it's about time i started paying attention to her body shape as well as getting her face right

Tell Me

Summary: Sam has this habit of distracting you every time he comes to visit. Working out more, forgetting to wear a shirt, you know the drill. But what happens when he finds a way to distract you when you’re in class as well?

Word Count: 5187 (got a little carried away. Not sorry at all)

Warnings: Implied smut. Sam Fucking Winchester (let’s be honest here, he is a warning all in himself)

A/N: @dancing-the-hellfire-rumba​‘s fic Sexy Bastard is the fic that started this whole thing. Seriously, as soon as I read her summary “Sam is a fucking tease, okay?” I knew that I was done for. I’ve been working on this for an entire week because it just had to be done. Also, perfect timing! Happy Birthday Sam Winchester, you tease!

Tell Me English MasterlistDime Masterlist en Español

“How about that homework last night?” Jonathan asked, sliding into his normal seat beside you.

“Ugh, don’t remind me,” Nelly groaned, turning in her chair to talk to you two. “Lil and I worked on it for six hours and we still don’t know if we did it right.”

“Right?” You agreed emphatically, getting war flashbacks to your battles with the case study and your excel spreadsheet. “I swear, we haven’t even learned half of the stuff it was asking us to do.”

Rhetta pushed her chair closer and you fought to hold back your eye-roll. Here comes her self-righteous, better-than-you speech. “Actually, we learned about the regression analysis last week, and it was just a hop, skip, and a jump to answering question five from there.”

How about you just hop, skip, and jump away from us?

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Love and First Sight: Chapter One

Vice Principal Larry Johnston extends his hand.

To clarify: I don’t see this. I hear the swish of his shirtsleeve.

“Nice to meet you, William.”

The fabric sound plays again&emdash;the hand retracting.

“I’m sorry, I guess you can’t do that now, can you? You probably want to feel my face?”

He grabs my arm and smacks my palm against his cheek, knocking me off balance so I have to step into the musk of his aftershave.

“Where do you normally start? Eyes? Nose? Mouth?”

He shifts my fingers across the front of his face with each suggestion. His skin is rough and pockmarked, like the outside of an orange.

“No, actually, I don’t do that,” I say, pulling my hand away. “I identify people based on their voices.”

“And…also…” I add. I can’t resist. “Yes?” he asks, all eager to please.

“Well, I don’t usually touch faces, but I am gifted with a heightened sense of smell that allows me to recognize a person’s pheromones, which are concentrated just below the ear, so if you wouldn’t mind … ?”

I touch my pointer finger to my nose.

His excitement drops. “Oh…you want to…smell… my ear?”

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Shape Of You (E.D)

Summary: This is based off the song Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. Ethan meets a girl at a bar. Does Ethan start to fall for her?

Word Count:1,967

Warnings: Sexual mentions. (brief)

A/N: Ethan is older in this, like 22/23. I know they said they wouldn’t drink, but lets just pretend they do for the time being. 

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Ethan’s POV

The club isn’t the best place to find a lover
So the bar is where I go
Me and my friends at the table doing shots
Drinking fast and then we talk slow

“Peace!” Grayson and I shouted at our camera.

“Finally! I feel like we’ve been filming forever!” Grayson said, walking over to turn the camera off.

“At least we got the filming out the way. Now all we gotta do is edit, and have it up on Tuesday.” I said, packing up the filming equipment.

“Lets edit tomorrow. Aaron and Jack wanted to go get some drinks tonight.” Grayson said, as we were putting everything away in our camera room.

Grayson and I finally finished filming all our videos for next week. Tonight we decided to go have a few drinks with our friends Aaron, and Jack.

* * * *

We were at the bar, drinking and talking, as we waited for another round of shots. I couldn’t help but notice a beautiful girl sitting across the bar. She was sitting with a group of girls who I assumed were her friends. She had on some kind of white shirt that exposed her shoulders, showing off her lightly tan skin. Her hair was pushed back into a low ponytail, giving me a clear view of her face. Her gaze met mine, and her stained red lips formed into a smile.

“Yo E, what are you staring at?” Grayson asked, causing the guys to stop talking, and glancing in the same direction as me.

“Dude she’s hot!” Aaron said, before drinking his beer.

“Go talk to her dude!” Jack said, pushing me off my seat slightly.

“Uh I think she’s coming over here E.” Grayson said. 

And you come over and start up a conversation with just me
And trust me I’ll give it a chance now
Take my hand, stop, put Van the Man on the jukebox
And then we start to dance, and now I’m singing like

She was walking over to our end of the bar with her drink in hand. She had on some tight olive colored jeans, showing off the curves of her hips. She looked tall, but that could’ve been from the heels she was wearing.

She placed the drink down on the counter, and took the empty seat next to mine. 

“Hey, I’m Y/N.” she said, reaching out her hand to shake mine. 

“I’m Ethan. Um n-nice to meet you.” I replied nervously, grabbing her hand in mine to shake it. I noticed her well groomed nails, were polish a soft pink color.

* * * *

I introduced her to the guys. After a while they left, and so did her friends, leaving just me and Y/N. I told her about myself, and about YouTube. She thought it was pretty cool, and promise that she’ll watch some of our videos. We spent over an hour talking getting to know each other a little bit, while we enjoyed a few more drinks.

She was sitting in the bar stool, swaying back and forth to the music playing on the juke box. 

“Want to dance?” I asked, holding out my hand.

“Sure.” she smiled, taking my hand and we walked over to the dance floor.

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Girl, you know I want your love
Your love was handmade for somebody like me
Come on now, follow my lead
I may be crazy, don’t mind me
Say, boy, let’s not talk too much
Grab on my waist and put that body on me
Come on now, follow my lead
Come, come on now, follow my lead

Her hands were placed on each of my shoulder, while my hands were at the small of her back as we swayed to the rhythm of the music. Her eyes were locked on the ground, I couldn’t tell if it was because she was nervous or is she was scared that I was going to step on all of her toes. Even with heels on she was still short than me. Her forehead only measured up to my chin. Chuckling at the thought of how much shorter she’ll be without the heels on. I guess she heard me, which caused her eyes to dart up at me. 

“What?” she asked, eyes meeting mine.

“Nothing, you’re just pretty short.” I said, flashing her a smile, making her playfully roll her eyes at me.

We continued to talk while we were dancing. Somewhere in the mist of our conversation, I couldn’t help but her lost into her soulful eyes. They had a sparkle to them, that captivated me. She was truly so beautiful. I guess she noticed I had stop paying attention, so she grabbed both of my hands that were resting on her back, catching me off guard. She moved them down to her waist, hooking her arms around the back of my neck. Pulling me closer. Our bodies were so close that it sent electric shocks through me as we swayed slowly on the dance floor to the music.

I’m in love with the shape of you
We push and pull like a magnet do
Although my heart is falling too
I’m in love with your body

We continued to move slowly to the music. My hands still on her waist. Wishing that they could be all over her right now. I wanted to run my hands over every line, every curve on her body. Memorizing her body. I wanted to taste her pink lips, and feel her wavy hair between my fingers. I wanted to love every inch of her.

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And last night you were in my room
And now my bedsheets smell like you
Every day discovering something brand new
I’m in love with your body

I opened my eyes to see Grayson with his phone in my face. I smacked it away, annoyed at how he always loves to wake me up.

“Woah! Did you guys have sex last night?” he asked. He raised his eyebrows, picking up a condom wrapper off the floor.

“Are you cheating on me Ethan?” Grayson said in his girl voice, fake crying into his hands. 

“Dude get the fuck out!” I yelled, throwing a pillow at him, as he was running out the bedroom.

