it's all about loving your parents

Let’s think about something we took for granted.

- Intelligence only evolved once. You see, out of many species on earth, only we homo sapiens are lucky enough to have our intelligence.

- Out of all the possibilities, all the coincidences, all the happenings in this universe, you’re here. If anything moves differently, only a little you will not. Yet you’re here. Your very existence has its own meaning. You’re valid. 

- Have a gentle heart is a choice. Only the wise ones choose it.

- Born in peaceful time and place.

- Technology explosion era. If you have a broaden and open mind, you can learn anything.

- A body that functions well.

- A roof to stay in

- A place to call home

- Parents adoration and siblings loving

Let’s think about it. And yes, happy new year to everyone.

❤️🎄malfoy’s the worst🎄❤️

Draco: Happy Christmas, Potter. 

Harry: You too, Malfoy.

Draco: I hope you get lots of fan mail and presents.

Harry: Well I hope you have a nice time with your parents and that you get tons of that chocolate you love.

Draco: Oh, I will.

Harry: Good.

Draco: Good. See you around, Potter.

Harry: Sure, Malfoy.


Ron: Mate… did you and Malfoy just…?

Harry: Ugh, I know, right? He’s the worst, I hate him.

Ron: That didn’t sound like hate to m—

Harry: Oh, remind me later to owl him the new quill I got him, would you? He’s been wanting it for ages and he’s going to be so mad I bought it for him. It’ll be hilarious.


Ron: *sighs* Hilarious.

Married Bliss RP Starters

“Honey, I packed you a lunch.”

“Sweetheart you tried to pack  me a sandwich with gummy bears I think it’s time for a break.”

“You look like you haven’t slept in days. Let me watch the kids. You need some rest.”

“Can you please watch them I need a good cry and a nap.”

“You have been on diaper duty since the babies been born let me get it this time.”

“Can you please change their diaper I’m trying to make dinner.”

“I’m sorry…I burnt dinner…”

“Wow…that looks wonderful… No! Hey don’t cry! Please, it looks wonderful! See I’m eating it right now.”

“Honey our little angel just flushed his/her toy down the toilet!”

“My ring! My ring is missing!”

“Honey, where is your wedding ring?”

“Oh no! My ring fell down the drain!”

“Oh…it’s everywhere…I didn’t realize babies…went so much…”

“It’s just a diaper…wait you don’t look so well…”

“I can’t change their diaper without you getting sick It’s a little frustrating.”

“I’m going to be late for dinner.”

“I made us our first dinner in our new place. I hope you like it.”

“Wow it looks wonderful. I didn’t know I was with a seasoned chef.”

“Do I look fat?”

“Honey you’re pregnant that’s all baby. You look beautiful.”

“You’re beautiful no matter what size you are please remember that.”

“I’m so lucky to be married to someone so beautiful.”

“Come to bed, It’s getting late.”

“Why are you cooking? It’s three in the morning.”

“We’re going to make beautiful kids.”

“I can’t wait to see their little face. I’m really excited to see them.”

“It’s your turn to feed him/her.”

“I’ve got it, go back to sleep.”

“Wake up, the baby needs you.”

“Mmm she/he has that fresh baby smell.”

“I know you’re working but you forgot your lunch.”

“I thought I’d stop by so we could have lunch together.”

“They drew all over the walls…we just painted them too…”

“I thought we’d visit you on your break.”

“Let’s go to the park together. It will be good for all of us to get some fresh air.”

“Every day is a blessing with you.”

“Who thought it was a good idea to get them such a noisy toy.”

“I have watched the same kids show all day for a week straight I’m going to snap.”

“Do babies really like this stuff?”

“Wait don’t drink that! That’s for the baby.”

“I think we should get another cat/dog.”

“I love you, but we have too many animals. Please don’t bring anymore home.”

“Did your coat just meow/bark?”

“Surprise! I got us a cat/dog!”

“Please don’t be mad…I couldn’t resist its little face.”

“You’re going to be a father.”

“He/She is kicking!”

“What if we’re not good parents?”

“You’re going to be a wonderful mother/father.”

“Don’t worry about it you’re pregnant. It’s okay to be emotional.”

“I got everything on the list. Are you really craving pickles and peanut butter? Our baby is weird.”

“We are not naming our baby (insert ridiculous name here) end of discussion.”

“Can you take the trash out, please.”

“I’ll make dinner tonight.”

“How was work?”

