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LOOOOng ask ahead. So I was going through your ask joon blog, which is super cute, and I came across a post where joon says he likes drawing and stuff. And that made me remember that actual namjoon is not that great at drawing. But see it got me thinking, why do we make fanfictions or AUs about real people. Because as I see it, we don’t know these people through and through. Obviously celebrities keep some part of their life private. And yet [1]

yet in fanfiction we assign these characteristics to them, either exaggerating or diminishing their qualities to fit whatever we need it to be. And I understand why sometimes people would want to see a person a certain way, but that’s kinda your private ideas, keep them to yourselves, not spread them around. Like how in so many fics namjin ar so soft and pure and angsty and smexy, when in reality they are just two normal guys who do normal things and chill out. Im not trying to be all [2]

HETRO HETRO HETRO, im just saying that whatever their actual orientations may be fanfiction will always be off and incorrect because these are real people who are not ‘open to interpretation’ like fictional characters. And that sort of resonates with my problem for AUs as well. As much as Im a sucker for AU fanfictions there is still something that bothers me. I once asked a ReaderXBTS fic writer how it didn’t feel like going too far by writing smuts about BTS members who are(once again) [3]

) actual living people, and I think the answer I got was that ;but you know we aren’t really thinking its them you know…’ which aside from being sort of against the point of a reader insert fic, gives off the vibe that you literally could have created your own character to put in this story but you are just randomly using their names and some habits to give the impression of a certain person but not actually claim responsibility for it. I hope I don’t [4]

offend by using your blog as an example, but your ‘joon’ and actual namjoon are different people, but it feels as if you’ve borrowed his identity for some cutesy fin drawing (which they are no doubt, cute and funny). If these weird ramblings don’t make sense to you here’s a question. Why do people not want BTS to discover their fanfics, why does it embarrass them. Is it because they know that there is something wrong with writing [5]

fics about real people? What are your thoughts? And Im really hoping that you don’t give me a crap response like ‘They are celebrities, they should kinda expect it, it comes with the job’ because Im holding you to a higher standard [end]

lmao ‘long’ indeed XD

Ok let’s start slowly and get some things out of the way. Firstly, please don’t worry, I don’t mind you using my stuff as an example, so don’t feel concerned about that, it’s all good :D 

The reason people wouldn’t want BTS (or whoever else it may be) to find their fics are numerous and all quite different. But generally it’s because they’re fictional and therefore obviously made up and not representing the actual people properly, not to mention it involves the writer’s own little fantasy so it’s embarrassing. Some reasons are: fics containing ships, fics containing personality types pulled to the extreme, not to mention all the smut, kinks, mpreg(why is this a thing) and all very explicit at that. 

So there’s that. 

I agree with you when you say that x Reader fics not actually portraying that actual person is hypocritical. Cuz it’s true. It is. Like that’s the purpose of a x Reader fic/scenario. But that’s also why I really really dislike x Reader fics/scenarios and avoid them like the plague.

Back to normal fics… I think there’s a few more layers to understand for this.

I’ll tell you what my and my friend’s view on this is, because we’ve talked about it before. 

First of all, in real life, Rap Monster and Namjoon are two different people. V and Taehyung, Suga and Yoongi, etc etc. what you see on TV, on your phone, on stage is not the real person. That’s, unfortunately, not something a lot of people seem to understand, but that is the truth. We as fans don’t know them now and probably will never know them, because when a camera in on, so is this little mask that everyone with that kind of lifestyle needs in order to keep sane. 
In that way, what a lot of fans actually fall in love with isn’t the person,, but the idea of that person. And that’s what’s being portrayed in fics as well. Not the person itself, but the idea. What’s in fics isn’t Namjoon, but Rap Moster. Except everyone calls him Namjoon because imagine reading an intense moment and seeing Rap Monster I think I’d burst out laughing.

