it's about the vampire diaries


AU where Caroline is missing and Klaus is worried about her - he has no idea where she is

Today I realised not all love is true love
Not every relationship is all-consuming,
Not every kiss is life-altering
Sometimes love is simple
It just makes sense
Two people fit together
And that’s all it is
But it’s still love
And it’s just as important as anything else
—  (based around caroline/stefan)

“And what did my darling sister tell you? I can assure you that whatever she said, she’s lying. Well, most of it. The part about me cutting her spleen out is true but everything else is probably a lie." 

anonymous asked:

Im trying to make a book on Wattpad its my first book so i was wondering if you have any advice for me and im adding 1 character its a fanfic and its about The Vampire Diaries so any advice on making storylines for characters that you created

Oh my goodness yes of course. Wattpads where I went after xD message me if you’re comfortable coming off anon and I can give you help as you go along the process if you like :) If not shoot me a message right back and I’ll try and compress it xD


Vampire Diaries 5.21 || “I will accept it when that darkness comes and yanks me to oblivion.”