it's after midnight and i'm writing these two dumbasses

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"(864): just put Gatorade in my wine, cause electrolytes, you know." kuroo/bokuto, because obviously

i’m so stressed out by this i have literally never written bokuto how could you do this to me

(864): just put Gatorade in my wine, cause electrolytes, you know.

“I thought you said we were going on a classy date?” Kuroo asks, tugging on his tie to loosen it. If he’d known that Bokuto’s so-called classy date would be a long drive to the top of a rocky hill, he probably would have chosen something more comfortable to wear.

“It is classy,” Bokuto insists. “There’s wine.” He gives the beverage in his hand a shake as reminder.

“That you brought in a giant thermos.” Kuroo kicks a rock, sending it skittering away. “Nice view, though.”

“Isn’t it?” Bokuto preens. “Romantic and stuff, right?” He unscrews the thermos, takes a swig, and then passes it to Kuroo.

He takes a sip, and almost spits it out when the familiar taste of cheap wine that hits his tongue is mixed with something else.

“The fuck is this?”

“I put Gatorade in it.” Bokuto takes the container back and takes another drink.


“‘Cause electrolytes, you know,” Bokuto said, wagging his eyebrows.

“Oho~” Kuroo laughs, leaning in to kiss Bokuto. “Let’s get back in the car, then. Wouldn’t want all those extra electrolytes to go to waste.”

The city spreads out below them, all twinkling lights and bright-eyed building shining in the night. But the only thing the two of them notice is each others gasps and moan and then the heart-stopping knock of the police officer investigating their parked car.