it's all over now, baby blue

ranking some of obito’s iconic looks and explaining why hes the UNDISPUTED KING of fashion

“sorry im late i spent 20 minutes crying because i thought i lost my yugioh cards”

nothing crazy here. could be way worse, could also be better. he’s just a cute kid who’s pretty much not even traumatized yet, what do u expect ? u can tell he has potential tho, because that was basically his ‘2007 fashion’ phase and he handled it pretty damn well since he wasnt an absolute disaster like most of us were at his age. 6/10


dark. stealthy and witchy. the pic speaks for itself. 'i have come back during the lunar eclipse to summon some demons and murder those who have forsaken me’ energy. was wearing that mask with a hood and cuffs with CHAINS like u actually fucking cannot come up with a better look for this event. makes sure u KNOW about the fact that he knows how to hold a newborn baby AND how to sacrifice it. poetic. everyone was gagged. he was only 14-15 years old. a pioneer. u could never. 10/10

“do my mental illnesses make me look hot ?”

this kid looks like he dresses in the dark and hes also definitely starting to forget that mirrors even exist. im not roasting him right now. im being serious. u can tell that at this point he was at his lowest. probably had no gotdam idea how his clothes looked on him because he was avoiding every reflective surface he ever came across. let his hair grow because he could hardly bring himself to do basic shit, let alone think about his hair. and yet he still looks pretty nice. what a legend. that outfit is pretty bland but the realistic and depressing reasons why it even exists make it quite endearing (dare i say easy to relate to ?) and pretty iconic. 7.5/10


that outfit must be so cozy. like it rly looks so comfy wtf ? also looks really nerdy. the thing is, it can either be a good or bad thing and it only depends on the person wearing it. this outfit can basically make you or break you. the whole tobi bullshit showed the fact that he can make it look good even while hes behaving like the biggest chaotic dumbass nerd ever so at this point its safe to say that no outfit has ever been a threat to obito. but anyway lets be real, who gives a fuck either way ? the only thing that matters here is the fact that he looks REALLY huggable in this. also dont get it twisted. i ABSOLUTELY can tell this man smells dusty and musty no matter what he’s wearing. do i care ? no. 8.5/10

“Actually, I’ll have you know I am Madara kin.”

outstanding. his blue nail polish was a great choice and looked spectacular on him. doesnt care about glove etiquette and wears a ring over it because it’s an aquarius’ job to break the boring ass rules baby ! now for the most important part: he was bold enough to modify THE timeless, iconic outfit and managed to make it more functional (and personal) without messing with its original swag at all, which resulted in another iconic look. effortless designer shit. and its so avant-garde too ? i dress like this irl. obito is too ahead of his time and thats why he hates the world. #aquariusking. also he revealed that look during a storm and it had a goddamn hood too like what more do u need ? unfortunately, he only allowed us to witness this legendary outfit’s fierceness for 0.2 second because he knew this sad, worthless, hopeless, basic world couldn’t handle how good it looked. left us all shook. 10/10

*future - mask off (LoFi remix) plays in the background*

i wish it was his theme song. soundcloud sadboy aesthetic GOD. also lost an arm which obviously automatically adds a hundred points to the classic, legendary akatsuki outfit. has survived 600 billion bombs, has SO MUCH sauce, and yet all u can think when u look at him is 'this dude definitely has an edgy, emo, chill anime beats blog on tumblr dot com’. and u know what the best part is ? that thought gets 100 times more powerful once u actually figure out who that guy is. i honestly love the vibes he gives off. u can tell he makes sad LoFi/trap type beats and writes sad rap lyrics about the world in his spare time. this man has definitely posted one of his depressing freestyles on soundcloud while he was high. it only has 12 favorites, and they are actually from the 12 different soundcloud accounts i have created in order to support him. 1110/10

