it's actually creepy when you think of it

this post might be kinda long but

i dont know how to feel about self insertion stuff like a vast majority of people find it cringey?? like i could see where theyre coming from but like.

when they hear self-insert of x reader people automatically think “cringy underdeveloped mary sue OC/canon character shipping” and i totally get how people can get annoyed by the fics where it rushes into romance in the blink of an eye. honestly that bothers me too; at least make it a slow burn if youre gonna go down that way

but its like..
its actually pretty sad that self insert is so strongly associated with romance?? when at the base of it it really doesn’t have anything to do with it. i think the hetalia x reader boom on deviantart back in the day is what gave it its current cringe culture status. a lot of people find it weird and creepy and immature 2008-age cringe that 13 year old girls eat right up because of their self-indulging romance-curious hormones

but it’s totally different when you have comfort characters :(

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Could you elaborate on the at crew/marceline stuff? I hadn't heard abt that before :(

it’s not terrible it’s just that some of the voice actors and crew are very much in the “its weird (creepy) fanbase stuff and wont be canon” group. my friend recently brought up this interview:

Nrama: So the next Marceline episode (“Sky Witch,” unaired when this interview was conducted) is a Marceline/Princess Bubblegum one…I’m going to be very careful in my phrasing, but there’s certainly an…interesting fan base (Olivia laughs) that’s sprung up around those characters, and I’m curious as to what you think of that.

Olivia: Well…after the “What Was Missing” episode, the fans are actually the ones who came up with the whole lesbian possibility (laughs). I was talking to Kent Osborne –

Martin: – head writer of the show, and an old friend of ours –

Olivia: – and we were just joking around, and I went, “Really? You made me a lesbian?” (laughs) And he goes, “No! That didn’t even cross our minds.” But so many of the fans were convinced that was going on that in a weird way, they’re maybe kind of banking on that a little bit.

Martin: They’re just letting the rumor be there, even though it’s not true.

Olivia: Yeah.

which. yeah. i dont think it really means anything for the show at large but its still kind of offputting to me and i do think it feels bait-y that they havent said anything explicit on the show at all when they could have. i still like it its just not the kind of rep people often treat it as

the reason i bring it up with lapidot is because people keep saying the latter is queerbaiting and that its bad for some people on the show to like the relationship more than other writers, among other things, which is also true of adventure time but in a much more obvious and malicious sort of way. im not saying its better or anything it just is less uncomfortable to me as a lesbian than some of the stuff with bubbline

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So instead of going to Matt's room (the night when they were in the laundry room) they went to Zero's and Jaide's. Lol. Matty couldn't wait a few minutes to walk up to the second floor, had to have that ass right then. HA. Oh well, Jaide had to find out about them some how.

lmaooo the laundry room is actually directly across the hall from Jaide and Zero so it was logical for Matt to just use their room. Matt knew Jaide wasn’t home because she followed up with him to see if he was still going to that party.

Matt canceled all his plans after seeing that Zero dyed his hair on twitter. he wasn’t about to pass up the chance to be alone with him in an empty dorm.

How… hard do you think it is to avoid touching people when you’re in using the showers?

It’s not difficult, honest.

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It's REALLY creepy that you like dan and Phil and you're 35😮

Exsqueeze me, baking powder? It’s creepy me liking Dan and Phil when Philly is only 4yrs and 10mths younger than me! And Dan is 9yrs and 9mths younger than me. Yeah right, okay then! Do you know what anon, i actually don’t give a shit if you find it creepy, do you honestly think i’m gonna let your opinion bother me, cos quite frankly it’s not! Your reaction is fuxking laughable! 😂😂 thanks for the laugh!

Bangtan as Librarians

-read himself to sleep once
-he really enjoys reading different genres
-you’d find him curled up in a chair with an astronomy book one day and hiding out in the poetry section the next
-tells yoongi to bring a ladder with him when he goes to re-shelve books
-gets smacked by yoongi
-thinks there’s ghosts in the library because he gets creepy messages from the printer
-its actually just maknae line messing around
-puts recommendation stickers on every book and jin needs to sit him down and remind him that it’s only books he’d think others will like
-“but I do think people will like this!”
-jin: “I don’t think ‘In Depth History On the Colour Purple’ counts nams”
-just a soft boy who wants to recommend you books you’ve probably never heard of before

