it's all devastation up in here

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CLYDE: OKAY here’s the follow up to my last post.

CLYDE: So yeah, Craig looked devastated, almost like he couldn’t decide what he was more angry about– his clothes or Eric for some reason??? even though Eric had nothing to do with the coffee??????? idk, man.

CLYDE: And like, Craig went all “Oh my god you buttface Tweek, ugh.” only it was more like “Holy shit! What did you do that for?!”

CLYDE: And so of course, Tweek immediately started to freak out for a number of reasons that don’t even really need to be listed.

CLYDE: At this point, everyone who was watching started to walk away because things were getting a little awkward, and they didn’t want to sit around for things to get any worse. I would have, too, but it was too good.

CLYDE: So but yeah, Tweek was like “What did I do that for?! I should be asking you the same question!!! WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?!?!?!”

CLYDE: Then Craig just said “Don’t worry about it, it’s nothing.” but he was obviously still angry.

CLYDE: Eric, just like the last five minutes of this exchange, was dying in the background.

CLYDE: This was the point where I tried taking a close up picture of Craig, which…

CLYDE: Y’know.

CLYDE: And then he threw my phone over the brick fence near by, like an asshole.

CLYDE: Anyways…

CLYDE: Craig started taking off his jacket cause the coffee was gonna soak through. 

CLYDE: Have I mentioned that Craig tucks his shirt into his pants? Because that’s hilarious. He’s like an old man.

CLYDE: So anyways, he started complaining and shit (like an old man) and said something like “Now my clothes are covered in your coffee and spit, dude!” then he took off his jacket and threw it onto the ground.

CLYDE: Then Eric started bursting with laughter even more. I think Kyle was getting angry at him. He looked like he was, anyways.

CLYDE: But then Eric just shouted, and I quote (perfectly, may I say) because it was pretty funny, “This can’t be the first time you’ve been covered in Tweek’s coffee and spit, Craig! Get it!!! Did you– did you get it, Craig? That’s a dick joke! Because– because your dick is probably covered
in spit and coffee, because you see, Tweek–”

CLYDE: He only got that far before Craig started stomping up towards Eric, and I was 100% sure that THIS time he’d beat Eric’s ass, but then Tweek stood in front of them both and said like (watch my perfect quoting again)

CLYDE: “Agggh, calm down! I don’t even understand what’s going on here! I can’t handle this, I dropped the rest of my coffee and now I have nothing to calm me down you two are going nuts what’s wrong I'm going to explode from pressure– oh my god, exploding is bad, I can’t explode, that shit’s dangerous!!–”

CLYDE: Hahahahaha, Tweek’s reasoning for everything is so insane, I love it.

CLYDE: But honestly, I could relate. Cause I was so confused, too. There was so much going on that I didn’t understand…

CLYDE: But yeah, then Craig was trying to calm Tweek down and was all like “Tweek, calm down! You’re not going to explode!”

CLYDE: I wish you guys could hear my voice, because I’m doing voices for these guys right now. People say Craig and I sound a lot a like, but that’s not true. I’m giving him a Macho Man Randy Savage voice.

CLYDE: Okay, so yeah, anyways…

CLYDE: After Craig said that, Tweek was just like “Tell me what’s going on!” but all Craig said in response was “This is all lard-butt’s fault!” and then freaking LAUNCHED himself at Eric. He kept avoiding answering what was going on, which was suspicious.

CLYDE: I was just a bystander, though! I can’t complain. The only question I should have been asking then was if anybody had any popcorn cause hahaha, oh man…

CLYDE: Nobody else was around, actually. Kyle, Stan, and Kenny all left after Kyle started getting mad. And everyone else left right after Tweek spat coffee all over everybody, like I said.

CLYDE: So I guess asking that question, while being extremely hilarious and awesome because I am both of those things, would have probably proved ineffective because nobody would be around to hear it.