'proper spongebob’ meme but just deep fried enough for u to feel like something doesnt feel quite right

looks like hes desperately trying not to look too edgy bcuz hes on his way to meet his future spouse’s parents. still stays true to himself with this dark color scheme tho. this look clearly screams 'im ready to bust my third eye wide fucking open’ and the details in the mask prove it. spiritual king. went for the total traditional aesthetic to fit the whole 'im gonna ascend and become god now’ mood. understandable. we KNOW he could modify it and turn it into something iconic and unforgettable if he ever feels like it though. no more nail polish because he knew damn well it would’ve been quite the fashion faux-pas with all this dark purple he’s wearing, and also because any other color wouldnt have added much to this look anyway. he clearly knew what he was doing but this legend got us all used to life-changing outfits so basically, this would be a 10/10 on a basic bitch but it loses points on a superior fashion king like him because hes able to do even better. 8/10

“the world is finally ending but u bet ur ass fashion never ends”

i told u he really could do better. ugh. HIS MIND……… he deadass teared his sleeve off to make his traditional outfit just unstructured enough for his tastes…….. can u get more aquarius than that… this man increased his sex-appeal with the classic wrist-length glove and bare arm combo, fully aware of the fact that it was also going to look perfectly edgy with that long mantle he’s wearing. rebellious, sexy, murderous but never trashy. literally transformed the entire outfit’s energy with one (1) move. only a real fucking fashionista would be able to pull this shit. and then he makes things even saucier, dropping the mask to unleash decades worth of scandal and making this mythical outfit even more unforgettable than it already was….. no one was ready to get their wig snatched and ruthlessly beaten into the cold hard ground like this. the 4th shinobi world war was nothing but wig and scalp slaughter with a little bit of actual murder on the side. the reason why lee is canonically bald ? thats obito babe. 90% of the scalp cruelty was his doing, not only because of the drama he created, but also because this man has no FUCKING idea what skin care is and hasn’t felt sunlight on his face for 20 years and yet he still looks prettier than all the petty basics on the battlefield. what the fuck kinda eyelash curler was he using ? was that mascara ? was that all natural ? we wont ever know. LEGEND. also, purposely got his own heart ripped out by someone who means a lot to him for the emo aesthetic; of course not without coughing up blood on his own outfit like the true fucking artist he is. and dont even get me started on the fact that the fabric of his clothes was literally created to make his fights look even better. id willingly let him beat the shit out of me and kill me for the sake of the aesthetic. 100000000000/10

for the monster fuckers

so woke. hes starting to transcend fashion in a way most human beings cant comprehend. also his muscles got a sick ass pump. monster bf material. is he confused or is he about to kill u ? the answer is yes. lost part of his consciousness and his ability to speak, which makes him seem even less human than he already looks. is super silent and looks very lost in general which makes him ultra cute and attractive. what im trying to say is this was sexy as fuck so why is no one talking about it ? 10/10

“behold my aquarius god complex”

A E S T H E T I C. he has ascended. looks sad in that very divine way. 'weeping mary’ vibes. has finally achieved that celestial martyr aesthetic he’s been going for. his perfect, mystical, assymetrical being is here to educate u thots on the fact that assymetry has NEVER been a flaw in the first place. the ripped pants and bare feet combo goes amazingly well with his energy as a person and everything about his appearance here makes him look unreachable, eternal and exalted. i wish he’d showed up to the met gala 2k18 to stunt on all these uninspired hoes and also to end the world. AES/10

Don’t Deny It ~Freaky February~ (C.G)

Prompt: Carl gets jealous because he thinks you like Ron.

Pairing: Carl x Reader

Word Count: 455

Warning: None

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Grateful Dead with Joan Baez, “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue,” Dec. 1981

Joan Baez looks like a total babe in this video, check out her dance moves @3:20 - 4:18 and @5:06 - 5:33.

Only The Beginning

Author: marj-n-ken
Fandom: South Park
Pairing: Butters/Kenny
Genre: Romance, Hurt/Comfort
Rating: T
Series: one-shot
Beta: basicbewitch
Summary: When Butters calls crying, all Kenny wants to do is make his best friend happy again.

