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Think about this…

Once we hear TS6… we can’t UN-hear it.

There will be a time we will hear the first sounds.

We won’t recognize a single word, beat, or guitar strum..

And from the moment those sounds begin flow into our ears, we can’t go back to the wonder that haunts us at this very moment.

It’s bittersweet, to be honest. We’ve spent so much time anticipating this album, and here we are. On the forefront of a New Era.

There’s no turning back now.

Let’s get this fucking party started

as much as i’m laughing at the coincidence of taylor releasing her music to streaming on the same day as katy perry’s album launch bc it’s an easy target i don’t for one second think that this is the reason that taylor made the jump to streaming at this point. this is all part of a bigger plan people. taylor swift is 100 steps ahead of the rest of the industry and something f*cking huge is coming katy perry is just getting swept up in the swift storm

So I looked into something yesterday, it’s a reach and maybe someone else has already noticed this, but look, by what I can tell, Taylor crashed a Bugatti Veyron in the LWYMMD mv. Bugatti Veyrons were first unveiled in 2006, (production began in 2005) and every 2 years a new one was unveiled (production took place a year earlier) 2008, 2010, 2012, (country Taylor), just like Taylors album cycle, in 2014 the Veyron was discontinued (Pop Taylor). Now here’s the interesting part, the successor of the Veyron, the Chiron, was expected in 2016 (just like everyone expected Taylors album bc her album cycle) but instead will be released in 2017. Aka Taylor crashing that car is her crashing her album cycle and reinventing herself. Like I said it’s a reach but yeah.

reputation music video break down round 2! just as look what you made me do was dripping in metaphors and easter eggs, so was the ready for it video. 

1. the graffiti

as you probably noticed, taylor was walking through an alley painted thick with graffiti. but did you notice what it said? some of them were cute little easter eggs, like the “13,” but the messages varied. one says “this is enough” while some say “love” and “forever.” the most notable bit of graffiti, however, is the 89 over her shoulder the first time we see her. this leads to the idea that hooded taylor here is a personification of taylor’s reputation in the 1989 era - but we’ll talk more about than in a bit.

2. the robots in the corners

while unimportant to the plot in the beginning, these robots do serve an important purpose in the end. they appear to be maintenance droids, stopping what they’re doing to ominously watch hooded taylor as she passes by. they too are in dark clothes, and contribute to the careful observation (and possible judgement? they don’t look too happy) of hooded taylor. 

basically, the media are the dark robots. we’ll see exactly why in a bit.

3. caged taylor

here we see a second taylor, sitting in a cage in what appears to be a factory. in the look what you made me do video, taylor also had a scene in a cage, where she was visible to everyone else, but they only saw the things they wanted to see. this idea of feeling trapped is a common one.

4. an arranged meeting at dawn

here, we can see all of caged taylor for the first time. she resembles a mannequin, in more ways than just appearing to be wearing very little - she is a blank slate. she is at the will and disposal of the more powerful people around her, and she can appear any way they want her to.

the second thing to note about this moment is the lighting. while subtle, it suggests something much larger: this first meeting of the taylors is at the dawn or sunrise of a day, like the beginning of something new. this hints at the idea that before her dark reputation came along, caged taylor might have been free to do what she wants, or at least live without anyone to impress. as the video carries on, the lighting gets darker, suggesting that as the day carries on, times get darker, possibly a metaphor for the start of taylor’s career and the struggles she faced coming into the public eye and gaining more popularity.

5. are you ready for it? part one

when they meet at first, hooded taylor says to caged taylor “are you ready for it?” this is coming from the perspective of taylor’s reputation, or older, wiser, 1989 taylor, as if asking the young girl taylor was when she started her career if she was ready for all the trials and tribulations she would face.

6. the armor

as the taylors finish their first interaction, caged taylor immediately coats herself in armor and defensive mechanisms; she welds a gun of some sort, which she then attempts to fire at hooded taylor in alarm. this, of course, is in vain. it represents taylor trying to protect herself and ward off what appears to be inevitable. the overshadowing hooded taylor looms over caged taylor and makes her feel as if though a dark future is inescapable, hence the defense.

