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smh gc today
  • Lardo: *link to birthday sex by jeremih*
  • Chowder: BIRTHDAY IT'S YA BIRTHDAY WE GONNA PARTY LIKE IT'S YA BIRTHDAY (after class bc we're still students)
  • Dex: Happy birthday Rans!!!! 🎉 HMU when you want me to come fix that desk chair!
  • Ransom: i love all u weirdos 💕

Video Game Challenge: [1/5] Pairings

➸ Nathan Drake & Elena Fisher, Uncharted

“I’m really sorry about your ring.”
“It’s all right. I swapped it for something better.

Bf! Jongdae

  • Jongdae is such a blessing in your life
  • Although he can be such a pain in the ass sometimes but you still love him cuz come on its Jongdae
  • You both met at a mutual friend’s party
  • He kept on looking at you and you honestly felt a little uncomfortable but then again he had also caught your eye as soon as he walked into the room
  • He was the life of the party, laughing, drinking and throwing a wink or two at the girls who were fawning over him
  • Of course, you being you rolled your eyes whenever a girl would talk about him and it became evident to Jongdae that you weren’t interested, which just made him want you even more
  • So he walked towards your direction and you pretended to ignore him but he sat next to you and smiled in his usual adorable way
  • “You look really pretty tonight” he said and you laughed at him, knowing exactly what he was up to. He was going to smooth talk you and then try to get it with you only to leave you in the morning
  • He had that unpredictable aura about him
  • But after a few hours until you both were laughing at one of his jokes, you both stopped and looked at each other
  • “Can I have your number?” He asked. You didn’t even hesitate to add your number in his phone. A moment ago you wanted to avoid this boy but now you were willing to meet him again
  • The next day the very first thing Chen did was to ask you out on a date. It surprised you how he even remembered you considering the fact that he didn’t look trustworthy at all
  • Your first date with Chen was basically hanging around in shops and eating ice cream. He looked so ethereal and beautiful in the broad daylight. He had a goofy grin the whole time around you
  • You loved how he was so casual about everything and not making this date a big deal. But Chen on the inside was screaming and dying but he kept it cool on the outside
  • He wanted to act as gentlemanly towards you as possible but little did he realise that you were falling for him with every second passing by
  • Even now, months later, your love for Jongdae keeps growing
  • He’s always checking up on you, calling you and facetiming you
  • Especially when he’s gone on a tour he makes sure to at least text you
  • One time he facetimed you and he was shirtless and you threw away your phone asking him to put some clothes on
  • He’s always insisting for you to move in with him but you’re always scared that you both might be moving too fast
  • And Jongdae can be immature at times
  • He loves pulling pranks on you
  • And he loves it even more when you retaliate
  • He loves making fun of you and whenever he catches you doing something funny, he makes sure to remind you of it every single day
  • Like that one time you were dancing around the kitchen while baking and he made a video of it and kept on sending it to you and teasing you
  • Its all too much sometimes but you know that Jongdae is like that
  • He likes to have fun and have a nice time with you and no one can stop him
  • You both being together consists of him laughing his ass off at you and then hugging you tightly when you get mad
  • But Jongdae is a really sensitive person too
  • He’s really scared of losing you
  • Like one time he called you in the middle of the night
  • “Y/N Do you like like me?”
  • “What?”
  • “Like are you with me like friends or like are we an actual thing?”
  • “Jongdae we’ve been going out for a year now”
  • “But stilllll”
  • He told you he loves you really early in the relationship and it freaked you out a little bit but he was so small and nervous and you wanted to protect him
  • Jongdae is really protective of you
  • Like he doesn’t mind you having guy friends but he’s still a bit conscience about it
  • And he gets jealous really easily
  • Like you’d just be having a friendly banter with a guy and he’d be like????? hey buddy she mine
  • But he’ll get really quiet if you give more attention to someone else especially if he’s there
  • And then you’ll ask him whats wrong and he’ll get all pissed off about it
  • And then he makes you hug him because he’s such a baby sometimes smh
  • Whenever he’s having a bad day he gets really quiet and only wants you to hug him without asking him any questions
  • But when you’re having a bad day he does all sorts of funny things to soar your mood
  • Jongdae does really weird things to catch your attention
  • Like you’d be doing your work, really busy and stressed and he’s kneel in front of you and wiggle his butt
  • And you’d be like Jongdae fuck off and he’d just pout and tell you that you love him
  • He doesn’t like seeing you stressed and does various things to ease you, like watching a movie or ordering food and just chilling with you
  • The good thing about him is how well he deals with your mood swings and doesnt get annoyed when you yell at him, especially when you’re on your period
  • You want to chill with him sometimes, doing nothing but your boyfriend is always hyper and always wants to do something 
  • But he doesn’t mind having a day in and just rewatching all your favourite shows
  • Jongdae and you have so many inside jokes and you both would be at a get together and he’d just whisper something funny in your ear
  • He genuinely wants to impress you with every chance he gets and always looks for a reaction out of you whenever he makes a joke
  • Sex with Jongdae is like a dream come true (pun intended)
  • Like he’s so gentle with you but rough at the same time
  • He tries to make you feel comfortable and he’s so passionate about it
  • Like you can feel that he wants you and genuinely cares about you and its fiery as hell and amazing like heaven and he loves the fact that only he can make you feel this way
  • He likes touching you when there’s peeople around cuz he likes being a little shit
  • And you look angrily at him and he only pouts and winks at you
  • He loves being in control but goes crazy when he sees you all confident and bold and ready to take him on
  • When he first met your parents he was so nervous and you could see sweat slipping from his forehead
  • His legs were shaking the whole time while talking to your dad and your mom was fawning over how handsome he was
  • Jongdae and you rarely fight but when you do, Jongdae tries to sort it out and compromise. But its mostly just gentle teasing and innocent reprimands
  • Jongdae fell in love with you the day he saw you at the party
  • And you’re glad he asked for your number because you can’t imagine your life without him

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hey, so you're the only person I could think of to turn to. I'm beginning to think I'm nonbinary or maybe a demiboy? I'm not sure, and it's scary and my anxiety goes through the roof when I think about it. I want to express myself as more masculine, but my parents don't approve of me dressing or speaking like that. I don't know what to do, and I can't stop thinking about all of this.