-very strict about following the Dewey Decimal Code
-found books shelved randomly and yoongi wanted to kill someone
-it makes things hard to find and yoongi is all about efficiency
-posts funny notices around the library
-“stay out of the kids’ section if you’re over 13 or else im calling the cops”
-“no food or drink unless its for me”
-has a collection of phone chargers that people have left behind
-weirdly proud of it
-doesn’t let people use them
-“yoongi it’s sole purpose is to let people charge their phones”
-“use your own; these are mine”
-just a smol man who wants the library to run as smoothly as possible while having a little bit of fun

-reads the classics
-can probably recite shakespeare word for word
-plays racing games in the computer lab with jungkook
-a salty loser
-locked jungkook out of the library’s wifi when he lost
-hides food and snacks in the religion section
-“because food is the meaning of life”
-eats right beside the ‘no food or drink’ sign
-bad pickup lines, librarian style
-“are you a book bc im totally checking you out”
- jimin: “I can’t believe I had to hear that while working”
-a fancy intellectual with an appreciation for literature or a dork with food in his mouth 24/7? who knows really

-you’ll hear him before you see him tbh
-screams when new books arrive at the library
-reads an 800 paged book in a day or doesn’t read for months there’s no in-between
-favourite place is the individual study rooms
-ironic bc he’s the loudest one
-loses his own library card often
-he has like 10 now
-judges people on what they read
-“oh you’re looking for 50 shades…” 👀 🐸 ☕️
-found a book where someone dog-eared the page and he screamed
-just trying to have a good time but people are always shushing him

-races jimin down the bookshelves while pushing the book trolley
-tried to make Library Olympics a thing
-immediately shot down by jin
-jin: “we are not doing shotput with the encyclopedias”
-favourite place is the kids’ section
-likes the decorations there and the mini slide tae pls your body doesnt even fit the slide
-p sulky ever since yoongi started banning older kids from being there
-now holes himself up in the media section that’s coincidentally right beside the kids’ section
-just a ball of fluff who reads fairytales to kids and uses different voices for different characters

-verbally says ‘beep’ when scanning books to check them in
-lifts like 20 hard covers stacked up on each other as exercise
-disappears for hours at a time to read comics at the comic book section
-had a really overdue book once and he felt so guilty
-paid like 20 dollars in overdue fees like jeez chim how long have you had that book????
-“I don’t deserve to be a librarian!!!!!”
-jungkook: “oh shut up and come to work”
-doesn’t like going to the history section bc the shelves are higher
-is hella 😒 when yoongi makes him re-shelve those books
-“I dont know why you’re laughing seeing as you’re not that much taller so…”
-a sweet boy who needs to be protected from comic book spoilers

-doesnt own a library card probs
-rearranges the furniture in the reading area to confuse people
-races taehyung on who can re-shelve books faster
-he just shoves them to the side
-gets scolded by namjoon
-folds paper planes and throws them all over the place
-also folds a whole bunch of origami and hides them around the library
-its now a competition to see who can find the most paper creatures 
-spoiler: namjoon’s winning with 32
-a dumb who’s gonna have a good time even if he gets fired for it

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I noticed you ship 1d ships. Do you not think its invasive, inappropriate, and straight up creepy to write/read fanfiction about actual real life people?

I think it’s more complicated than that, anon.

First, the fourth wall is everything. I do think it’s invasive, inappropriate, and creepy to send people unsolicited information about how you imagine their romantic and sexual lives. That’s true when people reply to band members’ social media posts with “hendall is real” or “larry is real” or “i want you to nut on my face.” It’s true when journalists ask celebrities to read fic or react to fanworks about a ship they’re in. It’s true in non-celebrity interactions, when you’re walking down the street or on an online dating site and someone starts telling you what they imagine you doing sexually or romantically. In general, if you’re going to fantasize about someone you’re not involved with, it’s better for everyone involved if you don’t go telling them about it.  In this day and age, and this context, that means keeping it away from the celebrities involved – staying out of their mentions, being careful in their tags, not @ing them or replying to them, or their families, or their friends. That’s the #1 thing: not asking for their participation and maintaining a firm boundary that lets them live their lives unaffected by shipping.  