I turned over to the other side of the bed, and the scent of Chanel perfume filled my nose. Moments from last night flashed back into my head.

* Flashback *

… picking up my pace, I started thrusting harder. Faster. Loud moans escaping her lips every time the thick length of my dick, brushed up against her clit with every thrust. I kissed her hard, feeling myself reaching that point. I gave her one more deep thrust, my groans vibrating through her body, as I released into the condom. I rolled off of her and onto my side, resting my hand on top of her waist pulling her towards me. Falling asleep with my long arm draped around her.

* End Of Flashback *

One week in we let the story begin
We’re going out on our first date
You and me are thrifty, so go all you can eat
Fill up your bag and I fill up a plate
We talk for hours and hours about the sweet and the sour
And how your family is doing okay
Leave and get in a taxi, then kiss in the backseat
Tell the driver make the radio play, and I’m singing like

I met Y/N a little over a week ago at the bar, and almost instantly we had a connection. Maybe that sounds a little cliche, but I like her, and I’m pretty sure she likes me too. We’ve been texting none stop since she left my house early that morning after the bar. She wasn’t like these other girls, she was different. She didn’t care about me being a well known YouTuber. She didn’t treat me like I was “famous”. She treated me like any other normal, average guy. I decided it was time for an actual date. I mean aside from that night, we haven’t been able to hang out or see each other because of both our busy schedules. Her with college and work, and me with filming. I finally had some time off this week, so I decided to call her up, and maybe set up a little something.

* * * *

I decided to take Y/N on a hike, and I would have a nice picnic set up for us under the beautiful LA night sky. I wanted us to be somewhere were we could be by ourselves and really get to enjoy each others company. Talk, and get to know one another a little bit better. 

She told me more about her life, as did I. We talked about her family, about good things, and even the bad things that happened in our lives. We were so comfortable with each other, and there was no doubt that the connection we had was strong. We lost track of time, and by the time I checked my watch it was already a little past midnight. I didn’t want the date to end, but I knew it was time, we both headed home. 

I made sure I had an Uber waiting for us, that way we didn’t have to walk back home. Within a few minutes, the Uber pulled up. I opened the door for Y/N, and she got in sliding towards the window with me getting in right after her. 

I wrapped my left arm around her shoulder, gently pulling her body towards mine. Letting her body fall a little on mine, so she can rest her hand comfortably on my shoulder. 

“Thank you for an amazing date Ethan.” she spoke. Her voice was low, but I was able to make out what she was saying.

“Hopefully we can do this again soon.” I said, looking at down at her with a cocked up eyebrow. This was my way of asking her on another date. 

“I’d love to.” she replied, tilting her head up, and her eyes meeting mine. Impulsively, I leaned down and kissed her. Immediately her hands found the sides of my cheeks, and she kissed me back. My hand found its way to the small of her back, pushing her closer towards me. Without breaking the kiss, she threw one leg over me, and straddle me in the back of the Uber. My other hand rested on the back of her neck. Our kisses became deeper, and more intense. I heard the driver turn up the radio, I’m guessing to block us out, but I didn’t care. 

Our kiss was interrupted by the sound of someone clearing their throat. We pulled away to see that we were in front of Y/N’s apartment complex. I was about to tell her goodbye, but without saying a word, she grabbed my hand pulling me out the backseat of the Uber. Walking me up the stairs to her apartment.

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Girl, you know I want your love
Your love was handmade for somebody like me
Come on now, follow my lead
I may be crazy, don’t mind me
Say, boy, let’s not talk too much
Grab on my waist and put that body on me
Come on now, follow my lead
Come, come on now, follow my lead

Home - Jimin Smut

A/N: Requested by a friend (; first smut so if it’s bad please don’t choke me.

Word count: 1.1k

Jimin x Asia

[M]- Includes fluff in the beginning, swearing, thigh riding, and just smut in general. 

‘An inseparable pair soon were parted for a few months as tour came up for Jimin and the boys. Time slowly slipped past; when he came home home early and quite exhausted to settle down his beloved girlfriend, Asia, she had other plans in mind. Surely he gave in.’


Was it an overstatement to say that this has by far been the worst four months of any human being’s life? Surely it was, but for Asia it was an understatement.

It was never really brought up in her mind before he went away on tour but she had noticed scents made an impact on her mood, especially the scent that Jimin carried on. It wasn’t very describable, but it was his. A smell that gave off the vibe of an open-heart and comfort.

Now as time went by, there were few items that carries it which were his sweatshirt, and the pillow that had laid beside her every night. Though it had faded as the days went on.

Of course, it wasn’t just the scent that she missed and that brought comfort. It was simply a nit pick of something she wish there was more of left behind with her as he lived out his dream far away.

His smile, she missed that for sure.

Following up is his laugh.

The way he would crack at his own jokes which lead to Asia simply shaking her head with a big smile that burned her cheeks; vice versa.

The way he surprised her everyday with a new level of kindness and love she never even knew existed.

The way he caressed her on the mattress late at night as they discussed each others life goals, moments, and just life in general. It would go on for hours as he would carefully rub her shoulder, slowly sliding down to her waist as his face would now be buried in the back of her neck.

He listened attentively but she just couldn’t keep focus with his touch. He knew what he was doing while picking up on her notion. As his fingers swiftly slid down her thigh, she would catch herself trembling on her own words.

He would notice she would completely stop talking.

Jimin’s hand would continue sliding until he reached her front.

She missed that.

She missed when he would tell her to continue talking, as he wanted to hear her voice once more as his fingers would crawl and touch on all the right places.

Light moaning.

Warm breath on her neck as he whispered sweet words softly.

The memory streak was now broken as Asia lied in bed right next to the crooked window which peaked open, a colder breeze drifted and hit her neck as if it was doing its best to keep her from furthering into a love sickness

A loud sigh of disappointment escaped her dry lips, sprawled out on the bed with a half-dead phone in hand. She had turned the screen on to check the time and date 10:40 PM, February 14.

Yes, it also happened to be Valentines Day. Not that it was usually a big deal to her, she knew it was just a commercialized holiday which she didn’t pay much attention to either way. It was just the fact she was hurt he didn’t even check on her like he usually did through text or a phone call. Very strange.

She let go of the phone in her hand completely, letting it drop and lightly bounce until it found its comfort.

Burying her face into the cleaned off bedsheets, she reminisced through her thoughts unintentionally once more. House cleaning was already done, the dog had been fed, the room was now tidy. She didn’t really know what to do with herself. Reaching out to friends on this day was useless considering they all were spending gracious amounts of time with their loved ones.

It was as though she felt her heart being knocked out of her chest.

It actually sort of sounded like it too.

Furrowing her eyebrows, she quickly sat up and lightly gasped to see the door was wide open with the man she had been missing for the longest time. Before he even got the chance to speak, Asia shuffled off the bed and into his arms as he let out a loud laugh embracing her back tightly and secure.

“Missed me?” He asked rhetorically with a giant smile he couldn’t wipe off.

“No shit.” She replied without hesitation, getting a kiss on the forehead in response.

The room suddenly got extremely warm like she originally wanted it, the spent minutes catching up on tour, her congratulating him and all that. He even bought her chocolates as he made sure not to forget this ‘holiday’.

The sweets were set on the bedside table as they decided to lay and cuddle for a while, talking as she could already feel that he was extremely tired out. His eyes were heavy but he seemed intrigued in everything she was saying. He even showed it too.

He spooned her, doing what he always used to do now out of habit. It started with a hand on her shoulder, making it’s way up and down her arm before it decided to land on her waist.

