it's all falling apart on me

In me existed
an entire universe
that centered its orbit
around you.

The stars fell
just to land
in your arms.

The sun set
against your skin,
the moon kissed it
in an act of good-morning.

I found myself counting
new ways to lose myself
in order to tell you
that I loved you.

It is only years after
that loss taught me what it meant
to be loved in turn.

You would not have let me burn
what was left of my heart
to keep us from falling apart.

You’d have sacrificed
a shed of your own
so that I did not suffer alone.

You’d have rewritten time
and all of its lines
to define me as yours
and you as mine.

“I need you” Sentence Starters

aka my life and yours are two parts of a whole

  • “I can’t do this without you.”
  • “Don’t let go of my hand through this, please.”
  • “If you walk away everything will fall apart.”
  • “All I want is your lips against mine right now.”
  • “It wasn’t just a one off for me; it was me hoping you’d see the connection.”
  • “We’ve been through everything else together.  This is no different.”
  • “You’re my other half.”
  • “There’s no one else I’d rather have with me than you.”
  • “You need to help me, I can’t do this alone.”
  • “I’ve never felt alone since you came into my life.”
  • “What am I supposed to do if you walk away?”
  • “This distance is killing me.”
  • “Don’t let this distance tear us apart.”
  • “I need you as much as you need me.”
  • “Letting go was never an option.”
  • “All the time did was make me realize that you’re supposed to be with me.”
  • “I’ve made so many mistakes, but you’re not one of them.”
  • “I need you to help me reach the top shelf.”
  • “Two people aren’t this made for each other so easily.”
  • “You’re worth any fight.”
  • “I’m crying on the floor and nothing’s right, but I know you can make this better.”
  • “I’m way too drunk to be driving, so I was gonna walk home– stay on the phone with me, okay?”
  • “There’s this couple’s contest, and I know we’re not dating, but the grand prize is this big ass load of food– help me.”
  • It doesn’t matter if you need me; you broke everything.”
  • “Everything’s really shitty right now.  So how about you get in this car with me and we drive to wherever for however long?”
  • “I’ll go if you go.”
  • “I’ll only do this if you help me.”
  • “I can’t depend on anyone else, just you.”
  • “Thank you for always being here for me.”
  • “You could call be at any time and I’d drop anything if you needed me.”
  • “All you have to do is show me that you feel the same.”
  • “I know that I need you, but sometimes the feeling doesn’t seem reciprocated.”
  • “I’m pathetic, because I go to you for everything, but you’d pick someone over me any day.”
  • “Can you give me a ride?”
  • “I didn’t tell anyone else I was leaving… You deserved to know though.”
  • “I’ll still be here when you get back.”
  • “Isn’t in terrifying that we both couldn’t go without the other?”
  • “This ring proves that I’m always here for you.”
  • “Come here, let me give you a hug.”
  • “My date stood me up, can you come with me to egg his/her car?”
  • “My date stood me up, can you come pick me up?”
  • “The lights don’t shine as bright when you’re not here.”
  • “I can’t deal with us drifting apart anymore.”
  • “I feel like I’m gripping with all my might and you’re not even lifting a finger.”
  • “My friend locked me outside naked.  Help.”
  • “My friend needs to see I’m dating someone so they’ll stop including me in blind dates–yes, I know we’re not dating, but still.”
  • “I don’t call you my partner in crime for no reason.”
  • “Can you come over so I don’t feel so alone anymore?”
  • “You ran to get here this quickly?!”
  • “I need you.”

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ok but
can we take the same road ??? two days in the same clothes ???? And I know just what she’ll say if I can make all this pain go CAN we stop this for a minute !!??! You know !! I can tell that your hEARt isn’t in it or with it !!! Tell me with your mind, body and spirit !!! !!! I can make your tears fall down like the showers that are British Whether we’re together or apart !!! We can both remove the masks !!!! and admit we regret it from the start !!!!!

The later Artemis Fowl books work for me because the worldbuilding falls apart at the same time that the genre subtly shifts, so that while the first books are heist novels the last one is a fairy tale. They start off being all about rules and how to exploit them and end up being all about fighting back even when you don’t know what the rules are.