I love you. I think you’re wonderful. Here’s something it might be delightful to know. Being yourself isn’t something you *think* about, it’s something you feel. And really, it’s something you feel your way into for the rest of your life.

Of course it’s ok to be scared. And, it’s ok not to spend another moment thinking about this. We assume that thinking about things will get us somewhere, but it doesn’t. Feeling always does.

“What will they say when they find out???” is thinking. Knowing in your heart who you are and what you love in life is feeling. I wish you all the feelings in the world. 💛💛

Your Home (Valentines)

Requests: “Enzo Fluff: Why is there no Enzo fluff ( sobs in corner😭) he sees either a photo album or photograph of his gf/readers family, gets all sad ends with I’m your family now Lorenzo, please and thank you~S” (Credits to gif owners!) Fluffs like these are short, so sorry if its too short for you! 

Everything was perfect, dinner, Enzo, the lights, the restaurant. The way you were both dressed. How he promised he would make love to you just for Valentine’s day. You were content and happy and didn’t want to spend this night with anybody else. Enzo watched you finish the last few bites of your meal and wipe your mouth. “Is there something in my teeth?” Your face was red, but Enzo started to laugh.

“Not at all, Love. Sometimes I can’t take my eyes off of you. It’s the silliest little things that remind me why I love you.” You placed a hand over your heart. Tonight he was extra sweet. Not that he isn’t sweet before, but Valentines Day with Enzo is always quiet and romantic. He was rummaging through his wallet for his credit card and handing the bill and the card to the waitress as she skimmed by.

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If Yuuri was a stripper back in Detroit Pt 15
  • *Yuuri and Phichit talking about Greg again*
  • Yurio: Are you really ok with this?
  • Viktor: Of course.
  • Yurio: Truly?
  • Viktor: Awww Yurio are you worried about daddy?
  • Yurio: No. And you're not my dad.
  • Viktor: So rebellious.
  • Yurio: I just don't want you crying to me afterwards. It's annoying.
  • Viktor: Aww don't worry about daddy so much *nuzzles Yurio's head which he swats away* I know EVERYTHING so there's nothing to worry about.
  • Yurio: You two are the strangest couple. I warned you so don't you come to me when it all goes wrong.
  • Viktor: Yuuri! Our son is worried about our relationship!
  • Yurio: *internal screaming*

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Headcanon that, since Yuu is almost illiterate(It's on his wikia thingy;basically he can only write phonetically and stuff because the vampires didn't educate livestock) once he and Mika are reunited and are on the run and all that, Mika finds out at some point and teaches Yuu how to write and all that jazz.

Ah, I love this idea

Yuu: seriously, Mika?! We’re being pursued by practically the whole world and you’re worrying about my education?!

Mika: now listen to me you little shit. No boyfriend of mine will be illiterate!

Mika: also, Krull will probably not accept you otherwise… she’s pretty strict

Yuu: suddenly I don’t want to save your parents anymore…


(Request: I was wondering if you could write an imagine with daryl based on the song Videogames from Lana del rey? thank you ♥)

Note: I had so much fun writing this, i hope you enjoy! 

Warnings: smut

Originally posted by wouldnormanreedus

Swinging in the backyard
Pull up in your fast car
Whistling my name

Open up a beer
And you say, “Get over here
And play a video game”

You lay on your sun bed as you waited for Daryl to come around. You let the sun kiss your skin and turn it a golden colour. A smile spread across your face as you heard the revving of Daryl’s motorcycle driving up your street.  You knew there would probably be complaints from your neighbors, you lived in a prestige area and you and Daryl were always causing trouble, but you didn’t care, as long as you were with him.

“Yo, (Y/n)”

His voice echoed through your huge house and the gruff sound of it sent heat straight in between your legs. You placed your sunglasses on your head as you walked through the house in nothing but a bikini, you knew he would love it. You opened up the front door to greet Daryl, he was dressed in his usual leather vest coat and his baggy jeans, you almost melted at the sight of him and he pulled you in for a rough kiss. His hands landed your ass as you wrapped yours around his neck.

“Get a room!” you heard a neighbor shout from outside their window. Daryl turned around and stuck his middle finger up at them, making them frown at you both and shut their window. You couldn’t help but laugh and hit him playfully on his shoulder.

“Quit pissing my neighbors off, they already hate you as it is” you laughed.

“Come on they love me” he joked. “Go open up a beer for us” he said, walking over to your sofa and switching the TV on. You did as he asked and you opened up two beers, walking over to him and sitting on his lap as you handed the beverage to him. You clinked the glasses together before taking a sip.

“So, what do you have in mind for today?” you smirked as you set the beer bottle down.

“Just a little something’ you might like” he said as he pulled you closer to him and kissed you, biting at your lower lip and digging his fingers into your waist.

I’m in his favorite sun dress
Watching me get undressed
Take that body downtown

I say, “You the bestest.”
Lean in for a big kiss
Put his favorite perfume on

Go play a video game

You were now up in your room and you had quickly changed into his favorite dress that he loved on you. He came into your room, a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. He took a puff and leaned on the door frame as he admired your curves that the dress hugged so tightly.

“Take it off for me baby” he whispered. He went to sit down on your bed as you slowly took the sundress of, making sure to take your time so he could get all riled up before you two went at it.

Now naked and in bed, Daryl was thrusting into you with all his might. Both of you were moaning from the pleasure of the activity, the alcohol in your systems making the experience much more pleasurable. The bed was hitting the wall with every thrust and after a while the neighbours started banging back and telling you guys to ‘shut up’, only making you both laugh and Daryl thrust harder.