He continued to move his hand along her waist down to her thigh, listening closely as well as he didn’t even notice how this was affecting her this time.

Maybe it was the fact Asia had no problem in speaking, nothing seemed out of the ordinary or that she was bothered.

As a matter of fact, she was quite bothered. Bothered at the fact the warmth of his hand would not go where she wanted it to be placed. It actually frustrated her in a sense, she just didn’t want to be vocal about it. She wanted to wait.

But as they continue the conversation, time seemed as it wasn’t the best answer in this scenario. It was the train of thought she took of what to do next which made her completely silent as he was speaking.

“Asia?” He asked in a raspy voice, now moving his hand up to play with her hair.

She looked up too see a small bit of his raven, slightly greased hair that glistened near the light of the table lamp.

Now she had turned her whole body so they would be face to face, leaving Jimin to just stair as his arms moved at the motion.

A sly smirk was painted on his face just by the look his significant other was giving. Truthfully, he couldn’t help but doze off as the silence continued.

“I want you..” Asia trailed, pulling his arm to her side once again, making his eyes open and look down at what she was doing. “Please.” She willingly begged.

Jimin’s mouth made a small 'o’ shape, soon biting his bottom lip lightly as he didn’t want to break down his decision in his head he already had. He was too tired for this but still had that urge in the back of his mind. The words that came out of his mouth rebelled against what his thoughts were.

“Get on then, kitten.” His tone was low and quite fragile, it was enough to make her easily move closer to him. Heat was risen and multiple different area so she obeyed and straddled his right thigh.

His motions were sloppy, but he tried his best to get the pleasure out of her in an instant. He placed both hands on her sides and almost seemed to be pulling her towards himself.

Those notions easily had her lightly grind his thigh, already feeling soaked through her sweatpants. She wanted to take them off so bad but he had kept a grip, as though he was intentionally teasing her; which he was in fact.

Asia gripped at his shoulders to keep a balance,  groaning in a soft manner as the heat was risen even more. Her clit softly grazing over his jeans, crotch easily getting closer and closer to his own.

After a while she had gotten used to the feeling, the softness of his lips collided with her neck, the witness immediately causing more stimulation. She picked up the pace, grazing over and over.

As she was working in reaching her peak, his hands grazed up and under her shirt. The signal was brought her her attention, lifting her arms up he pulled her shirt off and threw it to the ground beside them. He looked down and slid his hands to her back, undoing her bra and sliding that off as well.

Jimin had noticed she’d been pressing down harder, desperately trying to reach her height. It had been noted she was close. She could feel the climax coming in, moaning loudly just to get the full effect.

But right before she could get the ultimate pleasure out of it, he removed his lips from her neck and firmly pushed her off of him which ended in her laying back first onto the bed and him hovering over.

It had gotten to the point where seeing her get all the pleasure made him extremely hard, it hurt every single second he knew she was getting closer. The tent in his jeans now pressed against her crotch, causing the two to both let out a muffled and quiet moan.

His hands slid to the button of her pants, undoing and sliding it down as she chimed in as well.

Now the two were left almost completely naked, except for the underwear that was keeping them apart from what they wanted to be doing.

It was a strange feeling for Jimin, he wasn’t very correlated at the moment. Tired but horny. They both missed this so much it was insane, so it was better to keep on with this.

Asia’s right hand grazed over his bare chest, goosebumps all over their bodies. His hand reached the the band of her underwear, slowly sliding it off with the help of her kicking it to the side.

While his boxer were still on, his hard member hiding inside pounced down right over her clit, grinding slowly as it drove both of them crazy.

Finally he had pulled down the item of clothing and revealed what he had been waiting to let out. He was grinding slowly, leaning in to leave love marks starting at her jaw; trailing down her neck all the way to her chest area. Whines and moans were exchanged, Asia had been begging with an incredibly breathy tone for him to just fuck her.

“Please~” was repeated over and over, her clit throbbing as his member slowly glazed over it.

His lips then went up by her ear, letting out his sweet little words. “You want my cock inside you that badly?” he slurred.

She whined in response, biting deeply into her bottom lip as she couldn’t help but buck her hips up. Quickly he removed his lips from her skin and glared down at her, now holding her hips down to make sure she wouldn’t get off so effortlessly.

Without a word, he slid his cock into her dripping wet hole; not too hard yet not exactly soft. It was perfect. It was as though a weight had been lifted off their backs as a sloppily moved in and out.

Very sloppy to say the least, the pace seemed to be picked up as fast as ever. He watched as her  breasts bounced at the pace, causing him to thrust harder.

Asia was at the point of almost screaming, knowing how much he missed the vocal part of her. Low grunts were let out on his behalf with the occasional high-pitched whine that he couldn’t hold back even if he tried.

At last the light at the end of the tunnel was near, she felt as her heat came closer and closer, crashing into an end of pure bless. She let out a loud and long moan, pushing her beloved over this edge.

“Shit.” He muttered, the last and final hard thrusts were made pushing him over. He pulled out as he moaned softly, stroking his own member as he came all over the bedsheets.

They had both breathed heavily as Jimin took a spot beside her, laying down on his back and catching his breath. The couple took a glance at each other, Jimin showing of his plastered smirk as always.

“I missed this.” Asia breathed out, rolling over on to her side as she placed her head on his chest. His arm held her closer as he licked his lips, now placing a kiss on top of her head.

“I missed you.”

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anonymous asked:

Either "Bitch better have my money" or "Zero fucks given. Next please" for the five word prompts.

Pairing: Trimberly

“Bitch better have my money”

read it on AO3

Trini’s sneakers pound against the pavement as she scours the entire school grounds at the end of the day. Her eyes scan the passing areas acutely but fail to yield the results she’s seeking. Fingers fly across her phone’s screen as fast as her feet are carrying her across campus.

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Bathtub Mermaid

He really shouldn’t be here. The continuous mantra of his discomfort since the very moment he realized just where this supposed “party” he’d been dragged along for as a favor to Mr. Scamm-Newt he quickly corrected himself remembering how his new friend kept reassuring him that it was okay to refer to him by his name. It all had started when Newts older brother sent the invitations for his wedding and for a, and I quote “small get together”. And now here they were both equally uncomfortable at the back tables of the Speakeasy they were unknowingly taken to. Although it did seem like Newt was attempting to ease his nerves much over his own, for which Credence couldn’t begin to express how much he appreciated all that his new friend had done for him. If the night had proceeded with just the two of them making small talk and look down from the stage at just the right time for the dancers to loose one too many articles of clothes. Honestly the performances weren’t bad, quite the contrary they were breathtaking but Credence’s own set of beliefs made him shy away from looking upon the bodies of strangers the way the other men and women in the showroom were. But when Newts brother came up and sweep him away to introduce him to some work friends of his and pulled Credence towards one of the center tables so that he “wouldn’t be alone for long” thats when things started to go downhill for Credence. Stuck on his own and having a center seat to the next performance but still too anxious to move on his own towards the back tables, ‘what if he moved and Newt couldn’t find him’ he reasoned as he slowly settled into his new seating almost seemingly attempting to hide into himself, almost like a turtle. As expected the next performance started as the light dimmed down to a single spotlight soft music starts to play, much slower than the last, a piano ballad commenced and Credence could swear there was the faint smell of soap and flowers. 

“Rise and fall Silver moon tide erased my foot prints 

Then I picked up broken scales

 Stuck them to my tail “

 A single performer appeared on the enchanted stage which now resembled a glamorous bathroom and center stage was a young woman within a large bathtub. The soft chalk like colors surrounding them making the brilliance of the jewels adorning them almost hypnotic.