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Signs as lyrics from Paramore songs
  • Aries: Next time you point a finger I might have to bend it back or break it off.
  • Taurus: You were my conscience. So solid, now you're like water.
  • Gemini: Baby we're all alone now, give me something to sing about.
  • Cancer: Just don't let me fall asleep, feeling empty again.
  • Leo: Where's your gavel? Your jury? What's my offense this time? You're not a judge but if you're gonna judge me, sentence me to another life.
  • Virgo: They taped over your mouth, scribbled out the truth with their lies, you little spies.
  • Libra: It's not a walk in the park to love each other.
  • Scorpio: If I'm a bad person, you don't like me. Well I guess I'll make my own way.
  • Sagittarius: I noticed your eyes are always blue to me, keeping them here it makes no sense at all.
  • Capricorn: I've got a tight grip on reality but I can't let go of what's in front of me here.
  • Aquarius: Ignorance is your new best friend.
  • Pisces: Just watch my wildest dreams come true. Not one of them involving you.

Celebrating Fred Lincoln “Link” Wray, Jr. (May 2, 1929 – November 5, 2005)

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Joni Mitchell, “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue,” Night Ride Home outtake, 1991.

“You better leave now, 
take what you need, 
the past is past

Leave your stepping stones behind, 
something calls for you.
Pay these debts no mind, 
they will not follow you…”

anonymous asked:

can i get an uhhhh au where you and sweet pea are gonna have sex™️™️ but then that shit hurted so you have to stop and then he’s sweet about it and you guys try it again

you winced at first, but you thought that was normal. this was your first time ever, so a little bit of pain should be normal right? 

sweet pea paused, letting you get used to him, before he started moving again, but you didnt like the feeling at all. “blue!” you said, and sweet pea immediately stopped at the use of the safe word. 

he sat up, taking a hold of your hand, “whats wrong? are you okay?” he asked, with so much worry in his voice. “yeah it hurt.” he frowned, and he flips you two over so you are now on top, he runs his hands up and down your sides. 

“im sorry baby, I didnt mean to hurt you.” your thumb rubs his cheek, “no no, please dont be. its fine, really.” 

you sit there for a few minutes, in comfortably silence. “want me to eat you out again?” he asks, “fuck yes.” you respond, with a cheeky grin. 

thot hours ™

Anniversary +1 || C.H

warning: quite long

I M A G I N E 

“You look fantastic, Y/N,” Calum softly compliments, his almond eyes twinkling at the sight of you. His hand snakes upon the clothed table to place it on top of yours lovingly. A candle sat in the middle of it all, with a flame lit and dancing to its own music. Two plates, one for each, was ornate with food you made. 

“You’re not looking so bad yourself, Hood,” you reply, staring at the boy admiringly. Your bottom lip was found between your teeth as you nibbled in adoration. His calloused thumb rubbed the top of your hand as he smiled. “I can’t believe it’s been one year.” 

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carolpelctier  asked:

adamjessa and "kiss me", please!

13. “Kiss me.”

If he was grossed out a few seconds ago, it didn’t matter anymore. The room was filled with a stranger’s cry and Adam looked up from his spot at Jessa’s side to where the doctor was recognizing the new life he had helped to brought into the world. HIs heart stopped in that instant, looking at the red little thing moving its legs as his cry made Jessa realize it was over, she had done it, all by herself like Adam had promised her when the contractions and the pain of it started echoing her entire body.

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The Reception

Context: The reception following Robert & Aaron’s wedding.

They’d had to stay behind at the church for a few moments after the ceremony, had to sign some papers or whatever it was Harriet had told them, this gave everyone enough time to file out of the church into the pub and get a drink in their hand.

Entering the pub everyone cheered and Adam jokingly had found some confetti and threw it over them as they walked through the door before handing them both a drink and offering his congratulations for the 50th time.
Every villager seemed to have turned up for their day, at least they did for the reception with the free bar which if they were being honest, didn’t really shock them. There were also some stray dingles from all over the place, half of them Aaron had never even met but neither him or Robert wanted to fight dingles on their tradition, a couple of Roberts cousins and distant family had turned up but he wasn’t really bothered about most of them, half of his family he hadn’t spoken to in 20 years.

