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just because i don’t talk to you, or text you first, doesn’t mean i don’t miss you. i’m just waiting for you to miss me.

“oh” actually means my heart just got ripped into a million pieces but i wont tell you because you wouldn’t care how i feel anyway

i need a hug and six months of sleep

i might be annoying but atleast my lock screen isn’t a selfie

how am i supposed to lose weight when the best part about life is food

later is the best time to do anything

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i believe in annoyed at first sight

sleeping is nice because ur not actually dead and ur not awake so its a win-win situation

we take the naps we think we deserve

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Before I forget shit..

So I went to YWF Happy New Year Event pt1 in Japan!!! And before I forget everything I wrote an account of things that happened~

- youngjae basically head locked daehyun during the bridge part of ywf and dae wouldn’t stop laughing lol
- himchan wouldn’t stop fiddling with the chair and the MC asked him what he was doing and he said he was very conscious of the height of the chair, 太ったから (cus I gained weight)
- they had fortune telling for the new year and apparently jongup and daehyun are gonna make big money in the coming year lol youngjae and himchan kept hugging them saying nice words
- junhongs fortune telling says he will learn to care about others and daehyun says yehhhh boy gotta pay more attention to other people lol
- himchans fortune telling says he is gonna lose money in December and youngjae is gonna gain money in December, jae says its cus he is gonna take all of himchans money lol
- Yongguks says he should stay away from alcohol and women and himchan says he will make sure Yongguk does so lol
- junhong was voted as the cutest, daehyun says junhong’s aegyo is natural while himchan’s is just fake haha
- yongguk was voted the most charismatic, daehyun asked youngjae to imitate yongguk’s pose after he did it and youngjae did a horrible one lol (was so cute though..) and daehyun imitated youngjae’s face and youngjae pretended to be mad (was so cute too ToT)
- daehyun reveals that the ranking for the member who sleeps the most are jongup > junhong > himchan (?) > jae (?) > yongguk > himself. He said he got up at 7 today had breakfast himself and walked around Osaka, himchan said he woke up at 10 today haha. Youngjae said they went out for dinner yesterday night at 10 and went to Don Qixote too~
- Then a fan shouted “how about today?” It probably caught Jae by surprise and he said what? The fan said it again and the MC said why is there suddenly this personal conversation going on lol and youngjae wouldn’t stop shouting
- They had to write new year messages (gave them out to fans, lucky girls ToT) and had to put aprons, Up helped Dae ^^ Yongguk kept posing with his red polka dot apron lol, he wouldn’t take the apron off he didn’t take it off till the end of the first half
- Daehyuns message was given to a fan with a himchan sign lol Himchan blew her kisses and Daehyun went EHHHH???!!!???
- Himchan drew a face with too much ink the eyes looked like they were crying cus the ink kept dripping
- Daehyun drew a heart with weird eyes and he said it’s not meant to be scary but somehow it ended up scary (it was scary)
- Yongguk draws so well~
- Take you there live is very nice
- So was be happy!!
- they had to divide into teams to play games, Yongguk was with Daejae, Himchan with Junhong and Up. It was basically like the parents leading their kids lol They had huge ribbons to identify their teams and Jae put his on his head it was so cute ToT
- They played the pocky game except it was a double pocky gameeee yongguk had to eat pocky from both Daejae, he pressed their heads when eating lol and they started playing the dreamy music from kdramas it was great
- Himchan finished junhongs pocky lol
- Then they played twister and I had a very good view of youngjaes butt for a good few minutes.. bless..
- then they played the game where you have to hop on one leg and attack others, youngjae kept saying he would win lol. Daehyun was attacked by himchan and jongup and he almost went backstage while escaping lol. Junhong just fell by himself when no one was attacking him haha the camera took him rolling on the floor it was so cute ToT Then somehow it became an intense one-on-one between Youngjae and Jongup, Jae lost after some serious battling and afterwards he just sat on the floor exhausted for a very long time haha
- Yongguk Daejae team lost and had to do a punishing game, Junhong blind-picked and ended up choosing sexy (well done Junhong) Youngjae was so bad he just wiggled. Yongguk pretended lifting his shirt but he just ended up covering his face with the collar of his shirt, daehyun did some sexy stuff but the other two were so funny it was just not sexy at all haha. Then Jae started sweeping his arm with his other hand (whatever this move means) and he just kept doing that for so long, yongguk followed suit and at the end it was just the three of them sweeping their own arms lol what even
- Junhong was lying on the floor sideways looking at them doing the punishment and the cameraman decided to shoot from junhongs back so it was basically junhong’s butt + three dudes sweeping their arms it was a very bizarre scene
- Junhong handed his mic to this little girl who was at the front row during coffee shop and sang with her~~
- Jae put on the ribbon on his head during coffee shop again and it fell during his part, he tried so hard not to laugh while singing haha
- They said they were going to do the last song and started saying coffee shop so I was chill singing along then with you came up immediately afterwards I lost my chill and cried so much ToT When it ended Dae suddenly said “you don’t want it to be over yet right we have a surprise present for you!!” And Youngjae said imma go to the second floor!! And they took baskets and started handing out muffins, Youngjae and Yongguk came up to the second level and Youngjae was on my side ToT Was so close his skin is so nice imma cry for fifty years.. I kept waving my joko at him I don’t wanna sound deluded but I think he saw me :^)