“ Ah~ If love truly makes you blind 

Then I guess There is no need 

 I’ll trade my eyes So you can see for me”

 This performance was much more delicate than the ones before it. Showing more of an innocent view towards sensuality, using the water and suds to show a softer side of burlesque and making sure to leave the audience wanting more. Your routine had it own dare he say magical aspect to it, and not just because you literally had a mermaid tail at the beginning of your performance and now your slowly sticking up your very much human legs. The sight quite literally robbed him oh his breath, watching the water and bubbles run down your legs was almost too much for him. He couldn’t look away it felt like you were calling out to him and the rest of the world didn’t matter anymore. 

“ And then I gave you my eyes 

To see all the colours 

And then I gave you my ears

 To hear all the sirens And then I gave you my heart 

To fill in the emptiness chest And then I gave you my brain 

So that you can learn to love”

 Nearing the end of your performance you were almost entirely out of bubbles to pop and Credence could now clearly see the long row of pearls curled around your neck and reaching down your curves as you deliberately bended over giving the audience a view of your backside as you stepped out of the tub and softly sashayed your way across the stage towards the edge. And now only a foot of distance between you and him and Credence couldn’t control the butterflies in his stomach, much less his erratic heartbeat. You must have noticed his flushed face because at the end of the song you blew a kiss in his direction and heart shaped bubbles glided in his direction. It took a few minutes for Credence to come back down to earth at being noticed by someone as beautiful as you, Newt literally had to place his hand on his shoulder and shake him a bit in order for Credence to even notice that Newt was next to him. “Well…wasn’t that quite the showstopper” Newt teased seeing how you had quite literally left his friend speechless. “I’ll be honest with you Credence this “bathtub mermaid” aesthetic is nice and all but real sirens-“ Credence was only halfway paying attention to Newt ramble about his experiences with sirens back at Hogwarts during his youth seeing as how he was still on cloud nine. It wasn’t until an elf brought their table a bubbling pink drink and placed in front of him that they both noticed someone else was at their table trying to catch their attention. 

"Excuse me, but- um.. I didn’t order this” Credence almost mumbled as he tried to find his voice. “I know” the house elf curtly replied “Its from her” he answered with a dismissive point of his head behind him as he walked away. As both Credence and Newt curiously followed his departure they turned to see you at the bar sending a smile and a wave of your hand. “Unexpected and yet completely expected…well are you going to go to her? Newt turned to look at Credence who already seemed like he was itching to go over to you. ” You wouldn’t mind?“ He questioned "Of course not!” Newt reassured “Go ahead I’ll be here and make sure Theseus doesn’t do anything too stupid, or at least that I’m there to witness when he does” Newt chuckled as Credence took a deep breath and slowly walked over to you, almost tripping over his own feet in his nerves. “Hello…” he blanked out on what to say so nervous that it was a miracle he was even able to open his mouth. You were more clothed now, in a long flowing dress that practically pooled at your feet and made you look almost ethereal. “Hello to you too” you laughed softly as you introduced yourself and invited his to sit next to you and started to talk to him Credence decided he wouldn’t let this be the last time he got to see you.

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Light Me Up | Chapter 1 |

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Pairing: Vernon x OFC featuring S.Coups & Jeonghan

Genre: Fluff, angst, suggestive smut

Word Count: 2842

[ Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 ] + Moodboard

Summary:  Just as the moon had her scars and imperfections, so did she. And he loved every bit of it. To him, she was the moon that shone brightest in these rare moments. The moon who’s light had been dimmed. To her, he was the sun that would eventually, light her up in every way. Only she hadn’t accepted it yet. She hadn’t yet accepted the light slowly growing inside her chest, but it wouldn’t be long until she did.

“If you can love the wrong one so much, just imagine how much you can love the right one.”

A/N: ALRIGHT! It’s finally here! I have been working on this for weeks, maybe even a month lol. I think I got a little too many people excited for this. This is a little different from what I’ve previously written. It’s going to be one hell of a ride, I can promise you that. A huge thank you to @tookorean. Thank you for editing! You’re the best. Here’s a little present on my birthday to you all <3 Enjoy!

The colorful lights bounced around while the music swallowed the place whole, beating against her eardrums. This wasn’t anything new. She was more than used to this atmosphere.

Her uncle owned the club and about a year ago, he left her in charge as he took care of his other businesses. He trusted her enough, as she was of age and more responsible than any other twenty-one-year-old he’d met. She, respected him in return, treating him like her own father.

Besides, there wasn’t anything particular she planned to do with her life anytime soon. Any plans were washed away with her past relationship. She had lost her motivation and enthusiasm, burying both deeply within herself.

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Shine (A. Ham)

Requested- nope but you can request here !!
Word Count- 1.1k
Summary- Alex would go to the end of the universe for his family

Originally posted by gornergrat

“Okay so see that super bright star right there, that’s Vega. If you look right there you can see how it forms the constellation called Lyra,” Alexander’s eyes were locked on you as you pointed out each constellation visible in the clear night sky. You had driven Alex out beyond the city, insisting that no matter how much you loved Laurens if you spent any longer in their apartment you’d explode.

“Babe you’re not even paying attention,” You giggled, curling deeper into his shoulder.

“What’s that w-shaped one there?” He murmured, pointing to a group of stars above your heads.

“That’s one of my favorites, it’s called Cassiopeia. One of its stars gives off lots of radio signals that you can listen to. In ancient mythology she was a beautiful queen too,” Each word rolled effortlessly from your lips as you tangled you fingers in his curls.

“They all have such pretty names. When I finally marry you, I hope we have a daughter as beautiful as you and all these glowing stars,” His voice was sleepy, his breathing slowing as he drifted into sleep leaving you alone beneath the celestial blanket with thoughts of your future with Alex filling your mind.

You sat up instantly in bed, pain wracking your body. You pushed on Alexander’s shoulder while pulling yourself from the bed, clutching your body.

“A-Alex, we need to get to the hospital,” His eyes dilated with astonishment, nodding as he helped you and his unborn child to the door of your home. The image of him, standing in the doorway with the duffel bag you both had packed prior in eagerness for your new addition, glowing with excitement filled you with joy. His hand never left yours, planting kisses on your forehead throughout the day. Hours passed until you finally got to hold your daughter. Tear-filled eyes gazed upon the tiny girl who looked so much like the man you loved.

“I never thought I could love anyone as much and yet here she is,” Alex’s lips whispered beside your face, his voice laced with emotion. Exhaustion washed over you as you lay in the hospital bed watching Alexander cradle his child, bouncing her slightly while walking around the dim room.

Your heart swelled as you opened your eyes and saw three tall figures simultaneously attempt to squeeze through the narrow hospital room door.

“Shut up dumbass, you’ll wake the baby,”

“John don’t curse in front of the lil Hamilton,” Lafayette scolded as the group finally got through the door, hurrying to surround you and Alex as you sat together on the hospital bed. The little bundle in your arms squirmed as she became seemingly aware of the crowd in awe at her.

“Boys, meet Cassiopeia Margaret Hamilton. Or as we’ll be calling her, Cassie,” Coos filled the room as your daughter blinked her eyes and smiled.  It had been two and a half years since that night you and Alexander spent beneath the stars. It had been almost a year since your wedding, the only night which contained more happy memories than this one. Alex’s look when you told him you were pregnant three months later was pure elation, him spinning you around while yelling ‘We have to call everyone! Your family, Laurens, Laf, Hercules, this is the highlight of my entire life,”. All of the moments leading up to this night where you finally got to hold your daughter.