So that’s one thing. Secondly, “why use them instead of original characters?”. Well… why make fanart? People write and draw about people or characters because they like them and it’s fun. 
Another reason is because it’s easier to insert a person/character that the reader already has an image of in a scenario. Because then you don’t need to waste time on describing hings about them, because people already know, so you can more quickly get into your story.
There’s an extra layer too and that’s because of exposure. You have ideas, if you write or draw something for the first time the chances of people seeing your work is scarcely close to zero. But if you adapt your idea to fit in with a show, or with characters or with people that already have a following, the chance of your work being seen by others immediately skyrockets. A lot of people read fanfiction. A lot of people like seeing art about their favorites. Whether people like to admit it or not, or whether they even did it unknowingly or not, the fact of the matter is that you as a creator have way of a bigger chance of getting your stuff known if you do it within a fandom. Of course, not everyone does it because of that, but it’s a thought for quite a few people, tho I think that’s more in art than writing. 

There’s also the very easy reason of: It’s fun.

I don’t think it’s wrong to write fict starring celebrities. I think it’s fun and cute and a great release for a lot of people. I think some people push it a bit far, but that’s also mainly just because of my personal preferences. 

There’s plenty of people who are well aware of the fanfics and who’ve actually read a few. Fr example Zico and really everyone in Block B made fun of it one time, Zico talked about some smut ones and even commented that they were too soft lmao. I’m pretty sure they would consider it a milestone to find fanfiction XD

So yeah… don’t think too much about it anon.

im starting to hate the way people characterize bakugou. like. it feels like most either make him Baddie McShitstain or Draco in Leather Pants. but he’s. not either of those? He’s a Good Guy but not a *good* guy? he’s such a complicated character that its almost hard to write him without making him ‘Heart o’ Gold’ or a str8 villain. he’s a asshole bully slowly growing to not be a disgusting asshole bully. he’s got a lot to make up for, a lot off issues wot work throu, and people to apologize too, but. that doesnt make him a villain. 

What’s really pissing me off about comments being made about the new doctor is that the 11th doctor immediately crashed the TARDIS after regeneration but no one made “he’s only had it for 5 minutes what a bad driver” jokes they were like “Haha typical doctor at it again”

You learned love as a second
language (self-preservation
being the first) so sometimes
you trip over words like comfort
and affection because they are
foreign. You are uncomfortable
and I get frustrated with your
syntax because I am fluent and
I forget that when you’re sad
you retreat to your roots.
—  anne, you didn’t learn love at home
On the vegan stereotype

What people don’t get is that there’s a big different between the PETA vegans (classist, very ableist, fat shaming, usually racist, often sexist, probably likes cultural appropriation, won’t appreciate that it is impossible for some people to be vegan, always anti-captivity, spreads misinformation, ends up hurting animals in their cause, “deer/rabbit/etc. shooting is EVIL even though it’s literally 1000% more humane than farming!”, usually vegan for all the wrong reasons, uneducated about why they actually ought to be, puts animals above people, probably actually knows very little about animals, “I’m cruelty free!1!1!1”, holier than thou, cannot debate only shout and shame, that annoying stereotype essentially)

and actual vegans (just want to get on with their lives, usually really nice people, hates PETA and their followers, just wants to be healthy and help animals and the environment, probably has pets that they look after amazingly, is very educated and can debate well so has probably turned people, is aware of other injustices and wants bring them to an end too, does their best to avoid other problematic foods/goods, knows they’re not perfect but like they’re trying, understands that not everyone can convert so encourages and helps the to cut out what they can instead, probably doesn’t talk about their veganism unless someone else brought it up but will then talk passionately about it, probably avoids the discourse, wishes ppl didn’t associate them with the peta vegans, probably likes houseplants)

And I think it would be beneficial to everyone if people understood that the PETA vegans are a smaller group than you think but they like to be VERY loud

I don’t actually understand the huge wage gap between prosecutors and defense attorneys portrayed in every fanwork. I mean, yes, Edgeworth drives fancy red sports car while Phoenix uses his bike to go to work. But I think this financial difference comes from various other reasons in their lives (e.g. Edgeworth works on much more cases, and he’s from the rich family) not simply because they possess different kind of badges.

