it's about taylor swift ;) ;) ;) ;)

everyone is so back and forth on taylor swift its like every time she releases new music you guys are like “omg a queen, an icon…i want her to drown me and make me lick her toenail” then the music video for it will get released and there’ll be something problematic about it and you guys will be like “omg i cant believe she would do something like this!! heres a list of all the other RECEIPTS on tswizzle!” then she’ll release new music again and you guys will be like “okay all of your faves are problematic… dont pretend you’ve never done shit in your life… you haterz are just mad cuz u can nver b her… a queen…” like seriously shut up

The signs as types of cats
  • Aries: the fluffy kind thats fur gets all up in your tongue when u kiss it
  • Taurus: that bald cat that looks like it's judging u for wearing that shirt for 4 days in a row
  • Gemini: the dumpster cat u find nd ur not sure what color its supposed to be but it loves u anyways
  • Cancer: the cat with the squished face thats owner probably feeds it gold encrusted salmon that costs $200 and their left nipple
  • Leo: that cat thats been thru a lot and it maybe has a little rip in its ear but when it loves u it loves u hard
  • Virgo: ur friends asshole cat that loves no one but ur friend no matter how many treats u give it
  • Libra: the cat without the tail who is maybe insecure about being different but their owner loves it and gives tons of cuddles
  • Scorpio: two words - munchkin cat
  • Sagittarius: Taylor swifts cat, Meredith
  • Capricorn: black cat that only comes out at night bc it is secretly a witch
  • Aquarius: an all brown cat, rare nd beautiful
  • Pisces: that cat that you make eye contact with for a fleeting moment as they run across the street at 3 am in an unfamiliar neighborhood

Boys want love if it’s torture, but real men want you to text them back. Honestly. The way you can tell the boys from the men is how they react when you don’t play games with them. A boy will become bored. A man will want to get to know you more. Everyone wants a challenge, but you shouldn’t have to completely manipulate your communication style in order to seem like one. Your conversation, your outlook, your wit, your accomplishments, your charisma, those things should challenge him. Any man knows that if you’re showing him all of those qualities, you could just as easily show them to someone else if he plays games. You know what they say, play games with a girl, she’ll chase you. Play games with a woman, she will replace you.

All aboard Fandometrics’ Week in Review.

Television: Our first stop is Television.

The Get Down gets on up three spots to No. 15.
Pretty Little Liars experiences a big, ugly drop. Down eleven to No. 17.
The Great British Bake Off rises four to No. 11.

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Movies: Then we move onto Movies.

Lord of the Rings moves to No. 4 after Viggo revealed he was almost in The Hobbit.
☆ Summer is finally ending. Maybe that’s why Frozen (No. 8) came back with a vengeance.
⬆ As excitement grows around the live-action Beauty and the Beast (No. 11), so does its ranking.

Music: Mind the gap as we enter Music.

Taylor Swift lost her relationship, but gained the No. 2 spot. Hm.
☆ All about that 🔑  change, Lady Gaga’s new single earns her No. 4.
☆ All eyes on Sia. Her single with Kendrick Lamar boosted her to No. 6.

Celebrities: A quick stop in Hollywood.

Tom Hiddleston lost his relationship, but gained the No. 3 spot. Funny how this works.
Alycia Debnam-Carey just shows up to NYFW and pulls a thirteen spot jump to No. 5
⬇︎ Rebecca Sugar is at a sweet No. 13 after talking about how queer-positive Steven Universe is.

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Games: Welcome to Games. Transfers to board, video, and mind are on the other side of the platform.

⬆ As more Pokémon discoveries are made, Sun and Moon rises to No. 3.
⬇︎ Final Fantasy XV’s actuality: it dropped seven spots in a week, landing at No. 14.

Web stuff:  Last stop, the Internet. Please take your belongings with you.

⬆ Surprise! danisnotonfire is No. 1. Just kidding about the surprise thing.
iDubbbz debbbutz at No. 18.
Quick-witted Thomas Sanders leaps seven to a triumphant No. 4.

Complete transcripts of the Taylor Kanye phone call

K: You still got the Nashville number?

T: I still have the Nashville area code but I had to change–


K: All my southside n****** that know me best, I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex.


T: Yeah, it’s all for exposure (approximately what she said)

K: Well, this one is, I think this is a really cool thing to have


T: I know, it’s like a compliment…(inaudible, giggling)


K: What I give a fuck about is just you as a person and as a friend, I want things that make–

T: (inaudible)

K: –you feel good but I don’t wanna do rap that makes people feel–


T: Yeah, go with whatever line makes you feel better, it’s obviously very tongue-in-cheek either way.


