it's all simply perfect

  • Lance during the third episode of season 3: *literally makes all the right calls, says you have to keep the team together and not be so hot-headed, cares deeply about the wellbeing of his team*
  • Dreamworks: It's just so tragic that......Keith is the only one who could possibly pilot the black lion one else could ever do this.....
A friendly reminder of how diverse Coup D‘etat was
  • Coup D’etat : EDM / trap-inspired
  • Niliria : folk / heavy-hitting hip-hop.
  • R.O.D : heavy dubstep / Carribbean beats
  • Black : Midtempo ballad
  • Who You : Pop
  • Shake The World : Electronic
  • Michi Go : Rap / Dubstep
  • Crooked : Classic pop / heavy drumbeats / metal guitar riffs
  • Runaway : rock-infused-track
  • I Love It : R&B / disco
  • You Do : old school hop hop beat / drawling rap
  • Window : melancholic ‘80s / tribal beats

I do realize that this album isn’t the best ever made, but the fact that it’s so experimental, versatile and colorful made it musically perfect and tasty