CLYDE: Except for Tweek, Eric, and Craig, but asking them was kind of out of the question.

CLYDE: Man, was I hungry, though.


CLYDE: …Where was I…


CLYDE: Craig lunged at Eric!

CLYDE: …Or he tried to, and then Tweek started freaking out and held him back. Eric didn’t look like he was pleased about the fact that Craig was trying to beat him up.

CLYDE: Which is funny because Eric gets beat up a lot, I thought he’d be used to it by now.

CLYDE: But then the most insane thing happened! And by insane, I mean something totally awful and I’m glad I wasn’t involved because… well…

CLYDE: What was happening and what it looked like they were doing probably wasn’t the best thing to have the principal walk up on. 

CLYDE: Did I mention the principal is really tall? Like, taller than our old principle. Man, I miss Principal Victoria. Kind of.

CLYDE: I mean, she beat PC Principal, anyways.

CLYDE: But uh… yeah.

CLYDE: All three of them were shitting their pants in front of him. I think almost literally for Tweek.

CLYDE: And– and then


CLYDE: Okay I actually maybe shouldn’t share that part. Like, all of that just then, Craig and Tweek are already gonna have my ass about it when they find out I told you guys. 

CLYDE: Maybe you should ask Eric. He might even tell you what was actually happening, since he seemed to be the problem. But uh… yeah. To avoid getting my ass whooped even harder than it’s already going to be, I’m going to leave the principal part out. 

CLYDE: …To sum it up, though, the principal said some things, Eric said some things, Craig got in trouble, and then shortly after Craig and Tweek started to beat each other up, and then Tweek got in trouble too.

CLYDE: Man, it was awesome.

the thing that gets me most about raven in this scene is that she is very silent in her sadness when she sees Finn’s body burn. it’s so different from her emotional breakdown just an episode ago, where she watched him get killed by Clarke, leaving her feelings all raw and exposed to the world, screaming them at the top of her lungs in front of everyone, breaking into pieces, needing to be held.

but here? here we have an emotional rundown that is deep in the sense that she opens up in this very silent way. and it’s so hard-hitting because it’s very true to her nature. raven can be very silent in her pain too. she is not all loud and aggression. she’s got a very big heart, and the way she caves here is just so devastating: how she stands tall, how she closes her eyes and keeps them closed, how her tears fall freely over her cheek, how her lip twitches upwards because this wound hurts, and then her swallow because its real.

the hardest goodbye.

and to know that this is only the beginning of her trauma is just gut-wrenching.

Has anyone considered that Tadashi might have gone deaf after the explosion

We have our theories that if Tadashi returns in the sequel, he’ll have burns scars and (maybe) amputations. Which I’m all for Disney doing; there’s no way a human would have come out of the fire unscathed.

But Tadashi was right near an explosion. And judging by how big it was, chances are your ear drums would be shattered.

So here is this young man, having just woken up in a hospital, with his little brother beside him. But he can’t hear anything.

For one moment, Tadashi has the mad idea that someone has just turned the volume down on the whole world. Only to realise…

He can’t hear his friends. He can’t hear Aunt Cass’s crying. He can’t hear Hiro’s panicked voice.

Doctors don’t have a hearing aid right for him, certainly not for how damaged his ears are.

So Hiro sets out to make one.

It takes days and nights, but he’s finally sure he’s cracked it. He’s so excited to test it out on Tadashi, that he invites Aunt Cass and his friends to witness it (right after getting the hearing aid approved of course)

The first thing Tadashi hears after the device is fitted is Hiro’s own voice


“AH! Darn it Hiro!”, Tadashi says, cupping his ear, “Not so loud!”

And then he figures out what’s happening…

He pulls Hiro into a tight hug, tears in his eyes, and thanks his little bro over and over. The others join in too, happy that Tadashi is back with them :’)

how much y'all wanna bet Tim will oftentimes give patrol updates in a sports channel announcers voice?

