it's adorable as all hell


This is adorable ok u have to see it


“Zoe…Zoey…your nose. Tell the nice doctor lady it’s your nose.”

“Just stop it, Kai!" 

"Stop what?" 

"Saving me! Just stay as far away from me as possible!" 

"Oh I’m so sorry for saving your life, Y/N. Really, I mean it." 

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It took a lot of courage to ask Marissa to dance–along with several tries, each one ending in failure until now–and it relieved him when she didn’t deny him. Though she didn’t exactly say yes either, which made him nervous again. Hell, he couldn’t even help the blush he had on his cheeks, really, as he extended a hand out to her, movements a little shaky with nerves.

“W-Well, good thing I know how to dance, huh? I-I could teach you, if you want. That’s i-if you want me to.”


“Home isn’t where you’re from, it’s where you find light when all grows dark.”
Pierce Brown, Golden Son

Let’s take a moment to imagine Rooney going to Cate’s debut on Broadway with a big bouquet of flowers.


Last two days have been draining but today I got two packages from two amazing people who I adore! My big sis got me a sweet ass hat that glows in the dark and @maggotry mailed me some sweet christmas gifts ( yeah UPS sucks lol) There’s more little stuff but these were the most awesome of the two. I love this shirt and my sweet dream sheep much by @japhers its adorable as hell <3333

This made up for all the bad shit that happened this week lol 

The Signs In My Eyes As A Leo (based on people I know)
  • Aries: Actually quite, can be sassy, but if you get them to go against you, they are competitive af, but overall, they are cute and creative
  • Taurus: Smile all the time, but are big backstabbers who like to play with your emotions and always feel like they are victim with anger issues
  • Gemini: Likes to talk forever and very positive, but they can whip your ass with their words, but humorous people to be around
  • Cancer: Whiny little assholes who think they are the planet's number one reason to live or awesome people who are actually really fun to be around. No in between.
  • Leo: (Besides me) Unpredictable, pretty much your stereotypical popular kid, but are complete assholes who only care about themselves
  • Virgo: Sometype of teenage FBI or CIA agent, no joke. They sleep in their classes yet they manage to get A or better, crazy strong, and has multiple talents its almost crazy or impossible
  • Libra: Over-all A+, adorable as hell and very funny, wise and have a very cute smile
  • Scorpio: 2 face asshole, think they are tough and intimidating, but are runts and beyond sensitive, get them on their weak spot and you crush them like a bug. They are also a little to flirtatious to every person they find attractive even though they are in a relationship.
  • Sagittarius: Best-Friends to the end of time, they feel like they are burden when they want to open up to people, but are a blessing from what-ever-god-you-believe-in. They only want to have fun and dont care others think of them. Awkwardly social but after you get to know them, they will slowly open up to you if they trust you. Also way much aggressive and competitive than Aries.
  • Capricorn: Literal children in the inside, they are a bit harsh and sarcastic, very friendly too
  • Aquarius: Have a great taste in everything, very humorous and beyond socially awkward. Most of the time they are smiling and making jokes about everything, but when they are alone they are very emotional and the best philosophers to be around. If you become friends with them, never lose them.
  • Pisces: Very adorable people. They look like they fucking hate your guts, but are actually really sweet inside. They love to joke around and like to see you happy all the time.