it's all a blur really

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Asgore must be around, then. You won't get your answers sticking inside this room, so you might as well examine what's inside then move on.

BLUSHES: Whatever. Ghost kids will be ghost kids. Where do I look first, though?

3. BED.




  • this kid is a sunshine literally can u see him as a vampire? BC YESSSSS I CAN SEE IT LMAO
  • i can see him being nervous about telling you that he’s a vampire i mean who doesnt get nervous ok
  • “uh… …im a vampire” “that was a nice joke” and he’d tell you that he is serious and youd distanced yourself from him for a while bc hOW IS THIS LITTLE BALL OF SUNSHINE IS A VAMPIRE???? ITS A PRANK RIGHT????
  • he’ll get all upset probably thinking youre ignoring him for the rest of his life but no youre not aND HE IS GONNA BE HIS HAPPY SELF AGAIN
  • “i thought youre gonna leave me bUT IM GLAD YOURE NOT”
  • will be careful around you bc sometimes he could lose his control bC HMM U SMELL SO GOOD CAN I BITE U
  • trying to sing random whistle notes at 6 in the morning why is he even up at 6
  • likes to lay his head on ur lap bc then youll play with his hair and he’ll slowly fall asleep
  • one time he forgot to restock his needs and he accidentally pins u against a wall eyes so red and you can see his sharp teeth iTS KINDA SCARY BUT ALSO HOT WTF
  • but he’s trying to stop himself from biting you bc sUNSHINE
  • he’s gonna apologize so much i can see it bye
  • “lets get a puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • ended up getting a goldfish for some reason dont ask why
  • dealing with all the inside jokes he has with soonyoung seriously
  • seeing the legendary ‘hey hoshi hey dk’ live
  • halloween with seokmin????? WOULD BE REALLY WEIRD
  • like its all just gonna be a blur then you suddenly have a cat costume on while he has a dog one on
  • a lot of hugs
  • a lot of cuddles
  • a lot of kisses
  • kissing seokmin would be vEry vERY NICE
  • like have u looked at those lips mhmhmhmmmmmmm 
  • his kisses would be soft ans sweet but sometimes it could get all hOT NONONONONON
  • he’s the type to cut you with a kiss when youre rambling abt something aw
  • ok would seokmin bite you????? he is a real life walking sunshine but i mean youll never know right… … … 
  • MAYBE HE WILL BITE U after so many ‘are u sure its ok’ ‘its ok’ convo and when he did ?????I CANT DOT IHSIHSISIJSIHSI
  • he’ll kiss the spot where he bites u and hold you close (even tho its a hard time for him bc he just wants to bite u again) and nuzzle his face in ur neck and probably sing to you too
  • seeing ‘his’ smile that everyone loves 24/7 goals
  • he’s gonna try and do all the cute things wiith you 
  • he’s also a sucker for you isnt that obvious i mean
  • making out with seokmin tho do i need to talk about it im crying
  • i can see him smirking while kissing you and probably laugh while doing it bc he thinks its funny oK BUT AT TIMES IT WILL BE HOT AS WELL WHY AM I TORTURING MYSELF
  • when he’s away theres gonna be a lot of selfies of him and soonyoung bc soonseok duh and also video of him dancing to their new song ‘youre the first one besides us who listened to this ok ur lucky’
  • cute voicemails im sure of it
  • “…. ..ah why am i rambling? im kinda nervous and im not even in front of you did you put some spell on me”
  • “… .. but anyway uh …. ….i miss you.. …like so much”
  • “and uh… …i love you.. ..”
  • text him and on the other side he is smiling like a fkin idiot bc he’s sO WHIPPED BYE


im pretty sure i showered at some point last week but honestly in that depression its all a blur and idk what i really did but anyways i just had a shower and i feel so clean and i smell sexy actually bdndhrjrbrjt i feel okay again too! amazing how havin a shower can sometimes get u back into a good mood lol

She's Connected to Him Pt. 3/3

 It took  you what felt like hours to realize you were awake, sitting up in the semi familiar bed. You finally blinked and the  new world came into focus. You examined the room: The sun dimming but still shinning through the window casting shadows over you, Stiles Sitting next to you with his head against the bed, the bedroom door closed but the shadows of feet slipped through the door crack. “Stiles.” You whispered. He didn’t move. “Hey..” You poked him causing him to shift and open his eyes. “oh..hey. You awake.” He smiled. “Yeah. For now.” You forced a laugh. “ You must be very confused. Im sorry.” He scrunched his face. “Its not your fault. I think. I don’t really know who’s fault it is. Probably mine.”  Then Lydia and Scott walked through the door. “Hey. How are you now?” Lydia asked and smiled. “ I don’t really remember what has happened. Its all just a blur, almost like i dreamt it.” You sat up. “Do you wanna know what happened?” Sties asked you. You thought about it for a minute. Did you want to know? Was it going to scare you? “I guess i should know.” You said as you shoved your messy hair behind your ear. “Okay, this is going to sound insane but just keep your mind open….the other night when you walked up to Stiles’s house, we were all trying to come up with a plan to keep this new alpha wolf…calm during the full moon…which is what i am too…a wolf. We had to hurry so we had no choice but to bring you so we did and when you decided to follow us into Derek’s place…who is also a walked in at the worst time possible and got…attacked and really killed. We all didn’t want to watch you die so..i bit you. Which would..or is..or maybe… turning you into a wolf too.” You starred blankly at him for what felt like hours. 