When you were both done, Daryl pulled you closer and you leaned your head on his chest. “You’re the best, you know that?”

He nodded his head and ran his hands through your hair, making you fall asleep in his arms.

Kissing in the blue dark
Playing pool and wild darts
Video games

He holds me in his big arms
Drunk and I am seeing stars
This is all I think of

It was night when you woke up, still in Daryl’s arms. “Merle wants to meet us at the bar, you up for it?” he whispered in your ear.

“Definitely” you said, getting up and putting that same sundress on. He smirked at you before dressing himself and you both took off, waking the neighbours with the engine of Daryl’s motorcycle.

Merle had already gotten everyone in the bar drunk by buying all the rounds for them. When you two came in everyone greeted you like family, this bar was your second home that you always hung out at. Daryl excitedly brought you to one of the pool tables and immediately started a game.

“You still have to teach me Dixon” you giggled.

He smiled and came around behind you, making sure to push himself against you in the right places as he quickly taught you the basics of how to play pool. You learned quickly and soon enough, after you both had a few drinks you were beating Daryl at the game, the drunk no body’s all cheering you on, including Merle. You took the last shot and it entered the hole as you raised your arms up in victory. They carried you up in the air and finally let you down when Daryl came near.

“I only let you win cause it was your first time” he said, pulling you closer to him. He was leaning against the pool table and you were standing between his legs.

“Yeah right, I won fair and square” you laughed, knowing he was only teasing you.

“Yeah, you keep telling yourself that” you finally shut him up by kissing him, the kiss was slow and passionate, both your tongues exploring each other as if for the first time.

“We got a room in the back for all that shit” Merle came stumbling over as he put his arms around you two. “Congratulations on your first win (Y/n)” he smiled, his eyes barely open.

“How about we get you home Merle” you laughed at his drunken state as he nearly fell over.

“What? The party just got started!”

It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you
Everything I do
I tell you all the time
Heaven is a place on earth with you
Tell me all the things you wanna do
I heard that you like the bad girls
Honey, is that true?
It’s better than I ever even knew
They say that the world was built for two
Only worth living if somebody is loving you

You got in your first fight with Daryl the other day. Your parents were coming home for the weekend and when you told him he couldn’t come over he thought you were abandoning him.

“You think I care about some snobby bitch like you? All cause you got money an shit? No way I don’t need you” he spat as you didn’t let him in the house.

“Daryl, it’s not like that! Its only for a weekend!”

“Yeah, first it’s a weekend, then it’ll be a week, a month, and soon you’ll be movin’ out!”

You knew Daryl had trust issues but he wasn’t understanding you. He thought you were abandoning him and that’s why he was acting hostile.

“Daryl please don’t say that! You know I’ll never leave you, I’m not like that!” He stayed silent so you continued talking. “If there’s space at yours, I can come ‘round for a bit, just to prove that I love you. I’ll do anything for you Daryl”

He bit on his finger and then nodded his head. You smiled and quickly packed an overnight bag and hopped on the back of his motorbike.

“(Y/n)? Where are you going?” Your parents asked from the front door but it was too late. You were already driving off into the distance with Daryl, the wind blowing through your hair and the feel of Daryl under your hands made you feel happy once again.

From The Start (Lin-Manuel Miranda/Reader)

Chapter: 2/?

Summary: It was the note: you found it on the floor on your way to French class, nearly everything scribbled out with only a few legible sentences. “I’ve got to end this on my own terms, and I can’t let anything, not even you, stop me. I’m going into the woods on December 1st and I won’t be coming back.” Though it was impossible to make out the name of the writer, you were sure you could save them. You had a month, after all. It was November 1st.

Word Count: 1535

Warnings: depression, suicidal thoughts, drugs

A/N: i finally finished editing chapter 2!! this fic is actually going to be pretty long so i apologize in advance. tell me if you want to be tagged in future parts! love youuuu

Part One || Give Feedback!!

Tags: @hell-yes-puns-and-ships @linmanuclmiranda @hamilamstrash @leidilaurens @the-gay-anomaly @ahhhhamilton @fangirling-saved-me @love-doesnt-discriminate @chuckisgod @ramsassy-rhino-beetle @superwholockbooknerd526 

November 2nd

Twenty nine days.

Not much time, but enough.

You sat on the stairs behind the school, watching as the skies turned to a sad and dull grey and biting at your lip until it bled.

It was a dreary afternoon, one that you only saw out of courtesy. The incoming clouds showed signs of a coming rain, yet you sat outside regardless: you welcomed the rain, it would only serve to match your mood.There was a world, perhaps even many universes, in which you spent the day curled up in bed and could put the letter out of your mind. You would have given your heart and soul in exchange for the opportunity to live in one of those universes- or better yet, a universe in which you’d never come across that note, yet it seemed as though those were no longer yours to give.

Pippa gazed at you in a very Pippa-like way: head tilted slightly, lips parted with words left unspoken balanced on the tip of her tongue, eyebrows furrowed and eyes blown wide as she struggled to cover her worry.

“You’re bleeding,” she said, pointing to your lip.

“It’s fine.” You continued, despite Pippa’s warning.

Pippa continued to stare on at you, eyes brimming with worry. “(Y/N)-”

You stood up, cutting her off before she could continue. “I have to go to French.”

Pippa rolled her eyes. “Since when have you ever cared about going to French?”

You hesitated, daring to meet her gaze for a few fleeting moments. “Just…” You trailed off, averting your eyes. “I’m…”

“You know, whatever’s going on, you can tell me.”


Pippa drew out a sigh. “Fine. It’s fine.”

“Pippa, you know I love you, I’m just tired.”

“I said it’s fine.” She mustered up a smile, more out of politeness than anything else. She paused for a few moments before continuing: “Did you hear about that Daveed guy?”


