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I couldn’t get to Dan & Phil’s BBCR1 aftershow-meeting due to me still working on Sunday in Paris, so I planned to go there on Monday around the time they usually leave the Scott Mills show and hope for the best.  Since we finished early what we had planned to do beforehand, we arrived an hour early at the BBC building and decided to look around and see if I could recognize the door they’re usually seen coming out of (I couldn’t. Should have brought pictures or something). We then left toward Oxford street to kill time.
While crossing a street on Regent street, someone tapped my shoulder and said “Nice shirt!“, I looked up and it was Phil. I must have stopped right there because he jumped on the sidewalk and said “Let’s get off the road”. I don’t know where he was coming from, maybe we passed him by as he was walking in the other direction and didn’t see him, and he just turned around, or maybe he saw the shirt from further away… anyway I was so surprised I couldn’t believe it.
I blurted that I’d hoped to see them after the show, which got me a confused look (“the show” usually refers to their Sunday night show). He asked if I wanted to take a picture or something, to which I could only answer “I made you cookies!“ (…that was not the question) and he went “Awesome!” as I took the big golden bag out of my handbag (I hope to god they weren’t crushed. I sorta checked earlier but I didn’t really believe I’d see either of them, you see?). Thankfully my friend (who isn’t a fan and had a short “wth does this guy want" moment) offered to take a picture; I then asked for a hug, got one, and Phil went on his way.
I spent the next 5mn or so clinging to my friend, in shock. It felt like I had passed through my computer screen, as he was exactly the same as in his videos/liveshows, radiating kindness and… I want to say earnestness? Or candor. Something like that.  And how sweet is he to take the initiative of talking to random people wearing his merch, even though he seemed to be in a hurry?


Tl;dr: that guy I like a lot (and I mean a LOT) talked to me in the street. Omg.

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So I took this 3-4 year break from fandom (every fandom, all the fandoms; it was odd) and now I'm sort of poking my way back curiously. And everyone is now on Tumblr, and pinboard, and livejournal seems like somewhat of a ghost town. What happened? Why Tumblr?

Oh, wow, well—first off, welcome back! :D Secondly, OH WOW, WELCOME BACK. What you’re asking is super-complicated. Basically, as you’ve noticed, U.S. LJ at this point is ONTD and its Asian fandom spinoffs, GRRM, and a few fandom stragglers that refuse to leave or occasionally need to step away from Tumblr to do things Tumblr can’t do. And obviously Delicious as you once knew it doesn’t even exist anymore.

The reasons why boil down to a bunch of different factors that all came to a head between 2010 and 2012. If you want the really long version, in 2012, when we were all still very much in the thick of it, I actually wrote multiple articles detailing what happened to LiveJournal. If you’re in the mood to read them they’re here and here (this one also talks about the Delicious –> Pinboard exodus). 

Otherwise, this gets a bit long, so I’m going to put the full answer under a cut.

The short answer: we were driven here by the Russians, Yahoo (ironically), and Harry Styles.

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