One hour later, after discussing the situation over and over, you were still trying to understand what was happening. “So I’m going to be a…werewolf..?” You asked. “Well thats the haven’t really shown any side effects of it.” Lydia said. “So I’m…going to die?” You asked again. “No..well.. you haven’t shown any side effects of that either.” Stiles added. “So if i continue to show no side effects..ill live?” You said in a hopeful tone. “Well. We don’t know, the only case we know of is Lydia but like i mentioned..shes a Banshee.” You put your head in your hands. “Don’t worry Y/N we will figure it out.” Stiles said while rubbing your back.

Hours later you were sitting on a metal table in a vets office. “Hello Y/N I’m Deaton. Im going to try to help figure out whats going on.”  You smiled feeling extremely awkward wearing a plaid shirt that was two sizes too big for you and stained sweatpants that both belonged to Stiles. “Hi.” you said with everyone in the room starring at you like you may pass out again.

After many questions of how you were, what you felt like, etc. you still hadn’t found any answers. “Ok so. She’s not a Banshee, she’s not going to die and it doesn’t seem like she’s turning into a wolf. There is a legend that your situation sounds a lot like. There was a male about 60 years ago who was bitten, he was about your age. He knew of werewolves and expected to be one, he wanted to be one. But even  days after being bitten he wasn’t turning. He was also was ….bonded to this girl. He loved her without meaning to. He lived for her. She didn’t even know him. She was a he saw once in his life. Well twice i guess, the first time and..the last. he had dreams of her every night and if was as if they lived a different life together in his head. He wasn’t crazy, he wasn’t losing his mind. It was just something that happens on rare occasions. He loved her, but he wanted to be a wolf. After years of trying to forget her he just couldn’t. Eventually the thought came into his mind that the only way to become a wolf was to destroy the one thing he felt was keeping him from what he wanted. He found her in two months later and…lets just say the next full moon he got what he wanted.” Everyone starred at Deaton. “So your saying…I’m in love without knowing it, and thats whats keeping me human?” You scoffed. “Im not in love.” You said. “You don’t have to be. You just have to have a deep connection with one person wether its your friend,sibling, anyone who you care about. Even if you don’t know why.” Deaton said. “Thats why…” Lydia whispered just loud enough for us to hear. “What?”  you said harshly. “Umm. Nothing i just.. i had a feeling about you. I knew you weren’t going to die or turn into to wolf.” She smiled as if she were hiding something. “What else Lydia. Your not telling me something.” She sighed. “I think i know who you are connected to..i had dreams about you and..Stiles.” You looked at Stiles and he looked at you. “I don’t think so.” you said and jumped off the table. You were about to walk out when you felt the urge to protect him. You jumped in front of Stiles. When you looked up Deaton was pointing a knife towards him. “Like  i may not know why.” You gasped. 

Later that night, after an awkward car ride to Lydia’s, you were both sitting on the couch eating sushi. “So…do you think you like him at all.” She asked. “Well. yeah i guess i always have had a thing for him. I mean he’s always asking me to partner with him in Biology and sits with me in the library but i never thought i would be bound to him!” You said dramatically. “Well its not like you liking him has anything to do with the bond. The bond doesn’t force you to like the person it just give you a connection to be there for each other. He’s bound to you too you know.” Lydia said. You sighed. 

It was 5am and you were still awake. You stare at the dark ceiling listening to Lydia breathing next to you. All you could think about was the past two days. The drama, the fear. And..Stiles. You knew you liked him, but now that you know you two were bonded to each other, you felt different. Maybe its a bad thing to be close to him, maybe you should stay away from each other, maybe its safer. You couldn’t make your mind up. “Ok. Just someone give me a sign.” You whispered to the night. DINGING. You got a text. STILES: come outside please.” You read.

You walked outside in a giant sweater. Stiles sat in his jeep with the passenger door open. “What are you doing its 5am.” You said as you got in. “Yeah but you were awake too weren’t you?” He said. “Yeah but that doesn’t mean i feel like going on an adventure at this time.” You said. “Hey.You were the one that got in my car, put your seatbelt on and shut the door.” He smiled, you rolled your eyes.

You guys drove to a beach, you figured since you were awake at this time you would watch the sunrise. You two sat on the hood of his jeep. “So. What do you think of all this bonded stuff?” You asked. “Well honestly.. i think its complete bullshit.” You felt your heart drop into your stomach. “I mean….why would he kill her to become a wolf. He was a selfish jerk.” You smiled. “Oh. I thought you meant,.. anyway yeah i agree with that.” You giggled. “But for the whole idea of it. I think its true.” He said. You looked up at him who was already looking at you. “So, i guess we are bound then.” You laughed. “I guess so. I mean i can see how it makes sense. I don’t know i felt like i was dying when i thought that you were.” He said as he took your hand. “Really?” You whispered without meaning to. “yeah.” He was getting closer and closer to you. “Stiles..” You said so close to him you could feel his warmth. “Yeah?” He whispered. “Im glad its you in bound to.” His reply was a kiss. The world felt like it finally fell into place, like it all felt safe for once. This world of fear and loss turned into something worth staying in.