7. the white horse

throwback to the fearless era, with cowboy boots and curly hair and lighthearted songs!… but this too becomes covered in armor, ready to try and protect against whatever bad that may befall them, out of fear. is this suggesting that even back then, taylor was guarded and worried about maintaining a good reputation? perhaps.

8. are we out of the woods yet? part one

in this new video, there are lots of references to past videos, this being one of those references. here, caged taylor is just discovering the light and power she has, even within her restraints, and she’s ready to wield it. sound familiar? but…

9. are we out of the woods yet? part two

… not all things go as planned. life spits her back out, and decides that even though she has the strength to use that power, she can’t. she keeps making desperate attempts to escape, but can’t, no matter what she does. while the song out of the woods was about a relationship, the ready for it video channels the same feelings in the desire to get out of the woods, or in this case, escape the inevitable bad reputation she fears she’ll have. she wants to be free and do what she wants, but isn’t allowed that freedom. we are not, in fact, out of the woods. yet.

10. are you ready for it? part two

as the taylors volley for power, they seem to arrive at the same conclusion here - that to truly get “out of the woods” there can only be one of them. if the hooded taylor is to carry on, caged taylor will have to remain in her cage, fighting and struggling for happiness without ever finding it. if caged taylor is to carry on, she’ll have to get rid of hooded taylor, because without hooded taylor, there is no reputation to uphold. there is nothing to think of, or anyone to impress. the world is only wide enough for one of them. as they come to this realization, hooded taylor seems ready to make the sacrifice, as she asks caged taylor if she’s “ready for it.” “it” presumably being the existence of caged taylor without hooded taylor to watch over her, or keep her safe in the cage where she is unreachable by the outside world. remember those ominous robots from earlier?

11. those ominous robots from earlier + “they’re burning all the witches”

caged taylor’s freedom comes at a cost - hooded taylor. when the dark robots realize that what hooded taylor has released is out of their control, they take matters into their own hands, and attack hooded taylor, even though she was being destroyed by the power of caged taylor’s lightning already. read: when the media sees taylor do something out of their control, like living her life happily without caring if it might provide the media with a good story, they go out of their way to destroy her reputation, even if they’re kicking her while she’s down. as we’ll recall, her reputation is personified by hooded taylor. the media is attacking her reputation.

as they go in for the kill, you’ll see that the platform hooded taylor stands upon says “they’re burning all the witches.” historically, witch trials were held when a woman, typically single (normally widowed, but sometimes just. single), did something unintelligible to the knowledge of their peers. or, the villagers had left-over paranoia from something else (disease, famine, war) and took their anger out on women who couldn’t defend themselves. these independent women, if you will, were burned at the stake for doing something everyone else didn’t understand, merely because their fear of the unknown was too great, or because their hatred was too strong. and caged taylor is free and ready to do what she wants. thus, they’re burning all the witches = people destroying taylor because they don’t understand what she’s doing, or their hate of those who are different is too powerful.

12. freedom!

caged taylor sees dawn on a new day, with a new beginning. hooded taylor (her old reputation) is gone, and all the maintenance droids are gone in favor of completely destroying hooded taylor, leaving no-longer-caged taylor in a new realm with no guidance or boundaries. this is a metaphor for the beginning of the reputation era; there is no precedent set for it, only an endless playground of possibilities. she’s eager to explore it all.