“Can I hold her?”  You pulled your stare up to the anxious at your bedside. You nodded, grinning as you passed the baby to John.

“Don’t drop my kid,” Your husband joked, clapping his friend on the back. Laurens smiled as the child hummed lightly, his eyes glowing.

“Are you going to be like your father little one, already wanna start talking?” The room laughed, the idea of your little daughter having Alex’s ambition making the whole room blissfully hopeful. 

“Do you mind if I-?” Laf inquired, face lighting up as Laurens gently passed Cassie into his arms.

“She’s amazing, you guys- yes, you little one, you’re amazing!” He touched his nose to the child, chuckling as she blinked in amazement.

“Your uncles are going to take very good care of you, ya know that? Me and Uncle John can go on adventures-”

 “Darling, me and Laurens are going to try and find the cafeteria and get some coffee or tea or something. D’you want anything?”  You shook your head as his hand slipped from yours. You watched him playfully shove Laurens as they walked out of the door, no doubt talking about him becoming a father, something you and Alex had discussed upon his confession that nobody thought he would be the first of their group to have a family. Lafayette and Hercules sat on the couch near the window of the room, laughing to themselves as Cassie wrapped her hand around their finger while they rocked her softly. Time flowed easily with the boys in your room, Alexander returning later with Laurens and several cups of coffee. Their presence filled the room with happiness, Cassie perfectly content to be traded among her guests, cradled in their arms as everyone smiled and laughed. Alexander and Cassiopeia were your family but the three boys made it more than that, the bond shared between you stronger than any other. You lay in the hospital bed that night sleep threatening to overtake you, your baby began to cry in her bassinet and you could feel the bed shift as your husband went to comfort her.

“Hush my little star, no crying- that’s it. I hope you know I love you more than all the stars in the whole universe Cassiopeia,” He soothed, his voice lulling you to sleep as well.

“I’d go to the edge of the universe for you and your mommy baby girl,”

Sick As A Cat

Since my other little fic seemed to be kinda popular, I made a little follow up to it. Sequel to this. Enjoy! I’m Miraculous Trash

“Ugh, this is just too unbearable Alya!” moaned Marinette to her friend as they made their way home from school.

“I don’t see why you’re complaining,” commented Alya. “You’ve already had the flu, the worst is over for you. In fact, I’m pretty sure you’re the one who spread the thing.”

“Oh yeah? Well if that’s true how come you’re not sick then?”

“Girl, please. My family is huge, I’m practically immune to germs. No flu would dare try and get close to me.”

“Fair enough,” said Marinette with a sigh. “At least I have you, but Adrien hasn’t been at school all week!”

“I know it’s a shame,” mocked Alya as she checked her phone. “You might actually pay attention in class.”

“Oh ha ha, very funny,” said Marinette, rolling her eyes. “But it’s not just about not seeing him. When I had the flu, I was miserable. But I at least had my mom and dad to take care of me, I feel like Adrien doesn’t really have that.”

She failed to mention she also had Chat Noir looking after her, spoon feeding her soup and fluffing her pillows, but she had chalked the whole ordeal up to a fever dream. She hadn’t asked Tikki about it and Tikki hadn’t brought it up.

Alya’s face lightened at her friend’s sincerity. “Ah girl, that’s too sweet,” she said. “Ya know, I bet he’d really love some of your famous homemade chicken soup. Especially with that fancy sweet bread.”

“You’re right Alya!” said Marinette happily. “I’m gonna go home and get started. You’re the best!”

She shot off like a rocket towards her house, utterly determined. Alya couldn’t help but laugh. “Save me some of the sweet bread!” she shouted after her. “It was my idea, and you know it’s my favorite!”


“Oh Tikki, it’s perfect!” mused Marinette as she looked at her finished creation. She had truly outdone herself. In addition to making her famous soup and her mother’s signature sweet bread, she had packed the whole thing into personalized basket she had designed herself. She carefully wrapped the food so it would stay warm, and then decorated that packaging as well.

“I gotta say, Marinette, it looks as good as it smells!” chimed in Tikki. “And if it tastes half as good, it’ll probably be the best thing he’s ever eaten.”

She couldn’t help but blush. “Oh, no way. I mean he probably eats at super fancy restaurants all the time, I mean this is just something small, I mean-.”

“Marinette, stop! He’s gonna love it!”

Marinette was undoubtedly a hyperactive mixture of excitement and nerves.  Tikki made sure that she signed her name and placed it visibly in the basket so the past would not be repeating itself. She gathered her creation in her arms and prepared to venture towards Adrien’s house. She had one foot out the door when suddenly-

“Where’s Ladybug?!” cried a panicked citizen as it ran past the bakery, several more following. Marinette managed to stop one to ask what all the fuss was about, apparently a disgruntled city hall employee was wreaking havoc, something about sucking the fun out of everything.

Great. The last thing she needed right now was an akuma attack. Hopefully, Chat Noir was already on the scene and the whole ordeal would be over quickly.

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anonymous asked:

For the prompt thing, could you do 29 or 30 Ereannie OR 1 or 4 Jeankasa? I love your fics, they're always so good!

Prompt 4: “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?” 

Jeankasa fluff, ft. jean being a nervous wreck. 

He couldn’t stop staring at her. Not that that was different from any other day; Mikasa Ackerman was a glorious sight to behold, be it when she was slaying titans, riding off into the sunset on a horse, or simply standing by Eren’s side. Everything she did, she did with precision and refinement, honing her body into the shape he knew even the men of the Survey Corp wish they had. In Jean’s eyes, she was perfect. Yes, she did have her flaws, as any human being would, but he acknowledged them too. It didn’t make her any less magnificent to him.

But that was not the reason for his staring this time. This time, he stared, because she kept fidgeting on the chair she sat in. Her lips pursed, and her brows furrowed, like she was uncomfortable with something. Was it the chair? Eren, the idiot, hardly picked up on her fidgetiness, his back was turned to her, and he was chatting excitedly with Armin about the Ocean they’d seen months back. The rest of the dinner table didn’t notice a thing either.

Captain Levi sipped at his black tea, ignoring the rest of the world, Commander Hange discussed base tactics with her new underling over some bread and beans. Sasha was too busy chowing down to pay anyone attention, and Connie…Well, Connie never really picked up on anything until it was too late.

So, there was Jean. He decided he’d wait until everyone else cleared the table and went to kitchen duty, while the veterans headed to bed. Then he’d find out what was eating away at Mikasa.

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as a little girl, you are beautiful. your mother does your hair in braids and curls, and you are given cute little dresses to wear. relatives and friends always tell your parents how adorable you are, and even at six years old, you bask in the attention. you believe them.

so when does it change?

maybe it’s the first time you hear the word “fat” used in a negative way. used against another person, to describe a “negative” quality. “they need to lose some weight. they can’t wear that; it’s not flattering. they’re lazy. ugly. worthless.”

okay. so it’s not all right to be fat.

but being skinny, apparently, isn’t an option either. “they’re an attention seeker,” people tell you. “anorexic. they’re too skinny to be pretty. why don’t they try to put some meat on those bones?”

it’s a trap. and as an eleven-year-old girl, crying because you have stretch makes and you have been told they’re ugly, or ashamed of eating a full meal because anything but a flat-but-not-too-flat stomach is unacceptable, how are you supposed to accept yourself?

maybe you start thinking poorly of yourself the first time your guidance counselor tells you your outfit is inappropriate. “it’s distracting,” she tells you, but distracting to who? to the boys in your class, who feel they have the right to stare? to your teacher, who is thirty-five with a wife and a child? “it’s just human nature for boys to react that way.”

okay. so it’s normal to be objectified, to be given a t-shirt to wear over your dress because your shoulders are visible. a woman’s body is to be covered up, unless it benefits a man. women are to be ashamed of their figures, or at least not have the audacity to show off their legs or chests or shoulders in public.

if you’re at the beach and wearing a bikini, then by all means, go ahead. the beach is where men can stare without restraint. if you’re lucky, they’ll wait to say anything to you until they’re catcalling you on your way home from a party that night.

the moral of the story is that, as a woman, you can’t wear clothes that haven’t been pre-approved by–who else?–men. because you do not have control over your own body. you are just a woman.