“I missed you like crazy. I wish I didn’t have to work all day.”

“Will you please stop making that face. It’s making the baby cry.”

“No you can’t steal their dog/cat!”

“It’s okay sometimes these things take time. We’ll just keep trying until something happens.”

“I made you some soup. I hope you get to feeling better soon.”

“Honey, you’re burning up.”

“I think the baby is sick.”

“You worry too much. It’s just a scratch.”

“Please don’t ever leave me. I almost burned the house down trying to cook dinner.”

“He/She has your eyes.”

“He/She is so beautiful. I can’t believe he’s/she’s finally here.
“I’m so afraid i’m going to drop him/her.”

“He/She is so tiny. I can’t believe how small he/she is.”

“He/She has a tight grip.”

“Don’t ask…you don’t want to know.”

“Honey, why is our child running around naked?”

“How much sugar did you give him/her?”

“Are you sure you’re okay being alone with the them?”

“I’ll be right back, I promise.”

“Don’t give the kids sugar while i’m gone.”

“I swear sometimes I have two children instead of one.”

“Your hormones are just a little crazy. You cried today because you saw a cat on the tv.”

“I know it’s three in the morning but could you please get me some chocolate milk. Oh and some chocolate chip cookies, please.”

“I love you but your cravings are killing me.”

“I’ll rub your feet. I know they’re getting swollen from the pregnancy.”

“We should look into adopting.”

“It’s okay, we can always adopt.”

“Our adoption papers got accepted! We’re going to be parents!”

“We get to bring her/him home tomorrow i’m so excited.” 

“What if they don’t accept us? What if we can’t adopt?”

“We’re going to be amazing parents. I know they’ll see that. Please don’t worry. I know the adoption papers will go through.”

“Have you heard anything yet about the adoption papers? Have we been approved?”

“The kids drew all over my work papers….I hope they’ll accept stick figure drawings.”

“Honey, you put the babies clothes on backwards.”

Billy Hargrove Headcannons

Requested: I don’t usually write for people not on the list, but i feel bad cuz i haven’t written in so long. I’m sorry but school is tight cuz private schools suck, but I’ll write when I have time.

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*Him being constantly on your ass about spending time with him

*(cuz he doesn’t want to be alone)

*(you know but don’t want to embarrass him so you don’t say anything about it)

*Going for long cruises in his car and when he starts driving recklessly you’ll reach across the console and giving his hand a squeeze silently reminding him to ease up

*trying to get him to be kinder to Max and her adorable friends

*totally shipping Lucas with Max, but stay quiet around Billy so you don’t upset him

*Being the big sister Max always wanted and taking her places when she doesn’t want Billy to drive her

*Driving to some cliff-like structure and laying a blanket on top of the car so you can stargaze (and make out)

*chilling with him behind school inhaling his second hand smoke and flirting your butts off

*Even though you’ve been together for 6 months, you both still enjoy the thrill of the chase always figuring out ways to keep each other guessing

*instead of getting jealous of all the envious looks from other girls, you constantly tease ‘Big Bill’ about the unwanted attention

*he may have used to enjoy it, but now its just annoying

*always giving him a little loving in front of those girls just so they know he’s taken

*when his dad is getting to be a little too much, he speeds over to your house and knocks on your door

*your parents understand his situation and just send him up to you and he curls up in your arms as you hum, sing or whisper sweet nothings to him

*he’s always thankful for your attention and love and he makes sure you know it

*over time he begins to let go of his careless attitude and finds himself actually dressing up for dates with you (not too much) and starts to slightly care about his grades

*you notice the shift in his character immediately and slyly ask if he wants to study after school sometimes

*after a while of improvement, you ask him why he is making this sudden change

*he proceeds to tell you that its all for you

*despite what everyone thinks and sees him as, he wants to be able to graduate, to get a job, to provide for you because damn his name if he doesn’t get to keep you for the rest of his life

*his dad notices the change to and begins to actually lighten up on the kid

*this just makes it easier to treat Max more like a human than some dog he can order and kick around

*you never tell him when you catch him joking around with her and developing a sort of friendship with her

*this all is a cycle that leads back to your beautiful self and he understands that you play a role in his life that could never be replaced

*there were no words to describe how thankful he was to have discovered your soul and intertwine it with his own

*(then you mock him for his newly-discovered love for poetry)

*he’s just so happy now and its so much better than his self-destructive self-serving personality he had before

