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I love it how when I speak in another language people tell me that I “have an accent”
Like, yeah, I have an accent in my first language, why are you surprised by this?

House Pride // Ravenclaw

If only
closed minds
came with
closed mouths

(g) (s) (h)

can we have a movie where a chinese teenager stumbles into a european medieval fantasy land. the wypipo are awestruck by her bravery and advanced technology and in turn she learns the ways of their people. then a lurking evil threatens the white tribes and she along with her newfound friends have to step in to save them. once she heroically defeats the threat she is showered with praise and gets the guy. it is a story of adventure, friendship, and self-discovery

Tokyo Ghoul: re [quest] #002  [union]

NOTICE: This translation does not base on original version of the novel (which is Japanese), but on the official Mandarin/Traditional Chinese version. Some contents or meaning may be misinterpreted due to multiple translations between different languages and my personal misunderstandings or inability. Also, since English isn’t my mother language, some grammar mistakes may be unavoidable. Please, do point out any parts you find strange or mistaken.

DISCLAIMER: This translation is for the purpose of my personal language practicing only. I do not own or originally created any contents in this novel. Tokyo Ghoul :re[quest] (東京喰種-トーキョーグール-:re[quest]) is written by Towada Shin (十和田シン), which based on Tokyo Ghoul(東京喰種トーキョーグール) series, the creation of Ishida Sui (石田スイ). Thus, all the rights of this work reserved to Ishida Sui, Towada Shin and the publisher, Shueisha Inc. (株式会社集英社). All the Mandarin/Traditional Chinese version’s rights reserved to its publisher Sharp Point Publishing (尖端出版) and the translator Lai Si-Yu (賴思宇). Please do not rehost without citation or reuse this translation, especially not in the any forms of profitable usages. If you’re interested, buy official copy when it’s available in your region.


Hiding under other people’s wings forever, then you’ll end up achieve nothing, and lose everything

So she raised up her courage, stepped into the shade of the Tree where could never be shined by sunlight, for she hoped she herself would have enough strength to help others.

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anonymous asked:

Since you have such beautiful skin, do you have any skincare tips or product advice for us with not so great skin? Thank you in advance! :)

Ah, I’ll try. Just be aware that I used to have terrible acne.

  1. If you’re going through puberty, it will most definitely pass.
  2. Know your skin type and your skin. It will help you get the right products and the right skin routine.
  3. Washing your face helps a lot. Wash with lukewarm, not hot water.
  4. Switch up products every once in awhile. Switch products when you feel like your acne’s “resisting” the product you’re using.
  5. Eat healthy food! Try to drink a lot of water.
  6. Not touching your face actually helps a lot.
  7. Change your sheets often.
  8. If you’re oily, oil blotting sheets is a life saver.
  9. In Chinese medicine, acne is considered to be a “heat sign.” This article can show you foods you can eat that could help reduce the heat. It’s funny because in medical astrology, having excessive Aries/Mars (fire) energy could result in acne.

*whispering* you don’t have to do this. you can turn around now and confess your sins and hope they just sentence you to community service or something


ginkgo leaves are falling

The Great Wave of Kanagawa

~10cm across (chinese watercolor and ink)


[170605] a cover of a Chinese song that Sunyoul posted on Weibo :) finally put my torturous years of chinese school to use and found the song: 春雨裡洗過的太陽 by 王力宏 (wang leehom)  

YO. YO. I’M SHOOK HIS VOICE IS SO BEAUTIFUL and he sings it in a higher key too which makes it sound so pretty and sweet and lovely

also,,, 0:26,,, that leap + “if you listen to the rhythm of the pouring rain” i’ve found my new ringtone


foods of thedas :  TEVINTER

as with most things in tevinter, the food aspires to be effortlessly stylish & oppressively opulent. for those who can afford it, every meal is fine dining, combining rich flavours with expensive ingredients. it is a matter of pride for magisters to be able to transport exotic items to their villas, no matter how far away the source is. the most impressive ingredient, however, is lyrium, which is often mixed with spiced wine or tea at the more decadent parties. being able to acquire these ingredients illustrates wealth & power, and many use this to their full advantage with the tradition of VENDITATI LUCRIS – the offering of food made to a new neighbour, as both a greeting and a statement of superiority. traditional dishes include fugu sashimi, bun bo hue, honey-roasted figs, and red jasmine tea.

Do you ever watch a show with a lot of poc representation and think “ok now they’re just trying too hard.” I find myself thinking that every now and then and I have to correct myself! I have gotten so accustomed to watching a series of white families/friends with the occasional poc friend. (See: Friends, That 70s show, Supernatural, Sherlock, Bones, Gilmore Girls, HIMYM, Drop Dead Diva etc.) So when I finally see a show with accurate representation of a poc, I automatically think “they’re just trying to gain approval and get more ratings.” That is such a gross way of thinking!!! Especially from a poc myself! Why is that my first thought? Because seeing white actors get good roles has become the norm for me. So much so, that I sometimes find myself preferring it. And that’s messed up.