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Everyone told Rein that he shouldn’t wear that stupid ass shirt when he was going out to pick up the new “transfer” agent from the airport. In his defense, he said that it was his “lucky” shirt and that he wanted to give a welcoming appearance for them.

Cerys’ first impression of Rein was that she thought he was some eccentric uber driver who talked about food a lot.

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Did you hear that Mina and Kiri went to the same middle school?? it's so cute!

YEAH!!!!! It’s why I headcanon them as childhood friends, they’re so damn cute!!!

Still Here

When Lup was young, she liked fairy tales.  Taako too, and they agreed that the best ones were the stories that had a clever protagonist who outsmarted the villain through their wits, even though they were smaller or weaker.  Those characters reminded her of her and her brother - if the people in the stories could make it, then so could Taako and Lup.  When they ran out of stories to tell each other, they made up new ones.

Lup was more interested in the idea of the happy ending part, after everything.  When she was little, she’d always thought that the the happily-ever-after part was too final; she wanted to think that there would be more adventures and that the story just didn’t have time to cover a whole lifetime of excitement and clever tricks.  And Lup didn’t expect her life to settle into permanent complacency - there was still too much she wanted to do and see - but she thought she understood the appeal in a guaranteed sort of happiness.  There was an unwritten contract, in every story, that when the hero won, their happiness is promised.  It was an abstract concept, over-simplified and at best unlikely, but she wanted that promise of happiness.

The Hunger was no longer looming, everyone had lived (almost) and everyone was fine (pretty much).  Lup had a new body that had been customized to specifications, Magnus, Fisher, and Junior had a full week of bonding time, Lucretia was… sort of working on repairing some serious damage in all of her relationships; it was going to take a while.  Davenport was starting to get ahold of the stutter and teaching a few interested bureau employees how to operate the Starblaster.  Merle introduced all of them to his kids.  Barry smiled like some kind of damn (adorable) fool nearly all the time.

Everything was all set for the happy ending.  Almost.  Pretty much.

Except for a few loose ends, like the fact that Taako wouldn’t stop looking at her like that.

It was always when he thought she wouldn’t notice (and that was hilarious, that Taako really thought he was sneaky enough to get anything past her), usually from across the room.  It was like he was waiting for her to suddenly not be there, or like he was surprised to see her there at all.  It was a lost look, and it didn’t look right on Taako, who she’d always known as confident to the point of ridiculousness.  Even in his weaker moments, when his confidence was not as certain, he’d never looked at her with doubt.

She really didn’t like that.  Lup didn’t like the implication that Taako didn’t trust her to exist.

You can read the rest on AO3 here.

