it's about love not gender

i’m really sick of bisexual being erased constantly like!!! leaf us alone!!!

okay but the idea of steve rogers being out as bi in the mcu is very important to me

steve rogers being a huge role model for bi kids. steve rogers showing up at pride events. steve rogers kicking biphobic ass.

Here’s to all the trans or non-binary or agender folk with large breasts. Here’s to the ones that even when they bind they can’t get completely flat without injuring themselves. Here’s to the people who struggle to find clothes that suit them because no matter what they wear it still looks like they have breasts. Here’s to the kids with the DD cups and spend their days tugging at their shirts to try and make it flat. Your gender does not depend on whether or not your chest is flat, your breasts do not define your gender. You are beautiful, no matter what.

I’m so tired of people telling me that “one day someone will come along who isn’t shallow and they’ll love you!” bc all I can hear is “don’t worry, someone will love you in spite of you being fat and undesirable one day.”
Like listen buddy, I know this is really like mind blowing, but I want the person I’m with to like the way I look, the body that I have and every roll that comes with it. I want them to like me both on the surface and underneath. I shouldn’t have to settle bc I’m fat and I shouldn’t have to feel like my partner is settling bc I’m fat.

valerianwizard  asked:

At this point in your liveblog there is just muffled and internal screaming every other post or so from everyone; you're going to have a lot of posts to return to. So if you were to predict what might happen (or just what you'd write the story like moving forward) what do you think is going to happen in future chapters concerning the characters and what would you have them go through? Theories and thoughts? Farfetched head canons? Your analysis is funny, intriguing, and thought provoking.

This is such a fantastic questions that I hoarded it for two weeks. 

Sadly I didn’t actually think of any cool answers in the meantime, but still! Let’s see. 

Ideally? Everyone is happy, no-one dies, the universe is saved and Evil Wolverine is ground into dust under Yuuko Ichihara’s glorious heels while the Tsubasa family live together happily forever. Watanuki and Doumeki get together and open a restaurant, Ryuou finds his own version of Syaoran and marries him, and Sakura finally gets kick ass in every world she visits from now until forever. 


It’s difficult for me to imagine how I would write these characters, because even just the narrative structure of Tsubasa is so far distant from anything I use in my own writing. I like to challenge characters, of course, but as I am now I don’t think I could ever write the plot lines that CLAMP have in store for me. I just don’t think I could do it. So my writer instincts fail me entirely here, though I love that you asked the question from that angle. And thank you so much for the kind words! They go a long way. 

What I’ll do instead is just quickly rattle off all the theories and thoughts I have in my head right now, regardless of how likely they are. Feel free to laugh at each and every single one. It’s good for you!

Here we go, as fast as I can:

- Fai is way more involved in main plot things than he is letting on. 

- Fai also expects that his secrets will cause all hell to break loose in the Tsubasa family and turn everyone against him. He thinks this is what he deserves. 

-  Yuuko and Yukito (at least) know the general shape of how the future is going to go but can’t/won’t stop it. 

- Kurogane’s parents were adorable loving people who he tragically watched get eaten by monsters when he was a child, causing both his vendetta against them as well as his reluctance to show genuine attachment to people. 

- Syaoran is a living copy of Lava Lamp Guy, orchestrated and set up by Evil Wolverine to help him gain control of Sakura’s wings. 

- He’s tried this before with another version of Sakura and it didn’t work. 

- Fai’s magic has a ridiculously heavy cost/is super destructive without his phoenix seal in place. 

- Sadness. 

- Vampires?

- Fai did something terrible on his homeworld and has a very low opinion of himself, perhaps because of said terrible thing but perhaps not. There’s a lot of guilt there. Does he hate that he exists at all? More at 6!

- Seriously though that first feather he “found on Syaoran” still bothers me. 

- At least one of the main characters will lose an eye. It will be a huge plot point. (By process of elimination this might be Fai too)

- Sakura will get increasingly powerful and (hopefully) get to use magic herself. 

- Something terrible will happen to Watanuki. He will still exist, but he won’t be the same. 

- Himawari is really important and I don’t trust her even the slightest bit. Maybe evil, maybe not, but not who she appears for certain. 

- Syaoran or Sakura might not survive the entire plot. 

- Mokona is Mokona. 

(No confirmations or denials either way would be greatly appreciated)