*he can proudly say hes apologized to Lucas and voluntarily drives Max to places like the arcade and Mike’s house because hes glad his little sister found people she can feel safe with

*he loves you so much and he tells you every chance he gets

*whether it be with a surprise road trip, spoiling you with special trinkets or kissing you until you can’t breathe

*He loves his Sunshine and you love your Moon

To anonymous: I’m not sure if this is what you wanted, but here you go. I kinda got carried away turning him into a cinnamon role, but thank you for your request and don’t be afraid to ask for more or tweaks to this one. Have a sunshiney day, love!

smh gc today
  • Lardo: *link to birthday sex by jeremih*
  • Chowder: BIRTHDAY IT'S YA BIRTHDAY WE GONNA PARTY LIKE IT'S YA BIRTHDAY (after class bc we're still students)
  • Dex: Happy birthday Rans!!!! 🎉 HMU when you want me to come fix that desk chair!
  • Ransom: i love all u weirdos 💕
I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Thirteen

Summary: You travel to Rome and meet up with the Padaleckis. Thomas has some questions about your relationship, and you fight homesickness by FaceTiming with Danneel and JJ
Words: 4k
Jared x Reader x Gen, Misha, Tom, Shep, Jensen, Danneel, JJ
Warnings: brief angst
Beta: @blacksiren

IKYW Masterpost

Your name: submit What is this?

You and Misha drove back down to London on Monday, the day before your flight out to Rome.

Seeing as you hadn’t visited the UK before, he insisted that you fit as many tourist-y things into the one day you had.

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minghao!soulmate au

Originally posted by svt-laughing

prompt: if someone touches you, your soulmate feels warm where you’ve been touched and can sense how you feel about the contact (uncomfortable, calm etc;)

genre: fluff soooo much fluff, soulmates!au, very very brief and vague ment of sexual harassment its tiny pls dont be put off, college!au

a/n: hey minghao, i miss you, please rest lots and become healthy for seventeens next comeback!!

  • okay so
  • throughout your younger years youve never really paid much attention to your soulmate, ofc your parents told you when you were about four that the weird warm things you were feeling was your “one true love that you’ll meet later” and whatnot
  • i mean of course youd chuckle sometimes when your cheeks got all warm and an annoyed feeling fleetingly passed through you knowing your soulmate must be being coddled by one of his aunts or smth 
  • but other than that
  • you just went on with your life
  • it wasnt until you were sixteen did you start paying more attention to it
  • sometimes youd get a bit worried when youd feel a warm spot on your arm and a surge of slight anger in your heart but it was always quickly replaced by happiness
  • you knew it was his friends hitting him by then so you just chilled tf
  • even when you felt your ass became VERY warm, you felt the same anger/happiness flow through your body so you just shook the fact that your soulmates ass just got BEAt off and continued what you were doing. 
  • youll have junhui to thank for that later
  • so by the time you were going into university you had become very aware of the fact that your soulmate was barely ever getting hugs anymore
  • and you just :^((( poor bby
  • and an idea popped into your head like !!!
  • my soulmate feels warm when i get hugged akdfksjla
  • instantly you were like IM GONNA HUG EVERYONE!!!!! EVEN IF ITS AWKWARD
  • so like, first day on campus housing grounds you found your dorm house and with that your RA housemate
  • she was cool and you where like hhhhhhh
  • i barely know you but
  • i have this duty of care for my soulmate so im just gonna
  • and you hugged her rly big and you felt uncomfortable at first but also so proud of yourself like wow
  • get you a girl like me ;^))
  • anyway your housemate is like “oooooookay, this is your room here and its just us and three others who’re already here”
  • youre awkwardly like cool okay see u later
  • amd ur blushing rly hard but hey at least you did it
  • anyway fast forward a couple weeks and youre like hugging all your new friends everytime you see them and theyre like wow shes clingy but they still luv you
  • and youre!!
  • so!!
  • comfortable!!
  • abt doing it now like “hey hugs????? hugs are my shit.” ya feel?