Pippa nodded, an unreadable look crossing over her face. “He and some other guy- Chris something- they got busted for the weed they were selling.”

You frowned. “I didn’t know they were selling.”

“Yeah, well, you wouldn’t. I didn’t either. I suppose you’d only know if you were buying, wouldn’t you?”

“I guess.” You stuffed your hands into your pockets. “I’ve really got to go, Pip. I’m already late for French, and you’re late for…”

“Math,” she supplied, wrinkling her nose at the thought of it.

You offered up a sympathetic smile. “Well, good luck with that. I’ll see you later, okay?”

“Okay,” Pippa responded, her voice a faint whisper lost forever across the breeze.

You didn’t go to French. You’d never intended to, it was simply a white lie to get away from Pippa. You loved her, yet you found yourself driven to exhaustion whenever you were faced with social interaction.

You retreated out from behind the school, but didn’t stray far. The clouds rolled in, bringing with them the looming threat of rain, but you relished the dreary weather. Weather would pass- everything would pass. Even suicide notes and lost hope.

A figure caught your eye from a few feet away, nearly swallowed up by the sky. Sitting on a bench a few feet away, head bowed, shoulders slumped, as though the life had been sucked away from them. As you drew closer, you could make out the finer details: dark hair strewn across pale cheeks, sunken eyes, a joint held between trembling fingers. Behind the messy hair, you could tell that it was a boy you were looking at, one who seemed to be around your age.

“You know, you shouldn’t be smoking that. Not at school.” Your voice had a surprisingly casual touch to it.

The boy snapped to attention, eyes frantically taking you in. “Don’t tell me what to do.”

“I’m not telling you to do anything.” You stuffed your hands into your pockets, your fingertips brushing gently against the note. “But you should really be careful- did you hear about Daveed and his friend?”

His eyes flashed with worry. “W-what about Daveed?” he stammered.

You gave a shrug, meeting his gaze. “Got busted for drugs or something. At least, that’s what I heard.”

“You heard wrong,” he mumbled, rolling his eyes. “Daveed’s not dumb enough to get busted.”

“I’m just telling you what I’ve heard,” you responded, a slightly defensive edge in your voice. “And besides, if you’re dumb enough to do drugs, you’re dumb enough to get caught.”

“Daveed’s not dumb enough to get busted,” he repeated. It seemed as though he was trying to convince himself, rather than you.

You gave a shrug. “Sorry. That’s just what someone told me. And what about his friend? Chris?”

He laughed softly, yet his voice carried no weight, no emotion. “Chris Jackson… yeah, I could see him getting in trouble. He’s not stupid. He’s just nice. That’s why everything goes wrong for him.”

You stared at him. He stared at you.

And he smoked.

He seemed to lose himself up in the smoke- perhaps that was why he did it.

The boy seemed to glow gold- golden eyes, golden voice, a golden personality that shimmered even on the most dismal of days.

“Look,” the golden boy began. “I don’t care if you come down here, I don’t care if you think I shouldn’t smoke, but don’t give me a fucking lecture, okay? I know it’s bad, but I- I need it.”

His voice broke, something you hadn’t expected.

“What’s wrong?” You asked, only half expecting him to answer.

He shook his head, taking another drag off the joint. His hands trembled and he exhaled puffs of smoke into the chilly November air, yet he never took his eyes off you. “I’m not going to babble out my sorrows to some stranger.”

“I’m (Y/N),” you offered up, holding out your hand for him to shake. “There, now I’m not so much of a stranger anymore, am I?”

He studied you, eyes cutting deep into your soul. “I’m Lin-Manuel Miranda.”

Tentatively, he reached out to shake your hand. His fingers brushed against yours and it felt like home: a crackling fireplace, burnt toast in the morning, the warm embrace of a loved one. And yet, even then, it felt short lived. A flickering flame that could be extinguished by even the smallest puff of wind.

He was the one to pull his hand away. “Well… it was nice to meet you.”

You continued to stare at him, a concerned expression drawing itself out across your face. “Seriously- what’s wrong?”

Lin let out a sigh, blowing smoke out across the schoolyard. “I’m just… I’ve not been at school in a while, and it’s… it’s a lot to deal with, to say the least.”

“Oh.” You reached out, but the smoke from the joint twisted its way between the two of you and you had to fight to touch his shoulder. “I mean… you can always talk to people. Your friends, parents…”

He spurred up a soft burst of laughter. “Yeah. Right. As if they give a fuck.”

You frowned. “Why wouldn’t they care? I mean… they’re your friends, aren’t they?”

“Yeah. Friends.” His voice sounded false. As if he couldn’t quite make himself believe it. “But, well… I wouldn’t exactly call them friends. I’ve got Anthony, but he’s all in love with his girlfriend and I’m just… whatever. And then there’s… well, I know you’ve heard about Daveed Diggs. Not exactly best friend material, is he?”

Your hand flew to your mouth. “Fuck- he’s your friend- I- oh my god, I didn’t- all that stuff I said about him getting busted-”

Lin waved you off. Finished off the joint. Raised his eyes up to meet yours. “It’s okay. I would say that too, if I didn’t know him.”

Your breath caught in your throat as you gazed directly into Lin’s eyes. “I…”

He gave you a small smile, and you wished desperately for a world in which you were worthy of receiving it. “I should be going.”

He pushed himself to his feet, slung his bag over his shoulder. Flicked the end of the joint off into the wind. “It was nice meeting you, (Y/N).”

“You…” You trailed off, lost forever in the golden boy’s gaze. “You too.”

The golden boy didn’t leave your mind all night. Your conversation replayed itself over and over in your mind, drawing out each and every word that had been spoken, and even more so those that hadn’t been.

And yet, even so, you knew it was futile. You were far too aware of the shit that golden boys could- and would- put you through. You knew golden boys- beautiful, mysterious, and tragically unobtainable. Lin-Manuel Miranda could have been the poster golden boy.