the asoiaf penis headcanon masterlist. if you have requests, let me know and i'll update this post. and yes, before you ask, i run a very classy establishment whatever gave you the impression that i didn't?
  • gendry: very large dick. hangs to the left.
  • baelish, petyr: yeah--that's what littlefinger means.
  • baratheon, renly: has the nicest peen of his brothers. good in length, good in girth.
  • baraheon, robert: actually a relatively small dick. like pretty thick, but short. perversely, gendry got his dick-length from his ~mother's side of the familyyyyyyyy~
  • baratheon, stannis: longer dick than robert's. thinner tho.
  • blackwood, tytos: his wood is very large and well rooted.
  • bolton, domeric: fairly large dick. long like roose’s but thicker
  • bolton, ramsay: his peen, like his eyes, is literally identical to his daddy's.
  • bolton, roose: above average, but fairly thin.
  • clegane, gregor: micropeen.
  • clegane, sandor: has a massive cock. like thick and veiny and everything.
  • dayne, edric: largeish dick, fills you up nicely. not a zomg this is the biggest fuckin' dick i've ever seen dick, but more of a yoooo nice dick dick. you know?
  • dayne, gerold: on the small end.
  • khal drogo: hung like a horse, lbr here.
  • frey, walder: average sized peen. he thinks it's small, but it's not actually that small?
  • greyjoy, euron: pretty big. like not quite sandor sized, but big. maybe davos sized?
  • greyjoy, theon: like jon, has an average-to-large lengthed peen. also decent in girth. lol everyone has a bigger dick than robb??
  • greyjoy, victarion: mini. that's canon lol.
  • hardyng, harrold: alas, his family name is not "hard-on." maybe if it were, he'd had a bigger dick. pretty non-descript tbh.
  • h'ghar, jaqen: can stay hard as long as he likes/needs. he combs his pubes tho their color situation is a mystery to us all. he is uncircumcised.
  • lannister, jaime: not huge, but above average. all in all quite classy, i'd say. with a golden mane lolololololoool
  • lannister, tyrion: hast thou forgotten? we have a canon description of his peen. it's pretty thick, to hear his lady wife describe it.
  • lannister, tywin: fairly unremarkable. average in length, average in girth. he feels annoyed because aerys' longer, but it's thinner because targs.
  • martell, doran: a little shorter than oberyn's but still quite girthy.
  • martell, oberyn: quite girthy and of average length. like probably one of the thicker peens of westeros?
  • mormont, jorah: good thick dick. actually if you put his dick in a line-up with davos' you might not be able to tell the difference? (awkward?)
  • naharis, daario: average but oh man does he know how to use it. also the carpet matches the drapes ;-)
  • reed, howland: i'd say proportionally speaking, his dick is decently sized, but he's a small dude so it's like not actually that big. that said since he's small it is aesthetically pleasing when you look at it in conjunction to the rest of the body.
  • rivers, brynden: long and very thin, pale and veiny, like the root of a tree.
  • seaworth, davos: good girthy 8 inch cock right there.
  • snow, jon: has a bigger dick than robb. not massive like gendry or sandor, but like, not to shabby fills you up nicely. does know where to put it. also likes oral so size matters less, tho his size is def on the nice side.
  • stark, benjen: has the biggest dick of his brothers. like above average length and thicker.
  • stark, brandon (not bran): similar to ned's, but a little thicker tbh.
  • stark, robb: pretty average sized. like not on the small or large end of average. just average.
  • stark, ned: pretty average sized dick. decently thick. nothing shabby but nothing like zomg dat peen you know?
  • targaryens, generally: peens on the thinner end. decently long, just not so much with the girth.
  • targaryen, aegon vi: has a thicker peen. (thank you, elia's side of the family)
  • targaryen, aerion "brightflame": thin and not very long. actually really quite a tiny peen.
  • targaryen, aerys ii: long, thin, feels inferior because tywin's is girthier. (yes, friends, there was a lot of penis envy going on during that era)
  • targaryen, baelor "breakspear": oh man his peen was like a gift to targ peens. it was both long as targ peens are, but thick. like his was the peen that was promised, but unfortunately his line died.
  • targaryen, rhaegar: his peen was just plain underwhelming. it just was. like not very long, not very thick. also his balls were pretty small. he had a lovely tenor voice that seduced everyone, but his peen was nothing to write home about.
  • tarly, samwell: "fat pink mast". oh sam, you should have more confidence about your peen because everyone knows it's the girth not the length that matters. that said, length is quite nice.
  • the tall, duncan: his dong is quite like sandor's: tremendous and thick. (it's 'cause they're related.)
  • tully, brynden: on the upside of average.
  • tully, edmure: his "floppy fish" is a fairly average sized one.
  • tully, hoster: slightly bigger than brynden's.
  • tyrell, garlan: idk it's pretty average. i think he knows how to use it tho.
  • tyrell, loras: longish dick. not as thick, but he's actually pretty cocksure and has no trouble with it whatsoever.
  • tyrell, mace: has an average sized peen that's more on the small size. also sleeps in the buff. also has vanilla sex with his wife frequently bc he just happens to be naked. i didn't ask for these headcanons.
  • tyrell, willas: average sized; smaller than garlan's.

trying to get a handle on how to draw them (sorry murderface i have no idea how to do your hair yet… I have paper doodles of him but they’re just too bad lol)

 I find there’s not actually “that” much metalocalypse fanart out there, its a pretty small fandom artist wise compared to other ones i’m in, so I’ll include my paper doodles more often :^D


So either this is going to end up as a small, single paged, comic ooor end up in a collage of doodles. Who knows. All we know is Soc Isa is babysitting greaser Roxas (who is 19 in the au) while Axel is somewhere.

Sorry if its blurry, the image itself is actually pretty small.