  • cut over to minghao whos going to the same university as you with junhui
  • they both moved from china and minghao misses his fam so much :^(((
  • particuarly his mums hugs which he got all the time and sometimes he thought it was annoying but now hes like hhhh
  • minghaos mum was also rly open about haos soulmate and loved hearing about her
  • like one day hao came home (age 18???) fuming bc he felt his chest get warm in class and then his butt and a really strong feeling of fear and uncomfort and disgust filled him and he immediately knew what happened but he didnt feel anything else after that and he was so glad but still and his mum was like hao that happens to girls :^((( im sorry your soulmate must feel awful rn 
  • and hao felt sick in his stomach and he was like “im gonna kill anyone that does that to my soulmate again mum !!!!!!!!
  • and his mum was so proud
  • anyway hes almost fluent in korean by now and luckily junhui is good at making friends and found some that speak madarin and korean too so!!
  • their new friend jackson and some others are constantly with hao and hui being like “no that means square, this is how you say suspense” n shit
  • and hao learnt rly easily!! so did hui!! anyway
  • lately hao has been feeling his soulmate hug a lot of people lately and hed be rly happy except hes sorta 
  • “is my soulmate dating someone rn?? :^((” 
  • and hed remind himself you can date whoever you want before you meet him 
  • but hed still be all emo bc he wants love too and he misses his family and hes in a foreign country and hes failing one of his subjects bc how is he supposed to know all the non latin korean terms for all the flowers and plants they get pop quizzes on
  • and he just wants to hurry up and meet you bc hes all 
  • “everythings gonna be fine when i meet my soulmate!!!!!! theyre gonna make everything perfect for me!!!!!”
  • like, hao sweetie
  • calm down
  • but he’d be so determined like legit whenever junhui was with him and they were around people he’d be like JUNHUI TOUCH MY ARM
  • and he’d look around frantically for someone being like “tf my arm is warm gosh dang wonder what my soulmates up to lol” but he’d be a bit disappointed every time.
  • anyway tho so jackson invites him and junhui to his friend jaes party after teaching them all the korean slang shit
  • legit hes like
  • “guys. i think youre ready for your first party”
  • junhui nearly cries
  • little does he know youre??? invited to the same one by your housemate jimin (jyp gang here we go)
  • anyway you go to the party and are determined like legit hugging everyone you meet and jimins next to you like
  • im rly sorry about her dont ask
  • and minghaos in the kitchen like!!!! wth my soulmate keeps hugging people junhui smh smh 
  • he’s slightly buzzed and hella jealous
  • anyway he goes to the loungeroom for a sec to find his friend sicheng who just messaged that he was here 
  • and wow best luck ever you walk up to junhui and jae and meet them both!! youre all 
  • JAEE THANKS FOR HAVING THIS PARTY IM Y/N and you give him the biggest hug and then you turn to junhui whos all
  • hi im junhui
  • and smiling awkwardly and youre like
  • and give him an even bigger hug than you gave jae and jae and jimin are watching you like wtf and junhuis like awkwardly patting your back and IN COMES MINGHAO WHOS GETTING SICHENG A DRINK
  • hes like jeSuS chRiSt how many time does she have to hug her s/o in the span of an hour!!!!!!!!
  • and he feels random extra warmth spurt on his back and hes like what sort bf/gf pats their s/os back lmao and then he seens you hugging junhui and he like
  • pauses for a second 
  • then hes like haha gtta be a coincidence that i can see a georgeous random stranger hugging my best friend in the same way i can feel my soulmate hugging someone rn
  • amd junui sees hao and a wave of relief passes over him and he grabs your shoulders and pushes you away like
  • and you turn around as junhuis like “this is y/n, friend of a friend of jacksons ad jaes”
  • and then you meet eyes with the most goRGEOUS boy youve ever seen like HOW can someone look like that
  • and as soon as you meet eyes your body just gets soWARM and your heart like
  • fuckin swells and shit
  • and youre like ohmygodohmygod whats happening
  • and hes looking at you with the widest eyes ever and everyones like “wow they must find each other pretty hot theyre just staring at each other”
  • and suddenly minghao grabs sichengs hand and just places it on his chest and sichengs like wtf no homo
  • and you feel warmth on your chest and a surge of shock, excitement and hopefulness rush through your blood but the first thing you say is
  • WTF YOU PERV as youre grabbing your chest and junhui finally catches on and walks up and pokes you in the stomach and you yelp and minghao just touches the warm spot on his stomach and smiles SO wide
  • and he goes to hug you but stops himself
  • by now everyones gone to give you some privacy 
  • and youre like wot!!!!! hug me!!!!!!
  • but he just says “dont you have a partner?? im not doing anything with you until you and them break up” he ain no homewrecker sweeties no cheating in this household
  • and youre just like
  • ????????? what ?????????
  • “youre always hugging your partner!! its hard not t notice, youre so proud after too :^(((”
  • and you start laughing
  • hes just pouting at you like whattttttttttttt
  • you say in between laughs
  • im hugging people for you!!! you havent been getting hugs lately, and i like it when you get hugs i love the feeling so i thought id hug a bunch of people so you could feel warm anf fuzzy inside!!!
  • he looks at you like,,,,,, oh,,,,,,
  • and then he swoops you into the biggest bear hug ever and you feel warm and fuzzy except its not the same. it feels so
  • so real??????
  • you almost start crying and then he pulls away looking teary eyed too
  • “y/n was it??? im minghao. and im looking forward to hugging you and being with you for the rest of my life.”
  • youve never smiled wider as you jumped into him and gave him your first kiss while thinking of how great your future was gonna be.
  • fin.

