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six of crows au where kuwei doesn’t exist

  • nina and matthias never have that moment where they realize they’re on the same side and therefore can’t trust each other
  • by some miracle they make it out of the ice court alive without nina having any parem
  • wylan never finds the courage to stand beside jesper on the way home because he’s too shy in his own skin
  • without the promise of reward for the scientist inej doesn’t consider her dream of hunting slavers possible, which means she never tells kaz so he has no reason to ask her to stay in ketterdam with him, and inej goes on thinking he doesn’t have deeper feelings for her
  • they go back to the barrel empty handed and their friendships never strengthen and most importantly to kaz—they never make their millions
  • pekka, heleen and van eck are still at large 
  • kaz never gets the help he needs to find inej’s parents
  • there’s really no reason to work with wylan again since raske is better with demolition after all and they’re not working with jan anymore
  • jesper’s life lacks chaos without any big heists and he goes back to gambling regularly
  • and poor matthias
  • he still meets his fate the same way when it’s found out he’s not in hellgate anymore. but the sad difference is it would have all been for nothing….

spoiler: it’s just not realistic.jpg stop acting like the story could exist without him. he’s a crucial character thanks bye

“We were just children, running from the sins of our parents.”

Legacy weighed heavy on them. It mixed up its blessings and curses, until they could no longer tell the difference. But at least they had each other. 

You could see by the look on his face that he never expected to have this; living family members or stories about his ancestors or a birthright to protect and while it’s obvious that the expectations of him will be even greater in the future, I’m still so, so thankful that the show didn’t kill off Imogen before we’d had the chance to see this happen.

not to be that person but…. hating a movie before it comes out because you THINK your favorite character might be getting a storyline you didn’t “want” is really immature and creates uncessary drama over nothing. if it happens AFTER you see the movie? make a fucking scene! but before? just….chiLL

how does one not get stressed

ohno letting us know very casually on the yakai that after he and jun drunkenly crashed sho’s recording in his hotel room, they went back to his room and jun started crying and then ohno started crying and they were hugging each other 

is just

the best thing for me right now. 😪

ok so i used a ouija board for the first time!! it was fuckin freaky

(and no dont tell me its all fake: ur boring. it was fun) (and yes, we were with someone experienced. dont worry)

when we asked for spirits for the first time, it just slid over to ‘h’. great. we said goodbye bc it was 1am and everyone was freaking the fuck out.

we tried again in the morning, and boy was it successful!! we asked for a name and got ‘sue v (unsure if v was an initial or something else?) we asked for an age? and got 4. then contacted them again and they said they died when they were 89, which was 67 years ago? we got scared and thought they were counting down, so we said goodbye.

our scariest one was when we asked for spirits, got a yes, then we asked for a name, and it started to move off the board. ur meant to say goodbye if it goes off, but it wasnt off, just really close to the edge. everyone was fucking terrified, and someone asked if the spirit wanted to talk to us. it slid right over to ‘no’ really fucking fast. god it was scary. we said goodbye right away

but! we got to really communicate well with one! we asked for a name, got ‘cf’ and ‘cea’ and we asked if ‘cf’ was an initial and got a yes! we asked if the spirit lived in tasmania. no answer. we asked if it lived in van diemen’s land (the name of tasmania before about 1855) and IT SAID YES!!!!! that was exciting. we asked if they were a convict, they said yes, we asked if they were from britain, they said yes. then we asked if they were in the hobart female factory (like a female prison? the women convicts there made clothes and stuff. its in the general area i live) and they said yes!!! we asked how old they were when they died, and they slid down to ‘2′; we asked for them to elaborate, they moved slightly, still sitting on the 2. we asked if they were 22 when they died, they moved to yes! it was incredible!!!

i’ll definitely be doing it again omg.

When you read someone’s tumblr bio and they’re literally any type apart from INFP


little dog models on the prairie

practicing Poses™ and got carried away



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can u imagine,,, how destiel-heavy these episodes will be,,,, next season is gonna be supEr gay if they're going to amp it up omg

Since 12x23 I don’t even know who I am any more :P I feel like normally I’d be all oh no wait and see be careful don’t get your hopes up through the roof… But I mean if you’re like me and surfing along on the top of the wave enjoying the custom tailored for you destiel fan service as it happens, I suspect season 13 is going to be pretty ridiculous :P