Y’all don’t attack Jonas, remember this is Isak’s POV and its narrow af. Jonas has no idea what is going on with Isak right now cause Isak is pulling away and not talking, probably because he’s scared but you can’t blame Jonas for that.  Its been proven Jonas does have Isak’s back and loves him. He was there for him when his dad left and he was having issues with his mom. And maybe its just me but I notice a lot of love with the way Jonas looks at Isak, almost as if he misses his best friend. If anything Isak’s friendships are falling apart because of him bottling everything up, which again is understandable but again not Jonas’s fault. From Jonas’s view Isak is acting strange he doesn’t know why or understand what is happening and I can see how Isak’s behavior seems irrational to someone not in his head. If he knew all the facts that be different. 

Because all I want is you by my side

I want to see your face
I want to hear your voice
I want to be in your arms
I want to kiss your lips
But distance is keeping us apart
Im crying and hurting
I’m breaking
I feel my heart ripping apart
I’m just missing my other half
I hate the distance its ripping me in half

clumsy me // credence barebone

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Well… since its Christmas soon… :))))))

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(^ this is how Credence would be if he wasn’t abused :((((( )

clumsy me // credence barebone

Deck the Halls came on the radio, and the tiny apartment flooded with the merry, frustratingly catchy tune. The kitchen burst out with a delighted squeal, and from where you stood you caught a glimpse of Credence leaping in joy, his apron flying as his mixing of dough got more enthusiastic.

“I love this song!” he exclaimed, and as the first of the carol lyrics started, you laughed, watching Credence sing along, drumming the spatula against the edge of the aluminium bowl to the beat of the song.

“Deck the halls with boughs of holly ~” he sang his heart out, tapping the spatula. “Fa la la la la la la la!”

You snickered. “I didn’t think you would like carols,” you commented, tiptoeing on the already-rather-high stool as you struggled to reach the higher parts of your Christmas tree, one Newt had so kindly offered, to hang the last bits of the ornaments, distributed by Tina and Queenie. 

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I’m going to take a moment to talk about something I don’t on this blog anymore, usually.

Tonight, on the way home from a long and exhausting family Christmas, my little one was having trouble falling asleep in the car. So I pulled out my phone to turn on music, and I had Just Hold On at a low volume, so I turned that on.

My little one fell asleep to me stroking their cheek and lowly singing along to the song. In that moment, I felt such a powerful connection to the lyrics, and to the meaning behind them. It’s a promise. It’s not a promise that all will be fine, its an understanding that when life falls apart on you, because it will, you just have to hang on to what you’ve got and push through.

Louis- I know you didn’t have us in particular in mind, but from one mother/child pair to another, thank you so much for this incredible song. I love you from the bottom of my heart, and I am so proud of you. I know your mum was too. ❤💛

January comes around as I’m sitting around the fire and I’m surrounded by people I love.
I make a vow.
Heres to loving myself better this year.

February comes with no warning.
It takes our best memories and puts them away in a place that’s almost unreachable. I learn to be okay without you.

March makes me brave.
I dedicate Saturday to remembrance and reach for all the things I have spent the last two years trying to forget.

April is beautiful in its upbringing.
I almost fall in love a second time.
I say almost because it doesn’t happen.
I try calling you after the fallout.
You don’t pick up the phone and I leave a voicemail in which I thank you for reminding me that after all this time, I am still better off without you.

May is your birthday month.
I’m sorry for not calling.
I didn’t forget.
I give you the gift of acceptance.
I’ve accepted our being apart.
Isn’t this what you always wanted?
Happy Birthday.
I wish you happiness and so much love your hands don’t know what to do with it.

June is full of new beginnings.
And I’m closer to becoming who I’ve always been meant to be.
Thank you for your contribution.
Thank you for teaching me about survival.

July is a month of freedom.
The sky is beautiful and fireworks don’t make me as sad anymore.
I’ve come to realize that love alone could never be what saves me.

August is kind in reminding me that I am here for a reason.
I restore my faith in God and blow out 18 candles on a birthday cake.
This is the year where I don’t ask for a miracle because it’s already been given.

September is the warmest I’ve ever been before.
And for the first time in a long time, I am happy.
Things fall into place.
I am healing.

October bring change.
The trees shed their leaves and grow comfortable in starting over.
I stop being afraid of forgetting the hurt.
I forgive me for the both of us.

November takes me to a place I must have forgotten about.
I’m not afraid anymore.
I cut my hair short and move to another city.
I fall in love again and at the same time learn how to sleep alone.
Here’s to learning how to love in the right way.

December tells me all things come to an end.
This is the end of giving you credit for something you didn’t create.
I learn that I owe everything I am to myself.

—  A year of learning / @thewordsyouneverunderstood

I need help!