13. the electro-eyes

in the beginning, we see hooded taylor’s got blue eyes that glow like lights. her gaze is harsh and judging, and she remains in power until she is overthrown. at the end of the video, we see the same eyes in a different person, or different version of taylor. presumably, the power now belongs to caged taylor, yet, her gaze is much softer and forgiving. as aforementioned, caged taylor has a new world, free of her old reputation, for her to explore, and the powerful eyes reinforces it. she is brand new, but it is still taylor. she may be starting over, but she’s still the same on the inside, and she is still our taylor.

she may be doing something completely new in this era, and it may feel like she’s erasing all of who she used to be, but that person is still inside. that person was the same person who struggled through all the hardships. the only thing she’s shucked is her reputation, in favor of starting anew, without worry for what people will think of her. she is here to look out for herself and her wellbeing, instead of her worry for her reputation of the past dictating how she lives. it may have looked in on her and pushed her to impress, it did nothing but cause her stress and pain, and in the end, there could only be one of them for them to be truly happy. and in the end, taylor decided to go with her happiness, reputation be damned. 

it will be daunting, but it will be worth it. are you ready for it?

reputation world tour, probably

after purchasing your $666 ticket months ago the night has come. you walk into the venue. a large sign hangs above the entrance that says “WELCOME TO MY TWISTED MIND”. you struggle to find your seat among the sea of black skinny jeans and side bangs, but eventually find your way. the person next to you turns and says “I had to sneak out to see this, my mom’s going to be soooo mad LOL fuck that bitch, I’m fourteen now she can’t control me anymore”. the lights dim. finally, the time has come. a large box with the words “ACCEPTED BY SOCIETY” descends from the ceiling. upon reaching the stage Taylor Swift punches her way out of the box, emerging in full bondage. she raises her fists in the air. “NORMAL PEOPLE SCARE ME!!” she roars


The level of ignorance within some people astounds me

People: wow it’s like when does she not have a boyfriend? Does she date them just for song material? Psycho bitch.

Taylor Swift: *writes blank space* fine, paint me as that character and I’ll play along.

People: ohhhh my god she’s literally admitting what we’ve known all along wow

…..missed the point in entirely but ok

People: wowww what a snake

Taylor Swift: *writes LWYMMD* okay, call me a snake. I’m done trying to passively roll over and accept your hate as part of my job. You want a snake? You got one.

People: ohhhhh my god she’s whining about being called a snake

…..again, missed the point entirely

It’s like…are people idiots?

Ok so let’s say Taylor Swift really didn’t know about the “I made that bitch famous” line and it bothered her…how come she didn’t call Kanye up and say “ooo didn’t care for that line pal” or if she really must have made a statement it could have been “Yeah i heard the song was coming, I talked to Kanye about it, it went a different route then I thought,” or whatever.

She had options.

Instead she publicly slandered Kanye at an award show with some stupid af passive aggressive speech pretending she didn’t know absolutely anything about the song, acting as if she was just an innocent person being blindly attacked again and THATS the problem.

I don’t have a issue with her not liking the line of the song, I have a issue with her being dishonest and manipulating a situation to further villainize someone, especially in this situation where Kanye clearly attempted to do the right thing and had good intentions. Should Kanye have told her about the line? sure yeah whatever but maybe he thought she just gave him the go ahead to play around with a verse and see what he comes up with? However it came about, the point is…he was not being malicious and the fact that she tried to frame him like that was sick.

Jimmy’s story about his mom squeezing his hand three times to say “I love you” and the coincidence of Taylor choosing to sing “New Year’s Day” featuring the lyric “you squeeze my hand three times in the back of the taxi” is leaving me crying into my comforter I am so emotional

I’ll be the actress starring in your B̷̡̖̙̗̅Â̵̫̠͕͎͑̇̐̿̐̅̐̚ͅD̶̨̢̨̛̹̗̣̦̹̝͍̮̣͎͖̞͌̍̏̈̈́́̌͒̅̓̐̂̕͠ D̶̢̢̥̬̓̓̾̃́͆̈́̅̚̕̚̕͝͝R̵̰͙̺̰͚̮͉̫̽̊Ę̴̺̠̗͕̤̪̱̜̟̄̀̓̆̎̓͂͜͝A̴͇͆͊̋̏̃̀̂̍̾͌̾̉̔͘M̶̩͇̙͋͘S̵̭̫̮͖͘

An article dropping denouncing Joshlie breakup rumors the same day my serpentine mother slithers out her snake hole and back into daylight?

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