In the corner of the pub was a little buffet made by Marlon, ‘a unique wedding present’ he called it but neither of them questioned him about it, they were originally planning to ask Vic to do it but as a 5-month pregnant woman, they didn’t think shed want to be slaving away in a hot kitchen.

For the first hour or so of the reception everyone chatted amongst themselves, eating some of the food and beginning to take advantage of the champagne on offer. Everything retained its classy vibe, even Chas was keeping herself controlled despite her excitement on the day. Robert and Aaron began circling the room, doing the generic small talk with all the people who turned up despite the fact some of them neither of them remember inviting who they presumed were a relative they’d pass on the street without realising – how they loved the Dingle traditions.

At about 6 o’clock, everyone was in a merry state, except Vic of course but the happiness she felt from seeing Robert getting married was enough for her, Robert and Aaron had said hello to practically everyone, and the atmosphere in the pub was becoming increasingly relaxed and friendly. That’s when they all heard the bell ring from behind the bar as the music came to a stop. Speeches.

As the speeches went on, some people began to get a bit emotional, especially after Paddy, out of the corner of his eye, Robert could see Diane and Vic both pull out some tissues and try and stop their makeup smudging, he had to admit it was hard for him not to shed a tear himself. Just as they were about to return to chatting with everyone they heard a little voice from behind the bar,

“Now ladies and gents, clear some space will you, for their first dance as a married couple.” Liv said loudly so that everyone could hear. As she said this she got daggers from Aaron,

“Liv we never had a dance as an unmarried couple, not properly, why do one now?”

“Because it’s tradition, its romantic and everyone waiting for it,” She said smirking at her older brother, “Well at least they are now after I said that. Go on.” She smiled giving him a nudge towards the space that everyone had cleared before reaching for the speakers to start the song.

“Come on,” Robert murmured quietly in his ear as he grabbed his hand and led him to the impromptu dancefloor, “Just act like no one’s watching.”

At that point ‘Songbird’ by Eva Cassidy began playing in the pub. Everyone was stood around watching as Aaron placed his arms around Robert’s neck whilst Robert pulled him closer by his waist. They stood swaying gently to the music, foreheads resting on each other’s before Robert whispered in Aarons ear,

“Remember when you told me you weren’t worth the hassle, that you were difficult to love? Look around you Aaron, all these people are here because they love you, all here to celebrate your wedding day with you, and they must love you if they’ve come despite the fact you’ve married me.” This earned a little laugh from Aaron as they continued to sway to the music.

“You know,” Aaron began to whisper, “You’re not that unlovable yourself.”

As the song continued to play, both of them began to forget they were surrounded by a room full of people, just so wrapped up in the love they had for each other and how happy they felt at that moment, for once nothing was going to ruin their moment. As the song came to an end Robert smiled at Aaron gently, gazing into his eyes,

“See, wasn’t that bad has it?” He laughed, knowing Aaron secretly enjoyed it.

“No,” Aaron said, leaning in closer to Robert, “Guess not.”

When the song finished everyone in the room began to clap them, even Cain cracked a smile at seeing his nephew so happy,

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

With that Robert leant in and placed a soft kiss onto Aaron’s lips, before

inevitably there came a shout from Adam,

“Alright lads, get a room.” Earning a little glare from both of them as they pulled apart from each other.

“Right everyone, let’s get this party started!” Chas shouted from behind the bar.

As the night went on, everybody was up dancing, laughing and obviously drinking, everyone seemed happy. Carly was up dancing with April, who for the whole day had been talking about how much she felt like a little princess, Marlon and Paddy were up giving it there all throughout the entirety of the Macarena and the whole pub sang along to the grease mega mix someone had put on – it was turning into a night no one would forget.

Throughout the night Aaron and Robert both saw all the other couples enjoying themselves, dancing together, and essentially radiating the love they had for each other. Adam and Vic, loves young dream who had a new addition to their family on the way. Cain and Moira, a couple who had been through so much together and had reunited to be stronger than ever. Diane and Doug, despite their age found love in one another and lived day in day out happy and together.

It warmed their hearts – the village had seen so much destruction and despair in this past year, but being here and now, noting but love was to be found in the pub, it was one of the best nights of their life.