Hey all, im posting this on my main account bc i really want to get the word out. Basically my laptop is pretty damaged due to some rogue tea, and repairs are gonna cost me bIG TIME. Luckily I have some money put away for emergencies like this, but it isn’t gonna cover all of it :/ If you wanna help a girl out and also have an original sketch from Rome then hmu I’m here till December 13th!

The Commission: A postcard sent from Rome with a sketch of whatever you would like along with a lil note from me :)

Price: cost of stamp + between $15-$30 whatever you can afford/want to give!


I really need you right now, and the fact that I can’t come to you makes it that much worse.

I wanted to run. I never felt so inferior in my entire life, it was so sufforcating.

My life is a mess, I moved to another city but unable to got decent job and had to run back like a dog, as a saleperson I failed so many time and I might still fail, the insecurities is crawling under my skin, and then I was used and dump like shitload by the company I thought I can finally be together, best of all my best friend betrayed me by choosing the company side. If I do not have alter ego: a comic artist, I probably cant take it, its like my superiority, my identity was falling apart. I was a failure.
So I hided. I ran like a dog with tail between its legs. My friend who had a company actually took me in, on the surface I sound so together but truthfully I always am so afraid that I cant do it, Im gonna fail him, or more like, fail my own expectation of myself.
After the incident one of my friends who is younger than me got accepted to a foreigner company, and she stayed at my appartment for 3 days before the flight. I used to be close to her, but when she was here I felt so ashamed I cant even look at her. I pretended to be so busy, never been home but actually I just stayed at the coffee shop all day. She wanted to help, she asked if I want her to introduce a job for me. Gosh Im older than her, why am I so pathetic?

Been 4 months I rarely speak to the friend who betrayed me, I know its not her fault entirely so I dont blame her but I hesitate to meet her. She actually reached out for me, she wanted to meet me. I dont want to, but our mutual friend said that I should settle it once and for all, whether to still be friend or just quit. Yesterday I saw her. Now I know why I dont want to meet her. Shes still a great friend and honestly want good thing for me. BUT IT WAS SO SUFFORCATING. I WANT TO RUN, I WANT TO STOP, I CAN HEAR ALL THE LAUGHTER INSIDE MY MIND. The more shes good to me the more I feel so ashamed, so inferior. Its like looking at younger version of myself, so carefree and loving, brimming with energy while the me now is so pathetic. I faked most of the meeting trying to be nice and funny, but after that I just want to quit everything.

Then I heard another friend said she will get marry and stay in Poland, with her foreigner husband. I wish her the best, but stated right away I feel so jealous and I dont want to attend the wedding because I dont want to feel so pathetic.

Why am I such a bitch? I hurt these people even though I knew they are good friend and they want best things for me, but my inferiority complex just cant stand it. I thought I wont envy anyone anymore but now? I dont know.
I never feel so pathetic, guilty, stupid, and fail in my entire life, what am I doing here? I cant make money to earn my living with comic, why am I still doing it? I cant do sale well but its the only professional I know, without it I cant earn, but I cant do it well enough. And all these younger version of me was manifested by me on these friends, I can hear them laughing at how pathetic I am. I just pretended to function well but on the inside I want to run away. Im still running away by drawing all these comic so that I dont have to think and earn some respect from stranger. I am so pathetic.

I know Im just talking nonsense here, but I need to pour it out at least to someone. Anyone.

@burrn I present to you Philip’s version of Dear Theodosia for CYMFH, written to her using the very gift Thomas is getting for him.

Dear Theodosia what to say to you?
Look at your eyes
They’re colored just like mine
Now that you are in my world its bright
And you’ve stolen my heart

I’m dedicating every day to you
I know we’re young, but I’ve fallen so hard
When you smile, you knock me out, I fall apart
And I thought I was so smart

We will come of age and shape our nation
I’ll shout and fight for you
I’ll make it right for you
We can lay our own strong foundation
And I’ll be here for you
The way is clear for us to blow them all away
Someday, someday
Yeah, we’ll blow them all away
Someday, someday

Its always the worst thing when you see people who you were so close to grow apart and change, its as if you don’t even know who they are anymore.

Like all those times and memories spent together never existed.

As you grow up you grow apart and man does it suck.

ok well holby continues 2 put me through the wringer g o d

I was inspired to try and find the oldest piece of writing I hadn’t deleted and it’s from right after I turned 14. It… is the most pretentious thing… omfg. I was so proud of this shit. It was my featured deviation, back when the dA lit community was active and cool. I thought I was a fucking prodigy. At least I can confirm that my obsession with girls who have boy names and kiss girls has been ongoing for at least twelve years.