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Oswald Cobblepot felt safe with Edward Nygma, but sometimes – he didn’t want to. –Only In Dreams, @okimi79

Achievement Hunter Minecraft Kings AU Headcannon

Hear me out on this one guys- We get so much Mad King Ryan in this fandom and I love it. Love it to pieces but I’d really like to bring your attention to my new favorite thing-

Master Ryan Haywood, the Mad DAD King!

-The lads breaking into his castle to steal food and Ryan is just pissed at first but when they finally get caught he’s really impressed but worried “You’re really good at thievery and I can’t believe you made it past my guards- wait you did this all for bread? Like you have no food to eat?!”
- Ryan giving them positions around the castle and making sure they are fed.
-”You dont have a place to stay? Well stay here then of course!”

-Ryan speaking with his adviser Geoff a lot. Not because he needs the advice but because Geoff is funny and kind and honestly Geoff needs the socialization.
-Ryan being worried about Geoff drinking too much. So Ryan stays with him or makes sure he gets home safe.

-Ryan slipping extra gold into people’s pockets

-Giving lavish gifts to his court

-Ryan sending all the extra food from the palace into a village or something for less fortunate people to have

-Ryan who BUYS things rather than demand or take from his people “Its helps stimulate the economy, I can’t be a good King if my people live in poverty. Property value is going to be on the rise.”

-Festivals ALL THE TIME!

-Ryan LOVING animals. And he just keeps bring them home and making them his royal cat/wolf/squid/etc. He has a large game preserve that NO ONE is allowed to hunt off of lest they feel is wrath. And he uses it to protect animals and refugees. 

-Ryan being a good healer. Honestly, he’s so smart and dorky- if any of his subjects or members of his court come to him, he’s always game to help.


Ryan rules all major wrong doers with an iron and cruel fist. But when the crime isnt that serious or his trusted court members are involved he doesn’t know what to do?! But he feels like he should punish them somehow? Like Disappointed!Dad! Ryan?

Dad! King Ryan who fucking LOVES dad jokes.

Dad! King Ryan who is a literal disney princess when it comes to animals

Dad! King Ryan who takes ruling his kingdom seriously and is very protective

Dad! King Ryan who lives modestly

Dad! King Ryan who makes a family out of his court


I can’t believe i just wrote 2k words holy shit. hope you like it @freckledbastard !! i’m the sabolu anon hullo õvõ

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3 ppl didn’t show up for work today.

What. The fuck.

Fanfics featuring Edolas Characters are so disappointing-…

So I don’t have any money but I want to get Spla2n. I decided I was going to trade in games to GameStop and while looking them up I found the price for trading this. I’ll be rich.

chill friend bros holding hands platonically

I haven’t had a laptop or computer in months… it has turned me into a very friendly, crafty grandma. I spend most of my free time making horrible crafts and getting myself psyched over knitting patterns. I am also getting very familiar with the best antique shops in town. BOY DO I LOVE A GOOD BARGAIN.


“As the once dead girl named Chuck had her very first conversation with the mother she’d always thought dead, and felt her heart grow full…." 


Twenty One Pilots | Paradiso | Amsterdam | 10/11/14

My favourite show I’ve been to of theirs so far, it was absolutely amazing, and we even got to meet Tyler afterwards - he was so lovely! |-/

Jacksepticeye & The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Cold

   I heard you got sick. Hopefully you feel better soon! (x)

So… I was completely overwhelmed by the response to my last Jacksepticeye picture. I wanted to do this sooner to thank everyone who followed me, liked, and reblogged my work, but I’ve actually been really sick. To make myself feel better and hopefully make @therealjacksepticeye feel better, I drew this! Thank you so much everyone! (If you see this Jack, you absolutely made my year when you reblogged my work. I was not expecting it, thank you so much.)


another few days in the life of an underachiever (╯◕_◕)╯