All of a sudden Robert and Aaron came from behind the bar after changing the song and grabbed their sisters’ hands, leading them both to the dancefloor which was now empty.

‘She can kill with a smile; she can wound with her eyes…’

Aaron began dancing with Liv. Robert began dancing with Vic. Both pairs of siblings began dancing as everyone looked on, both men admiring the amazing girls they got to call their sisters and for today, bridesmaids. Liv had her hair curled glamorously and had her makeup done to perfection, her dress was light blue shade, knee height and swayed with each and every moment – she looked beautiful.

“Who’d have thought it eh? Aaron Dingle married.”

“Trust me kid, sometimes even I can’t believe it.”

Vic had her hair done up in a classic style, plated, curled and pinned up, her dress was the same colour as Liv’s however hers had a now visible baby bump under it and was full length.

“I’m so happy for you Rob, I really am.”

“I know,” Robert smiled looking down at her, “Its written all over your face.”

‘Yeah she steals like a thief but she’s always a woman to me…’

They carefully spun the girls to one another, being especially cautious of Vic, Aaron took her in his arms and began carefully dancing with her,

“So looks like you’re stuck with me now forever now that I’m family.” He laughed softly.

“I’m stuck with you?” She began before looking down at her bump, “You’re the one who’s just signed up for babysitting duties – Uncle Aaron.” She smiled at him as they continued to dance.

Meanwhile Robert was dancing with Liv; a sight Aaron couldn’t help but smile at seeing how far those two had come.

“You know just because you’re my brother-in-law, doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop annoying you.” She smirked at him.

“Yeah I gathered. But just because you’re my little sister-in-law, doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop either.” He smiled in return.

“Deal.” She grinned.

At this point Aaron and Robert let their sisters leave the dancefloor, Liv starting to get a bit embarrassed typically and Vic tired given her pregnancy, going to join Adam again at their table who had been looking on fondly at the scene before him. Straight away Aaron grabbed Chas’ hand and Robert grabbed Diane’s once again returning to the dancefloor.

‘She will promise you more than the Garden of Eden…’

Both women had tears in their eyes from how proud they were of their sons; it had been an emotional day for them both and this was the icing on the cake for them. Chas was getting noticeably drunker yet at the minute was sober enough to dance with Aaron,

“I’m so proud of you, you know son?”

“Yeah I know, thank you for everything.”

“Don’t need to thank me son, it’s my honour.”

Both of them then continued to dance to the music together in silence, both knowing they were close to tears and speaking would only encourage it.

Meanwhile Diane was dancing with Robert, their height difference being no barrier for them,

“I know you’re not mine, but I do love you like a son, and I’m so so happy for you pet, I really am.”

“Thank you Diane, for everything. For being my mum and loving me despite my… faults, shall we call them.”

At that point Aaron and Robert caught each other’s eye, this was something they could do in a room of a thousand people, Aaron gesturing to him once again that they switch partners.

‘She is frequently kind and she’s suddenly cruel…’

Diane elegantly went from Robert’s arms to Aaron’s, as she danced with him she remembered the teenager shed first met and how he had turned into the man who stood before her,

“He’s lucky to have you love, you make him a better person, and a happier one at that too.”

“I think I’m the lucky one.” Aaron smiled, winking at her before glancing over to his husband who was dancing with his mum – a sight he never thought he’d see. Chas was dancing with Robert. Robert Sugden. To more of a surprise to everyone, she was smiling and laughing with him as she did so.

“Thank you.” She said quietly, only loud enough for him to hear.

“What for?” Robert asked confused, unable to think about what he’d done.

“Making him happy.” She said nodding over to Aaron who had returned to talking to Diane as they danced.

“It’s my pleasure,” Robert smiled gently, “he’s everything, and I promise you, I’ll never hurt him, I couldn’t. I love him.”

“I know you do love,” She smiled up at him, “And I guess you’re not that bad yourself.” She smirked just as the song came to an end. Both pairs separated as the room clapped once again, cheering and smiling fondly at them all – they had no idea that everyone had been watching them.

