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Hello, just a tiny PSA from a trans man

I’ve seen some things in the Damien Bloodmarch tag that bothered me:

Someone said that you HAVE to have gender dysphoria to be trans.
Which is…wrong!

Some transgenders accepts their body, some transitions, some don’t.
Some have operations, some don’t.
Some don’t present as their gender (=as how society perceive it) and yet it doesn’t mean their are not the gender they are!!

Trans guys can be masculine, feminine, neither, or both. Its literally not about how they present or pass but rather how they feel.

So I’m only saying : don’t claim transgender = gender dysphoria. Because that’s just not how it is in real life.

I know some transmen will say Damien had gender dysphoria, because they probably deal with it themselves so they need to relate to characters, but don’t push it into other people.

He’s canonly a transman, but as far as I know, his childhood, how he felt before and how he transitioned etc is unknown (I mean we know some of his past but it was unrelated to his trans life).
We also know he had difficult years but it could be from anything.

I personally think it is best to leave it unknown, so it allow us transguys to project our own life into him, to relate in our own ways, so no one is left behind.


Face Casting: Joel Pimentel as Joseph Kavinsky (thanks anon!!!)

“Dying’s a boring side effect.”

Sendrick Friendship
  • Anna: so it's my birthday
  • Brittany: i know weirdo, i greeted you, remember?
  • Anna: yeah but where's my gift?
  • Brittany: well....i was thinking of posting something about beca and chloe that'll make our bechloe fans go nuts
  • Anna: oh you angel
  • Brittany: i know, am i the best gift giver or what
dear young girls who think that they may want a future with another girl:

-you are not doing this for attention

-you are not just “keeping your options open” by labeling yourself as bi

-you can call yourself a lesbian if you feel like you want to be

-you can not call yourself anything

-you don’t have to come out

-you are not doing this for attention

-your attraction to girls is valid even if you cant pinpoint gay moments in your childhood

-your attraction to girls is valid even if you have never had a crush on a girl

-you are not “too young” to be thinking about this. people say that because f/f relationships are hypersexualized in our society. its ok to dream about having a wife one day and cuddling on the couch with her and adopting a dog together

-you are not doing this for attention


It’s shameless the way the spouse and I flirt.


Astra in every scene: 1x13 For The Girl Who Has Everything [2/8]

well, here it is - my own personal hell that i spent the last two days making. 72 frames 8fps oml

this is technically my first animation ever, and ofc its about radmond lmao. based off of a dream gifted to our lovely prophet @scrawlingskribbles~ I cried when i first saw the fake screenshots tbh :^P

sorry this wasn’t excatly how she envisioned, I wanted to get it as close as i could without making it seem overly like her art.

anyways, hope you like! please note and reblog, it means the world <3

Random Ego Sleeping Headcanons

Don’t mind me, I should probably be asleep right now but I’m writing headcanons about how the Egos sleep instead, haha ^^

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  • US: Hey can we get more LGBT+ Representation in our content?
  • Developers/Producers: It's not That easy we can't just-
  • Dream Daddy: This is our first game it's about a Dad dating dads and there is a trans character as well as Bi ones have fun
  • Developers/Producers: Shit

I had a dream about him ;;o;;


there’s been a lack of owls lately 8D

how dare you make this so lovely. hM. HMMM. ITS V NICE THANK YOU I LOVE AND APPRECIATE IT GREATLY. 

OK but think of this

In 100 years, Magnus and Tessa will still be alive but of course neither Alec nor Jem will. They would still love them, though, so they would spend some days together thinking of the good old days.
Tessa is always the one who is hurting more , while Magnus seems just melancholic. Tessa never gets why until one of those throwback-days she arrives earlier, enters Magnus’s house because the door is open and hears some voices from the bedroom. In that period Magnus has no lover so she reaches the slightly open door to see who’s with him (because she’s afraid he has forgotten their habit and she would feel a bit betrayed).
At first she sees Magnus crying and murmuring something like:“I know this is a way to still see each other but I miss you” and gets worried – but then she sees a pentagram and a figure in it. She’s shocked when she realizes Magnus is not crying in front of a demon – there’s Alec in that pentagram.

(Turns out Magnus knows how to summon dead people and knows it’s illegal, but couldn’t stand to live without Alec)

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OK but what about this, pregnant asgore, its our wildest deviantart dreams come true

Sorry to disappoint buuut Boss Monsters happen to be the one exception in this AU. They’ve got human ancestry, so they’re more human-y than other types of monsters, and as a result, their reproductive process usually mirrors that of humans pretty closely. They don’t have the luxury of growing wombs whenever they want.

Barça isn’t just a team. Barça is The Team. For many people this just may be another team, another coach, another players, but for me, they are everything. I’m so proud of each one of those peolple. Because you know, the hardest part isn’t getting to the top; the hardest part is staying in the top. And they fight for that, they fight for their dreams. They’ve shown me that if we win, woah is amazing but we don’t have to believe that we’re the best. And if we lost, it’s fine but we don’t have to believe we are the worst. I have no words for the team of my soul, for the team that won everything. I just gotta say they’ll always be in my heart, in my soul. Because they are more than just a team, they are The Barça.

  • psychic: *reads aph america's mind*
  • aph america's mind:
  • Together, together, together everyone
  • Together, together, come on lets have some fun
  • Together, were there for each other every time
  • Together, together come on lets do this right
  • Here and now it's time for celebration
  • To finally figure it out
  • That all our dreams have no limitations
  • That's what it's all about
  • Everyone is special in their own way
  • We make each other strong
  • Were not the same
  • Were different in a good way
  • Together's where we belong
  • We're all in this together
  • Once we know
  • That we are
  • We're all stars
  • And we see that
  • We're all in this together
  • And it shows
  • When we stand
  • Hand in hand
  • Make our dreams come true
  • Together, together, together everyone
  • Together, together, come on lets have some fun
  • Together, were there for each other every time
  • Together together come on lets do this right
  • psychic: what the fuck