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Confessions / Reveal

YOU KNOW I’ve done two vaguely LadyNoir fics for this week already but 1) that’s never enough and 2) has Marinette suffered enough? I think not

Also this is a TOTALLY different side of that love square so

Honestly I don’t see how the final reveal or some kind of communication within the love square couldn’t be super sweet and saccharine, but if anyone would react badly to anything I think it would be Marinette. And hey! it’s fun to write bad reactions so herrreeeee we go

Confessions / Reveal - a Ladrien / Adrinette angst fic (1837 words)

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Little Match Stan

Stuck in some far off town with nothing but a basket of matches to his name; will Stanley Pines find a guiding light or be snuffed out?


Stanley walked around the town. His car was totalled and beyond repair against a tree just outside of town. All there was to his name were a bunch of matches and other knickknacks he had pinched a couple of towns ago. With winter pouring down and his funds a painful low, Stanley was forced to walk around this foreign town.

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Replacement | Kim Mingyu & Jeon Wonwoo | Requested

Request: Mingyu angst, a bit fluffy? Like his gf is a Pledis stylist but there was a new fem trainee in Pledis and he starts straying away from the gf (reader) and in the end she nearly dies (by whatever) but Wonwoo saved her so now she’s with Wonwoo tysm 

Pairing: Mingyu X Reader X Wonwoo

Genre: angst/fluff

Word Count: 1,887

A/N: I’m sorry this took so long get out! Thank you for requesting, and make sure you request more when we open again! Btw I’m sorry it’s so long and so over dramatic. I definitely got carried away while writing this. This is my first ever request so I’m really nervous, but I hope you like it!

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This is story submitted by Irene @daddykitten14201. If you’ve submitted a request and I haven’t gotten to it yet, be patient. Got tons of requests. I’ll get to it.

For those who haven’t read any of my fiction yet. What I do is take story requests from my followers(actually you don’t have to be a follower to submit one). I just ask for the following info:

Your first name. If you don’t feel comfortable giving me your real name, you can give me a phony name.

Your age. 18+ please.

Physical description. A photo would be nice but not mandatory. Also include if you have tattoos or body piercings.

Sex stats. Important for the story. Tell me if you’re a virgin or fairly promiscuous. If you’re oral/anal. If you’re straight, lesbian or bi.

Where would you like to be kidnapped from? This can include but is not limited to:

Your home

Place of employment(especially if you work late)

A college campus(or high school if say you’re an 18 year old senior)

A nightclub 

A Craigslist connection 

A phony photo shoot

The mall 
The beach 

A spring break vacation 
Travel outside the US(where the cops can be very corrupt)

What would you be wearing?

Who would you like to be sold to. This can include but is not limited to:

An underground bdsm website 

A sheikh from the Middle East 
A brothel from say Latin America or Asia 

A drug lord
To be used for breeding purposes 

A Hucow or pony slave

I’m especially interested in the following stories:

A catholic schoolgirl. Obviously an 18 year old senior. Give a complete description of your uniform(and if you send a pic, send one in your uniform)
A Hooters girl. Again if you send a pic, one in your uniform. Also let me know what kind of trouble you’ve gotten in(any detentions or suspensions

A cheerleader. Again a detailed description of your uniform and if you send a pic, one in your uniform.

A mother/daughter slave combo. Whether you’re a young girl with a hot mom or a milf with a hot daughter at least 18.

Without further ado. Feel free to give any feedback.

Irene was an 18 year old high school senior. She was somebody who caught our eye one day. She had a very nice shape to her. She was only 4'10". She had nice tits and ass and a flat stomach. Just the way I love women. She did have green hair(I think she has blonde roots).

I spent the next week keeping her under surveillance and determining her pattern. She typically started school at 8pm and finished at 230pm.

Friday was the day I decided to make my move. Irene was apparently dressed for this day(senior picture day). She was in a strapless black mini dress and black stiletto heels. Great outfit for a woman to be tied up in. I had my partners Bruce and Rick come with our slaver van. At 2:30, she came out. Another break came our way when we realized she was wearing earbuds while listening to music on her iPhone. So she’s not paying attention to much else. We waited till she was in an area that was kind of secluded. We slowly pulled up by Irene. She still wasn’t really paying attention. So Bruce and Rick quickly opened the van door and grabbed her.

“Hey what are you doing?!!!” yelled Irene

“Let me go!!!. Let me goooo!!!!!


We then took out rope and first secured her wrists behind her back back. Then her ankles together. And then we tied her wrists and ankles together to put her in a hogtie. She was fighting us all the way. Like a trapped and caged animal. Then we took out a head harness ball gag, put the gag in her mouth and strapped it around her head. The final touch was a black hood that we sealed around her head.

While I drove back to the slave training facility, Bruce and Rick as always were keeping our new slave “company”. Feeling her up, especially her private parts. Groping and fondling her. Rick was rubbing her clit area of her panties. She started moaning. Then to his delight, he felt her cumming.

“Hey I think this cunt is enjoying this. You should check her panties.” observed Rick.

“Oh my little piece of meat. We’re gonna have a so much fun together ”.

“Mmmmppphhh!” moaned Irene.

She was now resigned to the fact that she was going to be raped. She held out hope that since we wore ski masks we would let her go when we were finished with her since she couldn’t identify us. Well we indeed planned to rape her. And she was right, that was the least of her worries.


We arrived at the slave training facility after 45 minutes of driving. The facility was located in the sticks. We undid Irene’s hogtie and ankle restraints. We gave her the perp walk into the facility with Bruce and Rick grabbing each arm. Irene tried to get away but with her hood on she couldn’t see and legs were numb from being in the hogtie. We brought her on the elevator. Since it was afternoon, we took our new slave 1 floor underground to have Dr Richards, a defrocked gynecologist(for groping and fondling his patients), give the slave an exam. We stripped it naked and weighed and measured the slave. Then it was strapped to a gynecology table. Leather straps on both sides of it tits, another strap secured its waist, its wrists were secured with medical restraints. Its legs we strapped to stirrups leaving the slave humiliated in an exposed and vulnerable position. A dental gag was placed in its mouth.

First the slave was tested for std’s. Then, under the influence of sodium pentothal, was questioned about its sexual history. The doctor determined the slave was kind of a slut.

Then the doctor decided to test its pain levels. Alligator clips were attached to the slaves nipples, clit and labia and a wired butt plug was inserted in the slave’s asshole. Then the doctor subjected the slave to electro shock torture. Turning up the voltage with each shock. The slave screams were piercing.

Then the doctor tested the slave’s arousal levels. Playing with its tits and clits. The slave definitely felt aroused(and again humiliated that it was feeling that way). Finally the doctor decided to relieve his frustrations by fucking the slave up the ass.