You had left all the golden boys behind, for there was nothing good to come out of chasing after them.

And yet, despite Lin being one such boy, you couldn’t help but feel the tiniest flicker of hope, fighting its way out from the back of your mind. Perhaps Lin wasn’t like other golden boys, for all of them are alike, until they are not.

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Can I suggest a recipe? If you blend milk, one banana and some oats, it's under 400 calories (depending on how much you put in). Seems like a lot, but it can last me the whole day because it is really filling so I only eat 400 calories a day AND your parents don't worry about you eating, because you can say well I ate oats and I'm really full still.

^^^ i love this! i love oats too, and all breakfast-y foods, they’re actually the most filling and you’ll be less likely to binge later on in the day~

Insanity || Jughead Jones

Prompt: #5 I think I’m going insane

Requested By: None

Warnings: None

School has been stressing you out lately, but not a minor stress its more like you were wigging out. Insomnia crept up on you one night and hasn’t left, the most sleep you’ve gotten in the past week about 6 hours. Of course finals were coming up and that is what caused your stress. You needed to get a good grade because 25% of your grade was leaning on this test. Also your parents are extremely strict about you grades so that is stressing you out too.

Your friends started to notice your odd behavior towards school. They of course didn’t have to worry, its not like their brother was the valedictorian of his class. Your parents want you to be like your brother; a nerd with no social skills. They expect you to be just like your brother, a perfect know-it-all. 

“Y/N want to come to Pop’s with us, you look like you could use a break,” Veronica suggests.

“I would love to, but I can’t my parents will be down my throat because ‘your grades should always come first,’” you mock.

“Why don’t you just sneak out?” Archie questions.

“Well lets see. I’ll be dead if I get caught,” you state.

Later on that day feeling more frazzled than before with the amount of homework you received, Jughead comes by your locker.

“I can come over to your house to help you study, if you want. It seems like you could use a partner,” he smiled

“Thanks, how does around four sound?” you suggested.

“Sounds good,” he says as he walks away.

You walk home taking your precious time because you really don’t want to study and do your homework, that paired along with your parents nagging you isn’t something you want to do. A small pebble is in the middle of the sidewalk you kick it along with you for sometime before it goes into the road. 

With a sigh you open the bright red door of your house, it’s oddly quiet until you remembered that your parents had to work today. You look at the time on your phone, it reads 3:44. Your taken aback by how long it took you to actually walk home. You grab your homework out of your backpack and start solving some math problems. 

A knock can be heard at your door at exactly 4:00, you don’t question who it is be cause you already know. You get up and open the door to see your beanie clad friend. You smile and side step to let him in, you close the door and lead him to the kitchen where all your work is.

“I’m shocked that you’re still working on your homework,” he quips.

“Yeah, well I decided to to take the long way home.”

You both work on your homework getting frustrated because the teacher didn’t explain the topic at all. You always found math difficult, it’s not your favorite subject either.

“Wow, Y/N your house is very organized,” Jughead says.

“I don’t like it at all. Its all my parents. Think of my parents as Betty’s mom but ten times worse,” you state.

“I think you are over exaggerating just a little bit.”

You shake your head and move on to studying for finals like everyday for the past two weeks. Your parents make sure you study all the material and even extra because, “you never know you might need it”. 

When Jughead quizzes you, you get all the material right and he just stares at you with bewilderment.

“H…how did you do that,” his mouth is slightly agape.

“It has been mandatory for me study for the past two weeks and to continue up to the day finals start.”

Jughead raises an eyebrow at you.

“I think I’m going insane.”

Awake Part 11

Title: Awake

Summary: You had just graduated with a degree in English and thanks to some writing competitions you had gotten noticed and offered the job of a life time right out of school. This job was your dream job, you were going to be a writer for the tv show Supernatural, your favorite tv show. The whole cast and crew are very welcoming and kind and you find yourself making some of the best friendships, specifically with the green eyed actor that plays Dean.

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Warnings: language, smut, fluff

A/N: Thank ya’ll for being so patient, my anxiety has been bad and then school has been kicking my butt so writing has been hard but thank you guys so much for all the encouragement and kind words <3

You and Jensen had spent most of the day in bed not able to keep your hands to yourselves, only leaving the bed for snacks and bathroom breaks. You couldn’t believe that the two of your had said I love you and you couldn’t be happier, you felt like you were in heaven. Jensen pulled you closer to him and you rolled over to place a kiss on his cheek and check the clock.

“We should start getting ready we have to be at your parents place in a few hours” you mumbled as you placed kisses on his neck laying down on top of him.

“Mmm sweetheart I cant get anything done with you like that, lets just throw some clothes on last minute…” he grumbled his hands gripping your ass and he bite down lightly on your shoulder.

You moaned at this and he chuckled but you used all the restraint you had to pull yourself out of bed Jensen frowning at this.

“Baby we smell like sex I need to take a shower and I need time to cover up these marks” you joked pointing to the bruises he’d left up and down your neck and shoulders.

“Fine but I’m getting in with you”

He walked you into the bathroom turning the shower on making sure it was hot before leading you in. He pulled you to him hugging you from behind and letting the water run over the two of you. You leaned your head back against his chest and let yourself enjoy the water. Jensen pulled back a little bit and you turned to see what he was doing. He leaned down and kissed your forehead before motioning for you to turn around. He took the soap and began to work his way over your body. You shut your eyes and let him take care of you, you could’ve fallen asleep if you weren’t standing up.

“Ok sweetheart you’re all done” He pulled you to him again in a tight hug and placed kisses on your neck over the spots he’d left marks, “sorry about those, I’ll be more careful…” he mumbled tracing the bruises he’d also left on your hips and thighs, “I hadn’t realized I was being so rough…” you looked up at him and he was frowning.

You took your hands and placed them on his cheeks standing on your tip toes to place a sweet kiss on his lips.