Second, there’s a difference between people and personas. Fans are varying degrees of good at recognizing this, which does make things more complicated. But there’s a difference between who celebrities are and the public personas they present, and if/when we can maintain that distinction I think we’re in okay shape. I think this comes out in fic more often than we maybe realize, too, that there are distinct versions of the characters who reappear in accordance with different versions of their personae. Shipping Harry Styles™ with someone isn’t quite the same thing as shipping Harry Styles with someone – especially if we respect the privacy of the people behind the personas and don’t go digging for information they don’t share with us.

Third, people aren’t always shipping actual real life people. One thing I’ve found interesting in 1d fandom is that many of the biggest fics are AUs. In the 5 most read larry fics on ao3, Louis is a corporate something, a driving instructor, a graphic designer, a uni student, a fashion student, and a footballer; Harry is a sex worker, a high school student, a baker, a uni student, and a model/student. There’s plenty of fic out there where they’re in 1D, too, but often it’s about the fanon creation of this ship and these fictionalized characters, and the common language/tropes/ideas that have sprung up around them. In other words, it stops being about the real people and starts being about the fandom.

Fourth, it’s part of something that happens in communities. It’s rarely as formal as writing fic (usually; I did know someone in school who wrote honest-to-goodness our English teacher/our history teacher slash) but people do talk this way about people they know – who you might set up with whom, what you admire or dislike about someone’s relationship and what you think their future holds, how things will turn out if they make x or y decision, whether you think you saw this person looking at that person that way, etc. Fandoms are communities. It’s not surprising that that kind of thinking happens in reference to celebrities, especially because, in online communities, those are our shared reference points. I don’t think that kind of talk is necessarily bad in real life, nor do I think it’s necessarily bad in fandom; again, it’s all about drawing boundaries so that the people involved aren’t adversely affected.

What makes this all trickier is that fans aren’t always well-behaved, and poorly behaved fans can and do engage in behavior that is invasive and inappropriate and boundary-violating and scary. That absolutely isn’t even close to being the case for all readers and writers of RPF, but I don’t think it’s something we can ignore in talking about this. I know my own relationship to RPF has changed over time thanks to conversations with and guidance from people who have been here longer about how to do it without causing harm, and I think those are conversations we need to keep having.

I’d love to see fans respectfully hold each other to standards of respectful behavior, including warnings about respect for the fourth wall (I’m especially partial to the ones on the LJ comm for These Inconvenient Fireworks, which, if you can’t see them bascially say that they’ll take the fic down if it’s sent to or posted in tags for the boys, the band, or people connected to them), showing new fans how rewarding it is to engage with each other instead of with celebrities, having discussions about when it is and isn’t appropriate to @ or reply to a celebrity or people they know (hard no to anything involving content around shipping), focusing RPF fandoms’ attention towards intrafandom discussion and validation instead of seeking out celebrity attention, and emphasizing the importance of letting the real people behind the celebrity personae live their lives without interference and without having to be aware of shippers. These are places where, imo, fans of RPF could do some really wonderful, powerful work, and I’d be thrilled to see that. But whether or not that happens, tl;dr I’m not willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater and say that RPF is wrong because some fans do gross things with it. If that’s the standard for what makes something wrong, a whole lot of things have got to go – the internet, cellphone cameras, wine, and so many other things. I’m much less interested in condemning broad swaths of fandom than in thinking about how fandom can do good, including teaching each other how to be respectful in an increasingly online world.

SHINee Reacting to waking up the morning after their wedding night.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Onew - He might be a bit awkward when he wakes up before you after the wedding night as he wouldn’t know what exactly to do. He’d think of all the dramas and ways he could make you happy and not so long after would get dressed and head out somewhere, leaving you asleep in the bed. When you wake up you can expect a whole series of small events Onew has carefully prepared for you.

Originally posted by parkthejimin

Jonghyun - Jonghyun would be the first one to wake up and would be a bit surprised when he finds you lying next to him as he’s not used to spending the whole night with you. He’d first take some time to observe your sleeping features before getting up and going to the kitchen. He’d make sure to make you the best breakfast he can and its tasty smell would wake you up from you sleep, only to see Jonghyun’s loving face.

Key - He’d wake up up first and wouldn’t bother to do much, but would only lie in the bed motionless. He’d then look at you and chuckle at how cute and beautiful your face looks at that moment. He’d stroke your cheek and move your hair behind your ear and generally just observe you and think how lucky he actually is. When you wake up and tell him he’s creepy, though, he’d just sass you and act like he wasn’t giggling inside like a 10-year-old.

