it's actually a bear


So the gryphons are big, and boy are they gaudy

Their builds come in thick, thicker and thickest, with immense strength behind their limbs and a real scary bite to back it up. Typical distinctions to look for are the feathered ‘manes’ which range from a top half to full neck, fluff stopping at the heel/elbow, paw-claw hybrid feet, and the dual layer tail.

They are proud beasts, easily offended and quick to snap you for it. Not to say they can’t be diplomatic mind you, but really who’d risk it.


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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important background action there

fridge horror realization that may have no actual bearing anything and may in fact just be a neat coincidence but Hey You Never Know With This Guy:

so it looks like there’s text hidden in this glow-in-the-dark handprint from Alex’s promo pics of the limited edition journal:

flip it around and you get what seems to be “LET THE GAMES” and, plausibly, “BEGIN” (or possibly some ciphered text; this last word, if it is a word, is unclear)

however, here’s Alex’s tweet of the first Cipher Hunt clue:


During Owens and Nakamura’s match in Japan the audience starts to sing Sami’s Olé song at Kevin and he just leaves. Nakamura drags him back out.

Practicing everything about drawing people by drawing Ouma (I’m bad at all of it so this isn’t practice for one specific thing, it’s practice for the entire process, lol)
I think I’ve been improving, but I still can’t draw hands :/

“Know your own happiness. You want nothing but patience - or give it a more fascinating name, call it hope.” (Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility)

Call it Patience, Call it Hope - A Bellarke Regency AU

With both parents passed away and a younger sister to support, Bellamy Blake may not have drawn the easiest lot in life. But he had a plan: Rise through the ranks of the Royal Navy, find a good husband for his sister, make Lieutenant or maybe even Captain, and keep sailing and fighting until he died at sea. What he had not planned for was suddenly inheriting a title, complete with lands and fortune.

Instead of simply trying to stay alive long enough to get Octavia settled comfortably, now he had to figure out how to run an estate, bring his sister out into society while protecting her from rakes and fortune hunters, and remember his manners around one stubborn, haughty, irresistible Lady Clarke Griffin, Daughter of the Earl of Arkton – and very soon the bane of his existence.

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im dying because one of my mom’s coworkers keeps trying to get my number so she can ask me out and it’s driving my mother up the wall she yelled at another woman today for suggesting a date with me and im legit losing my shit knowing every day she goes to work she feels like she has to defend my honor from middle-aged lesbians

Missing (Saeyoung x MC fic) - Part 12

Vanderwood pulled over to the designated rendezvous.  Turning off the engine, he notices that the search teams were already there.  What surprised this group was that Jumin himself was waiting in one of the vans, and his eyes were glued to the car as soon as it entered the area.

“What?  Why’s Jumin here?” Saeyoung commented, grabbing all his hacking equipment, and taking some of the things that Saeran was holding, while the other just blankly stares at his brother.  

“That’s mine.”

“Don’t carry stuff with your bad arm.” Saeyoung argues, pointing at his brother’s bandaged arm.

“Don’t think with your bad head,” he then points at the bandage around Saeyoung’s head, and then grabbed his belongings back.

Before Saeyoung could protest, Saeran got off the car, happy to be out walking and stretching his legs. It’s been a three-hour drive, and his legs are just aching.  The backseat was loaded with equipment, Vanderwood’s rifle, and some random stuff he brought with them.  Saeran was even surprised that Vanderwood even managed to bring sandwiches.  Packing all of those in a sports car didn’t really provide much wiggle room. Looking over at Jumin’s spacious van, he found himself wanting to hitch a ride with the corporate director just because of extra leg room.

“It’s dangerous out here, Jumin,” Saeyoung called out, genuinely worried.  Jumin was never one who does fieldwork, and he stuck out like a sore thumb. He still looked fresh and sharp in his pinstripe suit despite being in the middle of a forest clearing near the road.

“I wanted to personally see that you’re doing well, and that this operation must not fail,” Jumin replied, crossing his arms over his chest. “I will be well-protected and will stay here.  Jaehee took the liberty of bringing MC’s used clothes from the hospital with us to help the search dogs to sniff her out.”

“Good to see you, Saeyoung, Saeran, Vanderwood,” Jaehee called to them.  Like Jumin, she also looks a little out of place, but instead of a short pencil skirt she wore black dress pants and donned a black trench coat. “The medics are over there; we need to get those wounds tended to.”

“There’s no time,” Saeyoung replied, “but thank you, Jaehee.  I need to get to MC before it’s too late.” He’s already busied himself in setting up their equipment on the hood of a random parked vehicle, using it as a makeshift table.  Saeran assisted him, running cables and connecting them to devices needed for the operation.  Vanderwood was also busy checking communications data.

“Then let’s round up everyone,” Jumin instructed, which was responded by a quick nod from Jaehee. She immediately set out, and approached each of the team leads.

The search party leaders formed a semicircle around the RFA members.  Once everything was set up and ready, Saeyoung stood straight.  Glancing at Jumin, the RFA leader gave a quick nod which he returned, and then turned to address the team.

“Okay.  Here’s the plan.”


“Did you plan this all along, Mr. Park?” you dared to ask, placing as much emphasis on his last name as possible.

“Shut up or I’ll shoot you.”

You have never heard him talk this way.  Ever. In the office, he was your gentle guide, your benefactor.  He taught you so many things that helped you succeed at work.  Hearing him talk and behave so crudely like this gave you chills.