“Alrighty, ladies and gents! The game has just begun and already things are tense in the field. Batman lines up for the punch– and oh! a devastating right hook, that was! Our perp seems to be out cold– no wait! He’s getting back up! We got ourselves a real fighter here, folks!”

“Tim for the love of god cut it out.


ahhh you’re all lovely! sorry my replies are always late, and these aren’t even all the wonderful messages otl - if yours isn’t on here, know that i read it and i love you ;3;

no one asked for this but i wanted to say something after all the heartbreaking messages i’ve gotten, and this is sort of my collective, Serious response:

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Koreaboo friend-aru 눈u 눈

Mkay so, I have this really sweet friend we’ve been friends since kindergarten but the thing is she’s a HARDcore koreaboo. Like next level shit. This post is like half of it.

Exhibit A: She wants to bleach her skin so its white/pale like a Korean (she’s Egyptian and native so her skin is fairly dark).

Exhibit B: She wants to get her freckles and moles removed with laser surgery because “people in Korea don’t have those”. And I guess to tide that over because she’s only 16, she wears foundation that’s like 15 shades lighter than her skin color its so awful.
Exhibit C: We had exchange students from japan come to our school last year and she started dating one of them even though they were here for like a week and a half. And she was DEVASTATED he wanted to break up after a month. Crazy long distance.

There’s all that and of course the obsession with kpop and everything Korean. She’ll even do presentations in Korean with translations at the bottom it hurts. I love her to death but this is actually destructive and going way too far. I gringe :(

When you talked about the Japanese students I was half expecting her to just attack them over war crimes.

I see a lot of headcanons of Kakyoin’s parents not being very supportive or engaging but what if Kakyoin’s parents fawned over him? Tried their hardest to understand the cause of his self isolation, went through all sorts of books and spent hours trying to connect with him. What if they went tooth and nail trying to find him after he disappeared. What if their neighborhood was lined with missing person posters. What if they were completely devastated when Joseph finally showed up with news of their son’s death. I just want Kakyoin to have a healthy household who really loved him and tried their best to show it

Author: Fadewithfury

(author spotlight)
I know I haven’t been great about posting for Fanfic Writer Wednesday, but I think about it every week. I do try to at least comment on a story somewhere every week. 

This week, however, I really wanted to acknowledge a specific writer.

@fadewithfury’s stories never fail to blow my mind. There are always little details that sneak up on me, twists I totally didn’t see coming, which for me is a rare thing. Her plots and worlds are each incredible and unique. Every single story had its own feel to it. I get lost in them and I’m devastated when they’re over. 

 I’m sure many of you have read most, if not all of her stuff already, but if there’s any chance you haven’t you really should. They are each an adventure you won’t easily forget. These stories stick with me long after I’ve read them. 

 Just to get you started, here are a few you should read ASAP: 

 Touching Wild Light - Currently being reposted. (Ten x Rose)

 Elsewhere - Recently completed. (Ten x Rose)

Where Oceans Meet - WIP, but I fell in love with this one right from the first scene. (Hardy x Hannah)
Outlander: Watch Jamie and Claire Rally for Crucial Battle in Exclusive Clip from Episode 12
“All that work. All that plotting. How the bloody hell did we end up here?”
By Julie Miller

In the exclusive clip above, we see Jamie and Claire holed up near Inverness, counting down the days until 1745’s Battle of Culloden—the final, gruesome confrontation in the Jacobite rising. The face-off itself only lasted about an hour—but Scotland’s devastating loss closed the curtain on the traditional Highland way of life and clan system. (After, the British government made it illegal to own weapons and wear tartans and kilts in its Disarming and Dress Acts; eliminated the feudal system; and transferred historic Scottish properties to the English Crown.) Claire seems despondent, knowing all too well how the massacre ended. “All that work. All that plotting,” she laments. “How the bloody hell did we end up here?”