it's all from the junior novel

How I know FinnRey is Canon

These parts are from Rey’s Story a junior novel all though Rey’s Point of View (its still 3rd person but its just talks about Rey view in TFA. )

Rey felt tears pricking at the corners of her eyes after all those years, someone had finally returned for her . She didn’t have to wait any longer
Chewier moans happily at Rey , and she smiled
“what did he say “Finn asked
“that it was your idea” Rey replied
Finn had clearly embraced his role as a hero , and Rey couldn’t have  been prouder . she ran forward and hugged him tightly

She worried about Finn , who was lying unconscious in the medley . He hadn’t woken up since the Star killer battle . But  the doctors assured that they were doing all the could for him All he needed was time

Rey insisted on sitting at bedside as often as possible. Once again , she was found herself waiting for the return of someone she card about.

She hade to leave Finn and  she hated it to leave his side when the future seemed uncertain
She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek “ I’ll come back for you next time” she promised . She didn’t know when she would return , some how she knew she would see Finn again

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