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Minho - Let’s be honest, Minho would probably oversleep. And this is not just because he loves sleeping, but because he’d just be too tired from all the work he has to do. You’d wake up first, look at him sleeping peacefully and not want to disturb his sleep, but once he feels you moving in the bed, he’d throw his arm over you and cuddle in your chest, mumbling sweet things that he’d probably be embarrassed of afterwards.

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Taemin - Even though it’d be after your wedding night, when Taemin wakes up, he’d be a bit awkward, not knowing what exactly to do. He’d fidget in your bed and constantly one second look at you, the other at the ceiling. Only when you move a bit and mumble something would the moment he realises he’ll wake you up if he moves too much, so he’d settle in one place and wait for you to wake up, a shy, yet sincere smile on his face.

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- Admin Lene

Tbh I always worry about being like creepy/embarrassing towards people but I think that might be just a result of me extrapolating behavior from people I used to hang out around and applying those traits/behaviors to myself when in reality I’m not actually doing anything wrong other than being overtly self conscious//.

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hey i know its not much, but i really like when you do what you call "overshare"!! i dont mind it, and in fact it actually has made me think of you as some kind of friend, and i literally peek back in here daily to see how your day has been, how youre holding up, new posts youve rb'd, etc.. its a little embarrassing but i hope it helps somehow!! i dont think you overshare and there are lots of us who enjoy you and what you have to say ♥️ have a good day today sou!!! be safe!!

thank you so much bby it’s not creepy or weird, it made me smile and makes me feel really special 💕🌈

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What about some headcanons for an artistic s/o? Like usually their s/o has their sketchbook with em and it's a lot of drawings of said paladin?


  • He’d be embarassed that so many were of him, but would be flattered because that’s such a nice thing of his s/o to do
  • Starts learning about art to have more to talk about with you.
  • Doesn’t really think that he’s the kind of person someone would want to draw, but his s/o reassures him that he’s the only person they want to draw.


  • Pretends like he isn’t really interested, but is very VERY interested by it and watches you draw as often as he can.
  • He’s actually a pretty good model, but is very picky about it, so you just kind of have to draw him at random moments, unless he’s really feeling up to it.
  • He probably wouldn’t want to sit still, either, so you’d just have to take a lot of reference pictures of him, and use those.


  • Doesn’t really know how they feel about there being so many pictures of them. They think it’s cute that you drew them so much, but also thinks its kinda creepy??
  • Does model for you when you ask, though. And when you don’t ask. They’ve got such a sweet face, it’d make a great picture 98% of the time.
  • When their family is reunited and happy again, you draw a family portrait of them all.
  • There’s a lot of quiet hanging out with them tinkering with some technology and you drawing.


  • So flustered by it.
  • He’s such a sweetheart to you though and lets you draw him and dress him up.
  • He especially loves it when you draw landscapes and nature scenes. Not to say he doesn’t like your other works, but his favorites are nature.


  • He’d tease you about it relentlessly.
  • He’d try to use art-related pick-up lines/nicknames, but they all fail miserably.
  • “Draw me like one of your French girls.”  “Babe put your clothes back on.”
  • Thinks its really cool that you can draw really well and praises you for it often.
Ripped at Every Edge

Nobody can know, but that doesn’t make it any less real.

Well, here it is! My contribution to the todaydreambelievers fic gift exchange :D I wrote this for @midnightblaine, who prompted “cheerio!blaine and badboy!kurt AU they have a secret relationship because blaine doesn’t want to hurt his status”. I hope you enjoy, lovely <3

A million and one thanks to my wonderful beta @mailroomorder who betaed this super last minute because I just couldn’t get my act together. You’re literally amazing and I love you <3

Also, thank you to the mods over at todaydreambelievers! Thanks for putting this all together and making it happen! You guys are awesome!

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Kissing Kurt Hummel is so much better than Blaine ever imagined. And he’s imagined. A lot.

The tongue piercing is a big part of it. Not only does it feel wonderful against his own tongue, but it reminds Blaine that he shouldn’t be doing this. That he could lose everything he’s built over the past three years by doing this.