Next, we brought the slave down one floor(now 2 floors underground) to our dungeon. We put the slave in a black corset with black garter belts, stockings and open toed stiletto heeled sandals. A leather collar was placed around its neck. We took the slave to the suspension frame. Secured its wrists and ankles with leather cuffs tethered to the top and bottom of the frame respectively. Its head harness ball gag was put back on. The slave was bound in an x-shape. I started feeling up the slave’s private parts. It again started moaning again. Then I slapped an pinched its nipples and labia. Then I clamped the slave’s nipples and labia. I would stroke and caress the slave’s hair then yank on it. Then I gave it a slap in the face. I placed its hood around the slave’s head.

Then I cranked up the the frame so the slave’s feet were off the floor. Then I took a flogger and started whipping the slave all over its body. The slave was screaming and crying with each stroke. Gets my cock hard when they cry and scream.

Then I switched to a riding crop. I first struck its tits and then its clit.




Also the slave was starting to drool with the ball gag. Then I took out a hitachi wand. The slave’s clit was getting swollen and very sensitive. I began to vibe the slave. I would let the slave get to the edge of an orgasm. Then I would pull the wand away. I did this for an hour. After about 15 minutes, the slave was begging me to let it cum. But there’s a method to my madness.

After an hour, I took some rope and attach the hitachi to the slave’s clit. I turned the wand on full power. Now the slave would cum. Over and over and over again. I continued for an hour. Of course the slave never had permission to cum. And I would never grant permission. I’m such a sadistic prick. Besides it was gagged so I couldn’t understand the slave. And the penalty for cumming without permission is caning. I would give the slave 5 strokes on the ass. By its 4th or 5th orgasm, the slave was in orgasm hell. The slave came 20 times. A huge puddle of cum was on the floor. Then myself along with Bruce and Rick relieved our tensions by fucking the slave up the ass. Dry.


Next it was dinner time. Of course, for the slave, dinner was water in a dog bowl. This was part of 72 hours of food deprivation. The water during that time was to keep the slave hydrated. The slave was bound to the floor in a doggie style position. This forced the slave to drink its water with its mouth like a dog. The purpose of this is to further strip the slave of its dignity.


After “dinner” the slave was taken to the wash room and put in inverted suspension bondage. We took a hose and washed down the slave with cold water. After all, we have to clean our toys.

Then the slave was placed in a bondage chair where its wrists, ankles and neck were secured with metal restraints. The slave was forced to watch a training(brainwashing) DVD on a big screen tv. The video had many subliminal messages to remind the slave that it was a slave. The DVD lasted 3 hours.


It was time to retire the slave for the night . It was locked in the dreaded arch back device securing its wrists, necks, upper arms, waist, thighs and ankles with metal restraints. I gave the slave water then placed the gag back on. I then wired its tits, pussy and asshole. And attach a vibrator the shape of an electric toothbrush to its clit. The vibe was on a timer to go on and off every few minutes to edge the slave. This was part of 72 hours of sleep deprivation we subject our new slaves to. The water was laced with a stimulant that heightened its sexual urges. The wires were in the unlikely event that the slave came or dosed off. They had a sensor that would give off a nasty electrical shock to the slave. We then placed its hood around its heads and earbuds in its ears so it could listen to a cd. This cd was its orientation(disorientation) cd that would be on a loop and play all night. It had the following message:

“Hello cunt. Comfortable? Probably not. Not that your comfort is important. The only important thing is you are now our sex slave. Our fucktoy. Just a piece of meat. You’re just 2 tits and 3 fuckholes for a man to use and abuse for his pleasure. Your body belongs to you. We own your body from head to toe. There’s no safe word. We don’t care how you feel except how we want you to feel. You have no human rights. And we’re going to enjoy your suffering and your torment. Also you’ll notice in your current predicament, your being vibed. You’ll be edged all night long. And the water we gave is laced with a stimulant that heightens your sexual urges. You’ll also notice you’re wired up. If someone you managed to dose off or cum, several volts of electricity will go through your body giving you a nasty shock. You are now beginning your slave training. You will go through your transformation from an independent woman to an obedient sex slave and a compliant fucktoy. When you have completed your training, you will be auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder and that person will become your new owner. Whatever you were previously, you no longer are. Welcome to your new life.”

The slave formerly known as Irene couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

"A slave? I’m not a slave” it thought.

The slave was somehow hoping maybe it was having a nightmare and it would wake up in its own bed. But when the electro shocks started coming, the slave realized this was real.

We trained a webcam on the slave so its potential owners could watch and make a bid. We began bidding at $10,000 usda. By morning, it was doubled.

Tomorrow would be the slave’s first full day of training. Its transformation was underway.

To be continued

Roommate Chapter 1

I’ve always wanted to write a chaptered work, but I’m not sure about it… Tell me if you guys want me to continue this? Thanks! ^^

Anyways, as a celebration for Taehyung’s birthday, here’s Roommate!

Group: BTS

Genre: Angst/fluff

Pairing: Reader/Taehyung

Plot: Your life as a trainee under EliteSkill Entertainment was uneventful and just plain torture, that is until you meet Kim Taehyung, a trainee under BigHit Entertainment.

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3

Originally posted by taetaehyungs

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Mommy Winchester (Part 2)

Winchesters x reader

Warnings: Language, Violence

A/N: Events of the show will not be in order (so probable spoilers)

“So you’re going to be okay staying with Nancy and Fred?” you worry, crouching down to your sons height. “I only have to run back to the office for a few things, and then I’ll be right back, I promise!”

“It’s okay, Mommy,” he gives you his toothy grin. “Nancy is gonna make cookies!”

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Home (5/?)

Back, Forward

(Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me. I hope you and everyone else continue to enjoy it.)

(As promised, Alfred x Arthur time alone lol.)

Summary: After meeting Alfred on an online site for omegas and alphas to find a mate, Arthur decides to make a trip to America to find out if Alfred really is the right mate for him, and if Alfred will think Arthur is the right one too.
AU: Omegaverse AU, Cowboy AU
Warnings: This will be a slow start fic kinda. In later chapters there will be NSFW content but for now just expect fluff and awkwardness.

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The Lucky One

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Chapter o3.  Reunion

Two months passed and you were relieved that Sehun had stopped trying to contact you.  But your heart always had the tendency to contradict your resolve.  Deep down, everyday felt like a battle; you constantly checked your pulse to prove that you were, in fact, still alive. 

A week ago, you had gotten an invitation for a high school reunion at a friend’s mansion. Though you were never big on parties, you reasoned that it was a good chance to catch up with some childhood friends.  But on the back of your mind, you knew exactly why you wanted to go.

The helpless girl inside of you giddily emptied out the entire closet for the perfect dress.  You held a floral printed dress up to your body, shook your head, and switched to a royal blue sweetheart dress.  On the fifth switch, your eyes lingered on your own reflection. 

Your smile dropped. 

What are you doing, ________?  Exactly, why were you so happy?  Stupid.

With disappointment evident in your eyes, you put all of the fancy dresses back into your wardrobe and opted for a forgettable little black dress.  You tied your hair into a high bun, threw on a light jacket and your everyday purse, and completed the simple look with a pair of black wedges.

Outside, you considered driving but decided otherwise because lately you’ve been getting dizzy spells from lack of sleep.  Plus, you didn’t want to be the designated driver anymore…because the last time you were…you…


So you got into a taxi.  The driver greeted you politely and complimented you on your attire.  Out of courtesy, you informed him of the high school reunion party.  He chuckled and continued to make small talk with you throughout the ride.  You laughed along, grateful for his friendly nature that had momentarily quieted your wandering mind. 

At the red light, a familiar song played on the radio, triggering the memories you tried so very hard to suppress. 