“Jensen I like it rough, don’t ever apologize for it, I would tell you if you were hurting me…well if you were hurting me in a way I didn’t like” you smirked pulling a laugh from Jensen and he leaned down to kiss you.


Once you and Jensen were out of the shower you put on your make up and were able to successfully cover up the hickeys with some concealer. You decided to wear your favorite red and polka dot button up dress. You were checking your appearance in the mirror when you noticed Jensen watching you from the door way. You turned to face him and he smiled at you, he looked incredibly sexy he was wearing jeans that hugged him just right and a dark blue button down with the sleeves rolled up. When your eyes finally met his you blushed when you realized you’d been caught staring.

“You look beautiful, Y/N” he said grabbing your hips as he pulled you to him.

“You look incredible Jensen, I love it when you roll your sleeves like that…” you trailed off as you traced the veins and muscles in his forearms. He chuckled and pulled you into a tight hug.

“I can’t wait for you to meet them” you felt your stomach lurch, you knew you shouldn’t be so nervous but you couldn’t help it. Jensen must’ve noticed the way you tensed up because he leaned down to kiss you.

“They’ll love you baby” he said holding your face in his hands and you nodded giving him a small smile, “and then later when we get home I’ll love on you…” he said placing kisses on your face and you giggled.

“That was so cheesy” you giggled but it quickly turned to moans as his hands traveled down to your ass and he began sucking on your neck. He pulled away and rested his forehead on yours.

“You were saying sweetheart” he smirked. You tried to suppress your smile but couldn’t help it when he was looking at you like that. You blushed and looked down embarrassed by the effect he had on you. He kissed your forehead and grabbed you by the hand leading you to the car.


“Jensen!” you saw Mrs. Ackles walking down the steps of her house making her way towards her son and pulling him into a big hug.

“Hey mom missed you” he said kissing her head and hugging her back. She pulled back and made eye contact with you smiling, Jensen placed his hand on your back and pulled you forward, “Mom this is Y/N Y/L/N” You started to reach your hand out to shake her hand but were pulled into a hug instead.

“Its so wonderful to finally meet you every call from Jensen was filled with stories of you. You can call me Donna. Jensen’s dad is inside so let’s all head in” you smiled brightly at her loving her already as she lead you into the house.

“Dad!” Jensen said excitedly as an older man pulled him into a hug.

“Missed you, so glad you got some time off. Now where is this girl you can’t shut up about” you giggled with Donna from behind them and you could see Jensen’s face and ears turn red with embarrassment as he gestured back to you, “nice to meet you sweetheart I’m Alan” he said pulling you into a hug like Donna had.

“I’m Y/N, its nice to meet you too” you responded smiling.

“Dinner is almost ready, Alan come help me in the kitchen. You two can go take your seats” once his parents were out of sight he wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you to him and kissing you.

“Told you they’d love you” you smiled at him and kissed him once more.

“How much have you talked about me, should I be nervous?” You giggled as he lead you to the table.

“ You’ve just been a big part of my life lately so you’re in all my stories I have to tell. I think they know you’re more than a friend to me though, but I haven’t actually told them we’re together yet, not that I don’t want to, we just hadn’t talked about telling family yet and I also was nervous about what they’d say about the age gap, it shouldn’t matter too much but I don’t know I guess I get nervous about people not approving and thinking I’m a creep or wondering what a beautiful young woman like you is doing with a thirty something grown man” you turned to him and kissed him and then wrapped your arms around him.

“Jensen you know I don’t care about the age gap, yeah I’m young but I’m still a grown woman and you’re really not that much older than me-“

“I’m almost 12 years older than you, what do you think your parents are going to say about that?” he said his face looking worried. You placed a hand on his cheek and made him look in your eyes.

“My parents will think what they think, but I bet they’ll just care if I’m happy, and I am. And your parents don’t seem to care either, but honestly who gives a shit if anyone does have a problem with it, no ones opinion but our own matter when it comes to this relationship” Jensen nodded and gave you a soft smile but you could tell your words hadn’t set in completely yet and that he was still nervous. Before you could say anything else his parents came back into the room with all of the food.


The rest of dinner was amazing, the four of you talking and laughing. Your stomach hurt from how much you were laughing. You were adoring all of the stories of Jensen as a kid, you didn’t think he could get any redder with embarrassment bit it was adorable. You absolutely loved his parents and you felt like they liked you too. When it came time to leave Jensen’s parents both hugged you and asked that you two come back in a few days for dinner again. You and Jensen got in the car and started to drive back towards his house. You turned your head to look at him, he always managed to take your breath away no matter how much time you spent with him.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” he asked noticing you staring. You blushed but didn’t say anything instead just reaching out to hold his hand that was relaxing in the middle. You leaned over and rested your head on his shoulder and closed your eyes. He chuckled lightly but just leaned down and kissed your head continuing to drive home.


You dozed off for a few minutes before you felt Jensen placing kisses on your face and whispering “we’re home”. You smiled up at him and whispered back at him, “We’re home” it was just a statement and you knew how he meant it but you couldn’t help your heart from fluttering a bit when he spoke like it was both of your home. He smiled at you and kissed you then the two of you got out of the car and headed inside.

“You want to get into some pjs and then cuddle up and watch a movie” you asked wrapping your arms around him and looking up at him with the best puppy eyes you could muster.

Jensen rolled his eyes at you but a smile spread across his face, “you have a specific movie in mind don’t you?” you smiled and stood up to kiss his nose before making your way back into his room, “we can watch whatever you want sweetheart, but there is a request I have…”he smirked and you gave him a questioning look as you stepped out of your dress. He motioned for you to come over to his closet as he eyed you up and down, you wondered if there would ever come a day that you wouldn’t feel yourself blushing under his gaze. You walked over there and he opened a drawer and you raised an eyebrow at him wondering what he was doing. He pulled out a worn ACDC t-shirt. Your recognized it as a shirt that Dean had worn at some point.

