it's all about the weight yo

anonymous asked:

Babe .Im suffer for problems with eating and the perfection of my body long time ago. I just want to ask you when you are struggeling with these problem do you are constantly thinking in loosing weight and you thought that the only thing that matter was being so so skinny?? This is how i feel currrently i just want to be stremely skkiny its meaning the world for me and Now are you haapy with your weight also do you want yo gain weight? an being a little strong and bigger??XX

hunni, you need to calm down. 

you need to allow your mind to think good thoughts about yourself, and start to draw your attention on health as beauty, start focusing on your insides rather then your appearance. To answer all your questions, no I do not wish to be a skeleton again, I AM HAPPY WITH ME. and always will be, But not only do I feel I look better, I FEEL BETTER. you know whats amazing..

people actually enjoy my company now, 

I can pay attention to my friends rather then having a lost mind from over thinking. 

I stress less, I don’t fight with my family any more,

I can enjoy food I LOVE 

I get to go on breakfast dates with my friends

The things I used to get anxiety over I now don’t even think twice about

I feel healthy and have loads of energy

I care less about my body image but seem to love it more and more everyday

Im not afraid of my own mind anymore, 

I have care for other things rather then food and loosing weight,

I am free.