it's all i want in my life

All I want is for Draco Malfoy to one day look back on his life and think… 

‘All was well’.

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Ok so maybe I will survive, but all of these Chloe thoughts and discussions are breaking my heart. Like... she's gone through so much... And Adrien, too... T.T

They have gone through a lot. And the worst part is that they both have all the money, security, comfort, and privilege they could ever want, so there’s this dissonance in their hearts and minds because they’re so unhappy but society tells them they shouldn’t be.

Chloe refuses to let anyone hear her screaming for help because she will not be weak, oh no she won’t. Adrien uses his parody Twitter account and his Chat Noir persona to covertly display his unhappiness.

And yet…

When I think of all the things they went through before getting to where they are now, I can’t help but find it beautiful. That goes for the other characters as well. Everything they suffered, every decision and experience prepared them to be in the right place at the right time when that accidental email set everything in motion.

Walking around the same city, living and loving and hurting and growing, always brushing just past each other until they were ready to collide.

…but don’t mind me, I’m just a sap. :D

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I can't be positive. I've tried my hardest the past couple days, but life keeps screwing with me. I can't take it anymore. It hurts so much. I don't know what to do. I feel like my only option is to kill myself because I have so much anxiety that keeps me from doing things and living life. I hate it so much. I literally hide all day everyday in my house. I have no friends. I'm failing my classes no matter how hard I try. I can't do anything right.

First I want to tell you its going to be okay. It may not seem like it now, but its going to be okay. I’m here for you. <3

Second, I want you to take a few deep breaths to try and relax the swirling storm of negativity in your mind right now. I have days like that and for awhile my every day was like that. When I feel the complete bombardment of rapid bad thoughts, I stop and I breathe. Sometimes it also helps to say something positive to yourself like “its going to be okay” or you can picture something that brings you joy or calmness. The idea is to try to bring the hurricane down to maybe a tropical storm. 

So my first piece of advice to you is to seek help if you haven’t already. It sounds like you have a lot of pain and hurt in you that you have to process and speaking with a therapist can help you greatly! You may be able to find low cost help at universities and organizations. So if that is an option for you, I encourage you to find help because you absolutely deserve it!

Now if that isn’t an option I can give you some things to do to try and help:

  • Make a list of things that make you happy - It doesn’t matter if the list only has 3 things on it, or if they seem trivial. The point is that you show yourself that there are some things left in this world that can make you smile, things that are important to you. Try and keep this list on hand for when you need to be reminded of those things
  • Practice Self-Care - Having anxiety is exhausting and draining on our egos. Most of the day is a bombardment of hurtful and even abusive put downs on ourselves. Thats way its especially important to practice self-care to try and combat the negativity. This doesn’t need to be grand or extravagant. Taking a simple bath, watching your favorite movie, or even just being kind to yourself is all self-care. 
  • Find 1 positive thing each day - This can be ANYTHING. That cool looking cloud you saw, you got to pet a dog, you had a nice convo with someone, nothing is too trivial!
  • Anti-Anxiety Barrier - Okay this is something I recently started doing thats been working well for me. I have this oversized super comfy pink hoodie that I named the “Anti-Anxiety Hoodie” which means anxiety is NOT ALLOWED inside my hoodie so when I wear it its like a barrier. You can do this with any piece of clothing or a blanket. You’re basically giving your anxiety boundaries. so you can at least have some moments of peace.

These are the only ones I’m going to list because I don’t want to overwhelm you and I know you probably don’t have a lot of energy to try a lot of different things, I find these to be the ones that will take the least amount of energy to do but can really help you. I truly believe you can get through this. It will be okay! I’m always here for you if you need a friend <3

If thoughts of suicide persist please contact one of the hotlines listed here

*I am not nor am i claiming to be a licensed therapist*

Our Lives Matter

surrounded by white chalk,
yellow caution tape,
and three officers with black boots

I hear chants of pain,
the cries of outrage,
then I began to feel the warm tears pour from my mom’s face.

A local broadcast tells a story to boost its views
as the officers will plead its procedure
the community will see another life taken too soon,

another black life under twenty-five
but to say my life mattered would make me a racist too,

so tell me how does it feel,
knowing the victim’s description is similar to you ?
if I move the wrong way I give the man every reason to shoot ?
how would you feel to see your child plastered on the news ?