(Look at me – Carrie Underwood)

I would bet my life, like I bet my heart
That you were the one, baby
I’ve never been so sure of anything before
It’s driving my heart crazy

I can’t hold out, I can’t hold back now
Like I’ve done before

Darling, look at me
I’ve fallen like a fool for you
Darling, can’t you see
I’d do anything you want me to

I tell myself I’m in to deep
Then I fall a little farther
Every time you look at me

Your hand rested on your throbbing heart while you blinked back tears.  You remembered the first time you cheered Sehun on at his volleyball tournament, back in high school.  The first time you secretly watched him during dance practice.  The time you fell down the stairs and he piggybacked you home.  The time he offered you his jacket even though his teeth were chattering in the cold.  The time you told him you loved him…

“Ma’am, are you okay?” the driver brought you back to the present.

Wiping away your tears, you replied, “Yeah, yeah.  Just…getting all these nostalgic feelings”.  You laughed a little to prove that you were fine.

“Time flies doesn’t it?” he sniggered again and you nodded.

Suddenly, a screech sounded and the car lunged forward then backward before halting completely.  Behind you, cars honked in annoyance.  You looked to the driver for answers, but he seemed just as confused as you.  He struggled to start up the car again and again but to your dismay the car refused to start.  

Shaking his head, the driver apologized, “Sorry, Ma’am.  Should I call another taxi for you?”

“No, it’s fine.  It’s just two blocks away,” you answered with a reassuring smile. 

After paying the fare, you stepped out of the taxi and began to walk the rest of the way.  The chilly autumn breeze caused you to rub your arms and tug your jacket closer to your body. 

From the corner of your eyes, you see a familiar white BMW. 


Smiling sadly, you watched as Sehun drove pass you.  His eyes were the shape of crescent moons as Minyoung hit him playfully on the arm before kissing him on the cheek.  And even though your wound felt as if it was raw and newly opened, you could do nothing about it.  His car sped off into the distance. 

A tiny droplet rushed down your face.  You looked up at the sky but it wasn’t raining.

Upon arrival at the big mansion, you politely greeted the host, Eunhye.  She smiled at you and wrapped you in a suffocating bear hug.  You giggled and hugged her back with just as much force.

“________ah, how have you been?  How dare you not contact me for so many years!” Eunhye whined but seemed genuinely happy to see you. 

A few feet away, you caught Sehun’s gaze but quickly looked away to avoid further eye contact.  Still, you could feel his stare burning the back of your head.  You continued to disregard him, busying yourself with socializing with your childhood friends.  Some of them were ambitious and were currently in graduate school, some were married, and some even had children. 

Amidst the sentimental conversations about the past, you felt a gentle tap on your shoulder.  You sucked your breath in. 

“________ah”, the beautiful raspiness of his voice sent shivers down your spine.

You took a deep breath and turned around, “Hey”.

He shifted his feet and stuffed his hands into his pockets, “H-how have you been?”

Despite the sour feeling in the pit of your stomach, you forced on a smile and responded, “I’ve been okay.  You?”


And then awkwardness surrounded you two.  You looked down at your feet, scared that any eye contact would become the source of your next mistake. 

“You look really pretty toda—“ Sehun began but suddenly a loud ringing surprised both of you.

Your eyes widened and instinctively you look around.  People began to panic and rush out the door, trampling on each other.  Someone screamed, “Run”.  Someone else screamed, “Fire”.  You squinted and from the second floor, you could see bright flashes of orange and blue. 

Unexpectedly, someone pushed you from behind and you lose your balance.  Your eyelids closed shut, preparing you for the worse but thankfully Sehun caught you just in time.  He held you close to protect you from the chaos.  Automatically, his hand slipped into yours and you two began to go out with the crowd.  You looked up at him, admiring how his features still looked so handsome even in the brink of turmoil.  He squeezed your hand in reassurance.  And even though there was a probability that you could die there, you have never felt so safe in your life.


He made sure that you were safely at the exit before letting go of your hand.  You regretfully let go as well and turned around to thank him but he was already gone.  Your eyebrows furrowed and you tiptoed to search for him.

“Sehun?!” you shouted into the crowd. 

You felt your heart race at the thought that he may be hurt.  On impulse, you pushed against the swarm of people but your tiny form made it ten times harder.  Finally, you caught a glimpse of Sehun’s honey brown hair.

“Sehun-ah?” you cried out but he does not hear you. 

A large piece of wood started to split from its foundation right above Sehun’s head and you screamed for his attention but he does not hear.  Your face turned cold as you helplessly watch it fall down and onto the ground.  It had missed Sehun by a mere half a foot.  And Sehun, being so focused on whatever he was doing, did not even notice. 

Locking your target, you continued to push with all the energy you could command, toward him.  Somewhere along the way, you had lost a shoe and an earring, and picked up scrapes and bruises.  Finally, when you were behind him, you grabbed his arm.

“Sehun-ah?  What are you doing?” you questioned.

“_______ah?  Why’d you follow me?  Go first,” he almost ordered.

Before you could respond, Sehun hollered, “Minyoung?!  Minyoung-ah, Where are you?”

You let go of his arm.  Your body froze in place.  Of course. 

Of course.

Swallowing the sour feeling in your throat, you began to look for Minyoung as well.  Smoke engulfed the place and structures of the huge mansion started to fall apart.  Seeing that you were still following him, Sehun held your hand tightly to make sure you wouldn’t get trampled in the crowd.  With his other hand, he attempted to call Minyoung’s phone again but the noisiness of the situation made it impossible to hear the person next to you, much less through a phone.  

“Maybe she already went out,” you suggested but Sehun shook his head. 

You began to feel queasy and wanted to vomit.  Smoke kept going up your nose.  With your free hand, you pressed on your stomach to ease the sudden discomfort. 

Abruptly, Sehun lets go of your hand.  It was so sudden that your hand pulsated from the release.  You looked up to see Sehun running toward a crying Minyoung.  From afar, you watched as he threw his arms over her, protecting her in his embrace.  Your legs were frozen in place but you turned away, your heart no longer being able to take it anymore. 

Sehun spotted you and tapped the crying Minyoung.

“Babe, let’s go”, he whispered to Minyoung before reuniting with you.

He gently pushed you forward and you just let him for you had no more strength physically nor mentally anymore. 

Outside, firefighters strained to evacuate the remaining guests and shot explosive water onto the estate to stop the fire. While a group of you guys waited at the nearby playground to make sure things were okay, a panic-stricken Eunhye apologized continuously in between sobs. 

You dragged your feeble body to a swing.  Your shoeless foot kicked softly at a rock on the ground.  The images of a relief Sehun as soon as he saw Minyoung replayed in your mind.  You realized that you couldn’t even feel jealous because you knew you were incompetent if ever making Sehun feel this way.  There was a knotted sensation in your stomach. 

Footsteps walked closer to you but you were too tired to look up.  Next to you, he held out a bottle of water.  You take it, still not looking up.       

“________ah.  Are you okay?” Sehun inquired.

You nodded, too weak to vocally respond. 

“You’ve been coughing a lot.  Do you want to go to the hospital and get checked?” he asked worriedly.

You didn’t even notice you’ve been coughing so much.  But you shook your head.  As soon as you get up to leave, dizziness overwhelmed you and you fell.  The last thing you remember before darkness overcame you was the warmth of Sehun’s arms around you. 

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An Undertale Fanfiction

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Characters: Sans, Grillby, Papyrus, Royal Doggies
Setting: Baby Blaster AU
Contains: SAD CHILDREN. Mentions of child abuse.
Synopsis: A little more light is shed into the children’s dark past. A family is created and an old warrior is called to aid.



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