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Different kinds of war

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony), some Bruclintasha (Bruce x Clint x Natasha)

summary: Luckily, some confilicts can be solved by kisses and hugs.

length: 896 words

a/n: a short drabble, inspired by three things! try to guess them all! another fic in the series of ‘I want Tony and Steve together and happy’, which you can basically read as a fluff without plot. the best kind of fic, right ;D?!


Different kinds of war

The air around them was thick and heavy. They were together through so much, but there were some conflicts, words couldn’t solve.

“Are you sure you want to do this right now?” Steve asked in a heavy breath, his stance tense and gaze set on Tony. It seemed too drastic.

Tony narrowed his eyes, not crumbling under the blue eyes of the perfect soldier. “Oh, I want it, Cap,” he said in a strong voice. There was no way back. “Unless.. you’re chicken,” he added, just to antagonize the soldier more.

Steve’s eyes widened at such blunt display of cockiness. Alright, Tony was asking for it. “Well, let’s end this. Once and for all.”

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Most restaurants have a few things in common. They serve food, they have people to make you the food, and they don’t allow food or drink from anywhere but in said restaurant.

But people try to bring their own anyway.

Had a guy(?) come in tonight. He had to be wheeled in because, well, he had more rolls than a pastry truck. He’s actually so heavy at this point he doesn’t really have a shape anymore - it’s like a blob with a head. It’s important to mention that he’s the only one in the restaurant, besides his giant tribble that pushes him around.

Anyway…he and his hairy slave get to the table and I go say hi when…

Me: Hi how are you toni—-
Him: I want an empty glass and breadsticks.
Me: … Asshole.

Well then! So I walk away from the table and come back and…

Me: Hi how are you tonight? How many times will I do this before he gets it? I’m guessing about 7.
Him: Where’s my glass?

Let’s try again. I walk away from the table and come back and…

Me: Hi how are you tonight?
Him: I’d be a lot better if I had my glass.
Me: Sir we don’t allow outside food or drink. I see the top of a 2-liter bottle of soda sticking out from what I suspect is an armpit.
Him: Fine. I want a water with NO lemon. And where are my breadsticks?
Me: Be right back. Where are your manners? Or any kind of definition to your body for that matter.

As I walk away, the poor unfortunate wildebeest that carts fatass around signals to me with a series of grunts and that she wants water with lemon as well.

So I get them damn water and damn breadsticks. And with me right there he proceeds to A) Dump the entire glass of water on the floor B) laugh about it and C) pour himself a coke from his armpit bottle.

I go tell my GM I’m throwing a guest out. She looks out from the office, sees who I’m talking about and tells me I CAN GET RID OF HIM HOWEVER I WANT. HE’S ALREADY BANNED.

I’d like to mention that at this moment a golden light fell upon me, and I heard the angels sing, and at that moment I knew - I was the chosen one.

I would not pass this opportunity up. I got the mop out. While I was gone his androgynous wookie had followed his lead and dumped its water on the floor as well.

Fatass: Har har har I told you I wanted an empty glass and now I have it! Har har har har *wheeze*
Chewbacca: HAHAHAHA! Let’s order!
Me: Nope.   I’d like to think at this point both of them passed a potato through their hearts and died a lot inside.   Him: What do you mean “nope?” Are you fucking stupid? I’m the customer!
Me: Nope, I’m not stupid, but I’m not serving you either. I won’t even sell you take-out. In fact, I’m going to ask you to leave.
Her: Gwaaaaaah!
Him: YOU CAN’T MAKE US LEAVE! THIS IS DISCRIMINATION! Me: Actually, I’m asking you to leave because you dumped water on the floor. As an added bonus you’ve already been banned due to your behavior in the past. Have a great night. Just have it elsewhere.   With that I took their sodas, smiled, and left them alone in the dining room.   A few minutes later I walk out figuring they must be gone so I could clear the table and hopefully get nobody else in so I could leave. THEY WERE STILL THERE.   They beckon me over by waving a giant chunk of meat with a hand and I walk over.   Him: We aren’t leaving until we get some service. Me: OK then but you’ll have to wait.   The local PD helped them understand what “banned” meant. And they were even kind enough to explain to them the meaning of “trespass” and “do not return!”   I like the local PD.