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It’s 5am. Sim destiel is now canon. My work is done. I must sleep. 


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My Black Coffee

An AU in which both Sebastian and Ciel go to the same college. Sebastian works in a near café and Ciel just enjoys watching him from afar, sometimes bringing his cousin with him;

“Sighhhhhh… Isn’t he dreamy?”

“Yes, he obviously is. So, are you going to talk to him or not?”

“What?! Are you crazy?! Noooooooo way! No! Definitely not happening! You go talk to him!”

“I’d actually love to, but I’m not the one head over heels for him.”

“Well can you blame me? Look at him! LOOK. AT. HIM. Perfect eyes, perfect hair, and his sm- OH MY GOD! LOOK, that’s my favorite part! See how he smiled to the costumer? That’s his killer smile!”

“…….. I’m not even surprised that you know that. Now just go talk to him!”

“I-I can’t….”

“Why not?!”

“I’m nervous!”

“Ugh, Ciel just go! You can do this.”

“You’re right! I can do this! I will do this!”

“Good luck!”

Ciel walked towards Sebastian, who was standing behind the counter taking orders, and took a deep breath, “H-hi…”

“Hello, how may I help you?”

In that moment Ciel realized that that smile was going to be the death of him. He could already feel his legs wobble, “Uh-Uhm… I’d- I’d like to take a Cof-” His voice squeaked before he cleared his throat again, “Coffee. Black coffee.”

“Alright, one black coffee coming ahead! That would be 3.75$. Thank you!”

After taking his coffee Ciel walked back to his cousin who was waiting patiently, “Black coffee? Really Ciel? Really? YOU DON’T EVEN LIKE COFFEE!”

“W-well… I-I panicked!”


Shingeki AU in which Arthur is the grumpy captain (a la Levi) and Alfred is the trainee that’s under his tutoring and has a huge crush on him and every time he kills a titan he dedicates it to Arthur and even though he doesn’t express it he thinks it’s cute and enjoys it.


To commemorate my hero defending me from an anonymous hater and to help me remember her legendary lil piece of advice, I had this made and it came today! ITS IT ADORABLE!????! 😍💛😭

It’s making me so emotional all over again. The woman that is slaying the world and won all those awards last night is the same woman who came to my defence…. I can’t even. I love you so much I could never tell you how much, taylorswift 😘

I’ll forever endeavour to do you proud and keep groovin/using correct grammar. 😭❤️

imagine Changkyun sending you a selfie and texting you about how much he misses you.

“Jagiya, look how cute I am! I bet you miss me, don’t you? Ah, but probably not as much as I miss you :)”

anonymous asked:

pls lose weight?

Lol sorry you’re unhappy with yourself nonny. I guess me being happy, content, confident with my weight must really bother you. I feel bad for you. Only a person with their own insecurities or just someone who is a little bitch would come into someone’s inbox, in the morning and telling them to lose weight.

Once again I feel bad for you and I’m probably  going to take more pictures of my fat ass today just for you! :3

*screams* Look what came today!!! It’s so beautiful, help me!

*clutches to chest*