Mainly, though, it’s Kurt himself. Kurt likes to keep his hands on Blaine’s waist, squeezing as his lips move lazily against Blaine’s. They’re wide and strong, with almost permanently scabbed over and bruised knuckles and soft fingertips that dig into Blaine’s sides like he can’t get enough.

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more childhood iwaoi headcanons

continued from this post about iwaizumi drawing requested by @emicchan

it’s really long so i put it under a read more!

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Can I give you some critique? Or ask a question? Why did you not give Rose eyes in that art piece? Maybe it's just me, but it looks a bit creepy? In my experience generally when artists leave out eyes in cartoons/anime or comics, it's to make them look villainous or mischievous. Overall the drawing is really nice 👍

ohh mostly because of images like this I think there are more but this is the only one I can find

she’s supposed to be the “presence” that keeps them all together without actually being there so I feel like giving her eyes would have looked distracting and taken away focus from the main group (=

thank you!

So I watched the OG Ghostbusters for the first time in a while

 and Im????? actually crying???

I mean what is up with these gd fuckboys and their defense of this film as a Paragon of True Cinema its such a mediocre cheeseball movie

  • Like…….does anyone actually remember the plot??? Because I do. Now. Kind of. It’s already leaving me
  • ancient sumeria now theres some history for ya
  • but then
  • The special effects are incredible for their time but also sometimes…so 80s??? it kills me honestly when she opened her fridge and there was like a little pink world inside that was supposed to be trippy omggg
  • Bill Murray being front and center, doin that 1980s Bill Murray thing™
    • (The 1980s Bill Murray thing I think can be summarized by that one post: “ **holds a baby carrot like a cigarette* I’m just….. over it, you know? ”)
  • Also
  • Can I just
  • Bill Murray’s character is THE ACTUAL WORST 
  • he spends the entirety of his VERY FIRST SCENE trying to fuck his student
  • and its just creepy as fuck
  •  but its ESPECIALLY frightening when hes tryna get Sigourney Weaver like 
  • “Haha you say you have a ‘ghost’ in your ‘apartment’? I believe you sweetcheeks lets go take a look right now ok we can go RIGHT NOW…jk lets drop this ruse we both know why you asked me over you dont have to try so hard to get my attention of course I’ll go out with you”
  • “Youre possessed by an ancient demon!!!…but that ancient demon is horny and youre not around to protest so why not”
  •   LIKE WTF?????
  • (Ok well maybe I can see how fuckboys wouldnt want THAT legacy of playful misogyny to be overshadowed by Females)
  • I reaaaally dont miss the “I see you, I wanna bang you, and I wont take no for an answer, arent I an endearing man-boy of a character” thing alot of 80s and 90s movies were just so blatant about
  • The only truly good thing in that movie is Egon/Annie 
  • May they one day realize theyre too good for this place and flee to have beautiful sassy nearsighted babies
  • BUT
  • @fuck boys why

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chasefield prompts? secret dating with clothes sharing hhh ssorry

Title: Our Secrets
Pair: Max/Victoria
Rating: Mature-ish
Disclaimer: I own nothing! So don’t even try to sue me.
Author’s Note: I hope that this was what you were looking for, I always feel like I am winging it when it comes to these prompts trying to get on the same wave length as the person who sent it to me.
‘I have never been really good at keeping secrets before, it’s not that I blurted out the information at the first chance or was not morally capable of keeping a ‘secret’. It just seemed to me that my mind couldn’t keep the fact that I knew something that someone else didn’t know to itself when questioned about it; and because of that it always seemed to fail me when it came to the necessary functions that where required when defending yourself about how you don’t know anything. My brain would offer me lame excuses to give or simply twist my tongue and leave me stuttering; which often was more than enough for the other person to pick up on the fact that I was trying to avoid the truth.

It really was rather obnoxious, not that I could yell at myself about it. 

Cause that would get me no where fast, well except maybe a one way trip to a mental facility. 

But what I found surprising was that I had no trouble keeping my current secret, a secret that was bigger and more shocking than any other that I had ever been involved in before. If what I knew was spoken it would affect everyone around me at Blackwall in one way or another, it would be supposedly “life altering” to some and to others it would just be a passing thought, a pause in their day as they briefly considered this new information but it would still touch everyone. 

Because it was not everyday that someone like me dated someone like Victoria Chase. 

Queen Bee Victoria with little Hipster Trash Max.