This Greaser!au was created by @firebandit-shitposts


                                                   I’m forever chasing after time
                                                       But everybody dies, dies


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uuh im realizing that sending this ask is kinda useless because i forgot the name of the place but in pittsburgh there's an amazing little hipstery taco place. they have mexican fruit sodas, the best nachos with mango, jalapeno sour cream and a cheese and awesome vegetarian and meat tacos. its pretty small and cheap actually, but its just a good pittsburgh experience i remembered...

As someone who lives in Pittsburgh and has no idea what you’re talking about, it was probably a mirage you experienced while trying to navigate your way through our fine city’s rusty labyrinth of potholes and sports arenas. It’s okay. Don’t be embarrassed.

For the first three months I lived here, I was so out of my mind on lingering steel mill fumes that someone convinced me notorious trickster god Sidney Crosby was a mere mortal hockey boy. We all make mistakes.

Woke up three days later in a vat of chipped ham and perogies. It was pretty comfortable as far as mysterious vats of food go, but Andrew Carnegie and Andy Warhol were haunting the absolute shit out of it, so I had to bolt.

Ok so I know Im a little bit late but guys saiki kusuo no psi nan is actually amazing. I discovered it a few days ago and I love the show to pieces. But I’ve noticed that the fanbase is actually pretty small. Why??? Its so good??? I know it came out around the same time as mp100 (another fantastic show btw) but this anime also seems special, even if it has a similar idea.

In conclusion: saiki kusuo no psi nan needs more attention please if you havent, go watch it.


oftd featuring. tezri propie


most of my collection of beauty and the beast books (novelizations, textbooks and illustrated versions, and graphic novel versions) + a page from Marian Churchland’s graphic novel “Beast”

Not all of these are recommendations; if it’s a version of the story I just like keeping a copy of it. If anyone has recommendations of books about or relating to this fairy tale/dynamic, please let me know.

I started this last night because I wanted a new icon, but it doesn’t really work as an icon apparently … you don’t recognise him at all when it’s tiny :/ 

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YO. I read your quakerider headcanons and I totally want to hear your NSFW headcannons 😏👌🏻

( im the most virginest of virgins so bare with me) 

this isnt even not safe for work, its not safe for your heart

• The first time they have sex its completely accidental believe it or not, they’d just finished a mission, they’re both bruised and beaten and unbelievably angry (robbie had yet to heal as they’d barely finished the mission) 

•  Daisy still has yet to drop the whole “I deserve to die thing” and so when she sees a bad guy about to put a bullet in robbie’s head she thinks “what better way to go then saving someone I care about” so she rushes forward and saves him 

• Robbie is NOT happy about that, he knows she’s been having problems but he’d never thought that she would sacrifice her life for him of all people and so when the missions over and she has a bullet hole in her arm he is livid

he is beyond angry ,so its passionate and raw and in the back of the hell charger, its cramped and the leather sticks to her ass but Daisy loved it, with him on top of her and her legs around his waist, they stuck together like glue and for one white hot moment she thought about nothing 

• from then on they dont talk about it, Robbie loved it, he loved her but he’s not sure how she felt about it (well he knows how she felt because she was screaming his name in the back of that car for 3 hours) but she doesnt mention it and to him that hurts a little (a lot) 

• the second time it happens Daisy is the one thats angry, the two had kind of become a team after the whole ghost incident, they barely left each others side yet they refused to talk about the mind blowing sex they’d had. Daisy’s mad because he risked his life for hers this time “i’ll heal, you know that” he says but god she would never admit how scared she was when she saw him step in front of her

•  and so that led to them arguing, on the plane none the less, I mean no ones there everyone by now has assumed stay away from the walking earthquake when she argues with flaming skull 

• it starts off by the white containment thing that fitz built she has him pushed up against it (his mind drifts back to the night they met and she had him in a similar position) his eyes drifting down to her lips and hers do the same and one thing leads to another when he swaps them around and she’s the one pressed against it with his hot lips on hers

•  half way through that his hands find their way downwards and have ended up on her ass (chloe bennet has a nice ass sue me) and holy hell did he think she had a great one. her lips felt numb, they had been kissing so much that when they broke away the gulp of air she took felt heavenly, but it was short lived as the second his lips came back to hers her legs where wrapped around his waist and he was carrying her towards the hood of the charger 