As the night went on, all the extended family had left and it was just the people they really cared about who stayed, Chas called a lock in and everyone was in the happiest of spirits. For the rest of the night everyone danced, drunk and sang along to all the cheesy classics being played loudly in the pub, none of them caring whether they woke the whole of Yorkshire up.

At midnight, Vic and Adam headed home, Adam drunk enough to have tied his tie around his head and Vic tired from the busy day they had had. When it hit 1:30am, everyone began piling out of the pub, Chas reaching the point where she could no longer stay awake after the busy day, and everyone else getting to a point of intoxication where they could no longer dance and sing but more starting to become over emotional and tired.

As the last people left the pub, once again offering their congratulations to the happy couple, Robert grabbed Aarons hand and led him outside to the back of the pub which was lit by the glow of the pubs lights and the fairy lights which were placed around the pub in decoration.

Robert pulled Aaron in closer by his waist and placed his lips on his, the kiss filled with love and passion, Aaron’s hand coming up to Robert’s neck, gently stroking his cheek as he kissed him. They continued for a few more moments, wrapped in each other’s embrace before eventually pulling apart yet keeping their heads resting on each other’s.

“Hey.” Robert whispered smiling.

“Hi,” Aaron replied softly, “What’s this for?”

“Just wanted a minute with you before the days over, spend some time with my husband on our wedding day.” Aaron could feel Roberts hands going up and down his back.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that – husband, its weird innit.” Aaron said.

“Well you’ve got forever to get used to it.” Robert smirked at him.

“Yeah I have,” Aaron whispered before leaning in and kissing him once again.

“I don’t want today to end.” Robert sighed once again pulling away.

“Well…” Aaron began smirking, “Todays not over yet.” He said gesturing to their room upstairs, causing a smile to creep onto Robert’s face.

“After you.” Robert said before Aaron opened the back door of the pub and led Robert inside…

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Lets Ditch ||Nate Maloley Smut||

This was requested by anon so I hope you guys enjoy and request some more imagines! Want to read more Masterlist

    “What the hell Nate?” I asked him as I pulled him through my window, “Sorry I just wanted to come and tell you that theres a party tonight, and I want you to go with me.” He said flashing me an adorable smirk “Okay and why did you climb through my window?” I asked him with a light chuckle “Your parents.” He said to me looking confused “They arent here they went to Baton Rouge for the weekend.” I told him expecting him to know but of course he didnt he just got back from tour.

     "They're not here?“ He asked gesturing to the house ”Yep“ I said with a smile and a nod "Oh exciting.” He said rubbing his hands together “But are you going to the party with me still?” He asked me “Yeah I guess so, but I need some time to figure out my outfit.” I said biting my lip and walking over to my closet. “No baby your outfit that you have on now is great I wouldnt change it if I were you.” He said to me looking at me up and down I was only wearing a pair of white booty shorts a blue top and a pair of high top all white airforce ones. “Okay then whatever.” I said grabbing my phone and my car keys.

     “Wheres this party at?” I asked Nate as I backed out of my driveway “Its at Jacks house.” Nate said to me. Once we had gotten to Jacks house the party was in full swing already and I could tell that Jacks house was going to be destroyed by tomorrow  by all the people that were there. Nate and I were walking into the party when two girls past by us and might I say that they both looked like giant skanks. “Hey Nate.” One of them said to him in a seductive tone “Your back from tour I missed you so much.” The other girl said to him licking her lips.

     I couldnt help but think that Nate had fucked both of these girls and I was repulsed by the thought of them with him. But Nate acted like the girls didnt even existed which made me really happy, I wasnt Nates girlfriend but him and I had been friends forever and him and I had a sorta flirty friendship and I couldnt help but get sorta jealous.

     Jacks house was trashed and I couldnt believe it his parents were going to kill him. But there were so many people at this party and I couldnt help but notice that there were a ton of dudes staring at me and I could tell that Nate noticed them as well he was starting to tense up and that was always his tell.

