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It moderately pisses me off that Overwatch very much has the Rosemary problem going for it at this point.

That being where, despite an even split of male/female characters in the canon, and one or more f/f ships being popular (even canon, in the case of Rosemary), they are still vastly outnumbered by the m/m ships… And what’s more, a large percentage of the fics tagged as any given f/f pairing, they’re just a background ship.

It’s really disappointing regardless, but even more so for a canon where, before I got into it, all I saw in the way of art - and I mean regular art, not porn - was two f/f pairings…

Though I guess that’s partially my fault for having a biased dash, formed in the korrasami days.

me: yeah… i don’t really take any dc rumors seriously. who knows if any of them could be true at all

dc rumors: lex luthor is going to have a huge role in justice league, break out of prison, endear himself to the public, and then make brainiac in man of steel 2



I didn’t achive the grades I needed to get into my first choice university. I was absolutely heartbroken because I’d worked as hard as I possibly could, gave it my all, and it still wasn’t enough. I had spent the last two years dreaming about achieving the best grades I could and going off to study clinical psychology at Exeter on the best course in the country. I pretty much put everything (including relationships and my health) on hold to study so I could get into my first choice. But unfortunately now that’s not going to happen.

I’ve taken some time to think about it and maybe that’s okay. Of course I’m still devastated but considering how hard I had to push myself at A level just to try to get onto that course perhaps it would have been too much for me anyway. So for now I accept that the chance to study at my first choice is gone, but the chance to study and eventually practice as a clinical psychologist is not.

So if anyone is studying at Anglia Ruskin in September let me know x


no i get everyone loves the donut hoodie and all (so do i) but does no one care that it’s by odd future?? like when i saw it i got so hype ngl

long words for simple concepts (A Nursing School Memoir)

why would you say “it stops clots from forming” in conversation when you could instead say “It’s prophylaxis for thrombotic events”

heart attack–>myocardial infarction

they aren’t itchy hives they’re urticaria with pruritis

“blood-thinners” are anticoagulants (This one actually drives me a little nuts, because they don’t “thin” your blood–coagulation=clotting.  There is no “thinning” involved)

Plus there’s a procedure called an esophagogastroduodenoscopy, so why would you NOT want to say that as often as possible.

This is a huge moment for us, and it’s definitely going to put even more steam behind us as we begin season 2. But we know that we have a duty to this story and to the people who have latched onto this show and been affected by it in such a tangible way. There’s no way we’re going to let anybody down.
—  Rami Malek on Mr. Robot’s award season madness! x

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Hi, I'm seeing everyone talking about the interview where Niall Louis and Harry are talking about FIFA. Everyone is saying Harry looks smug but from what I've seen he looks really pissed off when Louis talks about parties and chilling in their hotel rooms. Why are people ignoring that? He looks so angry.

yeah you’re right he looks fucking furious holy shit he’s about to go off i hope they didn’t use their nice china that cupcake better run for its life #dark harry