hope yall liked that shit!!!!!!

Façade (Taehyung X Reader)

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Word count: 6.0 K

Warning: cussing, slight jimin x reader, daddy kink, dirty talk , smut

summary: Y/N struggles due to her sister as she is faced with a new love interest. Due to the age gap Y/N must cover up and pretend as if she is the one dating Taehyung to please there parents. Along the line Taehyung and Y/N grow closer together, closer in more than one way. 

speaking from personal experience having a sister had its rough patches that most likely couldnt be fixed. Okay i may be exaggerating but life only gained more diffcult if she cared about her apparence more then your whole exestince. I had been born first making me gain all the responsibilities and her gaining all the mistakes. She had been in her last year of high school as I was in my first year of college. It had also been spring break meaning I had to visit my parents and come to terms with my lovely sister.

I had managed to befriend someone apart of my college by the name of Kim Taehyung. He was attractive to say the least, anyone could point that out even my sister. She had no problem with pointing it out unlike I did. She had already knew I had striking feelings for Taehyung yet she ignored my feelings and contorted her own. Taehyung seemed to like the attention from her, bringing them together. Leaving me out.

I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like this, as did my parents but they only saw Taehyung as her friend and I as his girlfriend. It gets confusing at times definitely but none of the less it makes sense, no matter how against it I was. My parents would lose their shit if they found out there youngest daughter was dating a college kid, but would freak out much less if their eldest daughter was dating a college kid. To put it in simpler terms I was fake dating Taehyung while my sister was in reality.

“Ding dong”
I groaned at the noise and that simple fact of Taehyung. I hadn’t always been irritated by his presence not till he started dating my sister. Our friendship had been put down the drain, his focus forever on my sister when she was around at least.

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Video Game Challenge: [1/5] Pairings

➸ Nathan Drake & Elena Fisher, Uncharted

“I’m really sorry about your ring.”
“It’s all right. I swapped it for something better.

anonymous asked:

While waiting for the Clexa xmas manips to appear, do you have headcanons how your thirsty lawyers spend their holiday together? Do they get a tree? Does one of them go overboard with the decorating? What gifts do they get each other? - Secret Citrus

Well, well, well, it’s your lucky day my dear Secret Citrus Santa! As a present to you, and all of my lovely followers (including my assigned SS), I’ve worked out a few words for you. Guess I’m feeling the holiday spirit! Enjoy.

Another Christmas arrives the same way it always does. Her old bed creaks with her movements and the room is frigid around her because the window is drafty. Her parents are already up and chatting downstairs, the smell of coffee and breakfast making its way up to her bedroom.

And it’s the same as it always is. There’s nothing particularly special about it. Not even the stellar bloody marys her father makes every year. The ones she always gets a little drunk on before crashing onto the couch. Not here. At home. Alone. There’s nothing special about being back home. It’s routine and familiar and the same.

Except there is something so very special about this year. And this day. And the warmth that ignites Lexa from inside and oozes from her. Everything softer and merrier than ever. Even here, even miles away from the source of that warmth. There’s a smile that seems permanent. There’s a giddiness that sits on her skin. A wonder and a pleasantness she hasn’t felt in years. Even if she pouts just a little bit at being away from Clarke on a holiday that is meant to be shared with loved ones. It doesn’t take away from the happiness that lives within at just the thought of her and that one certain smile she always has for Lexa.