     I got us some drinks to try to clear up the tension with Nate and the other guys but it didnt seem to work Nate was still really fidgety. “Do you want to go back to your place lets ditch this bitch?” Nate asked me with his cute little dimpled smirk “That sounds fucking awesome.” I said smiling and taking his hand as he led me outside to my car.

      We were about half way to my house when Nate decided to interrupt the silence that was falling over us. I was stopped at a red light and replying to a text from a friend when Nate spoke up, “Y/N?” Nate asked I looked over at him then back on the road and the car infront of me “I need to tell you something.” He asked me “Yeah?” I said back to him “Well at the party im pretty sure that you noticed all the guys looking at you and me kind of reacting to them and im sorry about that I didnt want to make the party awkward for you and you know that I love you and I uh have feeling for you, more than being friends.” Nate said. 

      I felt my heart drop, I liked Nate like every other girl in Omaha did but this was just crazy Nate actually liked me? Out of all the girls he had to choose from he chose me? I couldnt believe it, but I didnt have enough time to digest all this he was waiting on a reply and I just said the thing that came to my mind first. 

     “Why me? You have other bitches Nate, why me im just an Omaha girl and nothing more.” I said at a loss for words “Why you? Well where do I start, Y/N your beautiful. Like insanely beautiful and everytime I see you my heart kind of stops and your personalty is amazing and I couldnt love you anymore than I love you. Your like the ultimate package Y/N and you know I just wanted to get all of this off of my chest I hope that if you feel the same way about me that we can maybe get together. But if you dont feel me like that its fine I totally understand I hope that you can just forget about what I just said and we can just continue being friends.” He said.

     I couldnt take all of this right now I could barely drive with the alcohol in my system but Nate had just dropped a bomb on me and emotionally I could handle all of this. “Y/N, say something please babe.” Nate said nervously knocking me out of my thoughts “I uh like you to Nate.” I sputtered out nervously “You do thank God because I thought you liked Jack.” Nate said “Trust me boo I dont like Jack Ive seen all the shit that he puts his girls through and Im not into all that getting my heart stepped on, stomped on and shredded.” I said reassuring Nate of my feelings. 

     By the time I had finished that sentence I was pulling into my driveway and I got out of the car, Nate was hot on my trail. I opened the door to my house and walked in only to be pushed against the wall by Nate, at first I was surprised but then it started too sink in it was Nate and he did shit like this.

     He kissed me gently on my lips I savored the kiss and so did he. He started to move the kisses down my neck sending chills down my spine, they were gentle not rough and I liked it that way. His hands were on my hips but he brought a hand up to brush the hair off of my neck, “Do you want to do this?” Nate asked me “Yeah.” I said biting my lip and smiling, I grabbed his hand and led him upstairs to my room.

     I took off my shirt and my shorts and so did Nate, I laid down on my bed and Nate came over to me and crawled ontop of me his growing bulge very visible. He started kissing me down my neck and then down onto my collar bone “I think this needs to go.” He said gesturing to my bra and taking it off of me expertly his eyes were glued to my chest he swallowed hard “They’re amazing.” He said I could feel myself blush.

     Then Nate slid down my panties and took of his boxers and positioned himself up with me then he came up to face level with me his face hoovering inches above my own. He kissed me passionately on the lips while he slid into me slowly. He gave me enough time for me to adjust to his size then he started to grind in and out slowly, I wrapped my legs around his wait and dug my nails into his back as he pleasured me “Oh fuck Nate” I moaned out countless times. 

     But Nates thrusts started to get sloppier and sloppier “Im close” Nate said to me “I am to.” I panted out, I felt the knot in my stomach come undone and I felt myself submerge into deep pleasure and soon enough Nate was to.

     Nate fell ontop of me then rolled onto his side “Ugh babe that was amazing, it was even better than I thought it would be.” Nate said to me pulling me into him and he snuggled his face into my neck. “Goodnight Nate” I said to him smiling to myself I couldnt believe that he was mine. “Goodnight Y/N” He said planting a kiss on my neck then drifting off to sleep. 

Sorry about the shitty ending I had to rush because I have to go to my brothers basketball game. Sorry about that! Feel free to request imagines my ask is always open!