it's all about the sass tbh

Ducktales episode 5 Character Analaysis

  • Huey

My favourite triplet no matter what reincarnation, my red quack son.

He seems to believe in the supernatural as long it’s in the JWG if there is something new he will add it on the book, Must be a big book. He likes to rely on what he sees and what he believes, also the part when he stands in the light hugging his book, he knows he FREAKING KNOWS he’s going to get crushed but still stayed? Why? Because he follows the book, he chose to be a duck pancake with rasberry syrup than whatever is out there.

It’s a very specific personality trait, different form Dewey and Louie. Also he is quickly frightened but not for long also the sass is real with this boy, you know what scene Im talkin’ about.

I’m a little disappointed that he isnt as mischievous as the other 2, unlike in Quack Pack where they have “different” personality, they’re all trouble makers. But tbh theyre all the same.

Idk, maybe in point in time he will. Still love my son.

  • Webby

We already know Webby frrom this point, so I’ll just talk about her relationship w

ith Huey in this cuz its ADORABLE!!

They’re like those married couple who would fight to prove who’s right, And the part where. Webby talked to Huey about facing the world together is just wow my HueBby heart can’t take it.

Also Webby and Lena are cute af!! Like Duck sisters! Goals.

She also has the same mindset as Huey, yknow, the attitude of “I wont be proven wrong til’ guilty”

  • Launchpad

Launchapad is adorable! What goof! Also a scaredy cat. Manchild yes, yes he is.

I also like how he thought Dewey is a mole monster nd refuses to leave Mrs. Beakley alone with him, amd decided to bring him in the control panel, with a pipe tube on his hand.

Funny and weird Relationship with Mrs. B, like a Mother and son almost.

  • Louie & Dewey

I know these guys dont like being lumped together but, they rarely had any screen time.

Dewey is so done with LP, but his face when LP said he was his bestfriend he made a smirk clearly happy about it, meaning happy that he stand out above the crowd again.

Louie could be a critic along with Huey lol. Him having that popcorn is so relatable. He is also very emotional, which I already know. Also him watching Huey amd Webby fight and has that cute squish face is just…well…cute.

  • Lena

Lena is totally the edge teen lol, Her intentions are unclear, also has a shaky family history. But I kinda hope she does betray everyone in a sense, like

“Youre right Webby, family is important, Thats why I decide to spend more time with them, right? Aunt Magica.”

But what stood out to her was her relationship with Mrs. Beakley speaking of which.

  • Mrs Beakley

She really is overprotective over the kids and not just Webby. Like how she always assures LP that he is not a mole monster, And how she called out to Huey when he got near to the Terrafirmians, also how she told Lena to stay away from Webby after the adventures.

And that train scene when Mrs. B is protecting Lena from falling is so cute, I mean I know she wont leave her there despite how she feels towards her, But how Mrs. B, hugged Lena and protected her from danger makes me think.

“Adopt her to have another grankid please”

Mrs. B could be the guardian she never had, and to have a solid relationship, Which will make the betrayal hard for everyone lol.

could you imagine if Crowley and Jack Harkness ever met, I’m pretty sure the entirety of the universe couldn’t withstand the resulting inevitable vortex of sass and innuendo

Some first thoughts on Sansa’s TWOW chapter

One of the first thoughts about Robin she has is:

“You are such a little fool.”

but a few lines later we see:

“He does have pretty hair. If the gods are good and he lives long enough to wed, his wife will admire his hair, surely. That much she will love about him.” 

And this is just so Sansa, she always sees the best in people. Ironically this is also what makes her an unreliable narrator, as GRRM has pointed out. She twists events in order to keep living through all the horrible events she’s seen. In this case though I think it might also show how Littlefinger’s thinking is becoming a part of her own. Fool, because he is still young and naïve as to how things work. It’s how Littlefinger thinks of people, and now Littlefinger’s influence has worked its way into her. But the good thing is that we actively see her fighting it by suddenly complementing his good features. 

Later throughout the chapter we do see a slightly more manipulative version of Sansa, although I think it’s more leaning towards sass and I’m all here for it tbh, but we also see her thinking a lot about Winterfell and her family. Ned was mentioned, Robb was, Jeyne was, Winterfell was, I mean even though this was chapter was titled Alayne, there is so much Sansa in it.