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Long ramble full of Sam love and Sam/Christ parallels

(NOTE: Hello, all! I got this amazing anonymous submission about how Corbin and Michelle in 11.17 parallel the thieves crucified with Christ, and I wanted to share it. There’s also some fantastic speculation for later in the season. Meta below:)

Hey! I don’t have a tumblr, but I stop by here every once in awhile because I love your fics/meta. :-)

I’ve also been loving the Sam/Messiah hints that have been dropped throughout the season, and I REALLY loved your analysis of Sam being equated with the crucified Christ in 11x17. Especially since, along with the Christ-like imagery and story line, out of the two people Sam saved, one rejected (killed) him, and the other helped him, much like the two robbers who were crucified with Christ.

Anyway, unless the writers are being completely nonsensical or deliberately messing with us, we seem to be rapidly heading toward a finale where Sam saves and/or sacrifices himself for the Universe. I really, REALLY hope this is what happens, because unlike season 5 which focused on the themes of sin and redemption, season 11 seems much more focused on sacrifice and sanctification. In essence, season 5 Sam believed he had sinned (although I also think his guilt is WAY overblown) by releasing Lucifer, and he redeemed himself by jumping in the pit. This time around, the writers are not focusing on Sam’s guilt but rather his goodness and purity, making way for a much more direct Christ parallel where Sam is asked to sacrifice everything for the sake of the world not because he is “at fault” but because HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN (which has been alluded to a couple times this season).

(I could go on for a couple of paragraphs about how beautiful this is since Sam’s major character trope is his "freakishness" or “uncleanness,” so making him the ultimate, pure sacrifice for the sake of the world gives me LOTS of feelings, but this is already long).

Extending the Christ parallel a bit further, it’s well established that a “Hand of God” is the only thing powerful enough to defeat God. So far the season has only dealt with Old Testament artifacts, but I REALLY hope that SAM becomes the ultimate Hand of God, and therefore defeats Amara on his own power, rather than just by acting as a conduit for another object. Christ is called the Only Begotten of the Father, and Sam in this case would be the only person imbibed with God’s power, and the one acting as God’s emissary (just as Christ is considered the physical manifestation of God on earth in Christian theology).

If the definition of a Hand of God is something that God physically touched, then this seems powerful. Whatever happens in 11x20, it seems likely God will be present and interacting with Sam and Dean in some capacity.

Part of me also wonders if God hasn’t already touched Sam. The only times we know of God directly interfering in the show is when he puts Sam and Dean on the airplane at the very beginning of Season 5 and (probably) when he raised Cas in seasons 5 and 7. It makes me wonder if Sam actually DID die when Corbin choked him in 11x20, but God brought him back (possibly by touching him).

Anyway, this is really long and rambly, so sorry about that, especially since I’m a total stranger. But this season has given me lots of Sam feelings, and I needed to get them out somehow….so this happened…

Thanks for reading, and for your awesome blog :-)