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anonymous asked:

reddie prompt where Richie feels like he's annoying Eddie and honestly the last thing he wants is to give Eddie a reason to not like him. but then Eddie just like really wants Richie's attention and gets more and more touchy feely and Richie realizes Eddie loves him and it's really fluffy and cute ok thanks :0)) ps love your blog so much

(Thank you so much love! I really hope you enjoy this! <3)

Send me prompts here

Read it on AO3

Richie was distancing himself, Eddie knew that much. What he didn’t know what why. Had he said something wrong? Had he done something wrong? No matter how much Eddie thought about it, he couldn’t figure out what he’d done wrong.

They were having a movie night at Bill’s because Bill’s parents had transformed their basement into a large room that they could all hang out in. Richie had plopped himself on the armchair, as far away from Richie as possible, which everyone took note of immediately as Richie never sat alone. He always sat with Eddie between his legs, or on his lap, or something and they always sat on the sofa.

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Re: faking dates and planning marriages

Originally posted by jeonsshi

+ “You’ve been pouting ever since I went out on that date, what’s up?”
+ “I’m personally offended that you didn’t ask me to be your fake date.”

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Words: 598
Requested by: @suga-daddy-69​ 

written for my 600+ Followers Drabbles Event (requests closed!)

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jaegeronice  asked:

Can I have headcanons for Tokoyami, Todoroki, and Bakugou for an s/o that LOVES to eat? Particularly sweets, and they're always catching them stuffing candies into their bags or pockets and ordering way more than they do at restaurants? (I'm a foodie, you see.)

bruh same I love food I’m eating chips as I type this also I was just thinking abt this the other day???? Levi’s actually a mind reader it all makes sense now


  • Okay his rule for snacks is you gotta have some for him too
  • he’s not constantly hungry but if yall are walking home and u pull out a snack you better fucking share
  • the first time you order a shit ton of food at a restaurant he’s just thinkin sweet leftovers
  • but you eat it all and he doesn’t comment but he was not expecting that
  • if you have snacks in your room (my parents are calorie obsessed so I horde snacks) he’s gonna be pissed bc “thATs SO DAMN UNSANITARY”
  • now you have a mini fridge in your room so u got no excuse
  • He subtly pays attention to what types of food you like and if he hears Kirishima talking about this new thai place and you like thai he’s taking you there
  • absolutely loves how excited you get about food, especially if its a place he took you to, or even more if its something he made, but he’ll never admit it
  • you can tell bc he’s a bit more affectionate and at ease when you go home that night
  • oh yeah he really loves cooking he’s found its a good way to de-stress and he’s got an apron that says ‘hot stuff coming through’
  • One time u were annoyed at him so when u found some candy in your pockets and he held out his hand like usual u gave him poprocks
  • He didn’t pay attention to what u gave him and just ate it before they started exploding and he was like wtf but u told him he’s getting poprocks if he’s gonna act like one
  • originally didn’t like when you gave him candy bc it would spoil his perfectly balanced diet but you just said he could work out/train more and then he was cool with it
  • secretly loves marshmallows 


  • he never thought about food as anything other than fuel for his body due to his dad probably micromanaging his diet from birth to make sure he had Maximum Strength as a hero
  • So when you constantly have food with you making you smile he’d kinda confused
  • He absolutely wants you to be happy so he learns your tastes and asks his mom to teach him to cook so he can make food for you
  • He has a sweet tooth and he never knew until you were constantly pulling cookies and candies out of your hoodies regardless of the situation
  • loves pastries so much if you take him into a bakery you’re getting at least two things just a heads up
  • Fun bc you can literally carry just abt anything bc he can heat it up/cool it down for u no matter where u are
  • Likes twizzlers he will absentmindedly eat them bc they’re good and not messy
  • Tbh he picks up your snack habit and starts carrying stuff around in the little backpack on his hero costume
  • Everyone assumes it’s a first aid pack until one mission where someone’s hurt and Iida goes “thank god todoroki has some first aid!” And he opens it up and the entire thing is like,,,, twizzlers
  • He’s happy that you eat a lot at restaurants bc you need to eat food it gives you energy and he’s glad you take care of yourself like that
  • Likes to take you to fancy restaurants like I’m talking celebrity status bc 1) gourmet food and 2) shouto is a responsible person but he’s absolutely down for wasting his dad’s money on things that make you happy bc let’s be honest endeavor isn’t gonna like you so shouto sees it as an extra fuck u to his dad