As much as you try, your head can’t grasp the idea of him doing something like this.  Was he being bribed?  Was it for money?  And what did I do? All these questions were looming over your head, leading you to even more questions.

A few moments ago, you have arrived at your destination.  You can tell from the sounds you hear that there were only a handful of people in the—house? Facility?—and all of them spoke in hushed tones, careful not to let you pick up anything important.

Your captor has led you in what you assume a room, since you heard the audible click of the door as it closed, cutting off the sounds from outside.  You hear the steady humming of the indoor heater, and you sat against a concrete wall.  The air was dry, and with all that walking, your throat is parched.

The gash on your leg had stopped bleeding, but it would still make you wince when your leg moved in an odd way, especially that the blood had dried matted on your knitted leggings.

“What do you want from me?”

He was silent.  You can tell that he has busied himself with something; you can hear him placing heavy metal objects on what you assume is a wooden table from how it sounded like.

“Can you at least take off my blindfold?”


“Why are you doing this?”

“I will really shoot you.”

“No you won’t; you need your boss to say yes to that.”

“You are forgetting something, woman,” he spoke with darkness in his voice, soft but absolutely threatening.  “The boss wouldn’t care less if you die by somebody else’s hand.  It’s but a minor inconvenience. He just fancies killing you himself.”

“But he won’t be happy,” you quipped back.  You know you are really pushing your luck, but you need to get something—anything­­—out of Mr. Park, to ground you somehow, to have some sort of thing to grasp onto in all this confusion.

It was then you heard three loud knocks at the door.  

“Well,” your captor said, in a menacing tone.  “I guess this is it.” You heard the chair move as he stood up, and his footsteps as he approached you.  He cupped your chin and tilted your head up.  “It was nice—working—with you, Mrs. Choi.”


“Sir!” one of the trackers called Saeyoung’s attention, motioning him to come to where he stood. Saeyoung sprinted, his head low, and crouched beside the tracker.

“The dog picked up a scent,” the tracker reported, “and it appears that someone did pass through here.”

The two men scrutinized the ground.  The tracker stretched his hand to point out the telltale signs to Saeyoung.  “Someone fell in this spot.  There’s a patch of blood, probably a few hours old, on the protruded branch over there.”

Saeyoung’s heart jumped at hearing the word “blood”.  Without his glasses his vision is not perfect, but he can definitely see blood on the branch.  Worry starts to eat at him, but he dismissed the feeling.

“Look,” the other man pointed at another seemingly uninteresting area.  Saeyoung is good at infiltration, but he was almost always never sent out to track someone physically.  He looks at the guide questioningly, and the guide understood his lack of understanding.  “The way these branches snapped—it’s going towards a certain direction.  Hopefully the kidnapper is careless.”

They followed the trail. There were drops of blood on the ground, and since the leaves that have fallen are also in the same color, it was very easy to miss; however, the dog’s nose is much more sensitive compared to a trained human eye.  

As they continued to walk, searching for the next clue, Saeyoung swatted something out of his face. He caught it in his hand, thinking it was a spider web, he looked closer and found that it was hair.  

It’s her hair.  He knows exactly how her hair would shine against the sun, and the warm color was unmistakable.

“I got something,” Saeyoung called out to the tracker, who doubled back to check, and he nodded in agreement.  “That’s a good trace.  Let’s look for more.”

Later on they found more evidence—hair, loose thread from a shirt, heavy footprints, blood, scratches on tree trunks. The tracker gave a sigh, seemingly impressed.  “These are all deliberate.  She wants to be found.  She must have deliberately fallen back there to give an excuse for walking erratically, leaving all these traces.”

Saeyoung felt his heart bloom with love.  You never ceased to amaze him.  Every day was like a new discovery; to him you were a wellspring of new things that makes his heart skip a beat.

But above everything, this has taken his heart a thousand times.

“Oh MC, I love you,” he whispers.


You suddenly feel scared.  Absolutely mortified.  Your heart starts to drum wildly against your chest, your ears drumming, as if you can hear your own blood frantically rush through your veins.  When you heard him get up from his chair, you almost wanted to grab his ankles to stop him from opening the door.  Whatever illusion of bravery you’ve had is slowly shedding, and you feel yourself succumb to panic.

You almost yelped when you heard the door click open.  “Yes, she is here.”

And then you heard it. Slow, deliberate steps on the concrete floor, heading towards you.  Somehow this pace seems…familiar.  Horrifyingly familiar.

“Oh my, you’re so much cuter in person,” the man spoke, and his voice was laced with so much malice you felt your spine shiver.  You heard the door close, and you feel the tears starting to well in your eyes beneath the blindfold.

The man chuckled. “Oh.  My apologies, where are my manners?  I’ve been staring at you for a long time…here, let me take the blindfold off you.”

You flinch as you felt cold hands brush against your cheek, and he yanks the blindfold off.  The sudden assault of brightness from the window made you a little dizzy after many hours of seeing absolutely nothing.  You squinted, blinking several times for your eyes to adjust to the onslaught of light…

You froze.

“It can’t be…”


A/N:  I know I mentioned some…stuff…on the author’s notes on Part 11 about the next chapter, but I decided to cut that out first.  I’m not satisfied with how I have written it, so please give me some time to fix it T_T

Anyway I hope you stay tuned; thank you so much for staying with me this far *bows*

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