it's all so important to me on a personal level as well

I’m helping to beta another writer’s Doctor Mechanic fic and a side reference to Jaha has sent me down the rabbit hole of wondering how in the name of all things holy is it possible that Thelonious Jaha actually fathered a child? Because he seems like a cold-ass motherfucker.  Like the kind of dude who would have been awesome as like a celibate medieval warrior monk, but the idea of him Having Sex With a Lady Person To Create Wells Jaha is suddenly BOGGLING MY MIND. 

I have up until this day spent ZERO minutes contemplating this before but now I appear to have talked myself into an unshakeably solid headcanon that Jaha is wildly unsatisfactory in bed.  Like just the worst.  Like Puritan-level bad at it.  Like three or four dry minutes of missionary and then a long night of icy silence.  Am I alone in this?DISCUSS: Is Thelonious Jaha the Ark’s worst lover, Y/Y?