  • birb boy realized your little habit of keeping snack stashes before you guys started dating 
  • it was when he saw you eating in class and you begged him not to tell Iida promising if he kept your secret you’d bring him snacks too
  • He couldn’t get a word in to tell you he wasn’t going to tell anyway, but he refused to tell you a snack he likes bc there’s no way he’s actually gonna tell his crush he likes birdseed
  • you were wondering if he’d want birdseed but you felt that would be too stereotypical so you went with apples since you knew he liked them
  • he completely forgot abt the snack deal until you brought him a little tupperware of apple slices and hes too stunned to comment like how tf did you get fresh apples into the classroom in the middle of the afternoon they weren’t even brown????
  • his crush on you gets worse after that
  • when you two are dating you can finally interrogate him on his favorite snack and he finally admits its birdseed and is completely surprised by your reaction bc you just think its cute as if he told you he liked gum or something
  • is stunned (but ultimately relieved that you take good care of yourself) at how much you can eat bc its pretty much the same as what he has to order, but he’s taking into account that half of his food will be stolen throughout the meal by dark shadow
  • Tokoyami and Dark Shadow have different tastes because Tokoyami tends to be insecure and tries to force himself to act a certain way, including interests. So Tokoyami likes stuff with dark chocolate bc hes extra but he secretly loves milk chocolate so Dark Shadow goes for milk chocolate
  • sometimes you buy milk chocolates and dark chocolates in the same color wrappers and just pour them in a bowl and grab a handful for your rediculous boyfriend bc you know he likes the milk chocolate too
  • Tokoyami is mostly Vegetarian like he sometimes will eat steak and doesn’t care if you follow his diet or not, just no bird meat. Turkey, chicken, duck, it all makes him kinda uncomfy
Piano Lessons

Requested by @nightynightnyx ! Feat piano playing Sam x childhood best friend reader

Summary: It was a Friday afternoon when you looked at Sam and realized you were in love with him. 

Living next to the Holland’s had its perks. Most of all, you created some of the best relationships of your life. Nikki and Dom were another set of parents, Tom was a protective big brother, and Harry and Paddy were brothers you could always go to for a laugh. 

Though, with Sam, it was always a bit different. You had a soft spot for him. You two got along extremely well, had common interests, and a similar sense of humor. Most importantly, you two could talk about anything with each other. Throughout all of the crazy transitions of Sam’s life, you were his constant. 

It wasn’t until Harry launched himself onto the couch you were relaxing on that you started to recognize the way Sam made you feel. 

“Oi! Harry, get off!” you yelled. 

“You do realize that Sam, like, is in love with you?” 

“What do you mean?” you asked, confused by the bluntness. 

“You’re joking, right? You don’t see the way he looks at you? His eyes light up whenever you walk into a room. Or, the way he seems to only pay attention to you, even when you’re not talking? He’s solely focused on you… It’s a bit annoying,” Harry said. 

“Oh,” you replied, blushing profusely. “We’ve just known each other for a long time.. That’s it. The same way we’ve known each other.”

“No, no,” Harry chuckled. “It’s nothing like us. You’re like an annoying sister, but with Sam. It’s completely different… Don’t try and hide it either,” Harry chuckled. “I’ve seen the way you look at him.. You’re not subtle.” 

You threw a pillow at him, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Harry.” 


The next day, it was like any other Friday afternoon. After school, Sam tried to teach you some piano as a way to relax after the week. This routine emerged once Sam started taking piano lessons and tried his best to teach you what he had learned that week.

“Before our ‘lesson’,” Sam began one day. “I want to show you something.” 

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Originally posted by j-miki

Title : Foreign

Pairing : Jinyoung x Reader

Genre : Fluff, Romance

Author : Myself

Summary : You’re supposed to meet your boyfriend’s parents, but you’re a foreigner and you start freaking out, so your boyfriend comforts you.

Red dress? Too fancy. Long skirt? Too Tacky. Jeans? Too casual.

You shook your hands in the air, throwing yet another piece of clothing and hating yourself for not being able to buy one single decent outfit for this important day. There was nothing worth being shown, and even less parade into in front of your boyfriend’s parents. You selected a pair of black pants and took a pale blue embroidered tunic, hoping it would have a girly effect on the people who were pictured as severe and merciless. You checked on your reflection in the mirror and sighed.

You looked like nothing they would love. Nothing at all.

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push your buttons | ksj

summary: you like dogs, and lucky for you, a cute boy in the park happens to have one that’s taken quite the liking to you.