I think this whole idea of “Prosecutors are rich. Defense attorneys are poor” came from the fact that people think of Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth as some sort of “normal standard” of the each side of lawyers. But they are not. Phoenix is an especially poor defense attorney, and Edgeworth is an especially rich prosecutor in Ace Attorney universe. It’s true that Edgeworth is much richer than Phoenix, but that only just shows the gap between their individual wealth. That doesn’t mean all other prosecutors are richer than all other defense attorney in general.

Edgeworth is rich because he was raised in the wealthy family of Von Karma. Franziska is also rich because she’s a heir of that family. Not to mention that they’re not just ordinary prosecutors; both Edgeworth and Franziska are one of the top prosecutors in Japanifornia. Klavier is rich because he has been a rock star since he was a teenager. Even Payne said he never lost a case during his first seven years as a prosecutor. For some reason, the prosecutors in this series are huge celebrities already when they first appear; while the defense attorneys, such as Phoenix, Apollo, and Athena, are rookies only just starting their career. OF COURSE their rival prosecutors would earn much more money than they do. This comparison is unfair from the very beginning.

Prosecutors in the series are rich not simply because they are prosecutors, but they are successful ones making a lot of money. Defense attorneys can also be rich if they achieve success in their career. Marvin Grossberg was extremely wealthy as a renowned defense attorney. Gregory was also quite well-off, judging from the outfit of his nine-year-old boy. I actually think some part of Edgeworth’s wealth is thanks to the inheritance from his own father. Kristoph Gavin also obtained his wealth as The Coolest Defense In The West. And since Godot was a rookie prosecutor when first appeared in T&T, I think he was paying for his enormous amount of coffee from the savings he earned as a defense attorney. He used to be “the finest lawyer at Grossberg’s office.”

Defense attorneys are not poor. That’s just Phoenix. He is poor because he takes surprisingly few cases despite his legendary fame; I think it’s related to the fact that Phoenix only defends “innocent” clients, which is indeed a tough thing to do if he really wants to make a living as a lawyer.

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Magical M!A Leslie: You fall with both feet on the ground, no it's not possible to fly anymore, gravity is back for you! If you look at your hands, you can't see through them anymore. What's going on? You're back alive!! But how and why you wonder? Actually it's very simple, someone wished for this, and sometimes wishes come true. If you want to stay like this, it will be your task to find out who it was. Rather remain a ghost? Well .. then all you have to do is die again.. Simple right? ~ mun

Leslie feels the feeling of grass again under his feet. He checks his hands and see that he cannot see through them. He’s even on the ground. What could this mean? Was he….alive again? He touches the nearest tree him and it was solid against his hand. This causes his hand to shake and a tears falls down his eyes. Was he happy? Sad? Overjoyed? Who knows. All he knows now is that he is alive again. But…who would do this? For him in fact ….

I started this last night because I wanted a new icon, but it doesn’t really work as an icon apparently … you don’t recognise him at all when it’s tiny :/ 

  • IRB: Will you be breathing the same air as your research subjects? If yes, explain why and also the consenting process. Please additionally submit a "shared respiration" form and documentation from your field site, preferably outlining the air quality of the site and what air-related information will be disseminated from the site administration to the research subjects. Be sure to note your previous experience with breathing as well as any adverse effects your breathing may have on your research subjects.
  • Me: what
You're not a RPer until...
  1. You post a reply on the wrong character’s blog.
  2. You log in and still don’t write a single reply all day long.

L’s Bravo Viewtiful - pgs. 134 - 135

03 The 3rd 35 Days

Opening our eyes in the morning is a natural act. However, rejoicing the fact that we could breathe and live easily is put aside because our bodies are busy making sure our sleepy bodies are functioning properly. 

We open our eyes, eat, move our bodies, breathe, sing, listen to music, dance, play games, enjoy exercising, go to the restroom…

When all these natural things start to feel special, we’ll have the super power of pushing away all of our worries. You will be able to make smile.

Translated by Esther and Edited by Hahnbee @lsbravoviewtifultrans

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To the anon worrying about dating something 4 years younger, my parents are four years apart, three of my cousins are in relationships with people four years younger and older. Once you reach the 'adult world' it's actually not a huge age gap.

yes very true. I think once you’re both 21 or older it’s like endless possibilities