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Protective spells that people who love Jack Zimmermann placed in his new appartment

There’s a painting by Lardo hanging on the living room wall. Doesn’t look like anything specific but she mixed magic in the colors. Jack still hasn’t quite figured what it’s supposed to do yet, but he trusts Lardo.

Everything Bitty does to the kitchen. Put love and protection into kitchen, put it into food, your hockey player will eat them and bring it with him all day long. If your hockey player can’t eat your food, write him post-its. Bitty is efficient and will cover all angles. He “forgets” clothes and flash cards so he can leave a bit of his protection in that apartment.

Alicia gave him his baby pictures. They’re awkward but the magic is strong. She also helped chose the painting of the walls, and it’s the same kind they had in his first house, so it does feel a bit like home.

Bad Bob is not subtle. He gave him the pool table. It’s a strong protection spell, it radiates calm and serenity and kinda helps with Jack’s anxiety, but man it takes a lot of space.

Shitty is even LESS subtle. He gave him a huge potted cactus. Jack is not sure it has any powers. Jack is not sure Shitty even HAS powers.

Ransom is efficient, he gave Jack a first aid kit as a housewarming gift. It’s laced with instinctive knowledge of what to use and how, and a layer of calm in emergency situations. Holster gave him a boxed season of Breaking Bad. No magic.

Seventeen as shit Steffi (@hughosh) has said
  • S.Coups: *60 yr old smoker voice* ya got a bright future ahead of u kid
  • Jeonghan: tfw u must keep your angel online persona but got so much shit to say
  • Joshua: I wanna sext every boy from Ouran High School Host Club
  • Jun: If beauty is pain then I should already be drop dead gorgeous, ive been suffering all my life
  • Hoshi: 🎵 unbreeeak my heeeeaart, say you loooove me agaaaain🎵
  • Wownoo: Theres this new movie called "The Disappointments Room" and quite honestly same
  • Woozi: this fucking basilisk better be smoked outta the chamber of secrets
  • DK: #MomentofSilenceForDonaldDuck
  • Mingyu: As the shrek song once said "I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed"
  • The8: Welcome to the 75th Annual Exposing Games
  • Seungkwan: I'm watching say yes to the dress and this pair of sisters are making fun of their older sister for wanting a blue wedding dress, and I'm like stfu you made ur sister cry and you both look like gnomes
  • Vernon: self diss to the max
  • Dino: I've been 16 all my life