• this is when clothes start coming off ,his jacket is first, Daisy takes one look at him without it and is immediately thrown because wow she never thought she’d see him in a v-neck and holy hell did he have nice arms. for her the first thing off is her shirt (she’d discarded her leather jacket in one of the seats before they started arguing and boy was she glad about it) the look on his face when they take it off together (please dont imagine her going to take it off on her own and then him ghosting his hands over hers and pulling it off with her slowly, it will hurt you) 

• they go back to kissing but this time its slower, a lot slower than Robbie is used to, by far this boy hasnt had a stable relationship long enough to get this far since he and the rider became one, so when she starts kissing his neck holy hell he savours it not only because its probably the first time he’s been touched like this in a while but because its her

when Robbies shirt comes off, she is surprised like beyond anything, she sees scars almost as many as she had, she takes a minute and they stop ghosting her fingers over long gash by his v-line (she knows this is from the crash where his brother lost his legs and he lost a part of him, he told her when they shared a locker room together) she takes her time with this part her lips ghosting over it and she swears to god the moan he lets out is fucking godly 

• at this point they know there’s no going back (they had sex once before and it was amazing dont get them wrong but this time its not anger, not anymore at least its appreciation and the early,early stages of love, not that either of them would admit that) 

• when his hands start going for her jeans she stops him (not that she wants to holy hell no she is not stopping now) they’ve already tainted robbie’s car and whoever is watching the security feeds that night (it was mack,he can never look at either of them the same although he wont tell robbie when he and daisy secretly fist bump underneath the kitchen table later on) and so she drags him over to the stair case, she sits about 4 up so he can still stand 

• as she’s sitting his dragging her pants down painfully slow (she helped him get her shoes off bc those lace up booties are a nightmare), she the loved the pace earlier but now she is livid, but she lets him go at his pace because its what they’re both comfortable with and thats okay, after he does get them off though its quick again because this time she has the power

• she drags him forward by his belt buckle (he almost busted a nut right there because of the way her hands touch his skin) and when she is taking it out of the loops she smirks up at him with those beautiful soft lips and he cant take it so he just kisses her and god is it great

• they begin to move towards the containment module again,this time they’re going inside, daisy’s hand fumbles with the control to open it and the second she does, she’s on the floor the coldness of it hitting her back, but she doesnt feel it one hand in her hair and the other running up her thigh as he practically ravages her neck and the moan she elicits is heavenly to him 

• (i aint doing the sex scene mkay im smol) afterwards its not awkward like you think it would be, its actually pretty nice the small time they spent together after wards (mack had kept everyone away from the plane and checked back every now and then to see if they were done yet) 

• it was nice, they had a blanket in there from a mission and it covered them her head resting on his chest and his arm around her, for a little bit of time everything is good for them 


• Daisy is really into doing it in the charger,he teases her about it constantly but hey she likes what she likes

• Robbie has a weird thing for using the chain to tie her up, the first time it happened was an accident, they were training and he threw the chain (not on fire obviously) and her hands ended up behind her head and attached to a pole and lets just say they had a lot of fun

• they once did it Daisy’s van and lets just say the mattress in the back had burn marks in it from when things got a little too hot 

• they once did it in daisy’s old room in the base and holy christ he once did her so good that she quaked half of the base and Coulson ran to her room to check if she was okay

• lets just say that hiding your half naked body from your father figure as he rushed into your room as the guy you’ve been sleeping with hides in the closet because said father figure would kill him if he knew (do your self a favour pls imagine a half naked robbie reyes hiding in a closet with a pillow covering his junk, pls do it) 

•  Daisy once had hand prints burned into her ass and I swear to god the redness of Jemmas face when she saw it was redder than robbie when goes ghost, 

• dont get me started on when YoYo saw said burn marks, she teased daisy for weeks until they went away, for a while Daisy swore that if she heard Elena say “I know you’re a bit of a hot head, but who knew you had hot hands too” to Robbie she would DIE

i cant do it anymore ive been sitting here for almost an hour writing 1575 words on quakerider and i need to stop before my heart hurts at the fact they’re not canon yet