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i can’t believe my team leader is a meme: the new series on mtv


GPF 2016: kiss and cry + The Lean™

Nygmobblepot what if

Okay, I’m hoping for some big battle against the Court of Owls at the end of the season that everyone gets involved in

And it’ll mean Eddie and Ozzie calling a temporary truce to their personal antagonism in order to survive the onslaught of Court assassins being sent after them (or whatever)

Then, during an ‘eye of the storm’ moment when they are hiding and unsure of their survival, they should take the time for a bit of emotional honesty. Which will be all serious and stuff - Eddie confessing he is glad Oswald survived and he is sorry he tried to kill him and Ozzie was right about them needing each other and stuff. And Ozzie would confess he still loves Ed and all that jazz

But MOST IMPORTANTLY it would include something like -

OSWALD [soft, genuine]: I’m sorry I killed Isabella.

EDWARD [instinctive, exasperated]: ISABELL-! Oh. Yes. That’s. Right, um, thank you…

How tumblr portrays Pokemon Go team leaders:
  • Candela: Smol and angry. Will fight you. Won't deal with none of your shit.
  • Blanche: Too good for you. They're beauty and they're grace. Secretly Kyoya from OHSHC.
  • Spark: Naruto. Meme lord. Precious child that must be protected.

“You did come to the crossroads. I thought you’d abandoned me.”


the boys + first lines

me: boy i sure do hope Optimus is just under some form of mind control like the obvious purple eyes suggest, instead of willingly being all like “y’know what, random Maker lady i just met in space….fuck it….you’re right…..maybe i should have put Cybertron first this whole time….ok let’s go fuck up the Earth lol” like the set interviews, trailers, and that movie poster suggest

brain: but the latter sure would explain his rising levels of “insanity” as the movies went on… it would turn Sentinel’s betrayal into foreshadowing….mmmmm smell that continuity and the connections??? ah yes it’s like the new writers have been hinting at this whole time……connecting all the movies AND changing things up

me: *sweats nervously* true but that doesn’t mean i have to like it lmao

I feel like a lot of us come from interfaith marriages, but it’s still a pretty wild ride sometimes

It birthday


Favourite Destiel: [22/∞]
→ 4.22 ‘Lucifer Rising’

  • me, getting in the car to drive after having my permit for almost a year: which one is the brake