T: And I really appreciate you telling me about it, that’s really nice. 

K: Oh, yeah, I just have a responsibility to you as a friend, you know, and I mean, thanks–


K: Thanks for being so cool about it.

T: Aw thanks, Yeah, I really appreciate it. The heads up is so nice.


T: Thanks for asking about it, I really appreciate it. You know, I never would’ve expected you to, like, tell me about a line in your songs.


T: And the flowers you sent me! I instagrammed a picture them and it’s like, the most Instagram likes I’ve ever gotten, it was like 2.7–


K: Relationships are more important than punchlines


T: Yeah, I mean, I don’t think anybody would listen to it and be like, (inaudible), she must be crying.


T: Like, you gotta tell the story the way that it happened to you and the way you experienced it. You didn’t know who I was before that. 


T: It doesn’t matter that I sold 7 million of an album before you did that, which is what happened. You didn’t know who I was before that! And it’s fine.


T: (inaudible) make these things happen, and I get the idea to do that, I create these things and concepts, and I’m always gonna respect you.


T: And I’m really glad you had the respect to call me and tell me that as friends, that song, and–


T: It’s a really cool thing to do and it’s a really good show of friendship, so thank you.

K: Thank you, too.


T: And if people ask me about it I think it’d be great to tell them you called me about it and told me about it before it came out, like, joke’s on you guys, we’re fine


T: You guys wanna call this a feud, you wanna call it throwing shade, but right after the song comes out I’ll be on the Grammy red carpet, and if someone asks me about it, I’ll be like, “He called me”–


T: You’re so outspoken, “Yeah, she does, it made her famous”, yeah it’s more provocative, (inaudible)


T: It doesn’t matter to me. There’s not one that hurts my feelings and one that doesn’t.

tbh the “it’s not like you to pit women against each other” comment is so inherently poisonous and I doubt taylor even realises it but it’s just    s o

like it’s dangerous because people who look up to taylor (young girls + women) are going to look @ that and see ‘raising intersectional feminism issues’ and ‘acknowledging the sometimes intricate nature of privilege and oppression that favours white/thin women over other women’ as a negative thing. They will see the calling out of white/thin privilege as pitting women against each other, and they will see it as un-feminist.

What’s so poisonous abt it is that it uses feminist language + concepts to promote v non-feminist ideas. It’s very wolf-in-sheeps-clothing and could easily be non-intentional but it’s damaging nonetheless

it’s so typical of the damaging and exclusionary nature of white/thin feminism it’s like aargh pls step back and see this issue as bigger than yourself like instead of being defensive maybe you should use your privilege to speak abt it

Getting into Loft 89 must be a great feeling but spending your whole night at a TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT trying to get in and getting your hopes up will only lead to disappointment. Taylor works so hard to make this an enjoyable, fun concert for everyone, think about how upset she would be if she knew a big fan of hers walked out of there disappointed for whatever reason. The chances of Loft 89 are slim and come unexpectedly to a fan. So just enjoy each second you get to spend at the concert.

Feast your eyes upon the only list that has ever mattered.

Television: MTV Fandom Award voting mixed things up.

The 100 earns a perfect score at No. 1.
Mr. Robot’s second season premiere gets the show back to No. 12
☆ Proving Gleeks will never forget him, the anniversary of Corey Monteith’s death lifted Glee to No. 14.

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Movies: Turns out women can be funny, in case you didn’t hear. How novel.

Ghostbusters and its perfect cast is No. 1.
⬇︎ Zootopia might have left the big screen, but it’s still holding strong at No. 3.
Rogue One reappears at No. 5 after the cast revealed some no-longer-secrets about the film.

Music: Breaking news break-ups.

Rihanna worksworksworksworksworks up five spots to No. 5.
Britney Spears makes a comeback at No. 10 with a single from her ninth album.
Calvin Harris says hello to No. 15 after saying goodbye to Taylor Swift.

Celebrities: It’s all about the women this week.

⬆ Tumblr favorite Alycia Debnam-Carey jumps fourteen to No. 2.
Kate McKinnon makes a well-deserved debut at No. 3.
Leslie Jones is also killing it at No. 8.

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Games: New dudes in old franchises.

Pokémon Sun and Moon climbs to No. 3 after introducing us to our new favorite Pokemon, Mimikkyu.
☆ Still playing Neko Atsume? They’ve introduce new cats. Meow it’s back at No. 17.

Web stuff:  All the WWW news you could possibly handle.

AmazingPhil is back at No. 2, restoring all normalcy to the list.
Filthy Frank makes a clean return to No. 14.
⬇︎ Bo Burnham topples eight spots, but is still holding strong at No. 19. Stay safe, Bo.