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the calendar // panic! at the disco

Oswald Cobblepot felt safe with Edward Nygma, but sometimes – he didn’t want to. –Only In Dreams, @okimi79


A Year In the Life (A Murder Husbands Calendar)

So I’m gonna be busy tomorrow (and the day after that… and the day after that.. because, hey! Christmas! \( o ∀ o)/), so in the mean time, here’s a little something for all of you. I present, my unreasonably domestic Hannigram calendar: A Year In the Life.

Y’all can take a look at the calendar over at redbubble, and don’t worry, I plan on posting each piece for every month individually before Christmas so please expect that as well.

And to those who might ask if this has anything to do with that old anon ask I got about using this style, don’t worry, it doesn’t. This little project began a long time ago so no worries. :)

I hope you all have the happiest of holidays. ( o u o)/