I had so much fun and it was such a nice experience from the very start with merch queuing till the very end. Crowd control at the merch booth was so A+. I can really understand why they boys love going to Japan so much and always give lots of fan services cus Japan BABYz are seriously adorable. They are so respectful and would cheer for everything, clapping for the girls who won the new year messages and so on. Even when Youngjae and Yongguk came up to the second level there was no chaos at all, everyone stayed in their rows and no one rushed. No one would use their phones And everyone would sit down when the boys are not singing. I love Japan BABYz ToT Thank you for making this so enjoyable ^^


Before I even start im asking that no one say anything negative about my body, please. Its taking every ounce of courage i have to post this and people saying negative things about it is just going to make me feel worse.
Okay that being said. I am posting these to not only ask for tips on how to lose weight but for people to keep me on track. I know I’m not going to lose yhe weight right off because one I have school and not very much money to buy the best of foods because let’s be honest that food is friggin expensive.
I’ve tried so many diets and ways to lose weight even eating right but because of all the temptations my family puts in front of me always throws me off track and I think “well I’m already off track can’t hurt” and then it just goes down from there. I’m asking for help to not only begin my journey but to continue it. I’m 17 years old and I don’t want to have health problems because of this weight. I want to be healthy and be able to do everything a 17 year old can without feeling ashamed about my body. So that being said message me if you’re willing to help please. My starting weight is 207 pounds height is 5 feet 4 inches. My goal is to get to 130.

thewolfsdonut-deactivated201510  asked:

What's your opinion on fat acceptance? I for one believe it's unhealthy to encourage men and women to stay in their shape, especially if it affects their health and lifespan. It should be more about health acceptance, and providing the encouragement and support to those who can't afford weightloss or have any legitimate reason for why they can't lose weight as easily. Maybe a charity that people can donate to, where the money will fund liposuction, physical therapy bills, etc.

I for one believe another person’s health and lifespan is none of my business. I for one believe funding liposuction would be a ridiculous idea since weight and health don’t seem to be connected. Having a sedentary lifestyle seems to have a negative impact on your health and lifespan but there is no way to know if a person has one of those by looking at them. 

If people want to lose weight and that is genuinely what they want then more power to them, but I sick of the veil of concern. Where people pretend to be oh so worried about the health of fat people when all they really want is a legitimate reasons to stick their noses into someone else’s business. 

If something isn’t happening to your body then I think the best thing you can do is mind your own business. 

For more on my opinions on this and a nice addition by uppity-broad please see: Fatshaming and the veil of concern.