myself snuggling deeper into Nate. “Awe is little Y/N getting scared” Sam teases. Johnson sits at the end of the couch Nate and I lay.

“Awe Y/N” Johnson sticks his bottom lip out, poking my stomach. I lift my head and use my arm to balance myself. “Me? Scared?” I retort cockily.

“Oh come on babe you don’t have to lie to yourself, we know the truth” Gilinsky says. “Don’t try and piss me off” “It seems to be working though” John says. I roll my eyes and lay my head back down on Nate’s chest looking up at him.

He looks down at me, smiles showing no teeth, exposing my favorite pair of dimples. “Tell them to shut up” I complain looking into his eyes.

“Y'all know she isn’t scared leave her alone” Nate states firmly, pointing at all the guys. “But Nate your blind, she’s very obviously greatly terrified.” Johnson sassily teases. “Skate look at her” Swazz adds.

Nate places his veiny large hands on top of me making me feel so comforted. I grab one of his hands and lace it with my effortlessly. “Cut the shit” I announce.

Sam arises from his seat on the other couch, walking over to Nate and I. “Oh Y/N we can cuddle” he extends his arms “For comfort” he adds. Sam plops down on top of Nate and and finds him self a comfortable position while Nate and I wince from the added weight. I hear the Jacks and Swazz laughing.

“The hell you think this funny for?” Nate barely says, due to the sudden lack of oxygen. “Sam get the fuck off” I say pushing him from his current position onto the floor, Resulting with a loud thud.

“Damn, sorry” he bitched rubbing the back of his head from the recent hit with the floor. “Awe I’m sorry wanna cuddle” I directed towards Sam. He scoffed in return. We then returned to watching TV, as I soon felt myself be put into a soft slumber.

Breaking Point || Zayn, Louis&Liam

Louis rubbed his temples as walked through his mom’s house. It was a sad place to be but it was his family home. His siblings lived here and all the stuff here need to be packed up and moved or shipped back to LA. This wasn’t easy. On top of his own kids now he was responsible for his sisters and brother. The male got to the kitchen and pulled himself onto the counter. Laying face up and staered at the ceiling above him.


Not knowing about Hydra! Cap yesterday I bought my seven year old second cousin Allison a copy of the new Cap book as an early birthday present and had her promise not to open it until today when we could read it together because I was pretty excited too. I found out last night about Hydra! Cap and called her mum and told her to get rid of the comic book and I’ll pick up a new Superman comic on my way over tomorrow as a sorry present.

Her Dad didn’t know about Hydra! Cap. And he gave her the comic book her mum had put on the top shelf about half an hour ago.

Allison’s screaming in her bedroom about how its not right and all her cap stuff is in a pile out her window. She wants new sheets for her bed because she can’t stand to have a Hydra Agent’s face on her bedsheets and I think she’s going to have an anxiety attack if she doesn’t calm down. I can hear her from downstairs in the kitchen.

Marvel fucked up.

Marvel has “kicking hitler out of art school” fucked up.

Marvel has “invading russia in the winter” fucked up.

Marvel needs to think before they act. They need to think about their younger fans who won’t know how to handle their hero turning out to be a villain.

Marvel needs to fix this.


Okay, let’s think happy thoughts. 

Imagine Steve and Tony buying their first apartment together. After college, they pile up all their savings and buy a small but cozy little apartment. It’s nothing special and it had its problems but it was theirs, they finally had a place to call their own. After moving in, they finally set to work on making the place look like home. Tony repairs all the electrical stuff while Steve busies himself with painting the walls. It had been a long and heated discussion but they finally decided on a color of the walls. A lovely cream for the living room and the kitchen and their bedroom would be a beautiful blue, their bathroom a fierce red. Tony is usually finished before Steve so he goes to help him paint and it usually ends up with them having a paint fight, their laughs filling the room as Steve tries to paint Tony’s face blue. Tony tries to paint him red but it ends up with them covered in paint and kissing deeply, Steve pressing Tony against one of the unpainted walls, both of them drowning in the delicious taste of each other.

They order pizza for dinner and they sit on a blanket since their furniture isn’t due for another day or two. They talk vividly about the stuff they need to do tomorrow as well as gathering their friends over to help out. Bucky is more than happy to help them arrange things as well as Natasha. Sam is all about seeing if he can jazz the place a little bit and Clint comes just for the heck of it with Thor and Bruce, all of them helping it in any way that they can.

After they finish eating, Steve draws Tony into his arms and covers his face in pecks, Tony chuckling softly as he playfully pulls away before landing a soft kiss on the tip of Steve’s nose. This causes Steve to scrunch up his nose cutely and Tony never grows tired of it. The two remain in each other’s arms for the rest of the evening, happy and peaceful as they basked in the glow of their new home. 

Ah. :D