{high school!au}

pairing: seokjin x female reader
word count: 2k
genre: fluff
warnings: dogs!!!!!
a/n: this is unedited, because i don’t have time to edit these days (and i’m also too lazy). also, i’m a cat person. requested by anon!

You’ve never exactly been the luckiest person, so to speak. Take, for example, when you were five, and the speaker who came to visit your school was giving out magnets and stickers to every kid they saw, and when you all returned to your classrooms from the auditorium, you were the only one without any sort of goodie in your hands. Or, when you were in middle school, in the cafeteria, rushing to finish some math homework you totally forgot about the night before, and the exact second the sheet fell on the floor, the janitor spilt his bucket full of mop water all over the cafeteria, absolutely drenching everything in its wake and rendering you homework-less. Case and point, you’re not particularly lucky, and your love for animals that your parents happen to be incredibly allergic to is no exception.

So you can’t have a dog. Or a cat. Or even, like, a gerbil. Every single one of them makes your parents sneeze like crazy, noses puffy and voices groggy, and you’re not sure if it’s the shedding, or the scent, or maybe just genetics, but there is no mercy for a pet in your household.

Which is exactly where the local adoption center comes into play. If you can’t get the pets to come to you, you’ll just have to go to the pets yourself. Good thing the shelter was looking for volunteers when you Googled their website. Sure, they’re not your pets, but you love and cherish them all the same, and—shh! Don’t say anything—you maybe sometimes hope that they won’t get adopted, just so you can keep seeing them. But you didn’t hear that from me.

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Your Home (Valentines)

Requests: “Enzo Fluff: Why is there no Enzo fluff ( sobs in corner😭) he sees either a photo album or photograph of his gf/readers family, gets all sad ends with I’m your family now Lorenzo, please and thank you~S” (Credits to gif owners!) Fluffs like these are short, so sorry if its too short for you! 

Everything was perfect, dinner, Enzo, the lights, the restaurant. The way you were both dressed. How he promised he would make love to you just for Valentine’s day. You were content and happy and didn’t want to spend this night with anybody else. Enzo watched you finish the last few bites of your meal and wipe your mouth. “Is there something in my teeth?” Your face was red, but Enzo started to laugh.

“Not at all, Love. Sometimes I can’t take my eyes off of you. It’s the silliest little things that remind me why I love you.” You placed a hand over your heart. Tonight he was extra sweet. Not that he isn’t sweet before, but Valentines Day with Enzo is always quiet and romantic. He was rummaging through his wallet for his credit card and handing the bill and the card to the waitress as she skimmed by.

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Soulmate!Kang Daniel

Originally posted by defsouldanik

i want daniel to be MY soulmate i LOVE him with all of my heart <3

Genre;; fluff and a whole ass soulmates au;; i might do this sort of au for every member,, like a different soulmate au for each one but?? Idk also university!au

Warnings;; nothing really

Pairing;; Kang Daniel x reader

Requested;; nope another thing kind of from my backlog kinda

Soulmate AU Type;; You dream some of the treasured memories of your soulmate up until when you touch for the first time. The soulmate’s face is censored in the dreams, but their name isn’t.

Summary;; You’ve been searching for your soulmate for longer than you can remember. All you know about him is that he loves dancing and… jelly bears…? That is until you dream of your own university… and your own room…

Style;; bullet point

Word Count;; 1595

Also in this series;; Woojin | Jihoon  | Jinyoung | Minhyun

THIS au has been in my brain for the longest time and Daniel fits the storyline the best so enjoy!! its kind of short for this kind of au but it’s because its quite fast paced once you get past the initial bit lol

  • the first time you had one of the so-called ‘soulmate dreams’ you knew straight away what it was
  • your parents had told you about it frequently and how they started having their dreams when they were around 4
  • you were a bit of a late bloomer
  • it was the week after your 12th birthday, and by that point all of your friends had had some dreams, and some had even met their soulmate
  • but you’d never had anything, which made everyone worried that you were a loveless - a person without a soulmate
  • you and your parents were so pleased when your first dream finally happened lol
  • but your dream was a little different than other people’s
  • mainly because whoever your soulmate was…
  • they were performing?? on a stage??
  • most people had normal dreams, like a first day of school, making friends, getting a good grade on a test, doing a nice piece of work something like that
  • this sort of thing was rare, especially as a first dream
  • at first you thought like wow okay guess my soulmate is a celebrity i guess that’s cool
  • and you knew his name, kang euigeon, because they announced it before he performed lol

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