That would make a big splash if it was every brought out into the light, like dropping a boulder from the roof into the small kiddie pool that made up Blackwall’s social life. I often felt the truth sitting heavily on my tongue just begging to be shared with everyone and I didn’t believe that this urge came from my normal inability to keep secrets because I had no trouble keeping this one; its not hard to keep a secret when no one questions you about it because no one believes that it could ever happen. 

Which was only slightly insulting. 

When I allowed myself the time to actually think about where this deep seated urge came from to just blurt out the truth I couldn’t help but think that I just wanted everyone to know because I didn’t want to be a dirty little secret anymore. 

I wanted everyone to know that Victoria Chase was mine. Not in a creepy Fifty Shades of Grey way but in every way that really mattered. 

She was mine and I was hers and I didn’t care how 80’s teen romance movie cheesy that sounded. ’

“What are you doing?” Victoria’s voice pulled my attention away from my journal, the sleep that still hung at the edges of her voice causing a warm sensation to flint across my skin. Shifting my body around in my desk chair I turned to face her; taking in the shape of her body from where she was currently laying sprawled across my mattress. She always preferred to stay in my room when we spent the night together even though I knew for a fact that the materials on her bed were ten times as comfortable as the ones that were thrown across my own but when I mentioned this she would always just shrug her shoulders with a light smile not even bothering to explain her reasoning. 

Not that I was complaining because there was just something about having her in my bed.

Even though I knew that she was waiting for an answer I found myself drawn away from the need to reply as my eyes trailed over the exposed skin of her legs, legs that just seemed to go on forever. I knew she was a runner but I had never truly appreciated that daily activity until she had wrapped those legs of hers around me for the first time using them to leverage and maneuver me to her every whim; often just pulling me down into her body and allowing parts of our bodies to press firmly against each other like never before. My fingers twitched lightly at the thought, wanting nothing more in that moment than to brush across her smooth skin, remembering the way the muscles would tighten and jump when I finally touched her where she needed most. 

“Earth to Max..” Blinking through my hormonal haze I brought my gaze up to focus on her own and was meet by eyes that were shining with more than a little amusement, the corners of her mouth curled up in a impish smirk. Sometimes I wondered if she knew just how much I could lose myself by just looking at her, she held a power about her that most people felt when they were around her which is what kept their attention focused so solely upon her but it was as if that power was amplified when I was alone with her behind locked doors. “Sorry…” I flashed her an apologetic smile before reaching back and closing my journal and placing it back within the safety of my drawer before lifting myself from the chair and moving across the room and dropping myself lightly down onto the edge of the bed.

“ I was just writing. ” Though vague my answer seemed to satisfy her curiosity for the moment, I had always wondered why she never seemed to question me about what I wrote, never poked or probed at me until I told her. She would just simply accept that I had been writing and leave it at that and I found with each moment of respect that she held for my own little privacies just made me fall for her more. 

Reaching out I allowed myself the chance to ease the need that had been pulsing inside me since my earlier trip down hormonal lane, pressing my fingers flat against her thigh; enjoying the sensation that spread across my skin when her skin seemed to react to my touch by warming. My eyes followed the trail that my fingers were making up along her thigh, my thumb brushing across the bone that pressed lightly against the skin of her hip; fingers splaying out across her stomach and moving down to trace along the lines of her waist.
The sudden touch of her fingers across the underside of my jaw brought my attention back to focus on her face where I found that she was looking at me with a gaze that never failed to set my skin on fire. Her eyebrow arched up slightly as she silently placed the offer onto the imaginary table between us; it never felt like a business deal even though to some it could seem like that. We never openly discussed anything that took place between us in these moments, we just knew what it was that we both wanted and were both willing to give it freely. 

Darting my head down I found that she had lifted up to meet me halfway, our lips pressing firmly together; the slow drip of fire began its route down to pool in the pit of my stomach at the small moan she released that vibrated against my lips. Her fingers curled behind my neck and pulled my down as she rolled herself onto her back my body following her lead as I crawled completely onto the bed, hovering my smaller body over her own; my fingers never leaving her skin simply sliding up to rest on her side and splaying out across her rib cage edging up her sleep shirt as they went. 