I just want peace and justice
for all my brothers and sisters wrongly accused
all of the families that suffered loses,
and each fist still fighting for the truth.


hey pals! 
i cut off all (most of) my hair today! its so good! and I’m so happy about it!
and like, as of late I’ve been kind of thinking more about myself as a person, and what i want and need and such
and i think a thing that might be nice in this stage of my life is if all my pals out there would be cool with using they/them in reference to me.
now this has been kind of a long time coming, but in thinking about things and really kind of accepting that its okay to feel these things and be who i am, i think it would be good to move to those pronouns. 

otherwise, ill just be hanging like always

here’s to the now and all of us in it!

Gal Pals @ prom sharing a Friendship Dance

Even if you called 6 months later at 3 am, I’d still answer; I’ll always care.
—  Unknown

Ok guys, ask and ye shall receive! This was SO MUCH FUN. Have included the image on its own so you can see all the details! Please observe how the list of charges becomes increasingly more absurd as it gets smaller~

Dedicated, for all your participation in this now life-consuming AU, to: @fireflyfish@forcearama@lurkingcrow @albaparthenicevelut @bodirooks @writegowrite @resistancepilots​ 💕💕💕

Also credit to redheadstock over on DeviantArt for the great brushes I used on the poster.

  • person B: *starts to caress A's thigh and whispers into their ear* hey....I see that you're wearing that new cologne/perfume that you brought a few days ago. It's driving me crazy...and what you're wearing its so sexy, you're begging for me to rip those clothes off......*starts to kiss their neck,.then whipsers* .......everyone left for the rest of the day, so that leaves the two of us for the next few hours. Do you want to me to maybe--
  • Person A: *interrupts* if this just to get out of doing work/chores today, you will lose all access to this ass for the next few months. Try again next time
  • [Please give me an A for trying, because I cannot do dirty talk to save my life. 😭😭😭]

Hey everyone!!! My blog’s 1st year anniversary is in about a week and I’m almost at 5k so I decided to do another follow forever while I’m still on winter break!! This past year has been really hectic for me but you all never fail to make me smile. This is a thank you to all the people that I’ve chatted with and fill my dash with lovely posts, I love you all and hope the new year is good to you ♡

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a series of unlikely crossovers

  • me: *plays a game literally all day everyday for weeks*
  • me: *realizes how much time of my life i'm wasting*
  • me: ok i'll be Productive™ after i beat the game
  • me: -finishes-
  • me: what can i play next

This is the only thing I have ever wanted in my life G O O D B Y E

With an added bonus extra of this E X T I N G U I S H ME

lots of people refer to chirrut and baze as the “space dads” of rogue one so it just seemed obvious to take that to the next step and make REBELLION DAYCARE. jyn is yelling because she didn’t want to go to stupid daycare she just wants her dad. cassian’s in a mood because he’s been coming to daycare for AGES and he didn’t cry ONCE, he thinks jyn is just fussing and being a baby. he also might have thrown kay-too at her and is now grumpy because chirrut took his favourite robot away. bodhi (who is possibly the cutest kid I have ever drawn in my whole life????) is v anxious about jyn’s yelling but its okay, when baze calms her down, and she and cassian apologise to each other, they’re all going to go to the beach and get ice cream (∪ ◡ ∪)

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I don’t really know how to express this but I feel like skam has this ability to surprise its viewers more than I’ve experienced from other shows?

I don’t know to what extent, but I feel like when skam started they put up all these “rules” that were going to decide the format of the show. And then they decided that if they ever got an opportunity that broke the rule, but it was for a good enough reason, they would go for it? That way they would push the show in a good direction, without picking the first option that arose but also not sticking super strictly to the rules and not develop the show’s concept at all. And that is why they have a season about isak, even though people thought it was gonna be only girl mains at first, and also why they casted henrik even though he is born 95 when their rule was to cast people from 96-99. I feel like they are keeping a good balance of “stick to the rules vs. break rules”, and I wonder what changes they are gonna make in the future.