“This was one of my favorite shirts from set and I kinda stole it, and I don’t know I guess I’ve always kinda had this fantasy about how hot you’d look in one of Dean’s shirts…” he mumbled out his hand reaching up to rub his neck. You giggled and smiled at him. You reached around to your back and undid your bra letting it fall to the ground and Jensen let his eyes trail over your body hungrily and you smirked at him reaching out to take the shirt. You pulled it over your body and spun around letting him see all of you in it. Jensen laughed at that and pulled you into a kiss, “alright baby now lets watch that movie”.

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Love was never supposed to hurt this much

Plot - Loving him was never easy, but no one said it was going to be. Love could conquer anything. Right?

Words - 5,400

Pairing - Bucky X Reader

Warnings - ANGST! Major character death. The smallest amount of fluff in the world.

A/N - I have already posted this once before so if you think you’ve read it then you probably have. I deleted my secondary blog with the same name so I could change it to my primary. Anyway, I’m sorry for making you all suffer again. The angst is real.

Originally posted by stupidteletubbie


Love. It had always been a foreign concept to you, but god the moment you laid eyes on him you knew – you damn well knew he was the one.

Even from birth you never knew the meaning of love. Your parents? The people who are supposed to love you unconditionally, it seemed they didn’t understand the meaning of it either – or maybe it was because your dad left so long ago, and it spiralled your mother into depression, pushing her towards alcohol. Then years later, when your mind was ridden with self-hatred, and depression sank its claws into your flesh, he came along.

The moment your eyes fell on him the breath was stolen from your lungs, yet you felt like you could breathe all-over again. Everything about him was beautiful – from the way his brunette hair fell into his eyes – and on the topic of his eyes, oh they were the most beautiful things you had ever seen in your life. They were bright blue, like the sky on a summers night – yet they were so dark and steely that you found yourself drowning in their depths, they were breath-taking on a whole other level. Then there was the way that his expanse of muscle rippled underneath his clothes and a smile which lit up your entire world and gave you the light you needed to guide you from the tunnel of self-hatred. He was perfect in every way possible.

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well this is awkward ; prompts
  • “I cut my own bangs today and I think we should preemptively break up.”
  • “I was actually drunk when I asked you out and I don’t know who you are.”
  • “I’m used to people drooling over me but you kinda just drooled in my coffee.”
  • “I don’t know if you know how thin the walls are here, but I have a problem. Why the fuck aren’t you as loud for me as you were for my neighbor? Am I really that bad?”
  • “Fuck, I think I just tripped over your dog.”
  • “I actually couldn’t find my clothes. I’m in a Speedo.”
  • “I accidentally found your Tumblr, and I’m really sorry.”
  • “I know I dropped my dildo out the window and you found it and you’re a janitor but please don’t throw it away. It was really expensive and I have a really good reason.”
  • “I’m so sorry, I actually had no idea that this was a strip club.”
  • “I was using this tutorial on WikiHow to tie myself up and I’m stuck and naked and please help me.”
  • “This is our first date and it just has to be the day that someone gives a blowjob in the back of the movie theater.”
  • “Shit, I thought you were talking about a fanfiction. Please don’t look it up.”
  • “It’s nice to meet you and I love your songs but wow, now that I know who you are and you’re paying for dinner and all I feel really bad for pirating all your music.”
  • “I think I left yaoi at your parents’ house.”
  • “I went on a date with your mom a few years ago.”
  • “I actually have read your book and fuck my life, I wrote its highest rated negative review on Amazon.”

please credit me :’) linking back to this post would be nice both to me and your fellow writers. just let me know how you used them or what they inspired because i’d love to see!!!
Zayn Malik looks dreamy on the cover of Sunday Times' Style magazine
Lovely, lovely Zayn.

Lovely, lovely Zayn.

By Naomi Gordon Mar 17, 2017

Zayn may be modeling a jacket that looks like it’s made from the same material as an Ikea shopping bag, but he’s still a slammin’ hottie on the cover of Sunday Times’ Style magazine.

The 24-year-old singer has been unveiled as the Sunday paper’s magazine cover star, and fans obviously can’t cope - especially as cruelly they’ll have to wait until the weekend to see inside. WE NEED TO SEE THE WORDS WITH THE PICTURES NOW.

The newspaper’s Twitter account shared the image, along with the caption: “Breaking! The @zaynmalik cover. See the full shoot and interview on Sunday zaynXstyle”

Zayn - who is also working a slicked-back man-bun on the cover -  posted the image on his page too, but without any words (so Zayn), and fans promptly lost it as they deluged the tweet with their undying love for the star.

The paper’s twitter account also kindly shared some images from inside the magazine (although the second jacket looks as questionable as the first) and as fans pointed out, he looks nothing short of perfect.

The publication also promised that we’ll see “@zaynmalik as you’ve never seen him before in our brand-new exclusive unseen shots.”

Don’t forget to steal your parents’ paper on Sunday….

what your favorite hamilton song says about you
  • alexander hamilton: you've only listened to trailers and promos
  • my shot: you tried to listen to the entire soundtrack but got distracted; that one song was totally cool, though
  • the schuyler sisters: you watched that one genderswap version in #ham4ham and can't forget it, ever
  • you'll be back: you really enjoy britpop, perhaps too much for any one human being
  • right-hand man: you're a revolutionary war nerd who always loved george washington
  • satisfied: you have good taste
  • wait for it: you have a pulse
  • guns and ships: you really love and admire daveed diggs, as we all should
  • history has its eyes on you: are you sure you don't just want to bone george washington
  • the battle of yorktown: you fantasize about getting to say "fuck" on national television, like hercules mulligan
  • dear theodosia: you like to cry about parents and children
  • nonstop: you're known for being able to keep up with a million things happening at once
  • say no to this: listen, you can find the porn in aisle 3
  • the room where it happens: your favorite Disney song is "Be Prepared"
  • one last time: you like to cry about george washington, or possibly just sad dads in general
  • hurricane: you enjoy wordplay and/or manpain
  • burn: you don't enjoy manpain at all, but you do enjoy philippa soo
  • it's quiet uptown: what the fuck, are you even human, are you literally made of tears
  • the world was wide enough: you think leslie odom jr should have gotten TWO tonys for best actor

A Single Rose - Jack Maynard



I was currently on the balcony of the Maynard and Pieters flat. My body sat on the love seat and I looked out to the dark sky with tears falling down my face. I never understood why Jack hated me so much. Just the fact that he took it way to far today made me beyond pissed and sad. So here I was.