In moments like these I felt myself becoming completely lost in everything that was Victoria; I lost myself in the way her lips moved across my own, the way her tongue would dart out and sooth the flare of pain that she had brought by dragging her teeth across my bottom lip. I lost myself in the way her fingers curled in my hair, tugging lightly on her before sliding down my neck to dip underneath the collar of my shirt. I lost myself in the way her body would arch up into my own pressing those perfect breasts of her firmly against my own, the way she would send tentacles of pleasure through my body when she kissed across my throat mixing them in with flashes of pain as her teeth abused the soft skin but I found I never cared but  I was lost. 

She just had a way of making me forget everything that was going around us; honestly the world could be ending and I’m not sure I would even know. 

Which was provably why I hadn’t noticed the flow of time continuing on around us, how seconds had turned into minutes lost between the soft moans and gasps of pleasure that we were weaving between the two of us. I did notice however when I felt the sudden lose of one of her hands upon my skin, feeling it slide out from where it had been doing wonderful things underneath my shirt, felt it pat uselessly across the mattress next to us for a second before finally grasping ahold of what it had been looking for. My interest peaked after having had whatever trance Victoria always put me into in these moments broken I opened my eyes and glanced over at what had caused the distraction and found her cell phone resting within her grasp. Blinking at the screen and cocking my head lightly to the side I  turned to focus my gaze now on her own open eyes and found her glaring at her screen, the side of her mouth twitching softly under the strain of her sudden scowl. 

“Tori….?” I croaked out her name in a rather embarrassing way, the arousal from moments before still clinging determinedly to my ever word.

“We’re late…” Blinking down at her once more I found myself confused by her words, late for what. By my calculations we were right on time and more than on our way in the right direction. 

“For what…?” The words had barely left my mouth when the weight of her earlier statement finally struck. 

“Late for class…fuck!” I had barely finished speaking when I felt her hands press flat against my shoulders shoving me up and off on her, stumbling backwards I was barely able to stay on my feet as I danced across the floor in an attempt to keep my balance and she rose from the bed like a bat out of hell, grasping at the clothes that had been tossed into a pile closest to her. No more words were spoken as we moved throughout my room with a new purpose, grabbing and tossing whatever clothes at each other that we could find, I found myself nearly face planting with the floor once more as I attempted to pull my jeans up. 

We both managed to get dress in under a minute flat which I would have prided myself on this new record had I the time to do so. Yanking my shoes on and grabbing what I assumed was my sweater off the chair and pulling it on over my head as I stumbled out of the door that Victoria was holding open for me and making my way into the hallway only to fall flat on my ass when I slammed face first into something hard and very human like in front of me. 

Huffing pathetically from the ground and blinking up at the person that now stood above me, I found my gaze focusing on none other than Taylor who was glaring down at me with a curious expression one for the life of me that I could not decipher. 

It could have been from the fact that I just nearly pile dived her or as I glanced over to Victoria and to my surprise found her to be wearing my hoodie, which meant by process of elimination meant I was wearing her sweater….yeah it could have been because of that. 

“Max why are you wearing Victoria’s sweater?“ 

Yeah, Victoria may have been good at keeping secrets but I really never was.

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Seventeen gif reaction to you liking abandoned houses/haunted places? (i really love your blog by the way)

So i did this but it got deleted. So this is the second take. Plus thank you so much boo <333

He wouldn’t actually care but he would be so scared if you wanted to go to one, but he would come along because he has to protect you. S.Coups, Hoshi, Joshua

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He would find it kinda creepy but would find it cute the way you get excited when you talk about them. If you ever tried to take them there they would literally run away from you. Vernon, Woozi, Jeonghan, Jun

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He would Love you even mORe because he loves scary things and would fangirl with you all the time. Wonwoo

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He wouldn’t actually mind and would think its cool. He would ask you questions about them. Mingyu, Dino, The8, DK

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He wouldn’t think much of it and would love the way your eyes light up when you talk to him about them but because he gets scared he usually sasses his way out of the conversation

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sO I was messing around editing stuff when I made this lil’ thing

It’s not done and who knows if it will ever be done, but I figured I’d upload what I have done so far!

It’s about how Dan is like some creepy internet user who has ulterior motives for getting closer to Phil. They chat on the internet for awhile and when Dan finally gets to meet Phil, he slowly starts to actually care for him and feels incredible guilty any time the two share a genuine moment. And even after he starts caring for Phil, he can’t shake away how badly he still wants to harm him (be it in whatever way you interpret). Yet, he just can’t bring himself to.