Now you may think what could he of said to make this so emotional. So let’s go back in time.


“You are such an ignorant bitch!” Jack yelled st me as I accidentally broke the bottle of Jack. “Its a freaking bottle of Jack, Jack!” I hissed st him as I cleaned the blood that was falling from my hand. “Just like your parents in till they died!” Jack yelled at me. That’s where I lost it. I turned to look at him as the other lads were already looking at Jack in a disapproval way.

My eyes filled with tears as I held the towel against the but and ran out onto the balcony.

Flashback Over

Its been an hour or two since that has happened and I never had the guts to go back in. Bringing up my parents was cold. They both died to Cancer when I was at a young age. There was nothing for me to do since I never understood what was happening in till my nan said they died to a bad sickness.

I heard the sliding door open and I didn’t dare look over. I was to afraid. I looked up finally as the person stood in front of me and saw Jack holding one single rose.

“A single red rose promises life long devotion and love. Its speaks of love that is unchanging and does not wither away. I will always love you and all my affections are concentrated in you alone.” Jack said. He hand me the rose and I took it in the hand that has been cut but stopped bleeding.

“I love you Y/n. And I shouldn’t of brought up your parents. It was a shit thing for me to do and I couldn’t understand why I brought it up.” Jack confessed. I stayed quiet. “You don’t have to say anything cause I know you don’t feel the same way about me. You hate me. And I made you cry and it kills me that I did.” He frowned.frowned

“Jack.” I quietly said. “Why? All this time.” I asked with a small smile. He then chuckled at himself. “I was a pussy. And had no balls. After what I did I knew I had to do something and I did.” He smiled holding his hand out for me. I cautiously grabbed it. He pulled me up as the friction between our two hands sent electric through our bodies. Jack smiled st me and lead me back into the flat where it didn’t even look the same.

Red rose petals laid on the floor as small cancels laid around them. The room was dark besides the candles which were lit. “Red rose petals mean romance and passion.” Jack then said. “How long was I out there?” I asked. “Two and a half hours.” Jack replied.

“Well you just know everything nose don’t you.” I smiled. “Well getting and ear beaten from the mates really made me anger so,” He replied; “anyways, I think you should follow those petals.” I looked up at Jack. “Are you leading me to my death?” I asked. “I wouldn’t dare.” He said with a smile.

I nodded and followed after them well still holding the rose in my hand. Following the petals I found myself going into Jack’s room where I found the most beautiful site. The rose petals continued to the bed where a shirt of Jacks laid and a note. Candles laid around the room lighting it up. I walked to the bed and read the note. “Cuddles?” I read aloud. I turned around and looked at Jack. “Cuddles.” He asked.

I smiled at him and nodded. And then let out a sigh of relive. “I’m going to let you change and ill be back.” He smiles leaving the room. I looked back at the shirt and sigh. I closed my head and looked up at the ceiling and smiled. I quickly changed and sat on his bed. And oh how I missed the softness.

The only other time I was on this bed was when I needed a place to stay and Conor happily let me stayed and made his brother sleep on the couch or in bed with him.

The door opened and Jack came back in reviling a bundle of roses in his hand. “There is a total or fifty roses in here. It means to express love that has no boundaries.” Jack smiled at me. “How much did this cost?” I asked. He shook his head. “It doesn’t matter as long as it makes you smile.” He said with a smile. He placed them done with my other rose and added it. “Now fifty one.” He said. I chuckled at him.

He looked at me and joined me in bed. He laid next to me and looked at me. “Can I touch you?” He asked nervous. “Yes.” I smiled blushing a bit. He laid his hands my my hips and brought me closer wrapping and arm around me. “This is all I every wanted.” He confessed. “I love you Y/n.” He mumbled kissed the top of my head and then looked down at my lips and back at my eyes.

“Can I kiss you?” Jack asked. I looked in his blue eyes and smiled. I nodded my head. He moved closer to where our lips were just barley touching. I closed the gap between us and it was just perfect.

Its amazing that some of you have great, loving, caring parents and all but some people don’t. SOME PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE LOVING, CARING PARENTS. If someone is speaking up about any type of abuse they have dealt with regarding their parents you do not get to come in the comments with the “ your ungrateful” “ Be positive “ “ They just love you “ “ Respect them more “ comments. By doing this you are victim blaming. You are defending possible abusers. STOP  

Domestic Bliss

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader
Summary: Percival and the reader are a married couple, trying to juggle intimacy and parenthood.
Warnings: yeah there’s smut, I’m not sorry

A/N: Here it is, my first attempt at smut, and of course it’s going to be Percival because damn that suit, that undercut, that everything. So yeah, let me know what you think, if it’s any good, whatever. Inbox is open for requests etc. (though probably not more smut for a while bc this took ages and I have exams to study for)

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Alright you can hate the trump family but leave Barron alone please. He’s just a kid, he has no say in what his father is doing. Hes stuck in a bad light for all the world to see because of who his father is and throwing hate at him is just going to teach him to hate more.
Although his father is horrible, theres still room for Baron to grow to be a good person. But belittling him because of who his father is is going to do nothing but harvest more hate in that boy.